Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Schedule

Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Schedule

The Escalation Protocol is one of the new activities added to the game back in 2018’s new Warmind DLC. The Escalation Protocol comes with a new war expansion. However, given its difficulty level, the Escalation Protocol is not something you can jump right to. If you think you can beat Escalation Protocol by just putting in a few hours of matches, think again. 

How you beat the Escalation Protocol ultimately varies week to week. The Escalation Protocol is a series of 7 waves that you need to defeat to win the Escalation Protocol. With the seventh wave being the rotating boss phase, you will have five different bosses every week. 

Therefore, we have compiled a guide to help you complete this activity irrespective of the week. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the Escalation Protocol, the 7 Waves, the Bosses in Destiny 2, and the complete Escalation Protocol Schedule.

What Is The Escalation Protocol In Destiny 2?

Despite knowing all the strategies and having the right weapons in your corner, the Escalation Protocol is a fairly challenging event. One of the toughest activity in the game, the Escalation Protocol a summonable public event which takes place throughout Mars, in both BrayTech Futurescape and Glacial Drift Powers. Therein lies the towers that can be activated to spawn Hive waves for the Guardians to defeat. In simpler words, the Escalation Protocol is a wave defence similar to the Court Of Oryx, taking place in a public area.

Fun Fact: When you are doing the Traveler’s Chosen Quest, the quest asks you to kill 5 escalation protocol bosses on mars, the quest also counts the Mars lost sector bosses. Killing the Mars lost sector bosses can also save you a lot of time.

You’ll need a fair amount of preparation and all the required level-ups to beat the Escalation Protocol. Have all of your guns, ammo and grenades ready for the escalation protocol. This activity comprises seven different waves, with each wave more challenging than it’s predecessor and a boss at the end of each level. The seventh and final wave will consist of 5 different bosses you need to beat to defeat the Escalation Protocol. However, the 7th phase is a rotating phase meaning that you will have five different phases every week.

How To Start Escalation Protocol In Destiny 2?

How To Start Escalation Protocol In Destiny 2?

The Escalation Protocol can only be activated by yourself after successfully completing the Main Campaign in Destiny 2. Once you are through with the primary campaign, you’ll be able to activate the Escalation Protocol. To start the Escalation Protocol, simply head to Mars and hunt for squarish Red metal panels on the ground. You can also use your Ghost to track these metal panels. When you spot a panel, simply walk towards it and interact with it, and the event will start automatically. 

Upon activating the panel, you can summon your friends or other players to participate in the event. Guardians present near you can also join the fight. Note that you’ll have to get through each wave within the given time limit, or else the event will end.

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The 7 Waves Of Destiny 2

The Escalation Protocol is nothing but a wave defence comprising seven different waves. Make sure you level up enough before you start the Escalation Protocol. All these seven waves will have a boss at the end, with each boss more challenging than before.

Waves 1-6 follow the same structure. Here is a general pattern the waves 1-6 follow

  • Level 1: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift
  • Level 2: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift + defeat the Hive Boss
  • Level 3: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift + defeat the Hive Boss
  • Level 4: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift + defeat the Hive Boss
  • Level 5: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift + defeat the Hive Boss
  • Level 6: Clear the hive within the given time + find and deactivate the Shadowdrift + defeat the Hive Boss

Level 7 will have you battling 5 different bosses (witches, ogres, shriekers, acolytes). You’ll need to level-up and reach the game’s overall level cap to get through this level. 

Bosses Present In Escalation Protocol

Bosses Present In Escalation Protocol

The Escalation Protocol has five bosses, each with unique powers and features, divided accordingly into different segments. The first segment consists of the generic bosses that do not have any extraordinary ability, features, or quality.

Here are the generic bosses:

  • Shambling Torrent
  • Soaring Keen
  • Choking Blade
  • Deafening Blast
  • Renewal Wizard

The second category consists of the unique bosses that appear during the seventh wave in the Escalation Protocol. They are as follows:

  • Damkath, The Mask
  • Kathok, Roar Of Xol
  • Naksud, The Famine
  • Bok Litur, Hunger Of Xol

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Escalation Protocol Schedule

The Escalation Protocol in Destiny will have you battling five bosses throughout the seven waves. These bosses vary week to week and reset every Tuesday at 9 AM PST ( 9.30 PM EST, 4 PM GMT). Besides, there will be several weapons, unique perks, related vanity items, and multiple armour items dropped by the bosses during the Escalation Protocol., Similarly, you could also look at the Forge Rotation Schedule if you are interested.

Here are the escalation protocol drops schedule from January 7, 2022 to December 29 2022

X= Drop Chance For The Week

Reset DateBoss NameShotgunSMGSniper Rifle
January 7thDamkath, The MaskX
January 14thNaksud, The FamineXXX
January 21stBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
January 28thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
February 4thKathok, Roar of XolX
February 11thDamkath, The MaskX
February 18thNaksud, The FamineXXX
February 25thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
March 3rdNurAbath, Crest of XolX
March 10thKathok, Roar of XolX
March 17thDamkath, The MaskX
March 24thNaksud, The FamineXXX
March 31stBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
April 7thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
April 14thKathok, Roar of XolX
April 21stDamkath, The MaskX
April 28thNaksud, The FamineXXX
May 5thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
May 12thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
May 19thKathok, Roar of XolX
May 26thDamkath, The MaskX
June 2ndNaksud, The FamineXXX
June 9thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
June 16thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
June 23rdKathok, Roar of XolX
June 30thDamkath, The MaskX
July 7thNaksud, The FamineXXX
July 14thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
July 21stNurAbath, Crest of XolX
July 28thKathok, Roar of XolX
August 4thDamkath, The MaskX
August 11thNaksud, The FamineXXX
August 18thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
August 25thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
September 1stKathok, Roar of XolX
September 8thDamkath, The MaskX
September 15thNaksud, The FamineXXX
September 22ndBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
September 29thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
October 6thKathok, Roar of XolX
October 13thDamkath, The MaskX
October 20thNaksud, The FamineXXX
October 27thBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
November 3rdNurAbath, Crest of XolX
November 10thKathok, Roar of XolX
November 17thDamkath, The MaskX
November 24thNaksud, The FamineXXX
December 1stBok Litur, Hunger of XolXXX
December 8thNurAbath, Crest of XolX
December 15thKathok, Roar of XolX
December 22ndDamkath, The MaskX
December 29thNaksud, The FamineXXX

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