Best Warlock Spells 5e | D&D 5E Warlock Spells List

Best Warlock Spells 5e

In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Warlock is a self sufficient, quality-over-quantity type of class. Their spells are hard hitting spells, as well as great for targeting groups of enemies rather than targeting a single enemy. It is of no surprise that the list of spells that is provided to Warlocks is incredibly powerful. If not, then at least incredibly fun.

From 5e Warlock Cantrips to 5e Warlock spells, all of them are incredibly unique. However, there are some that have the uses of some other existing spells, but those are either part of a combination of spells, or rather just a simple major buff.

Compared to other spell casting classes like Sorcerers, Wizards, Druids etc. Warlocks rarely cast as many spells if ever at all. However, every once in a while, Warlocks sweep the floor with their incredibly powerful spells like it’s a force of nature. One that is unstoppable and all you could do is pray that it lets you survive.

If you are indeed one of those, who strategize and play out scenarios to deal a devastating blow at once in order to turn things in your favor, Warlock is indeed a great choice of class. However, in order for you to do so, you need to understand Warlocks and their spells a little better. That is exactly why you are at the right place.

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DnD 5e Warlock Spell Lists

Blade Ward (1A)1 RoundSelfCombatUse your hand to trace a sigil of warding in the air.
Booming Blade (1A)1 RoundSelf ThunderMelee attack against one creature with a brandished weapon used in the spell’s casting.
Chill Touch (1A)1 Round120 ftNecroticCreate a hand of a skeleton in the area of a creature within range.
Create Bonfire (1A)1 Minute60 ftFireCreate a bonfire on the ground that deals damage to creatures in its space.
Eldritch Blast (1A) Instant 120 ftForceShoot a beam of crackling energy towards a creature within range.
Friends (1A)1 MinuteSelfBuffAdvantage on all Charisma against one creature of choice.
Frostbite (1A) Instant 60 ftColdCause frost to form one creature within range.
Green-Flame Blade (1A) Instant SelfFireMelee attack against one creature with a brandished weapon used in spell’s casting.
Infestation (1A) Instant 30 ftPoisonFill the air with  a cloud filled with mites, fleas and other parasites.
Lightning Lure(1A) Instant SelfLightningStrike a lash of lightning at one creature of your choice.
Mage Hand (1A)1 Minute30 ftUtilityA floating, spectral hand appears at a point of choice within range.
Magic Stone (1BA)1 MinuteTouchBludgeoningTouch one to three pebbles or stones in order to imbue them with magic.
Mind Silver (1A) Instant 60 ftPsychicForce an blast of psychic energy into the mind of one creature.
Minor Illusion (1A)1 Minute30 ftControlForm a fakeimage or sound replicating that of an object within range.
Poison Spray (1A) Instant 10 ftPoisonProject a puff of noxious gas from your hand towards a creature within range.
Prestidigitation (1A)1 Hour10 ftUtilityCreate one magical effect from several choices such as instantaneously light or snuff a candle,etc.
Sword Burst (1A) Instant SelfForceCreate a temporary circle of spectral blades swinging around you.
Thunderclap (1A) Instant 5 ftThunderCreate a bang of thunderous sound.
Toll the Dead (1A)Instant60 ftNecroticSound of dolorous bells fills the air around one creature of choice.
True Strike (1A)1 Round30 ftForeknowledgeGet a brief insight into the target’s defenses of your choice.

Armor of Agathys (1A)1 HourSelfColdA protective magical force surrounds you.
Arms of Hadar (1A)InstantSelfNecroticDark energy erupts from you and batters all creatures within range.
Cause Fear (1A)1 Minute60 ftFrightenedAwaken sense of mortality in one creature within range.
Charm Person (1A)1 Hour30 ftCharmedCharm a humanoid within range.
Comprehend Language (1A)1 HourSelfSocialMake sense of the meaning of any language that you hear.
Distort Value (1M)8 HoursTouchDouble the object’s perceived value by illusion or reduce it by half.
Expeditious Retreat (1BA)10 MinutesSelfMovementMove at an increased pace.
Hellish Rebuke (1R) Instant 60 ftFireSurround the creature that damaged you with hellish flames.
Hex (1BA)1 Hour90 ftNecroticPlace a curse that deals extra damage on a curse within range.
Illusory Script (1M)10 DaysTouchCommunicationWrite on any writing material and imbue it with illusion magic.
Protection from Evil and Good (1A)10 MinutesTouchBuffOne willing creature you touch gets protected against certain creatures.
Unseen Servant (1A)1 Hour60 ftControlCreates an invisible, formless force that performs tasks under your command.
Witch Bolt (1A)1 Minute30 ftLightningA beam of crackling lightning energy lances out towards a creature.

