Furmax Gaming Chair Review – Inexpensive Yet Tough?

Notable Features of Furmax ergonomic gaming chair

In this era of cut-throat competition and a wide range of choices in the market, it’s only natural for you to be confused amongst this wide variety of choices. We have looked through an overwhelming amount of choices of gaming chairs and came across a tough yet inexpensive gaming chair.

Furmax High-Back Adjustable Height Executive Computer Chair is a well-designed product that covers both the aspects of being a sturdy, comfortable and reliable option. Furmax has been a well-established name in producing budget-friendly PC chairs for casual gamers who need a good PC chair that doesn’t compromise quality with prices. Our Furmax gaming chair review will allow you to determine if this product is the one chair you’ve been looking to rest your back on.

Furmax High Back Racing Chair Review

Furmax gaming chair review
1. Dimensions21.2″ X 22.8″ X 53.2″
2. Load Capacity300 Pound (Maximum)
3. Swivel Ability360 Degree Swivel
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Weight45.2 Pound
6. Adjustable Seat Height16.5″ – 22″


  • Enhances Gaming Experience
  • Provide you with great comfort and better posture
  • Its design is aimed at creating better blood circulation
  • Superb level of adjustments
  • Lumbar Support Feature
  • Pocket Friendly


  • Many customers find material of the chair is not breathable
  • Laying back feature is not smooth

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1. Built quality and Design

Furmax ergonomic gaming chair

When we analyzed the overall design of the Furmax ergonomic gaming chair, a few points caught our attention, i.e., good lumbar support, sturdy quality, 360-degree swivel etc. All of these features are streamlined to bring out the best gaming or work experience. This chair is not only best for budget-friendly casual gamers but also a great product on its own. Furmax has outlined all the features well in the comfort department.

The appearance doesn’t let you down as well because this chair is available in a range of colors; thus, you’ll be able to select the chair that best compliments your room and house.

There has been a good amount of focus on making sure that the design enhances the ability of the gamers to improve their gaming performance without worrying about long term effects on health due to sitting for hours. The recline angle adjuster helps you to relieve pressure on your back after long hours of work or gaming.

This product is not only budget-friendly but also durable for a long period. Thus, in a saturated market of gaming chairs where many times customers are tricked into purchasing expensive chairs with features that don’t come to your use, this chair seems like a worthy investment.

2. Performance

The performance of this quality is optimum for avid gamers who tend to sit in the same posture for hours. It has many features that give you greater comfort while taking care of your health like 4D adjustability, tilt&lock, padded armrests, the lumbar support and many more. It is highly durable due to the use of tubular steel framework. The design is centered around making this chair highly suitable and comfortable, and we believe they’ve delivered the purpose of this product very well.

Furmax ergonomic gaming chair can be held in high regards in aspects like durability, quality and comfort, all of which enables you to experience a very cozy time while working or gaming without compromising your health. The adjustability of chair acts as a cherry on top as it fulfils the need of a gaming chair.

3. Notable features

Notable Features of Furmax ergonomic gaming chair

a. Ergonomic Backrest: Long hours of sitting in the same posture lead to problems like back pain, neck pain, bad cardiovascular health, impaired lung function, constricted nerves etc. All of these problems ruin your health in long-term; thus, it’s critical to invest in a good gaming chair that takes care of your health issues as well as ensuring a smooth experience while using it.

We believe that the price range for which Furmax provides a great quality of gaming chairs while covering these aspects is unmatched. The impeccable combination of PU leather and mesh also makes sure that you look good while working or gaming, without worrying about anything else.

b. Lumbar Support: This low-cost gaming chair in no way compromises in providing the best quality of lumbar support in its price range. The 4D adjustability and recline adjuster allows you to sit in a good posture while being fully concentrated on your work as it takes away any back sprain or discomfort.

The Furmax high back racing chair is designed to allow the user to be extremely comfortable and its dimensions ensure that it is capable of accommodating any person without breaking a sweat. The chair is equipped with seat height adjuster within the touch of a button, thus reinforcing the reason for why it’s best in its price range.

c. Headrest: This chair is laced with ergonomic lumbar support and headrest, which is of great quality, for its price. Padded Headrest and Ergonomic Lumbar support is an integral feature of Homall Gaming Chairs as well. The Furmax high back racing chair has been crafted with an amazing and thoughtful design where appropriates features are added to enhance the comfort of the user.

The headrest allows you to relax your head without experiencing any discomfort due to the excellent quality of materials used in this chair. This product allows you to savour great quality and support while being budget-friendly.

d. Adequate Weight Capacity: The wide dimensions of this chair and an amazing load capacity allows it to be accommodating to anyone while keeping up with the amazing product quality. Furmax gaming chair can hold weights till 300 pounds safely, and since an average man weighs 166.3 pounds, this chair extends its maximum load capacity to greater lengths than required. Furmax has done amazing work while taking into account the wide variety of customers and designing the chair to be suitable for all of them irrespective of the variants involved.

As the holding capacity of this chair is up to 300 pounds. For this reason, it is probably not a good choice for heavy gamers. If weight is an issue, you can consider buying Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Gaming Chair  or Killabee Gaming Chair that can sustain weights between 330 to 400lbs.

e. Lock-Tilt Mechanism: The lock&tilt mechanism is incorporated in the design to enhance your level of comfort in between long gaming or working hours. This feature takes away the extra amount of stress or sprains your spine and muscles are subjected to without compromising on the quality.

Furmax has worked a great deal while ensuring their chair brings out the best in the important features that make a good gaming chair while keeping it low-end in terms of budget.

f. Wheels: The superior quality of PU wheels used in Furmax gaming chair works amazing even without the use of casters, thus relieving you from the expense of surface-specific wheels. These wheels work well on carpet or smooth, hard floorings, thus taking away the pain of uncomfortable movability of chairs on different surfaces.

g. Color finishes: The fine quality of leather and Mesh gives this chair a very aesthetic look which will go along with a great variety of themes of rooms. The color options also serve for better customer satisfaction in the appearance department. Currently, the Furmax High Back Gaming Chair model comes with the limited color options, but it doesn’t come close to the amount of variety the Respawn 110 has (Check the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review), but it still offers options to cover most gaming rigs and overall preferences.

The smooth lines and beautiful patterns turn out to be a feast for eyes with A-1 quality of the product. It also makes sure to cover the discomfort of removing stains or dirt from a chair as leather is easy to maintain the material and a simple swipe of damp cloth cleans almost all of its surfaces.


Overall, we believe that Furmax has covered all the aspects that make a great gaming chair while keeping it budget-friendly. This chair is amazing in many aspects and provides a great amount of comfort for the user even for long periods. Therefore, we highly recommend this chair for those people who are looking for sturdy, comfortable and good quality of gaming chair without unnecessary features.

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