Sega Rally Championship The Seat

This arcade seat has a metallic structure with some plastic parts. This structure, was in the same conditions as the pedals … rust everywhere!

So I had to do exactly the same as before: Take off all the rust and loose paint , and paint it with Hammerite.

The plastic parts were properly cleaned.

This arcade has a sub-woofer under the seat, to simulate  an uneven ground and give a more realistic environment. Although it’s  made of wood, it has some metal parts that needed to be repaired and painted.

So, Paintings: ok, Cleaning: ok. It’s time to start assembling everything again.

Assemble the plastic parts. I decided to replace all the screws, because most of them were in very bad condition. Now, they look as new.

And here  it is! Can you believe that this was a pile of rust?!


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