Cloud of Daggers (1A)1 Minute60 ft SlashingFill the air with ferociously spinning daggers within range.
Crown of Madness (1A)1 Minute120 ftCharmedCharm one humanoid of your choice to make a twisted crown appear on its head and make him mad.
Darkness (1A)10 Minutes60 ftControlDarkness spreads from a point of choice that can’t be seen through or illuminated.
Earthbind (1A)1 Minute300 ftControlFlying speed reduced to zero of creature of choice with yellow strips of magical energy looping around.
Enthrall (1A)1 Minute60 ftControlCharm creatures within range by weaving a distracting string of words.
Flock of Familiars (1M)1 HourTouchTemporarily summon three spirits in the form of animals of your choice.
Hold Person (1A)1 Minute60 ftParalyzedParalyze a humanoid within range.
Invisibility (1A)1 HourTouchInvisibleTurn a creature you touch invisible.
Mind Spike (1A)1 Hour60 ftPsychicGet inside the mind of a creature that is within range.
Mirror Image (1A)1 MinuteSelfDeceptionCreate three duplicates of yourself within your space.
Misty Step (1BA)InstantSelfTeleportationTeleport up to 30 feet within range while surrounded by mist.
Ray of Enfeeblement (1A)1 Minute60 ftDebuffAttack a creature within range with a black beam of enervating energy.
Shadow Blade (1BA)1 MinuteSelfPsychicWeave together a sword with threads of shadow.
Shatter (1A) Instant60 ftThunderProduce a painfully intense loud ringing noise from a point of choice within range.
Spider Climb (1A)1 HourTouchBuffOne willing creature touched by you is able to move on vertical surfaces and ceiling with its hands free.
Suggestion (1A)8 Hours30 ftControlSuggest an activity and influence a creature within range.

Counterspell (1R)Instant60 ftNegationNegates any spell cast by a creature.
Dispel Magic (1A) Instant 120 ftControlOnce you pick  a creature, object or, any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target, ends.
Enemies Abound (1A)1 Minute120 ftControlEnter the mind of a creature and make him unable to distinguish between friend and foe.
Fear (1A)1 MinuteSelfFrightenedProject phantasmal image of a creature’s worst fear.
Fly (1A)10 MinutesTouchMovementAny willing creature that you touch gains a flying speed of 60 feet.
Gaseous Form (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTransform a willing creature and its belongings into a misty cloud by touching it.
Hunger of Hadar (1A)1 Minute150 ftColdOpen a gateway of blackness and cold to a region infested with unknown horrors. 
Hypnotic Pattern (1A)1 Minute120 ftCharmedCreate a twisting pattern of colours for a moment that weave through the air.
Incite Greed (1A)1 Minute30 ftCharmedCharm creatures to stare at the gem and nothing within a range of 5 ft
Intellect Fortress (1A)1 Hour30 ftBuffYou or one willing creature will have resistance to psychic damage.
Magic Circle (1M)1 Hour10 ftControlAffects creatures of choice within a range of magical energy in certain ways.
Major Image (1A)10 Minutes120 ftControlCreate an image of a creature, object or something else within range.
Remove Curse (1A) Instant TouchBuffDisable all curses affecting a creature or an object.
Spirit Shroud (1BA)1 MinuteSelfColdSummon invulnerable spirits of the dead around you for the spell’s duration.
Summon Fey (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon a fey spirit of your choice within range.
Summon Lesser Demons (1A)1 Hour60 ftSummoningSummon one demon from the chaos of the Abyss based on your roll.
Summon Shadowspawn (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoning Summon a shadowy spirit with an emotion of choice like fury, despair or fear.
Summon Undead (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon an undead spirit with the form of your choice such as ghostly, putrid or skeletal.
Thunder Step (1A) Instant 90 ftThunderTeleport yourself somewhere within range with a thunderous boom sound.
Tongues (1A)1 HourTouchCommunicationTouch a creature to give it the ability to understand any spoken language.
Vampiric Touch (1A)1 MinuteSelfNecroticHeal your wounds by inflicting melee damages to creatures within range.

