Defender Arcade

I’ve spend much of my childhood and pre-adolescence passionate about arcade games.  I always had the dream that one day I would have an arcade at home. When I decided to buy one, a quick search on the internet led me to what I was looking for at a very affordable price. The cabinets were exactly like those of my childhood.

I don’t have photos of the cabinet before the decals application, but you can see that the model I bought is quite identical to the original one: Defender. I got the artwork of the Defender Arcade from the Internet and made some adjustments for the new cabinet.

I also made some changes on the control panel, I wanted the arcade to be played by 2 players with 6 buttons each. I’ve bought new buttons from Gremlin Solutions and kept the original joysticks.

I used an old Pentium 4 to replace the NeoGeo system the cabinet had and kept all the original jamma system.

Here is my first arcade!


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