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Best 5E Artificer Spells

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, the recently published sourcebook by the Wizards of the Coast, introduced significant developments to the much-discussed Artificer class, including various mechanical alterations and improvements to accessibility. DnD 5E players worldwide have been waiting with bated breath to get their hands on the all-new version of the Artificer class. 

If you have been scanning through the Artificer 5E spells to anticipate the potential your character can reach in the next campaign; this guide ought to help you out. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best Artificer spells in DnD 5E. Without further ado, let’s see which ones we have picked!

Artificer Spells Lists 5E

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Acid Splash (1A)instant60 ftAcidThe spell hurls bubbles of acid on one or two creatures within range. Creatures must make a DEX save or receive 1d6 acid damage.
Booming Blade (1A)1 RoundSelfThunderMelee attack against one creature with a brandished weapon used in the spell’s casting.
Create Bonfire (1A)1 Minute60 ftFireCreate a bonfire on the ground that deals damage to creatures in its space.
Dancing Lights (1A)1 Minute120 ftUtilityThe spell creates 4 torch sized flames that hover in the air.
Fire Bolt (1A)instant120 ftFireThe spell hurls a mote of fire at a creature within range. If hit, the creature must take a  1d10 fire damage.
Frostbite (1A)instant60 ftColdCause a numbing frost making forcing the target to make a CON Save. Failed save causes 1D6 damage.
Green-Flame Blade (1A)instantSelfFireMelee attack against one creature with a brandished weapon used in spell’s casting.
Guidance (1A)1 MinuteTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to roll a D4 which is added to the ability check.
Light (1A)1 HourTouchCreationTouching an object that is no longer than 10 feet makes it shine bright light. Hostile creatures need to make a DEX Save to avoid spell.
Mage Hand (1A)1 Minute30 ftUtilityA floating, spectral hand appears at a point of choice within range.
Magic Stone (1BA)1 MinuteTouchBludgeoningTouch one to three pebbles or stones in order to imbue them with magic.
Mending (1M)instantTouchUtilityRepairs a single break or tear in an object as long as it is smaller than 1 foot.
Message (1A)1 Round120 ftCommunicationWhisper a message to creature you point towards. Only the targeted creature can hear the whisper.
Poison Spray (1A)instant10 ftPoisonProject a puff of noxious gas. Creature must succeed on Con Save or take 1d12 poison damage.
Prestidigitation (1A)1 Hour10 ftUtilityThe spell is used for practice by novice spell casters and and can be used for harmless sensory effects.
Ray of Frost (1A)instant60 ftColdA creature is targeted by a frigid beam of blue and white light. If hit, the creature receives a 1d8 cold damage & has its speed reduced by 10 feet.
Resistance (1A)1 MinuteTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to roll a D4 which is added to the one saving throw.
Shocking Grasp (1A)instantTouchLightningTouch a creature with lightning. The targeted creature receives 1d8 lightning damage.
Sword Burst (1A)instantSelfForceCreate a temporary circle of spectral blades swinging around you.
Thunderclap (1A)instant5 ftThunderCreate a bang of thunderous sound.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Absorb Elements (1R)1 RoundSelfAcidSpell Captures incoming energy and releases it in the next melee attack. Causes an extra 1d6 Damage.
Alarm (1M)8 Hours30 ftDetectionThis spell helps you set an alarm against unwanted intrusion. An alarm rings whenever a creature touches the warded area.
Catapult (1A)instant60 ftBludgeoningAn object flies in straight line for 90 feet before falling. Creature hit with object must make DEX Save or stop moving and take a 3d8 bludgeoning damage.
Cure Wounds (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature regains its hit points by 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier
Detect Magic (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense magic within 30 ft of you. See a faint aura around any visible creature that bears magic, and you learn its school of magic.
Disguise Self (1A)1 HourSelfShapechangingChange your armor, clothing & weapons to look different. You can’t change your body type, but can make yourself tall, short, thin, fat etc.
Expeditious Retreat (1BA)10 MinutesSelfMovementMove at an increased pace.
Faerie Fire (1A)1 Minute60 ftDebuffCreatures within a 20 feet cube are outlined in colors if they fail to make a DEX Save.
False Life (1A)1 HourSelfBuffThe spell bolsters your necromantic facsimile of life. You temporary gain 1d4 + 4 hit points.
Feather Fall (1R)1 Minute60 ftExplorationChoose five falling creatures within range and slow their rate of decent to 60 feet per round. A creature that lands before the spell ends receives no falling damage.
Grease (1A)1 Minute60 ftProneGrease covers the ground and makes it a difficult terrain. Creatures moving in the grease must make a DEX save or fall prone.
Identify (1M)instantTouchDetectionTouch an object of your choosing and learn all about its properties and how to use it.
Jump (1A)1 MinuteTouchMovementTarget Creatures jump is triples when you touch it.
Longstrider (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTarget Creatures speed increases by 10 feet when you touch it.
Purify Food and Drink (1A)instant10 ftUtilityReceive food and water within a 5 foot radius.
Snare (1M)8 HoursTouchRestrainedThe spell creates a trap that is triggered when a creature enters the spell range. The creature must make a DEX save or fall prone and get restrained.
Tasha’s Caustic Brew (1A)1 MinuteSelfAcidAcid emanates from you and each creature in line must make a DEX Save or get covered in acid. Creatures covered in acid receive 2d4 acid damage each turn.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Aid (1A)8 Hours30 ftBuffBolster up to 3 allies with resolve and toughness and have their hit points and (Maximum and Current) increase by 5.
