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Monster Bash Full Restoration

Another restoration just came out of the “oven”, this time a Monster Bash pinball. This machine came to my hands as a top collector’s pinball machine and at a first glance it seemed to be in very good condition.

In a closer look, we can see that there is much to be done in terms of restoration for this machine to be considered top collector.

It had some previous restoration done on the playfield but a little careless, as you can see from the photos below. Protectors like this are usually an authentic box of surprises.

img_2410 img_2418 img_2419 img_2436

Like I said, “a box of surprises”! What I found was awfull  … How do you  let a pinball get to this point?!

img_2461 img_2462 img_2463 img_2464

More parts that need to be replaced, as  usual  (but not on a top collector): D

img_2469 img_2491 img_2492

Some more parts that need to be cleaned or even  replaced… this wear out is not acceptable on pinballs of this level …

img_2503 img_2505

The worst area to be restored on the playfield of a Monster Bash. Those who do this type of restoration know what I’m talking about. This is hell!

img_2507 img_2508 img_2510 img_2511

With hard work ahead, nothing like quickly getting your hands-on …

img_2513 img_2514 img_2515 img_2516 img_2518 img_2529 img_2819 img_2822

Notice this wonderful hand made clearcoat (sarcastic mode on).

img_2827 img_2828 img_2831 img_2832

Clean and restore and seal  everything with a new clearcoat.

img_3083 img_3084

I think it’s better now: D

img_3087 img_3089 img_3092

The cabinet was a little dirty inside and needed to be sanded and painted again to look like new.

img_3342 img_3370

… and a few more surprises …

img_3381 img_3382 img_3385

After treatment, sideboards application. These sideboards are spectacular and framed with the playfield artwork.

img_3407 img_3409

With the playfield and the cabinet finished, it’s time to assemble everything.

img_3446 img_3454

New clear rubber kit that will match perfectly with the colors of the playfield and the LED kit.

img_3469 img_3471 img_3475

The first test of the PinballBulbs LED kit.

img_3477 img_3480 img_3485

Some of you have probably seen this kind of toppers around. For me it’s the first time I install one and it does not look bad at all.


With the machine finished it is time to enjoy the final result. Here are the photos and the video. I hope you like it.

img_3512 img_3513 img_3514 img_3515 img_3516 img_3517 img_3518 img_3519 img_3520 img_3521 img_3522 img_3523 img_3524 img_3525 img_3526 img_3527 img_3528 img_3529

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“Bad Wolf” Pinball Project

I think I can say that this is the craziest project I’ve ever done. I mean it in a good way, of course. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like crazy projects. I’ve done crazy projects … but none like this … nothing prepared me for this: D

I’ve recently received a call from an audiovisual creative agency. They are called “Lobo Mau” (“Bad Wolf”) and were preparing their presence in the annual event promoted by the national creative club, the CCP (Clube de Criativos de Portugal).


The event’s theme this year was “There are no more Rambos” (Já não há Rambos), meaning that today  you don’t do a project all by yourself, end to end, you do it with lots of synergies from several areas and inputs.

Therefore, the idea of this creative team was to do something in synergy with several companies and / or entities, people, whatever. So for this project, I’ve joined the Artica guys once more. If you remember , we created together the Sega Rally project with RC Cars, a project that got talked about around the world, with articles in such prestigious media like Gizmag, Engaged and Techcrunch.

This time, the idea was to take a pinball and change either the gameplay or the aesthetics of the cabinet and playfield to become a completely new and custom game.

Taking into account the theme of the event, the gameplay would have something to do, obviously, with Rambo. The aesthetics of the cabinet would link with the company name (“Bad Wolf”): D



We bought this Excalibur (Gottlieb) pinball in relatively good condition and running, and for a very reasonable price.


It would be necessary to capture some of the machine signals to implement a custom system, something that Artica does very well.



My job would be the restoration and the new decor of the pinball. Lots of work to be done in so little time…




The cabinet was in very poor condition. Worst than I expected, but everything was solved.





It was also necessary to sand all the playfield, because since we were having a completely new game, it din’t make sense to keep the original artwork





Here comes the worst part of this project, at least for me. The idea of the agency was to cover the entire cabinet with a wolf skin (synthetic, of course). It was not an easy process and it took me a few days of work and patience … You can not imagine what it is like to work with wolf fur and glue …




But in the end, it was looking pretty good 😀





I had to assemble everything again for Artica to finalize their work.











In the backbox I’ve inserted a monitor, because this new concept would have triggered videos depending on the completion of certain objectives.


Here is some “witchcraft” made by Arctica, using an Arduino to gather the signs of the machine and thus to trigger their videos


Here are some pictures and a video of the finished project…I want to believe that we made a Rambo Pinball afterall… loool.








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