Banishment (1A)1 Minute60 ftBanishmentTransport one creature within range to a different plane of existence.
Blight (1A) Instant 30 ftNecroticDrains moisture and vitality from a creature of choice within range.
Charm Monster (1A)1 Hour30 ftCharmedCharm a creature within range.
Dimension Door (1A) Instant 500 ftTeleportationTeleport yourself from your current position to another within range.
Elemental Bane (1A)1 Minute90 ftAcidOne creature of choice receivesdamage by a damage type of choice.
Galder’s Speedy Courier (1A)10 Minutes10 ftDeposit items within a box carried by an air elemental summon.
Hallucinatory Terrain (10M)24 Hours300 ftControlMake a natural terrain look, smell and sound like a different natural terrain.
Raulothim’s Psychic Lance (1A)Instant120 ftPsychicUnleash a psychic power from your forehead at a creature within range.
Shadow of Moil (1A)1 MinuteSelfNecroticShadows wreathe your body and turn dim light into darkness within range.
Sickening Radiance (1A)10 Minutes120 ftRadiantGreen light spreads and deals radiant damage to creatures within its space.
Summon Aberration (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon an aberrant spirit such as Beholderkin, Slaad or Star Spawn.
Summon Greater Demon (1A)1 Hour60 ftSummoningSummon a shadow demon or a barigura by uttering foul words.

Contact Other Plane (1M)1 MinuteSelfCommunicationContact a demigod or other mysterious entity from another plane.
Danse Macabre (1A)1 Hour60 ftControlThreads of dark power pierce upto five small or medium corpses and make them a zombie or skeleton.
Dream (1M)8 HoursSelfCommunicationPut the target or yourself in a trance state acting as a messenger.
Enervation (1A)1 Minute60 ftNecroticDarkness reaches out from you and drains life from a creature.
Far Step (1BA)1 MinuteSelfTeleportationTeleport yourself up to 60 feet of unoccupied space.
Hold Monster (1A)1 Minute90 ftParalyzedParalyze a creature you see within range.
Infernal Calling (1M)1 Hour90 ftControlUtter a dark incantation to summon a devil from the Nine Hells.
Negative Energy Flood (1A) Instant 60 ftNecroticSend ribbons of negative energy at a creature who if dies, turns into a zombie in the next round.
Scrying (10M)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSee and hear a particular creature of your choice in the same plane of existence.
Synaptic Static (1A)Instant120 ftPsychicCause psychic energy to explode at a point within range.
Wall of Light (1A)10 Minutes120 ftRadiantA wall of bright light appears at a point of choice within range that blocks line of sight.

Arcane Gate (1A)10 Minutes500 ftTeleportationCreate teleportation portals that are linked.
Circle of Death (1A) Instant 150 ftNecroticCreate a sphere of negative energy ripples.
Conjure Fey (1M)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon a fey creature.
Create Undead (1M) Instant 10 ftControlUpto three corpses become a ghoul under your control at night.
Eyebite (1A)1 MinuteSelfUnconsciousAffect one creature by one of the effects – Asleep, Panicked or Sickened.
Flesh to Stone (1A)1 Minute60 ftPetrifiedTurn one creature within range to stone.
Investiture of Flame (1A)10 MinutesSelfFireFlame races across your body dealing fire damage to creatures within range.
Investiture of Ice (1A)10 MinutesSelfColdIce rimes your body with ice related abilities.
Investiture of Stone (1A)10 MinutesSelfProneRocks spread across your body making you resistant to piercing and other abilities. 
Investiture of Wind (1A)10 MinutesSelfBludgeoningWind whirls around you and gains a flying speed of 60 ft and other abilities.
Mass Suggestion (1A)24 Hours60 ftControlSuggest an activity and influence upto twelve creatures
Mental Prison (1A)1 Minute60 ftPsychicBind a creature in an illusory prison.
Scatter (1A)Instant30 ftControlAir quivers 5 creatures and teleports them nearby.
Soul Cage (1R)8 Hours60 ftBuffSnatch away and store the soul of a humanoid as it dies.
Summon Fiend (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoningSummon a fiendish spirit of choice like Demon, Devil or Yugoloth.
Tasha’s Otherworldly Guise (1BA)1 MinuteSelfBuffTransform yourself when you draw magic from the Lower or Upper Planes.
True Seeing (1A)1 HourTouchDetectionGives a willing creature you touch the ability to see through everything like secret doors, etc.

