50 Usable DND Plot Hooks For You To Use

50 DND Plot Hooks

Adventure hooks! For each five a Game Master (GM) dangles in front of the players, the small devils usually bite hold of one. For your GM who’s conducting an open universe sandbox-style match, or perhaps the storyline GM searching for a brief one-off to break up the monotony of the bigger narrative, the Adventure Twist not merely acts as a way of inspiring the individual that runs the match but inciting the individuals who play the match.

However, what Game Master gets the type of time to sit around and think of possible experiences ideas their players could offer a tough pass? Worry not, your time-saving teller of tall stories tenders a transcendent tithe of tantalizing tropes to tempt the preferences and torture the stubborn group of travel transients (PCs).

D&D Adventure Ideas And Plot Hooks

1. A strange-looking, a low-hanging cloud hangs over the village. What is really strange is that, regardless of the end, it never goes.

2. A boy in the neighbourhood got lost. His buddies had dared him to venture into an old, deserted cabin in the woods out down. This was the last they saw of him.

3. The rotting corpse of a giant is located along with a well-traveled street. The giant seems like it’s been dead for months, but travelers in a nearby wayside inn declare it was not there when they ventured through yesterday afternoon.

5. Two fans are having a loud spat on the road. Unexpectedly, one of them drops dead, their face contorted in a look of terror. A peculiar symbol glows on both sides of the neck and gradually starts to fade to nothingness.

6. The critters in the local area have been behaving strangely. They no longer appear to fear folks and are suffering an insatiable appetite for meat and the herbivores.

7. A shopkeeper, while renovating the basement of his store, finds a strange, rock doorway behind a shelf.

8. A small town is uncertain of what to do. A little child’s voice could be heard from a long-abandoned dry well, but no kids in the town are missing. What is more concerning is that each man or woman that has ventured to the nicely to rescue the kid hasn’t returned.

9. A guy in a long black coat and wide-brimmed hat checks from an inn. As he stands outside the door, a small vial of green liquid drops out of his pocket.

10. A farmer rides in town, white as a sheet. He asserts his scarecrows have been moving closer to his house daily. This morning they had been out the windows of the residence. Is this the job of neighborhood pranksters, or anything different?

11. A tall, handsome guy in nice clothes stands in the middle of a crossroads. He appears to understand every one of those PCs titles and states he has information which would be quite beneficial to them whenever they opt to return to the place tonight if the moon is at its apex.

12. The filled head of a great monster that adorns a place over the mantle at a neighborhood tavern abruptly comes to life and yells something in a peculiar language before exploding into flames.

13. Locals say a star fell from the sky last night and landed someplace nearby.

14. Each mirror in the city stops to reveal signs and provides glimpses into a dark keep instead.

15. The sound of crying echoes in the night as a group of villagers, armed with torches and pitchforks, collect outside a house, demanding the occupants surrender their young daughter.

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16. A masked guy in a dark corner of the tavern informs the celebration he has to work for them promptly dies, a dagger in his spine and a sealed letter in his hands.

17. A worried father approaches the celebration in a tavern and asks for their assistance. His daughter is seeing a guy, and he does not approve. He pleads with all the celebration to finish the marriage. The only grab; the guy his daughter was visiting lately died a couple of decades back.

18. An innkeeper educates the players that a package arrived for them. It’s a small silver locket with a date engraved on it. The date is one week from now.

19. The caretaker of a regional cemetery is yelling that individuals from the mausoleums scratched in the doors.

20. Something big was assaulting Farmer Biden’s cows. Whatever it is, it has murdered five in the previous week.

21. Late during the night, the noise of far-off drums could be heard from the darkness: War drums and many of them.

22. In a huge town, to rival street gangs vie for control over a locality, leaving several innocent bystanders dead. The neighborhood thieves’ guild sits back and waits to support the winner.

23. A town official approaches the celebration subtly, providing them with a reasonable amount of money to kill her husband. She then shows her husband died two weeks ago but was lurking the streets ever since.

