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halfling barbarian 5e guide

The Barbarian class is one of D&D’s most physically powerful, this class matches well to different races like half orc, dwarf, etc. The Halfling race is ideal if you want to test yourself despite your smaller stature. When you combine the two, you get what appears to be a mismatch of expectations.

You are on the right article if you don’t understand what that entails and how to combine these two classes effectively. This article will give you an effective and complete guide on Halfling Barbarian.

How To Build a Halfling Barbarian in D&d 5e?

How To Build a Halfling Barbarian in D&d 5e?

When you’ve decided to try out playing as a short being of fury, the first step is to choose your subrace. There are Lightfoot and Stout Halfling subraces in the Player’s Handbook. If you are interested reading further about the sub races check out our list of D&D Published books, you might find there what you were looking for.

The Stout Halfling is the best subrace to choose from because it adds 1 to your Constitution. You also gain the Stout Resilience trait, which grants you resistance to poison damage and an advantage on poison saving throws.

You’ve prepared your smaller-than-average character. The next step is to decide which Barbarian subclass your player character should take. According to the Player’s Handbook, you have two options: Path of the Berserker or Path of the Totem Warrior.

The best subclass for your player character is determined by your goal. Choose the Path of the Berserker if you want to focus on doing as much damage as possible. Follow the Path of the Totem Warrior if you want to be more creative with your role in and out of battle.

Place the highest roll under Strength when you roll your character stats. Put your highest score under Constitution. Halflings are generally friendly and peaceful. If you desire to stay true to the Halfling race’s spirit, use the third-highest number as Wisdom or Charisma.

How To Play As a Halfling Barbarian?

how to play as halfling barbarian in dnd 5e

When playing, concentrate your strengths on your Strength-based abilities. Take advantage of your high Strength and advantage on Strength-based rolls in and out of battle. Your Constitution will also have an impact on your Unarmored Defense feature.

When most people think of barbarians, they think of two-handed swords, axes, and other weapons. The disadvantage of playing as a Halfling is that you suffer from using such large weapons. Instead of using heavy weapons, concentrate on collecting versatile weapons.

Furthermore, part of the fun of playing a Halfling Barbarian is letting your Rage drive you forward. When you Rage, you enter a state of mind that serves as both armor and weapon. Use Rage frequently and wisely. As you level up, the number of Rages increases, allowing you to be less frugal with Rage later.

D&D Halfling Barbarian Stats

You could begin with a range of 15-14-13-12-10-8. So 15 strength, 14 dexterity (12+2), 14 constitutions (13+1), ten charisma, eight intelligence, and ten wisdom are the stats. It provides a good set of skills, and you can improve them with ASIs and feats. (Tavern Brawler is a good target who can also give you +3 on strength tests.)

You could also start with a two-handed sword and a pair of hand axes. There could be tactical differences that are advantageous. You might wonder if having weaker strikes against mobs is a good idea. Would switching to a more powerful strike against a boss monster be legal?

The Big One in barbarian builds is Great Weapon Fighting 5e. However, small creatures such as halflings are at a disadvantage when using heavy weapons.

My favorite things are adaptability and improvisation. You may frequently use the environment to cause harm. (For example, pushing people into pits, spitting hot coals on their feet, etc.) Did you ask your DM if Storm Herald from UA would be appropriate for your subclass? That fits with a lot of RP history.

D&d Halfling Barbarian Weapons

How To Roleplay as a Halfling Barbarian?

When playing a Halfling Barbarian, be aware of your physical and racial limitations, but don’t dwell on halfling barbarian. The Barbarian class in dnd 5e is unusual for Halflings, especially given their small stature. But don’t let that stop you from creating an incredibly powerful Halfling Barbarian with an unbreakable will.

Vela, for example, is a daddy’s girl who frequently receives actual weapons, scales, dragon teeth, and so on. These are gifts from vela father, who is on a trip. She is inspired by his letters, which frequently ask if she has killed her first kobold and other similar questions. Vela decided to deliver the important message herself when a messenger arrived.

Give her a boisterous personality that transforms into something quiet and eerie when she enters Rage. Are you having trouble deciding on an accent for your Halfling Barbarian? Vela, our example Halfling Barbarian, speaks with a strong Southern accent, but you can use any accent that fits your character’s backstory.


Barbarians are one of the most physically strong classes in the D&D 5e. Combined with Halfling, it gives birth to a very interesting class that does not hold back my slow movements or low dexterity.

Halfling Barbarians can be great when put in the right build and used correctly. They are small, and they can move fast, which can be great to use them as rogues if you like that concept.

I hope this article has helped you understand the halfling barbarian class in D&D 5e. Like halfling barbarian there are many fascinating characters are there for you to explore which you can explore at our D&D characters guides section and may find your next D&D 5e favorite character to roleplay as.


Some of the best absolute top-tier skill proficiencies for Barbarian include the Feral Instinct, Relentless Rage, Primal Champion, Extra Attack, Hit Points, Danger Sense, Reckless Attack, and Rage.

Some other good alternatives include Saves, Indomitable Might, Persistent Rage, Fast movement, and Unarmored Defences.

These are the best weapons for a Barbarian

  • Handaxe: Your go-to weapon for two-weapon combat.
  • Javelin: When you’re too far away to move into melee in one turn, a javelin is a great disposable ranged option.
  • Greataxe: Brutal Critical indicates that a higher damage die is preferable for you.
  • Greatsword: More consistent damage than Greataxe, but not as effective with Brutal Critical.
  • Maul is essentially a blunt greatsword

There are plenty of combat ability compatible for the barbarian class, the path of the totem warrior is the best way to build a best barbarian build.

The most important stats for any barbarian sub class will be the strength stat, strength is the key stat for
wielding the biggest melee weapons like a barbarian’s iconic greataxe.

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