Sega Rally Championship Cockpit Base

The cockpit was one of the basic parts that needed to be recovered.

Everything had to be dismantled and removed, all electronics parts (gameboard, audio amplifier etc).

I cleaned the rust, dirt and dust and gave it a painting of Hammerite blue, the same as the original cockpit.

The monitor stand and control panel were already painted with black Hammerite, also according to the original.

The metallic part of the arcade wheels, were not too rusty, but I decided to give it a coat of Hammerite, just in case …

After these parts mounted, can see how it goes … but still is missing the base of the feet that will give a special touch.

The original base lid was in stainless steel frame with a kind of nonslip rubber, I decided to replace it with a nonslip plate.

There are some rusted metal parts that I had to paint with Hammerite.

New bolts, stainless steel parts cleaned and new nonslip plate, and we are on track …

The end result is absolutely awesome: DDDD


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