24. A brand new noble in the unidentified house came in town last month. Around precisely the same time, many vagrants from the region began to vanish.

25. A person who has hired assassins to remove one member of this party, but who’s behind the storyline and for what reason?

26. A barbarian tribe is departure uncomfortably near city and officials, in addition to the taxpayers, are becoming very worried.

27. A cleric gives the party an inventory comprising bits of critters from the place she’s seeking to get for her “job”. She offers to cover the celebration a handsome amount for every piece.

28. A mysterious island abruptly appears off the coast of a stretch of shore or even a lake.

29. A mysterious island abruptly appears from the skies above a city or city.

30. A raven flies through an open window and lands on the ground, apparently dead, with a material attached to the leg. The raven then immediately transforms into a bloodied man.

31. A new brothel opens nearby, but they charge nothing. What is the catch?

32. A girl storms up to among those PCs with a part of this town/city watch, points in them, and yells”That is the one! That is the one which killed my husband.”

33. While laying in bed one night at an inn, one of those PCs hears a little thump beneath their mattress. It appears to be a journal which had been dislodged from the concealed resting place. It details a comprehensive plot to assassinate a dominant leader in a city three days off. The final date in the diary is just two days past.

34. The local orchard owner was whining that his trees keep changing positions throughout the evening.

35. A young boy approaches a PC and hands them a thick, leatherbound tome using a thick lock onto it and whispers”I am sorry” before dashing in another direction.

36. A neighborhood baker whose firm was failing abruptly manages to turn things around with her fresh, flavorful meat pies. Meanwhile, unattended kids have been vanishing at an alarming speed.

37. An old guy in a dusty, roughspun robe asserts to be a golden dragon in disguise and provides to direct the celebration to a fantastic treasure.

Kobolds have tunneled to the cellar of a local temple and refuse to leave.

38. A savage-looking tribe of orcs arrive outside the gates of a small town and extend peace. Is it a hint?

39. The celebration receives invitations to get a formal ball held in a regional noble’s estate. The invitations were sent with a Mr Dusk.

40. A new medication is running rampant through many cities and is gradually making its way to neighboring towns. The medication appears to offer you the brief capacity to execute minor magic spells, but protracted usage leaves the consumers withered husks.

41. A prestigious bardic school stands accused of manipulating events to compose more intriguing stories and tunes.

42. A lovelorn guy drinks away his sorrows at a tavern since bandits across the street kidnapped his bride-to-be following a picnic.

43. The gamers locate an abandoned village. Tables are still in place for dinner, however with moldering meals. Clothes and personal possessions are still located in houses. A minstrel’s lute is available leaned from a stool upon a small stage in the tavern. At the middle of this village is a well with a few tough words scratched to it into elvish (“A cost has to be paid”).

44. A dragon was amassing a little city tribute once a week for more than fifty decades. Two weeks before, the requirements stopped and nobody has heard anything in the dragon.

45. A neighborhood temple employs what’s quite possibly the worst cleric ever. It appears that anybody he treats expires. Fortunately, his church has granted a responsibility to compensate for his ceaseless blunders; they have left him an undertaker too.

46. Some regional kids come running to the tavern searching to their parents, breathless and unconcerned about a cave behind a waterfall not far outside of the town, along with the big, hidden thing the started growling inside of it.

47. While coming in the town, the party sees a wanted poster with images of the likenesses drawn upon it. It says they are needed for murder, extortion, blackmail, thievery, and arson. They are incredibly dangerous, and there’s a substantial reward for their catch alive or dead.

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48. A fire appears in the sky above a city or city. It outlines a ring around the perimeter. Then it starts to rain sexy pitch.

49. A long left mine suddenly appears to be living with the sounds of picks and hammers echoing from inside at the middle of the night.

50. An emissary in the elven lands arrives at the town, and abruptly high heeled government officials start dropping dead, apparently contested.

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