Best Phantom Skins in Valorant [2023]

Best phantom skin in valorant

Free-to-play games like Valorant focus on skins that many players collect to improve their weapons’ aesthetics. This free-to-play tactical shooter created by Riot Games now includes valuable cosmetics as a key component. Skin collectors constantly visit valorant shop checker for the arrival of a new bundle to add to their ever-expanding collection of skins.

And some might wait for that one-of-a-kind, unique skin rather than spending their money on the average. With so many cosmetics available in Valorant, it can be difficult to determine which cosmetic is worth your money. To help you narrow down the list of skins, we have listed all the best Valorant Phantom Skins you can obtain in the game.

What is Phantom in Valorant?

The Phantom is just one of many weapons in Valorant that is versatile and has the potential to prove its worth in the right hands. After Vandal, this is the second assault rifle with lower recoil.

The Phantom is a 2,900 Credit worth submachine gun, sniper rifle, and fully automatic rifleIt has a higher damage per bullet output than the Vandal. It makes up for this with superior accuracy, a tight spread, rapid-fire, and a silencer. Before being upgraded to 40 shots, it can hold 30 bullets.

It’s also known as the “Swiss army knife” because it functions as a submachine gun and sniper rifle. Overall, the weapon is highly versatile in all situations because it combines the Vandal’s high damage with higher accuracy, resulting in a lower spread. The Phantom is known for its long-range precision, which makes it particularly famous for playing Sniper on Capture Points.

Due to its higher cost compared to SMGs and other rifles, the Phantom is most frequently seen in gun rounds. It is a very accurate, fully automatic rifle that is great for maintaining positions and reducing spread and recoil. This weapon’s inclusion of a Silencer, a useful tool for destroying rival players and sneaking up on Capture Points, is another benefit.

For instance, having a silencer on models like Legacy and Star Station might be quite beneficial for positioning snipers or putting up fortifications.

Since a single headshot instantly kills a victim, the Phantom’s quick-fire rate and Silencer make it perfect for close-range ambushes.

The Phantom excels in close-quarters combat thanks to its high rate of fire (compared to the Vandal), quick speed (compared to other weapons), and the absence of recoil. By employing the Silencer, it is possible to make up for the fast fire rate’s lower damage per round.

Even though the Vandal has a wider spread, uses more ammo, and is much louder than the Phantom, it nevertheless deals more damage per shot. Also, it costs more than the Phantom, 3,150 Credits. Due to the Phantom’s lower dispersion at long range and its Silencer, it can be regarded as one of the best weapons in Valorant overall.

Best Valorant Phantom Skins

The Phantom has so many amazing skins with unique animations. These cosmetics can do everything from sucking your opponent into a black hole to summoning a bull and launching your target into the air. However, certain skins stand out above the rest with so many options. Without any further wait let’s look at the best valorant phantom skins.

1. Ion Phantom

best phantom skin ion phantom

Ion has a core in its center that powers the charge and utilizes a futuristic color scheme of white and blue. The core replaces every time you reload the weapon.

When you fire or equip it, it makes a fantastic sound and pulses geometric forms. And as expected, its finisher sends an electro-blast spherical into the adversary.

Their design gives off the impression that the weapons are powered by cutting-edge technology with a tiny core in its center. Ion is a skin for everyone because it isn’t overly flashy or obtrusive yet provides a tidy appearance.

  • Bundle: The Ion Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, and Finisher
  • Variants: Base
  • Original Cost: 1775 VP

2. Oni Phantom

best phantom skins oni phantom

Oni means a “demon” or an “ogre-like horned demon.” It is taken from Japanese legends, and this skin is based on that. When you upgrade the skin’s animations, you get a finisher that summons swords from the sky to imprison your opponent while cherry blossoms fill the air and a nice spiritual aura flows from the skin.

Not to be overlooked is the lovely Arizona Green Tea variation, which mixes a mint green with vivid pink tones. Oni sets the bar high as one of the Phantom’s first skins.

  • Bundle: The Oni Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher
  • Variants: Yellow, Green, and Gold
  • Original Cost: 1,775 VP

3. Glitchpop Phantom

best phantom skin valorant glitchpop

In 2020, Riot Games announced the initial Glitchpop package. To the fans’ disappointment, the “big three” weapons of Valorant weren’t in it. The Vandal, Operator, and Phantom all got unique Glitchpop looks for the 2.0 collection.

The Glitchpop Valorant skin features all the bells and whistles you could want, with plenty of sparkles, color, and a “kawaii” (cute) flair. Additionally, during the game, you’ll receive amusing stickers, and a flood of vibrant adverts will appear when you defeat an opponent. 

