Discs of Tron Arcade

This was one of the first Arcades that I’ve recovered (see image below), it came fully operational with a game that I think  was Puzzle Bubble.

But my goal was to transform it into a mythical arcade of the ’80s: The Discs of Tron, based on the Disney movie of 1982.

The challenge would be to adapt the artwork from the original Arcade to the model that I had bought. A model  completely different from the original one which required some skills to adapt. With the artwork that I found on the internet I made this draft that you can see below.

Here you can see the new version of Discs of Tron Arcade

The hardest part was the marquee. As you can see it had 2 layers of acrylic to give the 3D effect in the Tron logo.

I’ve also rebuild the Control Panel with a new acrylic and decal.

The final result. Hope you like it: P

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