PacMan Arcade

I decided to restore another one, this time for a wedding present. This is a young couple that also have a garage where their friends meet. They already have a bar, snooker and karaoke there … a real mancave. The only thing left was an arcade! So we decided to get them one and it had to be a classic.

I recovered the cabinet of a conventional arcade, like those who were in game rooms and bars. This system came with jamma cartridge NeoGeo and Metal Slug 2 game. Everything working perfectly.

I only had to repair some parts of the cabinet that were damaged and paint it.

The arcade was running on a Pentium 4 connected to a J-PAC that I bought at Ultimarc. I used the rest of the existing material like buttons, joysticks, etc. ..

On special anniversaries for Pac-Man (released in 1980) and/or Ms. Pac-Man (released in 1981). Namco has released compilations of their classic arcade games as arcade machines. So far, Namco has made anniversary machines for the 20th anniversary for Ms. Pac-Man, and the 25th and 30th anniversaries for the original Pac-Man.

Here are some photos of the  result.


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