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akracing gaming chair review

One of the most essential features that matter more than having the perfect gaming setup is comfort. If you plan on putting long hours in front of your monitor, you wish to do so without putting your back through any pain. This is where a good gaming chair can work wonders.

Every seasoned gamer understands the importance of a good gaming chair. A good gaming chair is something that offers excellent lumbar support to your back, keeping you comfortable throughout the gaming session. 

Gaming chairs are designed explicitly to provide long-lasting comfort without damaging your posterior, ultimately allowing you to sit for long hours. While gaming chairs support good posture when computing, some gaming chairs also improve an incorrect posture.

An ergonomically superior gaming chair allows for a better blood flow to your lower back muscles and relieves the joints present in the lower back and neck area. 

AKRacing gaming chair brand started its chair venture in the year 2001, starting in the automotive sports space. AKRacing gaming chair is a Taiwanese company that quickly adapted for gaming and office furniture and has not looked back since then.

AKRacing gaming chair team has always been fully responsible for every aspect of chair design, manufacture, testing, and quality control to ensure every product goes out looking the best it can be.

Most of AKRacing gaming chairs are made with high-quality materials that justify its price point in the mid to upper end of the gaming spectrum. AKRacing gaming chair company has various popular gaming chair series, among it akracing nitro gaming chair is its one of the top product.

If you are looking for a good gaming chair but couldn’t fixate on one, this article is for you. In this article, we will be reviewing the AKRacing Nitro game chair in detail. We will lay down all the minute details and specifications to help you make the right and better choice. 

AKRacing Nitro Game Chair Review

AKRacing is a known name across the gaming industry. The company is known for delivering premium chairs with an ergonomic design, ideal for providing extreme comfort.

AKRacing chairs come with a thick cushioning that supports your back and overall posture. These gaming chairs are built to deliver extreme comfort every time you put in those long hours in front of your system. 

Therefore, let’s dig into the detailed review of the AKRAcing Nitro Game Chair to know more about the specifications and everything that this gaming chair has to offer. 

AKRacing Nitro Game Chair Review
Weight25 Kg
Frame MaterialMetal
FoamHigh-Density Mould Shaping
Armrests3D Adjustable
Tilt Locking MechanismYes
Adjustable Back AngleYes
Adjustable Lumbar CushionYes
Adjustable HeadrestYes


  • Class 4-gaslift support
  • Tilt Locking Mechanism
  • Well Balanced
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Easy Assembly


  • Compact
  • Expensive
  • No Height Adjustment for short people
  • Lack Of Cushioning
  • Stiff Base

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1. Built Quality And Design

Built Quality And Design

The AKRacing Nitro Gaming chair comes with an advanced ergonomic design that is ideal for providing extreme comfort. In addition, the thick cushioning present offers excellent support for your neck, back, and lower back muscles.

As the name suggests, this chair sports a racing-car style bucket seating arrangement that evenly distributes your weight throughout. Even if your room isn’t ventilated enough, this chair has an open build that allows the cold air to reach your body and prevents you from excessive sweating. 

This chair comprises a durable steel frame, class 4-gas lift, and a 5-star metal base that makes it sturdy and stable. It is made using a high-density mold shaping foam that adds extra durability. It is built to hold a capacity of a massive 396 lbs. 

You will find the design of this chair very similar to other racing chairs such as the chairs from GTRacing and DXRacer.

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2. Performance

The AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair offers extremely functional 3D adjustable armrests that can be moved in, up, down, and out. Apart from these armrests, the chair offers numerous customizing options from height adjustment to color gradation.

The AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair is held together by a series of Allen Screws, thus nullifying the questions about instability and non-durability. It comes with all the basic features and is a perfect choice for people searching for a stylish yet comfortable chair. In simple words, this chair is the high-performance gear you need to perform a high-performance sport like gaming. 

3. Ergonomics

AKRacing is known for delivering premium chairs with an ergonomic design that is ideal for providing extreme comfort. Similarly, the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair has superior ergonomics well-suited for esports, casual gaming, and routine office work.

Meanwhile, the advanced ergonomic design ensures the best of comfort to your back and lower back muscles. You also have the option of manually adjusting the seat height and backrest angle at your convenience.

The chair’s ergonomic shape ensures that you’ll be sitting comfortably and relaxed. The chair’s backrest comes with two removable pillows, a pouch held together by a series of Allen Screws, two Keys, and washers. 

4. Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

The AKRacing Nitro gaming chair is equipped with lumbar pillows that provide the proper support to all the main areas that are strained during long gaming hours. This adjustable support allows you to sit back in your seat until the pillow fills your lumbar curve. Meanwhile, you can also tilt the chair between 90 to 180 degrees in case you want to take a quick break during a long-intense gaming session. 

Lumbar support is found in most modern gaming chairs, especially in gaming chair with massage features. I honestly found the lumbar support very helpful as it prevented my neck from getting stressed.

5. Headrest

Like every good gaming chair, the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair comes with an adjustable headrest. It has a removable headrest cushion that prevents back and necks strain after prolonged gaming sessions. While the hearest isn’t the best fit for a short person, a simple nudge or adjustment of the cushion can make it work for you. The curve of the AKRacing Nitro gaming chair follows the curve to your lower back which is fitted with headrest cushions for added comfort. 

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6. High-Density Mold Shaping Foam

Like every gaming chair made today, the AKRacing Nitro gaming chair is also built using high-density mold shaping foam, which offers a rigid cell structure, making the chair highly durable. This high-density mold shaping foam essentially improves the chair’s quality and durability, making it a valuable long-term investment for gamers. The foam is guaranteed to retain its original shape and overall density for many years. 

7. Lock-Tilt Mechanism

Lock-Tilt Mechanism

The AKRacing gaming chair can easily recline from 90 to 180 degrees. It also comes with a lock-tilt mechanism that will allow you to tilt the chair and lock it at a feasible angle with your head, neck, back, and lower back. Also, it has a 12-degree tilt angle that enables you to adjust the chair at your convenience. Meanwhile, the locking feature keeps the chair in the titled position.

8. Castors

One of the primary features of this gaming chair is that it comes with extremely quiet castors. The majority of the gaming chairs do not have noise-free castors, making the chair’s noise annoying to the gamer and those around them. However, with the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair, you don’t have to worry about your chair making noises anymore, and you can game throughout the night without disturbing the neighbors. 

9. Additional Features

Apart from the regular features, the AKRacing nitro gaming chair dons a few additional features that can come in handy. One such feature is the free-moving wheels that do not get stuck every time you move the chair around.

Also, every AKRacing Chair comes with a 14-day return policy that gives you enough time to assess the chair properly. The two-year warranty covers all manufacturing defects ( if any ). This chair is straightforward to assemble. 

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The Bottom Line

We hope our article successfully walked you through this detailed review of the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair. While gaming chairs support good posture when computing, some gaming chairs also improve an incorrect posture. The AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair is a tad expensive, but it offers commendable features that make it a worthy investment.

This chair features an ergonomic design that supports your neck, back, and lower back muscles and does not let prolonged gaming hours affect your posture whatsoever. Meanwhile, it has a sturdy metal frame that gels well with each body type. Similarly, the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair has excellent ergonomics well-suited for esports, casual gaming, and routine office work.

The one downside of this chair is that, if you are short, you find the chair uncomfortable. If you do happen to be short, you might prefer the chairs listed in our article “Best Small Gaming Chairs for Short People“; otherwise, If you are looking for a durable and sturdy gaming chair with adjustable features, then the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair is the right one for you. 

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