40 DND Homebrew Feats to Use

DND Homebrew Feats

A feat represents a talent or an area of expertise that gives a character special capabilities. It embodies training, experience, and abilities beyond what a class provides. At certain levels, your class gives you the Ability Score Improvement feature. Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking that feature to take a feat of your choice instead. You can take each feat only once unless the feat’s description says otherwise.

You must meet any prerequisite specified in a feat to take that feat. If you ever lose a feat’s prerequisite, you can’t use that feat until you regain the prerequisite. For example, the Grappler feat requires you to have a Strength of 13 or higher. If your Strength is reduced below 13 somehow—perhaps by a withering curse—you can’t benefit from the Grappler feat until your Strength is restored.

Note: Remember that all of these are DnD homebrew feats and can therefore not be found in the player’s handbook. Feats found in the handbook are Core Feats; you can refer to them by reading our article on the list of Core Feats in DnD 5e.

Homebrew Feats For DND

Homebrew Feats For DND

1. All Together Now

Prerequisite: Have a level 5 in Bard

If you take up this DnD homebrew feat, you can muster your group to battle as one through music and a face of pure conviction and hope. As an action, you can play with enchanting music in your device to supply a succession of strikes for your allies. All allies within 25 feet that can comprehend the tune profit a free unarmed melee attack. These allowed attacks do 1d4+Power Modifier harm. When an ally’s attack is powerful, that ally gains another free unarmed melee assault on another goal than the initial one.

2. Allergic Response 

Prerequisite: None

This is a rather unique one of the 5E homebrew feats. You bide your time to better prep your activities with deadlier precision whilst seeing danger. You require a -3 on initiative rolls; however, if you’re the last of your allies in initiative sequence, during your initial turn, if you choose the assault actions, you obtain a +6 on all attack rolls, a +3 to damage per 3 personality levels, along with a +1 to AC percent 5 personality levels before the end of your next turn.

3. Ambush Specialist 

Prerequisite: Consume at least three levels in Rogue, or possess the Soldier background

This is yet another exciting one of the D&D 5E homebrew feats. You excel at planning guerilla warfare and benefiting from all that’s about you. As a standard action in a bonus round, you can move allies for positioning until they strike. This can only be carried out as long as no ally within 40′ of you is already engaged in battle and allies engaging can see you. Using hand signals, you guide allies to move to places inside their rate, which is possible to see using a +4 bonus to Stealth Checks as they proceed. Once you’re finished directing everybody, each president who partakes in the bonus round has a heightened critical hit assortment of 19-20.

4. Arcane Ammunitionist

Prerequisite: Must have either Wisdom or Intelligence of 13 or higher

One of the most beneficial 5E homebrew feats necessitates that you have grown adept in the magical ability that lets you conjure weapons. It helps you gain a +1 bonus in ranged attack rolls when you try to conjure ammunition. Your character may conjure mundane ammunition such as bolts for crossbows, arrows for bows, or stones for slings, and it will disappear at the start of the next turn. The conjured weapon will be deemed magical.

5. Blessed Heal

Prerequisite: Have a Cleric of level 1

Once you cast a spell that restores Strike Points, before rolling the die, it’s possible to roll a percentage expire for every die you would roll. If the end result is greater than or equal to 50, you cure the most amount for this die. If the outcome is less than 50, roll the die as ordinary. You have to finish a very long break before utilizing Blessed Heal.

6. Burning Soul

Prerequisites: Must have Charisma of 13 or higher

The nature of your character’s being is imbued with fire. With this homebrew feat, your character can learn to use the ‘produce flame’ cantrip. Additionally, you can also cast the burning hands to spell one time without a spell slot. You can use this feat only once till you finish a long rest. If you take fire damage, you may use your reaction to add resistance to fire damage till your next turn. 