Alter Self (1A)1 HourSelfShapechangingYou change to a different form and can choose one of the following: 1. Aquatic adaptation, 2. Change Appearance, 3. Natural Weapons.
Blur (1A)1 MinuteSelfDeceptionYour body becomes blur and any creature attacking you has a disadvantage on attack rolls.
Darkvision (1A)8 Hours8 HoursBuffTouching a willing creature gives it nightvision. Creature can see up to 60 feet ahead.
Enhance Ability (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a creature enhances its magical ability. For spell effects, check the manual.
Enlarge/Reduce (1A)1 Minute30 ftBuffIncrease or reduce the size of a creature or object within range.
Heat Metal (1A)1 Minute60 ftFireHeat metal weapons or armor. Creatures in contact with metal must take 2d8 fire damage.
Invisibility (1A)1 HourTouchInvisibleTurn a creature you touch invisible.
Lesser Restoration (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature ends its disease or conditioning affecting the disease.
Levitate (1A)10 Minutes60 ftMovementRaise a creature or object 20 feet in the air and leave it suspended for the duration of the spell.
Magic Mouth (1M)Until Dispelled30 ftCommunicationImplant a message within an object. The message is revealed when trigger conditions are met. The message can not be longer than 25 words.
Protection from Poison (1A)1 HourTouchBuffNeutralize poison when you touch it. If you touch more than one creature with poison, choose one poison to neutralize.
Pyrotechnics (1A)instant60 ftBlindedChoose an area of non-magical flame and extinguish it or use it for fireworks.
See Invisibility (1A)1 HourSelfDetectionYou this spell to see invisible creatures and objects. You can also see into the Ethereal Plane.
Skywrite (1A)1 HourSightCommunicationCause 10 words in the form of a cloud to be a part of the sky. Words disappear when spell ends.
Spider Climb (1A)1 HourTouchBuffOne willing creature touched by you is able to move on vertical surfaces and ceiling with its hands free.
Web (1A)1 Hour60 ftRestrainedThe spell conjures the web and the land a difficult terrain. Creatures starting in the spell range must make a DEX save or remain restrained.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Ashardalon’s Stride (1BA)1 MinuteSelfFireFlames of a Dragon blast from your feet and give you 20 feet more speed. Creatures next to the flame receive 1d6 fire damage.
Blink (1A)1 MinuteSelfUtilityRoll a D20 at the end of each of your turn and if the number is greater than 11, you are transported to the ethereal plane.
Catnap (1A)10 Minutes30 ftBuff3 creatures within range of your choice are presented with a calming gesture that makes them fall unconcious.
Create Food and Water (1A)instant30 ftCreationCreate 45 pounds of food and 30 gallons water within range.
Dispel Magic (1A)instant120 ftControlOnce you pick  a creature, object or, any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target, ends.
Elemental Weapon (1A)1 HourTouchAcidTouching a non magical weapon enables you to choose a damage tyoe. For the duration, the weapon has a +1 bonus to attack rolls and deals an extra 1d4 damage of the chosen type when it hits.
Flame Arrows (1A)1 HourTouchFireUse arrows from a quiver to hit a target. If you hit the target, it receives an extra extra 1d6 fire damage.
Fly (1A)10 MinutesTouchMovementAny willing creature that you touch gains a flying speed of 60 feet.
Glyph of Warding (1H)Until DispelledTouchAcidInscribe spell glyph or explosive runes when the glyph is triggered by a creature.
Haste (1A)1 Minute30 ftBuffA willing creature’s speed is doubled & it gains a +2 bonus to AC. It also gains an advantage on DEX saving throws.
Intellect Fortress (1A)1 Hour30 ftBuffYou or one willing creature will have resistance to psychic damage.
Protection from Energy (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a willing creatures gives it resistance to a damage type of your choice.
Tiny Servant (1M)8 HoursTouchUtilityYou touch an object that is not attached to anything and it grows legs and arms. The object can be used for simple commands.
Water Breathing (1A)24 Hours30 ftBuffGives up to 10 willing creatures the ability to breathe under water.
Water Walk (1A)1 Hour30 ftMovementGives up to 10 willing creatures the ability to walk on liquid surfaces.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Arcane Eye (1A)1 Hour30 ftDetectionCreate a magical eye within range that provides normal vision and dark vision.
Elemental Bane (1A)1 Minute90 ftAcidOne creature of choice receivesdamage by a damage type of choice.
Fabricate (10M)instant120 ftCreationThe spell transforms raw material into products made from the same raw materials.
Freedom of Movement (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to walk through rough terrains or spells as if they weren’t there.
Leomund’s Secret Chest (1A)instantTouchUtilityYou hide a chest and all of its content on the ethereal plane.
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound (1A)8 Hours30 ftPiercingThe spell conjures a phantom watchdog. The hound’s attack bonus is equal to your spellcasting ability modifier + your proficiency bonus. On a hit, it deals 4d8 piercing damage.
Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum (10M)24 Hours120 ftControlYou make the area within range magically secure. You decide what sort of security this spell can provide.
Stone Shape (1A)instantTouchControlTouch a medium sized or smaller stone and change its dimensions.
Stoneskin (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTarget creature gets skin as hard as stone and is resistant to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage
Summon Construct (1A)1 Hour90 ftSummoningYou summon a Construct spirit. The creature disappears when it reaches 0 hit points.

