Foosball Pro Project

New project, now for something completely different … as I like: D

The table football, as the arcade and pinball were part of my childhood, adolescence and continue to be part of my life. After all who doesn’t like a good game of table football?


It seems complicated to start modernizing this, but in my opinion, there is always room for an upgrade. Hence the idea to add to the traditional table football an LCD display that shows the score, goals animations and even promotional videos when no one is playing.


img_1821 img_1824

The system was developed entirely on Android and Arduino. An app was made for the android system that monitors currency inflows, marking goals and then generates the corresponding animations.
The entire development of the project software was once again, done by Overflow Interactive, which also developed the RiftCycles.

img_1831 img_2980 img_2981 img_2983

When a goal is scored, besides and animation in the LCD an animation is also generated on the inner side leds, with the corresponding color of the team who scored. Ex: a goal from Benfica (red outfit) – Leds Red. A goal from Sporting (green outfit) – Leds Green.
This concept of table football with lighting, is not exactly new, but to make it a bit more challenging, I´ve created a controller board for these led animations.


I leave you with the photos and the video of the final product and a special thanks to OOZ Labs for the precious help.

img_3318 img_3319 img_3320 img_3321 img_3322 img_3323 img_3324 img_3325 img_3327 img_3328 img_3331 img_3333

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