7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 300 To Buy – 2023

7 Best Sleeper Sofa Under 300 To Buy

Sleeper sofas are sofas or couches which can easily be transitioned into a sleeping bed. The utility of having a sleeper sofa is that it doubles as a couch, and when you feel like reclining or have a guest who needs to crash on the couch, you can easily pull it out to be a bed. Therefore, it reduces a lot of space consumption that you could otherwise use for some other purpose.

It is especially useful because nowadays, there is an obvious space crunch in urban apartments. Most of these sleeper sofas are under 300, are extremely easy to store and look fantastic when placed in your beautifully decorated home and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Best Sofa Bed Under 300

1st Place
Best Milemont Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed under $300 Milemont Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed By Milemont
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Best Value
DHP Emily Futon Bed With Chrome Legs under $300 DHP Emily Futon Bed With Chrome Legs By DHP
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3 Best Choice Products Folding Futon Sofa Bed under $300 Best Choice Products Folding Futon Sofa Bed By Best Choice Products
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4 Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection best Sofa Bed under $300 Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa Bed By Serta
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5 Naomi Home Futon best Sleeper Sofa under $300 Naomi Home Futon Sleeper Sofa By Naomi Home
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1. Milemont Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed

Milemont Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed under $300

When you invest in a sofa bed, a big problem often occurs while you are transitioning the sofa to a bed. You usually have to remove all the cushions and then spread it out. But not with the Milemont Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed, you don’t!

This sofa bed easily collapses and is adjustable in various modes like sitting to a reclining sofa, and to turn it into a bed, all you need to do is put the recliner back down. It has a split back system, so you can use both the sides and operate them independently. You do not need to add any additional mattress or remove any couch cushions to transform this into a bed.

It is a very efficient and convenient product to invest in. The assembling of this sofa bed is actually pretty easy, you do not need an expert installation for this. You can simply do it yourself within 15 minutes.

The firm padding provides an extremely comfortable support to your back and the faux leather upholstery makes it quite easy to clean and maintain as well. You can lift the edges up to use as a pillow as well, and it is equipped with memory foam so that you have a comfortable experience whenever you use it. 


  • Split back system
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable back support


  • Quite heavy
  • Memory foam is not that good

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2. DHP Emily Futon Bed With Chrome Legs

 DHP Emily Futon Bed With Chrome Legs under $300

The DHP Emily Futon Bed is exceptionally sleek and stylish looking and comes in many different colours and fabrics like velvet, linen or faux leather to suit your aesthetic taste.

The material of this futon bed is extremely comfortable to recline in after a long day at work. You will not need an extra mattress for this because of the beautiful square tufted backrest and seating. It is one of the best sofa bed under 300 that gives you a superior sense of relaxation on every use.

It is also quite compact and the assembly of the futon bed is also quite easy, you hardly need any expert assistance. It comes with a sturdy yet ergonomically designed chrome legs which provide an extremely durable frame to the entire setup.

The very efficient split back ensures that the user can very easily tweak the back to fit his comfort level. You can use this as a sofa, a recliner and a bed, in short it is a multitasker through and through. You can also pair this with a preferred chaise lounger or an ottoman for an extra space and aesthetic appeal. 


  • Comes in different colors and fabrics
  • Sleek chrome legs
  • Durable frame


  • Quite heavy
  • A bit hard on your back

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3. Best Choice Products Linen Upholstered Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

Best Choice Products Folding Futon Sofa Bed under $300

The Best Choice Products Linen Upholstered Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed is a good choice for you to invest in if you have a small family and will only use this for a movie night or a game night or simply lounging. This fits two people easily while lounging, and comes with 2 cupholders where you can place your cups when you are watching something.

This Sofa can be used in 3 adjustable positions as a sofa, recliner and a bed when convertible. The armrests are removable and can be adjusted quite easily when you are converting the sofa into a bed.

The legs are chrome metalled and provide a durable and stable build to the futon bed in general. If you have very limited space, then this will be a perfect fit in your apartment, because it is ergonomically designed and can be stored in compact places.

You can simply enjoy the functionality of a full sized sofa and a bed without having to invest in the both of them separately or having to add unnecessary bulk to your living space. The tufted back rest of the sofa provides a very comfortable experience as it helps your rest your back. 


