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How to Use Valorant Shop Checker

Valorant, a multiplayer competitive FPS game, has a lot to offer in terms of skins ( phantom skins) , unique weapons, and cosmetics. Players often show off their unique weapons and skins as a badge of honor.

You get these items in-game with a daily rotation of weapon skins and other unique items. It is a great thing that Riot games offer players this, but it has one downside. You should log in daily to get these rewards, and many of us can’t log in daily.

You might miss many unique items if you belong to such a category. If you can’t log in to Valorant daily, you can use a third-party website called Valorant Store Checker to check on the items you get in-game without needing to login into the game.

Valorant Store Checker, What is it?

Valorant Store Checker is a third-party website that is used to check up on the daily rewards the game gives without needing to log in to the game. It was recently developed by a Valorant player. 

The website is created to provide players with information about the current weapons bundles, skins, and their prices. Since the daily rewards at the reset are different for each player, you must submit your login credentials.

This is important to note because this website is not official and in no way related to the Valorant and Riot Games. Use the website at your own risk. There aren’t any security issues found on the website, although it is still in beta, and you might encounter a few minor bugs.

Overall, Valorant Shop Checker is a brilliant idea and helpful for those who can’t log in daily but still want to grab the best weapons, skins, and cosmetics for their gameplay.

How to Search for Skins Using the Valorant Shop Checker?

How to Search for Skins Using the Valorant Shop Checker

Now that you know this brilliant valorant store checker third-party website, here is a step-by-step guide to checking or searching for skins using Valorant Shop Checker. There are two ways you can get skins in Valorant for free. One is from the Featured Bundles from the Valorant Shop (official) and through Daily Reset.

1. Featured Bundles

To check the featured bundles, head over to the Valorant Shop checker by visiting this link. On the home page, you must be able to see the bundled skins with the price in Valorant Points. You will also see the bundled skin in action with a small clip so that you know exactly what skins come bundled. It will also include the remaining time limit to purchase that particular bundled skin or weapon pack.

The website will be in Japanese by default for some users, so you need to switch it to English on the top left. You can also turn on the Dark reading mode if you prefer that on the top right corner of the website.

2. Daily Skin Resets

Valorant gives you four free skins every day at the reset in the shop. These are available for every player and are generated randomly. This is the primary reason this website exists since not everyone can log in to the game daily to get the rewards.

Alternatively, you can check it online with a Valorant shop checker by following these simple steps.

  1. Open up the website. On the top left of the website, you will see an option to open up the menu. There you can click on the “Daily Store” section.
  2. Once you open the Daily Store page, the website will ask for the Riot Username and Password, the Region of the account, and the language you prefer to show the skins. When you submit these details, check the “I agree” button and click on “Check.”
  3. Voila! You can see your current daily reset skins on the account.

Is Valorant Store Checker Safe Site Safe To Use?

Many valorant users like to debate whether the Valorant store checker is safe. To answer this question, it depends on how much you consider your privacy and personal data important. To use the valorant store checker, you must give valorant account details to an unauthorized valorant store checker site.

Due to this, some users suspect developers may misuse or share their account credentials, and some are not worried about sharing their account details. But, the valorant store checker site is trusted by many players and is safe to the extent.

Are There Any Riot Game Approved Valorant Store Checker?

Currently, there are no official riot games-approved valorant store checkers because riot games want you to log in every day into the game to check for new items instead of checking for new items on any other different site or app. There used to be a valorant store checker feature on a riot game-approved mobile app called valking.gg, which they removed recently. But there are talks of bringing back the valorant store checker feature in the near future. 


This is a particularly helpful website for players who want to continue playing the game, and they can’t log in daily for some reason. Remember that this is not an official website, and submitting your details should be done at your own risk.

The website says they don’t store the login information and doesn’t require two-factor authorization as Riot login does. Anyways, the Valorant Shop Checker is a boon for many players who do not want to miss any skins or weapons.

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