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Codebits VI was truly an amazing experience! Everything was organized to the most tiny detail, the audience was great, interested in learning and sharing they knowledge. I met some of the most brilliant techie minds both from Portugal and abroad. So in the end, although very, very tired I was very, very happy and with a sense “mission accomplished”!

The Arcade Man space was located at the Hardware Den next to my “partners in crime” of Artica, that developed the most amazing remote control car that you could drive with one of my arcade machines, the Sega Rally one. Next to us, was also:
Altlab – http://altlab.org/
InMotion – http://inmotion.pt
Eric de Bruijn from Ultimaker 3D printers – https://codebits.eu/erik

the coolest inventor ever, Mitch Altman – https://codebits.eu/intra/s/user/762 

and last but defenitly not least Rob Bishop from the Raspberry Pi Foundation – https://codebits.eu/RobBishop
As I said before it was the most amazing experience and I can’t thank Celso Martinho enough for the challenge and trust. He really is a believer and I dare to say we made a bit of history at Codebits VI when we joined forces with The Raspberry Pi Foundation and built an arcade machine with a modern twist: using a Raspberry Pi computer on the 15 Hrtz arcade  monitor (HDMI->VGA (31Khz)->RGB/S(15Khz)! So thank you Rob Bishop for helping us out!
But I can’t end this post without thanking all of you Codebits geeks for having my “Arcade Fix” badge and of course Rafael Pereira who became a surprisingly awesome helper!
I hope to see you all next year and beware … some really wacky things are on their way 😀
[cincopa AYNA7B7-dl7Q]

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Este modelo de arcade (abaixo) era também uma das minhas favoritas. Decidi comprar este cabinet e fazer algo semelhante ao que fiz com a Space Invaders. Esta é uma Missile Command, um jogo de arcada da Atari lançado em 1980. Destes 2 modelos de Missile Command a minha ficaria algures ali pelo meio xD

A Missile Command foi também licenciada pela Sega para ser lançada na europa. Foi considerada um dos mais notaveis jogo da era dourada dos videojogos de arcada.

O trabalho feito neste projecto é exactamente o mesmo que fiz na Space Invaders, limpeza, pintura, vinis novos, botões, etc…novamente, tive de adaptar o artwork da Missile Command a este novo cabinet. A pior parte foi adaptar o painel de controlos que neste novo cabinet necessitava de 2 jogadores.

Esta arcade ficará com o ecran na horizontal e alterei o painel de controlos para ser possivel jogarem 2 jogadores. A arcada original de Missile Command usava uma trackball em vez do tradicional joystick.

Apliquei um novo T-Molding em cromado que dá um toque especial ao resultado final do trabalho.


This arcade cabinet model (below) was also a favorite of mine. I chose to buy this cabinet,  and made something similar to what I did with Space Invaders This was a Missile Command Arcade, the Atari arcade game that was released in 1980. There are 2 models of Missile Command and mine is somewhere in between xD

Missile Command was also licensed to Sega for European release. It is considered one of the most notable games from the Golden Age of Video Arcade Games.

The work on this one was exactly the same as in Space Invaders, cleaning, painting, decal, buttons, etc. .. Again I had to get down and adapt the artwork of Missile Command to this different cabinet.The hardest part was to adapt the control panel which in this new cabinet needed to be for 2 players

The Arcade was left with the screen horizontally and I changed the control panel to accommodate 2 players with 3 buttons for each. The original Missile Command uses a trackball instead of a joystick.

I’ve applied a new chrome t-molding which gave an extra special touch to the final result. Enjoy!


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