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I recently bought 3 arcades that were a bit old but still in perfect conditions. The cabinets were great and the monitors still working. They were perfect for my plan: to make the famous Space Invadors arcade machine.

Obviously it’s not an original Space Invaders cabinet but I thought it would be cool to transform it with this theme and use the arcade monitor upstanding, so I could use it as a multigame only for vertical games.

I remember playing with one like this when I was a kid, probably it was a Pinball Action.

This is the one I used for the Space Invaders one.

I’ve started working in this arcade by cleaning, painting and changing the control panel. After sanding it I used a black enamel paint. Since I’m a graphic designer, I used Photoshop and with some artwork that I found online I managed to adapt it to this cabinet.

The control panel needed to be rebuilt. Since I wanted to apply decal on it I had to make an acrylic cover to screw it to the original plate and use the decal glued inside the acrylic. Buttons and switches were replaced, I’ve recycled only the red joysticks.

After applying the decals, this is how it looked like.

I’ve made the same to a friend of mine that had a similar arcade machine. But in this case he chose to apply the theme of the famous “Defender”. We didn’t take pictures of that arcade but I’ll leave you with the Photoshop mockup so you can see what it looked like.

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