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7. Critical Inspiration

This is yet another extremely unique of the 5E homebrew feats in DnD. Watching your player’s allies perform well can inspire your player to perform better at their job as well. You can increase your Dexterity or Strength score by 1 to max 20. If a non-hostile target within 30 ft. rolls a critical hit on any attack, your player’s next attack roll poses an advantage. If an allied target within 30 ft. of distance rolls a max on an ability/skill check, your player gets an advantage on their next ability/skill check.

8. Critical Rejuvenation

Prerequisite: Must be able to cast a minimum of one healing spell/feature

Your heightened mastery of healing magic could sometimes manage to surprise you as well. You flaunt +1 to all healing spells. Every time you cast a healing spell, you can roll a d20. On 19 or 20, you essentially pile another die to the healed amount.

9. Dabbler in the Arts

Prerequisites: Must have Intelligence of 13 or higher

Your character has studied the mystic arts for some, and it is finally time to let it shine. Your character gains 1 psionic talent of their choice from whatever is offered in the Mystic class. If a talent or cantrip requires a saving throw, its DC equals 8 + proficiency bonus + Intelligence modifier. Note that it is also possible with the Wisdom modifier instead of the Intelligence modifier.

10. Devoted Prayer

Prerequisite: Be adept in faith 

If you pay respects to your deity, you go the extra mile. Additional offerings, an excess verse to the specific prayer, small things which are not mandatory but are sufficient that your deity appreciates your efforts. If you pray to a deity at the beginning of your day for no less than 5 minutes, they would wish to see you succeed more than normal. 

If you fail an art check, you’ll be able to create a DC 14 Religion Assess to reroll the Skill Check instantly. Should you neglect the Religion Assess, your deity’s preference starts to fade, and you might try to reroll a Skill Check once again before another day if you renew your prayer. If you don’t remember to pray to a deity, they’ll refuse to give you this ability for 1d4 days.

11. Distracting Dance

Prerequisite: Be adept in functionality

For a bonus action, you may earn a Performance Assess using a DC of 13+ the Targets Wisdom Modifier, produce a small commotion into the goal within 30′ to permit an outsider participating in the battle to generate a complimentary Attack of Opportunity with benefit. The goal of this diversion needs to have the ability to see and listen to you for this capability to get the job done. This activity acts as a ranged spell strike.

12. Eldritch Loyalty 

Prerequisite: consuming six amounts in warlock

Your abilities reach farther than before, and you also broaden your horizon of skills. Gain yet another Eldritch Invocation. Prerequisites still restrict choice options of Invocations.

13. Fighting Initiate

Prerequisite: Proficiency with wielding a martial weapon

One of the more useful D&D homebrew feats, here you make good use of your martial training. Your specialization at a particular style of fighting lets you increase your Dexterity or Strength score by 1 to max 20. Here, your character learns one Fighting Style option of your preference from the Fighter class. For characters who have already chosen a style, the new one must be different. Every time your character scales up a level, you can essentially replace the feat’s Fighting Style with one you don’t have, from the choices available in the fighter class.

14. Fortunate Locate 

Prerequisite: Be adept in understanding or investigation

When doing an evaluation or perception test in an individual container, body, or thing within 5 ft, you get a +3 bonus to the test. If this place yields gold bits, gain an excess of 1d20 per three character levels. This can only be accomplished once an hour.

15. Gaia’s Ambassador

Prerequisite: Be adept in animal handling

There is nothing about you that intrigues creatures. Whenever you’re the goal of a Beast kind monster’s attack; you can try an Animal Handling test using a DC as a Reaction to dissuade it from assaulting you. When dissuaded, the monster will no longer target you because of its present attack actions or potential strikes, given you don’t strike it.

Should you succeed on another Animal working check on the monster with a normal action within five minutes of this initial check with a higher DC of +6 of their former test, you acquire the monster as an ally for the present battle, or if that is done from battle, it merely leaves you in peace after five minutes. Attacking a confident monster finishes this effect and can’t be achieved again for a single day.

