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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Pinball Restoration


It has been nearly a year since I started this restoration work of  my Terminator 2, and now it is finally completed.


It was a great challenge and many times I found myself tempted to abandon it. One of the biggest problems in this restoration was the playfield, it was in very poor condition, with some of the ink out, discolored or mylar with the need to be removed.

SDC14679_zps937ea594SDC14678_zps69929b8c SDC14680_zps1a931930 SDC14681_zps4155a232 SDC14682_zps32b3e6a9 SDC14683_zps11684ae4 SDC14684_zpsd753dffe SDC14697_zps35fd7786 SDC14696_zps5639ba9e

On the area of the bumpers, the wood had some big holes…

SDC14695_zpsf5d9060d SDC14693_zps36d25a75 SDC14692_zps8f1bbf79 SDC14689_zps8a32a71b SDC14688_zpse490af7c SDC14686_zps451625d4 SDC14685_zps88a0a8cf

Removing the mylar, turned out to be quite hard because most of the ink, which was already damaged, come out.

IMG_3176_zps285f280d IMG_3177_zpse7cb7bb3 IMG_3178_zpsfe36c3a7 IMG_3180_zps16b945fa IMG_3181_zps15827f81

The cabinet was relatively easy to restore, I had only to strengthen some parts, to avoid problems in the future.

IMG_3918_zps4b41b0ae IMG_3921_zps743c9d63IMG_3922_zps836a983b

I had to redesign the entire artwork  because the old one had some scratches and was discolored in some parts.


I had to solve all the problems of the playfield so in the end I could apply the clearcoat.

iPhone-Photo2014-05-2119_07_19_zps4c7c01cd iPhone-Photo2014-05-2119_07_29_zps17d9e219 iPhone-Photo2014-05-2119_07_59_zps01579c17

In the execution of the painting, I changed between brush and  airbrush, but most work was done with airbrush.

6FC15E64-D465-4CFA-8E9C-6A4687F567A9_zpsk7qkvpkn 827CD7F6-2249-4F3C-B869-1790FCD1D4E8_zpso5wfeyov

The result: a totally new pinball machine!

C4B766B5-9819-410A-8636-EE214AED48C0_zpsp5lvlqrh DF23EE1C-F770-4C2D-93A2-CEED44E00623_zpsbofji49w FDA95379-BF88-4533-AA1E-9CD1DF442E2C_zps8aczq8pq iPhone-Photo2014-05-3017_50_44_zpsea851655 iPhone-Photo2014-06-0516_47_58_zpsbbd7592f iPhone-Photo2014-06-0519_45_15_zpscf43210b

After all the paint touch-up and general cleaning in the playfield, I gave two layers of clearcoat to seal the artwork … it looks really good!

IMG_0511_zpse23def4b IMG_0512_zps283886ec IMG_0517_zps6ff2807a IMG_0520_zpsf546e753 IMG_0522_zpsa90b082a IMG_0527_zps10c1f05d IMG_0528_zps8dfa3335 IMG_0544_zpsdc454af6 IMG_0550_zps39e8da27 IMG_0551_zps107fe2f1

My skull of T2, initially had his jaw broken, probably because he caught some flying ball: D

IMG_4671_zps4c30b6df IMG_4672_zpsdf730cb4 IMG_4729_zps898db851 IMG_4730_zps956ce902IMG_4734_zps5ae7e622

I decided to put some new bumpers, but this time I bought the chrome ones. I think it maintains the style of the pinball machine


I also had to do some lighting tests, because I wanted to put it all in LEDs. I did a scketch to see which color would work better, and I think it worked out fine.

T2leds_zps2d92d32d 8B8B799B-2479-4485-A8C4-733B1E361017_zpsosh9gxee 11D8B64F-0C30-400A-AE4C-44BD5137493D_zpsg8rad3nv

And finally, I started assembling around the playfield, plastics and cleaning of bridges, new rubbers, etc.

A753C52F-30D6-4FE6-A75B-2C8506EEABC8_zps3psq9q0y D4F884E1-3870-4CBE-ADC6-DA769FE6728C_zpsaxetdncs D564DD94-4BF2-4EAE-869A-1D750D890007_zps9kxrezv1 FD50450C-F4D1-4A06-93E5-875545ED8FC2_zpsd6xjhxsp

This post is getting too long so I leave you with the photos of the end result. Hope  you enjoy it! It was a hard job but I think the effort paid off. I’m extremely happy with the end result. After all it’s almost like new xD

1bca9f04bc7bdefa3f6002bb569ff26d_zps11ee785a 04c7c7a13720b2fe0220f639aabcbe9e_zps838db8cf 4f74d3fb073e39837b88f83922ee1e3e_zpsfff57f17 6c8578e6584001ef036284d0c74e6dc4_zps7a999eb9 7d6ba2379226254bcf049b43427005a9_zps2f3cd533 10aeb8329784382dcc509204cb0e74ba_zpse8d0df7d 23c711f8b028a918ccf35cf218213391_zpsb2adadc2 202b5d5d7f704801fa95deb8c75846bc_zps54b32031 334d2d4c768dc037a64859204f531f18_zps0e6dfcde 835e73f6f2da1d764292f2e65559358c_zpsfc35dda6 4600c4af9e69cc2932c528ef1d56127c_zpsa647e0ba 77738ca9ea6eab806b6fe27731694251_zps65ffb35b 383350df73645e17ee9cf6c5812e5ab9_zps042627c7 6194557fa5c1c080743cf6f604ef1540_zpsb23c736c 7028668bf88d77a75c61566ee64f42f5_zps24cfc884 af076c251cf5478e46dbbc266dce0eb2_zpsc1faf19e be49a96bc0457a5be11e3d52e7b9eb47_zpse56d72b0 c22f17e2d18ada4a5ddf363740a7e0da_zpsb8ed6450 f4d176d930241e529a75a0a7029dedcb_zpsdf752053 f6a22ecc06871389c5e231bedf1b9572_zpsdbf11d5f f546419ca04fd50df8c70be5bbee7b20_zpsae30e130 fb967c535152e23fdf005fc9d4a008f9_zps0b2c4a57


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As an arcade fanatic I’m also passionate about pinballs. I thought I should have one to complete my garage. Who doesn’t remember playing Creature from the Black Lagoon, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Krypt, Theatre of Magic among many others?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day pinball was designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams Electronics in 1991.T2 was known as one of the first pinball games to feature a dot-matrix display. Actually it was the first Williams WPC machine that was designed with a DMD in mind, but, due to the long design phase, the Gilligan’s Island pinball was released earlier. It was also the first game to feature a ball-firing cannon and a video mode. The playfield design was based on Ritchie’s 1980 classic, Firepower. Also have voices provided by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

I did some research online and found a guy who was selling a Terminator 2: Judgment Day, repaired properly and working perfectly. I didn’t think twice and bought it.

I must tell you that it looks awesome in my garage. I had some problems with it but now it works beautifully. btw the highscore is mine  xxxD

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