Crown of Stars (1A)1 HourSelfRadiantSeveral star-like motes of light appear and orbit your head.
Dream of the Blue Veil (10M)6 Hours20 ftTeleportationYou and upto eight willing creatures see visions of another world when unconscious and then get transported to that world.
Etherealness (1A)8 HoursSelfBuffYou remain in the Border Ethereal for the duration of the spell.
Finger of Death (1A) Instant 60 ftNecroticCause searing pain to a creature with negative energy coursing through.
Forcecage (1A)1 Hour100 ft cubeControlInvisible cube shaped magical prison that can be a cage or a box.
Plane Shift (1A) Instant TouchBanishmentUp to 9 willing creatures including you teleport to a different plane of existence.
Power Word Pain (1A)Instant60 ftDebuffCause waves of pain on one creature by speaking a word of power.

Demiplane (1A)1 Hour60 ftUtilityCreate a shadowy door that leads to a demiplane of an empty room that traps creatures once time runs out.
Dominate Monster (1A)1 Hour60 ftCharmedUse a telepathic link to convey commands to a creature within range.
Feeblemind (1A) Instant 150 ftPsychicBlast the mind of a creature and deal damage to its intellect and personality.
Glibness (1A)1 HourSelfSocialWhen making a Charisma check, you can replace the roll with a 15.
Maddening Darkness (1A)10 Minutes150 ft (60 ft sphere)PsychicMagical darkness spreads with no way to illuminate and gibbering, mad laughter can be heard if caught within.
Power Word Stun (1A)Instant60 ftStunnedStun one creature by speaking a word of power.

Astral Projection (1H)Special10 ftTeleportationProject astral bodies into the Astral Plane (You and upto 8 willing creatures).
Blade of Disaster (1BA)1 Minute60 ftForceCreate a 3 feet long blade-shaped planar rift.
Foresight (1M)8 HoursTouchBuffSee into the immediate future on touching a willing creature.
Imprisonment (1M)Until Dispelled30 ftRestrainedCreate magical restraint to hold a creature within range.
Power Word Kill (1A)Instant60 ftControlUtter a word of power to kill one creature instantly.
Psychic Scream (1A)Instant90 ftPsychicUnleashes power of the mind to upto ten creatures to stun them with psychic damage.
True Polymorph (1A)1 Hour30 ftBuffTransform creature into object or an object into a creature.

Best Warlock Spells 5E

It is a hassle to find out which spell is the best. A lot of factors come into play in order to decide which spells are the most effective and strongest. However, there is a common criterion that might decide it. Cantrips as well as how effective a spell is at a certain level are two factors that can be worked upon to find the best spells.

Warlock 5e Cantrip Spells

Warlock 5e Cantrip Spells

1. Eldritch Blast

Although cantrips are usually hit-or-miss types, the Eldritch Blast gets in multiple attacks. This alone makes it a comparatively more reliable spell. This cantrip deals the second highest damage in the game and with the agonizing Blast Invocation it becomes an incredibly strong spell, even better than any ranged weapon.

2. Minor Illusion

This cantrip provides plenty of room for creative and deceptive uses. By creating an illusory sound, image, or object, the limit of its abilities is only the imagination. Something can be created to hide behind using the 5 foot cube easily, given that enemies don’t catch you creating the illusion.

3. Green Flame Blade

The incredible Green Flame Blade is a very strong melee cantrip spell. Being a Hexblade and not using this would be a mistake. This spell is an absolute damage boost. Even while comparing with the Thirsting Blade, the Green Flame Blade could quite possibly do more damage in certain circumstances.