Size Assess DC

  • Tiny 10
  • Little 14
  • Moderate 17
  • Enormous 22
  • Tremendous 26
  • Gargantuan 31

16. Gleaning Strategist

Prerequisite: Consume at least five levels in fighter

If you only make one attack this turn (foregoing additional strikes), you can learn about the monster you strike and possibly even offer aid to other people in battle against these kinds of foes. Roll 1d4 to ascertain the result.

  1. Understand the goals HP and AC
  2. Know a goal’s weaknesses and immunities
  3. Know goals, regular attack bonus, and damage
  4. All allies benefit from their next attack against the goal + select among those other choices to learn.

Regardless of the outcome, you get a +2 to attack rolls against that monster for the rest of the experience. These bonuses don’t carry over to other creatures besides being assaulted, even if they’re the same sort of creature.

17. Grasshopper’s Repose

Prerequisite: Be adept in acrobatics

You’re proficient with incorporating the strikes of your foes for your movements. As a response, each time a foe fails an attack roll on you using a melee strike within 5 ft and are of the same size or bigger, you might try an Acrobatics Assess of DC 16 to reverse over your attacker and property on the opposite side of these, gaining an edge on the following attack. 

This can only be achieved if there are at least 5 feet over the opponent and another side is unoccupied. You end your move 5 ft from the air and property to the ground. This motion doesn’t trigger Attacks of Opportunity. Should you fail the test, they have to make an Attack of Opportunity from you with benefit, and you don’t have to move from their square.

18. Historian

Prerequisite: Be adept in history or character

If you take up this feat, choose a monster kind to be acquainted with. Whenever you observe a monster of the sort, you may use your bonus actions to create either a Background or Character Assess against it to find out more info about it, as summarized in the table below. This can only be tried once per experience. (Rolling higher yields the preceding information also )

  1. 1-10: You draw a sterile and cannot remember anything about it.
  2. 11-13: You understand what it’s called
  3. 14-16: You understand its wellbeing 
  4. 17-19: You understand its AC
  5. 20+: You understand its principal method of assault and how much harm it causes or its flaws (select)

19. Idiocy Pays

Prerequisite: Have a -ve Intellect modifier

A rather interesting one of the DnD 5E homebrew feats, this one 

takes advantage of your idiocy. Your player’s lack of Intellect results in others deeming you incapable of spewing out any lie. You can increase Charisma by 1 to a max of 20. You may consider adding -ve intellect modifier along with your Charisma modifier for Deception checks’ sake and deem -ve Intellect as +ve for these checks.

20. Increased Second End 

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 degree in Fighter

You dig deeper inside yourself to find a reason and resolve to keep battling. When you utilize the Second Wind Course Feature, you acquire an extra 1d8 hit points (in the 10th level, you obtain 2d6, at the 15th level, you obtain 3d8).

21. Light Armor Master

Prerequisite: Proficiency with light armor

You’re able to use your light armor’s bare essential security to help your leaks. Boost your Dexterity score by 1, to a max of 20. While you’re wearing light armor, strikes made as a response against you suffer drawbacks.

22. Metalworking

Prerequisite: None

In your free time, you are inclined to use your equipment to keep them at high performance. During a Brief Rest, you may use Smith’s Tools to boost a piercing or slashing weapon. Once sharpened, the weapon will do further 1d4+1 damage for 1d4 strikes. If you’re adept in Smith’s Tools, then this raises to 2d4 strikes.

23. Natural Recovery 

Prerequisite: Be adept in medicine, character, or survival

Via your understanding of home treatments, you can try to forage your region for organic recovery plants, roots, or fruit. Pick a Terrain kind to be comfortable with Arctic, Coast, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Mountains, Swamp, or Underdark. In case you’ve got Organic Explorer and therefore are already technical for one of those recorded terrains, you might pick another from this listing for this accomplishment only. 

You have to succeed on a medication or survival test and succeed on a character check (DC’s set by the DM to successfully locate nature items that you can concoct to a recovery remedy that fixes for 2d4 through a brief rest and may be applied to self or friendlies). If you’ve got a Herbalism Kit or Alchemist Supplies, that is raised to 2d8. If you’re proficient using a Herbalism Kit or Alchemist Supplies, you cure for 3d8 instead.