  • Perfect for small spaces
  • 3 adjustable positions
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Only has room for 2 on the sofa
  • A bit hard on the back
  • The chrome legs are not very durable

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4. Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection Convertible Sofa Bed

Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection Sofa Bed under $300

The Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Collection Convertible Sofa Bed is upholstered in a superior quality polyester fabric and is designed keeping in requirement the aesthetic value and comfort factor of the modern family living in an urban apartment. The beautiful ergonomic design of the convertible sofa bed makes it an instant favourite for people who do not have much space to accommodate a sofa and a bed separately, and can therefore invest in just one product itself.

You can use this in 3 positions, as an upright sofa, a recliner and a bed. The assembly is very easy and can be done without any kind of expert guidance, as the convertible sofa bed is equipped with a finger guard, which provides the user with safety and protection when they are adjusting the convertibles according to their own preferences.

The metal chrome legs add a timeless elegance to this sofa bed, which will go well literally in any household. Housed with metal chrome legs, this is a very durable build which provides a superior longevity. It also has very good quality and high density foam webbing in between the cushions and the pocket coils with tufting details, self stitched and self piped cushions.   


  • High density foam webbing
  • Stylish design


  • Cannot support a lot of weight
  • Frame is not durable

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5. Naomi Home Futon Sleeper Sofa

Naomi Home Futon Sleeper Sofa under $300

The Naomi Home Futon Sleeper Sofa is actually one of the best daybeds under $300 because it stands on a frame which is extremely durable and not prone to breaking like most. Like most sleeper sofas which are not that steady, the Naomi Home Futon Sleeper Sofa is different because it is extremely stable and will not wobble under your weight or pressure.

It comes with a very modern design, one that will absolutely suit your urban apartment and bring a new level of comfort when you are using it. The material of the cushions is made of durable faux leather which make the usage much more comfortable and is also much easier to clean. You can simply run a cloth over it to wipe it down.

It also features detachable armrests which you have to remove to transform it into the sleeping bed. You can use this as a recliner as well, as it can house 2 people on it for a movie night or a game night. Not just that, to give you a perfect theatre feeling, it also comes with a middle armrest with 2 cup holders to hold your beverage. The assembly is also pretty easy and does not require any additional assistance. 


  • Durable faux leather material
  • Middle armrest with 2 cup holders
  • Modern design
  • Easy assembly


  • Legs are not very strong

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6. YAHEETECH Futon Sofa Bed Convertible Sofa Couch Sleeper

YAHEETECH Futon Sofa Bed Convertible Sofa Couch Sleeper under $300

The YAHEETECH Futon Sofa Bed Convertible Sofa Couch Sleeper is a sleeper sofa under 300 which you can rely on for its versatile design. This is something which you could use in your home, in your home theatre screening room and also in a studio or apartment, because of its extremely beautiful sleek design which is sure to grab a lot of compliments paired with the right kind of furniture.

The modern design is also very comfortable. It has durable faux leather material which is extremely easy to clean with just a swipe of a cloth. This is perfect for small spaces. It has removable armrests which have to be removed to transform this beautiful piece of furniture into a bed. The futon has a quick assembly which you can assemble very easily without any expert guidance and also has a zip compartment in its base which you can use for storing the legs and other hardware.

The middle armrest houses two cup holders which you can use to hold your favourite beverages while enjoying a movie night or a game night. You can turn the sofa bed into a sleeper bed by simply reclining the backrests completely.


  • Versatile design
  • Compact
  • Durable faux leather
  • Middle armrest with 2 cup holders


  • Side cushions do not attach to the sofa bed
  • A bit heavy

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7. DHP Paxson Stylish Upholstered Futon Sleeper Sofa

 DHP Paxson Stylish Upholstered Futon Sleeper Sofa under $300

The DHP Paxson Stylish Upholstered Futon Sleeper Sofa is a plush luxe quality sofa bed which will surely grab all the attention in your household.

It is extremely stylish and has a beautifully designed linen upholstery fabric with equally intricate diagonals stitchings. It is curated keeping in mind the multi functional mid century low profile design and is an ideal choice for living spaces which are usually small.

The conversion from a sofa lounge to a sleeper bed is extremely fast and easy in this piece of furniture. It has a split back which can easily be reclined into multiple positions of comfort and you can choose your preferred position. This supports a weight of 600 lbs, which means that it is quite durable even through intense weight and pressure.

The best part of the DHP Paxson Stylish Upholstered Futon Sleeper Sofa is that it stands on solid wood legs and also has padding under those wooden legs so that your floors remain protected against any scratches or scuffs that might occur. However, you will need a bit of guidance to assemble this as assembly is a bit tricky. This is one of the best sleeper sofas you could invest in. 


