Wardell Valorant Settings | Crosshair, Mouse,Keybind (2023)

Wardell Valorant Settings

If you are trying to inch towards the competitive world of FPS gaming, it doesn’t hurt to look at a few pros for inspiration. Their playing ethic, techniques, gear, or simply preferred settings can guide you during your novice days. If you are motivated to succeed in the competitive gaming world of Valorant, there are a few names that come to mind.

In this article, we will focus on one such legend of the game who serves as the inspiration for many pros to come. Wardell- a name that fills Valorant players’ ears with triumphant music, for they all dream of matching up to their hero’s skill set. Who is Wardell? and are the Wardell Valorant settings the secret to success? Let’s take a look-

Who is Wardell?

Who is Wardell

A former bodybuilder, 23-year-old Matthew “Wardell” Yu is a professional Valorant player. He is currently a member of Team SoloMid (TSM). A lesser-known, albeit expected, fact about Wardell is that his introduction to the professional world of FPS gaming began with Counter-Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO). His allegiance lies with the likes of Rogue and Ghost Gaming. 

In April 2020, Wardell publicly retired from professional CS:GO and switched sides to the new hype, Valorant. Since the switch, he has been the face of his team’s success in many tournaments, including but not limited to Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series 2020, FaZe Clan Invitational 2020, and not to mention, VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers 2. 

Wardell has established himself as one of the strongest Jett players in North America, with a diverse, widely acclaimed resume to his name. His lucrative Twitch streaming career pushed him an inch closer to success. He is often found streaming Valorant gameplays on Twitch. Before we get to Wardell’s Valorant settings, let’s first know about his preferred gear.

Wardell’s Gear

While Wardell’s success can only be attributed to his perseverance, his beefy equipment’s contributions must not be brushed under the carpet. Many have drawn parallels between Wardell and Sick or Subroze’s equipment. Wardell’s gear is arguably one of the most top-notch ones, even for a professional gamer.

His top-shelf beefy equipment is a testimony to the importance of proper gear and set up for stepping foot into the competitive gaming world. Now, let’s have a look at Wardell’s secret to success: his settings of choice.

Wardell Valorant Settings

Wardell Valorant Settings

Whether you are a novice at the game or someone who is just getting better at it, it’s always great to have a guide chart right in front of you for inspiration. We have laid out the Wardell Valorant during his professional Valorant bouts. Take a look:

1. Wardell Crosshair Settings

Valorant leaves room for tons of crosshair customization, making crosshairs one of the most telling features of the game. Knowledge of crosshairs and ways to utilize them to one’s benefit separates pro Valorant players from the novices.

Pro Valorant players usually have their preferred crosshair that gives them that competitive edge. For Wardell crosshair settings, it’s these:

OutlinesOff / 0 / 0
Inner Lines1 / 4 / 1 / 1
Center DotOn / 1 / 1
Outer Lines0 / 0 / 0 / 0
Firing ErrorOff

With a simple plus-shaped white crosshair featuring a center dot, Wardell’s preferred crosshair includes some tight inner lines to help line up the shots perfectly from a distance. The center dot facilitates the pixel-perfect headshots. 

The plus sized crosshair makes controlling recoil easier for many, so you might want to take note of that. The white color of the crosshair never loses visibility, regardless of the time of the day or the environment. That’s all about Wardell crosshair settings. Now onto the next one.

2. Wardell Mouse Settings

With the crosshair right in front of you, the next step is to be able to move it around flexibly. The way your mouse is set up is essential for better performance in games such as Valorant, so knowing Wardell’s Valorant mouse settings will definitely be of help.

If accuracy and efficiency are at stake, look no farther than this list of mouse settings that have been winning professional matches for years now:

Scoped Sensitivity1.15
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Windows Sensitivity6

Wardell’s mouse settings allow you to go straight up to a 1000 Hz polling rate. These settings ensure that his movement will be tracked at a terrific high frequency, with no touch or swipe left unregistered. 

Wardell’s preference for a comparatively lower mouse DPI setting is meant to offer more control over aim, in turn facilitating small and precise movements. If you have been looking for help in the mouse settings department, Wardell’s Valorant mouse settings will be helpful.

3. Wardell Keybind Settings

Valorant’s in-depth movement system adds to its already amped-up skill ceiling. So it goes without saying, victory in Valorant necessitates good keykind settings. Your most frequently used abilities should have easy access while still leaving room for you to strafe or jump effortlessly. 

A look at Wardell’s Valorant settings will give you an idea of idea settings:

WalkLeft Shift
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Equip Primary Weapon1
Ability 1Mouse 5
Ability 2Mouse 4
Ability 3F
Equip Melee3
Use objectE
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Interact with Spike4

If it seems like Wardell’s Valorant keybind settings are similar to Valorant’s default settings, you are right. The tweak to note is how he binds most abilities to his additional mouse buttons. So, if you are planning to get an upgrade on your mouse, make sure you are on the lookout for something with ample side buttons.

4. Wardell Display Settings

Aspects like input lag or overall performance depend largely on your display settings. Make sure your settings are optimized to provide good visibility while also ensuring a steady framerate. 

Here’s Wardell’s secret to the best display settings:

Display ModeFullscreen
Frame Rate LimitUnlocked
Detail QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
UI QualityLow
Material QualityLow
Improve ClarityOff
First Person ShadowsOff
Anisotropic Filtering1x

Wardell uses a native 1080p resolution to reduce distracting stutters and register his inputs with minimum delays. These settings also make it easier to track enemies in diverse situations. If you are wondering how to tweak your display settings, this will help you out. 

5. Wardell Radar Settings

Now onto the last one of the lot- Wardell’s valorant radar settings. While the minimap provided in Valorant is exceptional, it is important to configure it well to get the most out of it. Take a look at Wardell’s version of valorant radar settings which gives him that competitive edge:

Minimap Vision ConesOn
Minimap Size1.1
Fixed OrientationBased on Side
Minimap Zoom0.9
Keep Player CenteredOff
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Wardell chooses a rotating radar with a fixed orientation to ensure that his radar remains consistent, providing him with all the information he needs. The size choice is such that it never takes up too much screen space.


That’s all about Wardell’s Valorant settings. It’s important to note that these are by no means the one and only or even the best settings imaginable to facilitate success in the game. These are merely the tools and features employed by Wardell to attain his victories. Preferred settings are largely subjective, and you wouldn’t find two pros going for the ditto settings. 

Make sure your choice of Valorant settings is original, with inspiration from pros. Good luck, and we hope this article helped!

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