24. Offensive Sorcery

Prerequisite: have 7 levels in sorcery

You unblock all of the psychological barriers you have set up to try a full-force assault, hoping that it will not fizzle out and drain you instead. You may use 7 sorcery factors to create a spell to have a 50% chance to inflict maximum harm +10 magic harm. On failing, you roll up as normal.

25. One Using All the Crazy 

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 level in Druid and a 

Wisdom score of 16 If you utilize your Wild Shape Class Ability to change into a monster of CR 1/2, it is possible to add a couple of your reach expire per three Druid degrees to its maximum hit points. This can only be accomplished once in a long break.

26. Palace of the Brain 

Prerequisite: Consume at least five levels in Monk

Throughout calmness and focus, you combine with all the arcane forces of this world to shield yourself. Whenever you’re the goal of a non-elemental damage-based spell, you may add your own Intelligence Modifier for your AC. Moreover, you now have a 50 percent chance to split up the Blindness, Deafened, Paralysis, or Stunned state on yourself at the start of your turn. This only happens once an affliction per experience.

27. Panic Dodge

Prerequisite: None

Ignoring all strategy and planning, you follow your instincts for self-preservation. Once per experience, as soon as a melee weapon strike would strike you, you may opt to drop everything on your hands and move likely five feet away from your attacker, in turn forcing them to reevaluate their initial strike against you with a drawback. You don’t grant edge as ordinary for the Prone requirement with this rerolled attack.

28. Past Experience

Prerequisite: None

As per the instruction and your character’s upbringing, you’re more worldly than many others in your position. Pick a skill to become adept in and develop a +2 Misc. Bonus for it. You acquire a 2nd ability to be adept in and obtain the +2 bonus to it in 8th level, along with a 3rd in 15th level.

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29. Reckless Brutality

Prerequisite: have at least 2 degrees in Barbarian

In the price of your wellbeing, you dedicate more to your barbarous attacks to search out weak points while exposing yours. When you choose this feat, your Reckless Attack changes to also allow you to boost your critical hit range to 18-20 (this doesn’t stack with other magical effects that raise your critical strike array ) and gain another 1d4 weapon harm (2d4 at par 5, 3d4 at level 9, and 4d4 at par 13).

Additionally, it frees you 1d10 temp hp but imposes a -2 to AC before starting your next turn. This is in addition to the common effects of Reckless Attack.

30. Reclaiming Invocation

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 degree in Warlock

You acquire the capacity to regain among your spell slots with no break. You may use a standard action to roll a d6, and onto a 6, you recover 1 spell slot whose degree is equivalent to a minimum of -1 Proficiency Bonus. As soon as you use this attribute, you have to complete a very long break before using it.

31. Reflexive Shield 

Prerequisite: None

In the middle of fighting, you have an increased awareness of your environment. This can only trigger when you’re adjacent to a couple of animals engaged in battle with you. When you’re targeted at two strikes in precisely the same round, you may use your response to improve your AC by 3 to the next strike. 

32. Returning the Love

Prerequisite: Consume at least five levels in Bard

Seeing your compliments and encouragement lift your allies satisfies you with energy and resolve to triumph for them. Anytime an ally succeeds on a skill test, attack roll, or rescue throw, it leaves with your Bardic Inspiration in their roster; you get your Bardic Inspiration that lasts for 5 minutes. You may have a single Bardic Inspiration perish from this accomplishment at any moment.

33. Reserved Power

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 level in Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, or Wizard

When you’re left to your own devices, you concentrate on keeping arcana on your own for later usage. You obtain an excess spell slot whose degree is less than or equivalent to your spellcasting skill modifier. You can’t have a spell slot level higher than the number of spells you can cast without accomplishment.