  • Wooden legs
  • Intricate details
  • Linen fabric
  • Can support a lot of weight


  • Not very durable
  • The linen sinks in fast

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Convertible Sleeper Sofa Beds – A Comprehensive Buying Guide 

What is Sofa Bed?

A sofa bed is a piece of furniture which looks like a sofa but can be converted easily to a bed. Imagine coming home tired and falling asleep on the couch itself. Would it not be better if your couch had a bit more space?

A sofa bed provides the solution to this, you can easily choose a preferred position (among a sofa, recliner or bed) and have a sound nap on it. It is a comfortable piece of furniture which can also help you house guests should they decide to stay over. A sofa bed is cost-saving and space-saving than a bed.

Types of Sofa Beds 

Types of Sofa Beds under $300

1. Futon Beds 

The sofa beds which have a metal frame supporting it are called futon beds. Usually, they have metal chrome legs which support the entire frame. You need to recline the backrests to make it into a bed.

2. Fold-out Beds 

These sofa beds come with beds which have to be folded into a compressed space. It is hinged to one end of the sofa and has a hydraulic system to pull it down and push it back in subsequently. These might be a bit more difficult to adjust. 

3. Daybeds 

Daybeds are couches which are a bit larger than the average sofas and do not have to be assembled. You can simply lounge and take a nap on it as and when you want to. However, daybeds traditionally have less space than other types of sofa beds. 

4. Convertible Floor Couch 

The convertible floor couches do not have any metal frame or anything, and simply touches the floor. You can easily convert them from a couch to a whole mattress spread on the floor. These are extremely comfortable but take up a lot of floor space. 

Factors to look for Before Buying a Sleeper Sofa 

1. Design and Ergonomics 

It matters if you are going for a futon, convertible floor, a fold-out or a daybed, it matters on the design of the furniture you are investing in. All of these have different specifications on how they are operated. Some need to be reclined to be used, and some need to be pulled out and pushed right back in.

In short, you must really keep in mind your preferences and what business you are buying the sofa bed for so that you can use it properly. The design and the ergonomics also play a role in the aesthetic pleasure that you derive from this product. For example, you may prefer linen over faux leather.

2. Cushions 

The material of the cushions matter a lot. Some cushions are made of linen, and some are made of polyesters or faux leather. The cushion materials matter because your back rests on it and if the material is very hard then ultimately you are going to experience a lot of discomfort.

Cushions are also equipped with high density foam and other delicate stitchings and detailings which give you a superior comfortable experience. Other than this, polyester and linen fabrics are tougher to clean, whereas if the material is faux leather, then it easily can be cleaned off in one good swipe.

3. Size 

The size of the couch you are investing in matters a lot because it takes up the equal amount of space in your house. Most couches usually can accommodate 2-3 people. If you have a small family, then you can buy something which suits your household.

Other than this, the more people it can seat, the more space will be needed to store it. But usually, sofa beds are mostly compact and can be stored easily in a corner. A sofa bed however needs a bit of space to totally spread out as a bed and needs a bit of a free space. 

4. Cost 

The more specifications you want in your sofa bed, the more your sofa bed will cost. Usually for plush cushion materials, it will cost more, depending on the stitching and the fabric. Other than this, if you have fancy attachments like cup holders and others, then you can expect the price to go up a little bit.

Aesthetically pleasing models cost much more as well, if the legs are made of metal or wood, and the futon beds are also more costly than the pull out sofa beds. The easier it is to assemble and get the bed done, the more costly it will be. Other than this, maintenance of such furniture also comes at a cost should there be any cracks or dents. 

Are Sleeper Sofa Beds Under 300 Any Good? 

If you want to invest in a sleeper sofa bed, then it is recommended that you have a bit of a high budget, because under 300, most beds will last very less when compared to the other ones. However, you can get some really good quality sofa beds as mentioned in the guide above.

You can choose between linen and faux leather seats, and most of them have an aesthetically pleasing value to it. Most couches, however, will not house a capacity of more than 3 if your budget is under 300, and will also come with more specifications if you increase your budget. 


It is therefore understood that sofa beds can be a blessing for those who require an extra space when guests stay over but cannot due to a crunch in both space and money. While investing in a bed can be much more long lasting, if you choose the correct sofa bed, then it can last you for years.

With the proper care and maintenance, these can usually last for quite a while, and also can provide you with a place to lounge in while you watch a movie or a game. Make sure that you are choosing something according to your specifications and preferences. Happy shopping!

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