Warlock 5e 1st Level Spells

Warlock 5e 1st Level Spells

1. Hex

Hex is a must-have spell. The most incredible part of the spell is that after killing a target, it can be moved to a new one. This concentration spell is able to add damage to your attacks, and at the same time pick ability for your target to have a disadvantage on.

2. Armor of Agathys

This spell is an incredible defense option as the Armor of Agathys both protects you and harms the enemies. This spell provides a strong armor that provides extra hit points and damages anyone hitting you. At high levels, it may even do more damage than casting offensive spells against enemies.

3. Charm Person

To get out of a potentially hostile situation, if the Charm Person spell can be cast on a target that is out of combat without them noticing, it is an incredible spell. However, having no visual effect, there’s no way to know whether the spell was successful or it failed.

Warlock 5e 2nd Level Spells

Warlock 5e 2nd Level Spells

1. Invisibility

This spell is considered to be an essential scouting and infiltration spell that gets stronger proportionally to its level. This spell allows you to be invisible for up to an hour, and as the spell slots grow, additional people can be made invisible as well. It’s a strong spell for a one-time attack.

2. Misty Step

This spell is mystical as it allows its user to teleport up to 30ft away. It can be used for strategies as well as for getting out of sticky situations. It is possible to teleport out of grapples, ropes, manacles, etc. However, it is a bonus action with only verbal components.

3. Shatter

This spell is possibly one of the strongest spells against creatures that are made up of inorganic materials. The spell is called “the poor man’s fireball” as it deals a damage of 3d8 in a 10-foot radius yet, many creatures will be able to easily resist it unless they’re inorganic.

Warlock 5e 3rd Level Spells

Warlock 5e 3rd Level Spells

1. Counterspell

The counterspell is arguably the best and most useful defensive spell. This is because this spell allows you to completely deflect or cancel your target’s spellcasting. It is able to instantly shut down spells that are level 3 or lower and its strength increases proportionally with the spell slot’s level.

2. Summon (Fey, Shadowspawn, Undead)

This incredible summoning spell can be cast to summon creatures for various tasks. Fey summons the weakest creatures, Shadowspawn summons creatures that are stronger than Fey, and Undead summons the strongest. The spell lasts up to an hour and can do all types of action including engaging in combat confidently.

3. Hunger Of Hadar

This spell is able to deal decent damage with great area control effects. Creatures in its area of attack get blinded while being dealt with damage. Casting this spell into a room before locking the door would be an incredible strategy that will leave its occupants in the jaws of hell.

Warlock 5e 4th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 4th Level Spells

1. Banishment

This spell could be a make or break spell. Banishment is able to send its target to a different plane of existence for a whole minute. However, if the target comes from another plane of existence itself, it becomes trapped there permanently. Banishing a threat makes battles way easier.

2. Sickening Radiance

The Sickening Radiance spell works best when handling crowds. Casting the spell into a room with its door shut would be a fantastic way to use this spell. With duration of 10 minutes, this spell is able to damage, create disadvantage on the target’s ability, and negate invisibility as well.

3. Shadow of Moil

The Shadow of Moil is a dark magical spell that hides you in its darkness from your targets. With a 10ft radius of cloaking darkness, it will make you resistant to radiant damage as well as deal a necrotic damage of 2d8 to anyone that would deal damage to you.

Warlock 5e 5th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 5th Level Spells

1. Synaptic Static

The Synaptic Static spell deals psychic damage when cast. After picking a point within 120ft, a psychic storm with a 20ft radius appears that strangles the minds of any creature within it. This deals a psychic damage of 8d6 and if the targets fail saving throws, they also suffer d6 damage.

2. Hold Person

The Hold Person spell only works on humanoids and is useless against other creatures and monsters. In order to use this spell, pick a humanoid within a 60ft range. Once the spell is cast, the target will be paralyzed for 1 minute unless they succeed on a Wisdom saving throw.

3. Scrying

Keeping an eye on your targets and monitoring their every action has never been easier. Once this spell is cast, it allows you to magically peek at anyone as long as they fail to make a saving throw. A successful hit gives 10 minutes to hear and see the target.

Warlock 5e 6th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 6th Level Spells

1. Investiture of Flame

It is a debatable choice of a spell, although it is good for starting out. The duration of this spell lasts 10 minutes during which you turn into the fire element and acquire effects relating to that element. Each spell has around 3 effects that are offensive, defensive and utility abilities.