34. Shield Save

Prerequisite: Be adept in protects

You’re proficient with the defense to such a level that you can throw with extreme speed and precision. It is possible to use your response to produce an attack roll utilizing Dexterity from the ranged attack using a DC of 7 + the Attacker’s incentive to Attack Rolls, to have the ability to throw your defense and take the hit of this assault. This can only be achieved until the damage is calculated. 

You ought to have the ability to see both the attacker and target of this attack and don’t have any creature of equal dimensions to you or bigger in between your route to throw your defense. The protection lands 5 ft in front of this attack’s intended target at the direction the assault was thrown from. But you’ve got a 15 percent chance for your defense to return to you once it takes the strike. If the ranged attack could harm a place, this accomplishment cannot be used to obstruct it.

35. Smiting Directly 

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 degree in Paladin

Your link to your deity, along with your bond with the entire world, is next to none. Once per long break, you get one free usage of a 1st degree Smite Spell without breaking up a charm slot. At level 8, that raises to some 2nd degree Smite Spell. Your Divine Health course ability now carries an immunity to Poison Damage and benefits Saving Throws against Poison.

36. Spell Slash

Prerequisite: Being able to cast 1 spell of level 1 or higher

With this 5E homebrew feat, arcane energy flows out of your character’s fingertips whenever they cast a spell, and it can be used to imbue attacks. After a spell of level 1 or higher is cast, players can introduce twice the spell level as increased damage to the following weapon attack within the next minute, resulting in the attack being counted as magical, if it weren’t already. Note that this will not stack with itself. Casting another spell will refresh its duration, replacing the damage (if the first spell was of a lower level).

37. Staged Autumn 

Prerequisite: Be adept in athletics or acrobatics

Tumbling is a skill that requires precision and practice; both of that you’ve mastered. When you drop from a height that would usually cause one to be hurt, you can try an Acrobatics or Athletics Assess with a DC of 10 +2 a 10 ft of falling to prevent 2d8 worth of this falling damage.

38. Wand Slinger

Prerequisite: Consume a minimum of 1 level in Magician 

Wielding two wands in hand, you barrage your foes using more, though poorer attacks. If you’re wielding two wands, one in each hand, you might throw two cantrips that ask that you earn a spell attack roster using a single attack action. 1 cantrip will do half damage rounded upward (If a single cantrip inflicts more harm than another, then that’s the one that is halved). You ought to be wielding two wands in distinct hands to profit from this. Should you utilize a barbell to cast a spell of greater degree than if it’s a cantrip, another wand can’t cast a spell.

39. Wanderer’s Adaptation

Prerequisite: Consume at least 5 degrees in Druid and have a circle of this property

Hunting the crazy puzzles has attracted you to numerous lands outside your house. While there, you heard their secrets. You obtain access to two spells from a different spell record described by choices in Circle of the Land distinct from your preferred land.

40. Warlord’s Bloodlust

You thrive in the adrenaline rush of the battlefield. When your character hits a target hard enough, he would feel as if his wounds almost don’t even exist. When a critical strike is deployed, you can heal 1d4 + your character’s Constitution modifier hit points. However, note that you can activate this only once per round. 

When your character hits with a critical strike, you stand a chance to immediately strike another target within range with disadvantage.

41. Worldly Measure 

Prerequisite: None

Traveling and exploration have given you a more comfortable air of familiarity with these lands that stay with you always. Select 3 terrains in the Arctic, Coast, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Mountains, Swamp, or Underdark to become comfortable with. You don’t suffer hard terrain while in these terrains except for magic results, and you get 5 ft of movement rate while at them. You also have an edge on Attack Rolls and Skill Checks if you’d usually be afflicted by Difficult Terrain in these regions.  


These are all quite fascinating 5E homebrew feats to try and test out. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to your character’s strengths and weaknesses and which play style you choose for your character. You will find several homebrew feats working in tandem with your specific build, but choosing the exact ones that will benefit you the most might take some time. Know your character well, and choose feats judiciously. Happy questing!

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