The gun skin has a fantastic sound, and its muffled rounds seem more futuristic. Riot outdid themselves with this skin collection, providing a colorful aesthetic that isn’t overly intrusive.

  • Bundle: The Glitchpop 2.0 Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants: Red, Gold, and Blue
  • Original Cost: 2175 VP

4. Singularity Phantom

best valorant phantom skin singular phantom

With this skin, the weapon disassembles and reassembles every time you reload, as though kept together by a strong force from space. Its muzzle flash resembles a little black hole that copies the appearance of its finisher animation.

It is a bigger black hole that swallows your opponents and renders them invisible (until the next round, of course). 

The most exciting variation of the Singularity Phantom is the lightning-struck blue and yellow color scheme, which also happens to be one of the best in the game. This cosmetic is adaptable and a universal crowd-pleaser, making it simple for all players to acquire.

  • Bundle: The Singularity Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants: Base, Blue, Red, and Purple
  • Original Cost: 2175 VP

5. Protocol 781-A Phantom

best phantom skins valorant protocol phantom

Protocol 781-A skin is the most costly skin on our entire list, but it is without a doubt worth the high price it carries. It is the only gun in Valorant that has a voice-over every time you score a kill, in addition to having gun animations, a kill banner, and one of the most complex finishes.

Players can also unlock three further variants. A holographic robot shoots down the player once the ultimate kill animation is unlocked. If players like the idea of conversing with their skins, they may purchase this cosmetic accessory for the Phantom, giving it a futuristic air.

  • Bundle: Protocol 781-A Collection
  • Upgrades: VFX, Animation, Finisher, VoiceOver
  • Variants: Black/Red, White/Pink, Red/Blue, Green
  • Original Cost: 9900 VP

6. Ruination Phantom

best phantom skin ruination phantom

This accessory, included in the Ruination package, is well-liked by players. It was made available on July 8, 2021, and is one of the game’s most upscale-looking skins. The set is adapted from League of Legends, centered on the tale of Viego’s return to Runeterra and the Sentinels of Light who oppose him.

It was a part of the Riot Games’ Sentinels of Light event. This accessory gives the weapon an ominous aura of various hues. The final death animation is unsettling since it hangs the player in midair and turns its head toward the player closest to it when it is nearby.

  • Bundle: The Ruination Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, and Finisher
  • Variants: Purple, Red, Yellow, Green
  • Original Cost: 2,175 VP

7. Prime 2.0 Phantom

best phantom skin valorant prime 2.0 phantom

The Prime Phantom is the one you want if you’re looking for a fancy-looking premium weapon skin that isn’t as pricey as some of the others we’ve listed. While adding several exhaust vents on the side for light to pass through, it keeps the same reload animation as its predecessor.

Additionally, the finisher summons a bull to throw your opponent into the air in preparation for a neon explosion. Giving Phantom users a skin that requires payment was a great addition to returning Prime.

The Prime 2.0 Phantom radiates class, with Riot ensuring every detail is up to par with the 1.0 collection, from the bullet sound effects to the opulent but dramatic finale.

  • Bundle: The Prime//2.0 Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, and Finisher
  • Variants: Orange, Blue, Yellow
  • Original Cost: 1,775 VP

8. BlastX Phantom

best valorant phantom skin blastx phantom

The BlastX Phantom has a more toy-gun-like feel to it. It seems strange and yet quite intriguing when you are shooting with this skin. One of the finest phantom skins is distinguished by its finisher effect, which transforms the foe into a huge gift.

  • Bundle: The BlastX Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants: Blue, Yellow, and Purple
  • Original Cost: 2175 VP

9. Spectrum Phantom

best phantom skin spectrum phantom

This Spectrum Phantom has the most beautiful animation but offers much more. Zedd, who worked on the collection’s audio components, contributed to its design, greatly enhancing it and helping it become well-known among other skin collections. 

Its ultimate kill animation provides a melodious essence with rays of contrasting colors spread over the screen. The aesthetic enhances the weapon’s appearance, and the sound produced when the bullet is discharged, relaxing the ears. It is likely one of the game’s most coveted and premium-looking skins and comes with three additional developing varieties.

  • Bundle: The Spectrum Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants: Black, Red, Purple, and Pink
  • Original Cost: 2,675 VP


Many players do not spend on every collection and skins bundle released. If you are one of those players, choosing the best one to spend your money on can get confusing. We hope this post has helped you select the best Valorant Phantom skin, and let us know which one is your favorite.

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