2. Mass Suggestion

This spell is not one to be used in combat, but in order to avoid a fight. Mass suggestion will target a crowd and compel creatures that understand you to follow an order or activity. However, it cannot make the targets take damage as so the spell requires creativity to outmaneuver its targets.

3. Mental Prison

The Mental Prison is an incredibly useful single-target spell. When this spell is cast, it restrains its target from seeing or hearing anything outside of the mental prison. While a mental prison is active, you can deal as many blows to the target as long as you’re out of sight, and the target won’t even know what hit them.

Warlock 5e 7th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 7th Level Spells

1. Forcecage

It can trap one or more creatures. After casting a damage spell and then Forcecage on top of it, you take your targets to hell. The only way to break free from this spell is by using magic and so it means that for non-spell casters, this spell means inevitable death.

2. Planeshift

This spell is indeed an incredibly handy spell. The spell works as a combination of travel and banish spells. You and eight other allies can teleport to another plane of existence and then back to another place in the previous realm. The same can be done to a target too.

3. Crown of Stars

Although not very exciting, it does deal a strong damage output to its targets. The Crown of Stars is a non-concentration spell that you can hold down an enemy and attack it with stars where each star deals a decent bit of damage. The duration for this spell is 1 hour.

Warlock 5e 8th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 8th Level Spells

1. Dominate Monster

This is the ultimate control spell that makes another creature your personal pet. Casting this spell will enable you to give basic instructions to follow, or use actions to have precise control. It lasts for an hour unless it receives damage due to which it gets a saving throw and can break out of the spell.

2. Glibness

This spell is an incredible spell in role playing scenarios. All charisma rolls during the period of this spell can be replaced with a 15. In addition, nothing can discern whether you are telling the truth or not. For duration for up to an hour, this is statistically better than advantage rolls.

3. Feeblemind

The Feeblemind spell works best against Wisdom-based and Charisma-based casters. With a little bit of damage, this spell turns even non-magical targets senseless. Combining this spell with a 30 day timer between saving throws, it becomes a force of nature that is hard to deal with.

Warlock 5e 9th Level Spells

Warlock 5e 9th Level Spells

1. Foresight

This spell is an incredibly strong and effective spell. For 8 hours, everything is done with Advantage all the while every attack against you is made with disadvantage. As long as no one uses Dispel magic against you, you basically remain unstoppable. The spell acts as a major buff for any character.

2. True Polymorph

By targeting oneself, an ally, an object or an enemy, you will be able to turn them into a creature or an object. The more knowledge you have about monsters, the stronger you become with this spell. Being able to turn an object into a creature of your choice is amazing.

3. Psychic Scream

The range for this spell is limited by line of sight. This means that you can affect an entire room with this spell. Casting it will deal a decent bit of damage but the most effective part is its stun capability. This stun lowers intelligence saves for the duration of the spell.

How To Use More Warlock Spells And Tips To Using Warlock Spells

How To Use More Warlock Spells

It is common to want more Warlock 5e spells to use and it is not satisfying enough to use only the spells that are available. However, there are a few ways to attain more different spells and add them to your list.

Using the Eldritch Invocations is one of the ways to access more spells. These can be acquired by leveling up your Warlock character during which many grant access to particular spells. For example, the best way for a Warlock to get polymorph is by Invocations.

However, you might want a spell that is not available through invocations. If so, you can try a few other things such as feats like the Magic Initiate feat which gives two Warlock 5e Cantrips along with a Level 1 spell from the spell-casting class of your choice. Also, the Ritual Caster is able to provide two of Level 1 spells if they are rituals.

Although, there are limits to what you can achieve as a Warlock. Certain races have innate spell casting skills that allow them to cast a handful of spells. Similarly, certain races have niche feats that grant new spells. Unlike Sorcerers, Warlocks do not have the ability to produce as many spells.


This concludes the 5e best Warlock spells with best situational and overall spells based on their levels. D&D 5e Warlock Cantrips as well as 5e Warlock spells from 1st level through 9th level are summarized in this article. This will help you play out more strategically as well as be more aware of the usage and utility of the spells to gain the best possible results.

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