NameDurationRangeSpell TypeDescription
Animate Objects (1A)1 Minute120 ftCreationUse this spell to choose up to 10 magical objects you want to animate. The creatures remain animated until the spell ends or they reach 0 hit points.
Bigby’s Hand (1A)1 Minute120 ftForceThe spell creates a large hand with shimmering force that follows your command. The hand has Strength of 26 (+8) and a Dexterity of 10 (+0).
Creation (1M)Special30 ftCreationThis spell uses shadow material to create non-living objects.
Greater Restoration (1A)instantTouchHealingTouching a creature gives it positive energy and removes charmed, curse and exhaustion from the target.
Skill Empowerment (1A)1 HourTouchBuffYou touch one willing creature and give it expertise in one skill of your choice.
Transmute Rock (1A)Until Dispelled120 ftBludgeoningChoose an area of rock or mud and convert it from one form to the other.
Wall of Stone (1A)10 Minutes120 ftControlThis spell creates a wall of non magical stone that is 6 inches thick. The wall can be created in any form and does not need to be vertical.

Best Artificer Spells 5E

1. Bigby’s Hand

Bigby’s Hand

This is a 5th level evocation. Picture Mage Hand amped up to a whopping 11 and bam- you get Bigby’s Hand. This creates a large hand that will last you for a good minute. You can manipulate the hand as a bonus action for something like a punch, grapple, push, or block. You get a ton of options, so no worries there! Bigby’s Hand is nothing like its comparatively weaker cousin, who can lift a whopping 10lbs. This one has a Strength score of 26, an AC of 20, and a similar HP as the caster.

2. Fabricate 


One of the coolest Artificer spells that can also be used wizards is 4th level transmutation spell, Fabricate. Artificers tend to have spell storing items, self-made magic objects, or even infusions for items; this spell lets you create objects from such raw materials found in nature. Usually, such detailed crafts require proficiency in an artisan tool, but since you are an Artificer, it is likely that you are proficient in all the different Artificer or artisan tools already. Use Fabricate to imitate, recreate, or change an item that needs to be stolen by a party and where you need to replace it with something else to buy them some time.

3. Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic

Dispel magic is a D&D favorite as the spell can be used by Wizards, Bards, Druids, Sorcerers and Warlocks. This 3rd level Abjuration spell is yet another utility spell that can automatically remove spells of the 3rd level or below when cast at the base spell level. As for higher-level spells, they can be dispelled by either making a roll against its DC or upcasting. Thematically speaking, if you have Dispel Magic, your character can show off its mastery of the arcane arts while still using it practically in many scenarios. 

4. Elemental Weapon 

Elemental Weapon

This 3rd level Transmutation spell is yet another of the great Artificer spells, which happens to be very similar to Magic Weapon in the sense that it allows the caster to imbue elemental properties to a non-magic weapon. This is yet another awesome pick to mix and match for your Artificer build! Thematically speaking, Elemental and Magic Weapon are iconic to Artificers. If not anything, you can always cast these spells in combat by using an action, and be assured that it will help your character grow!

5. Disguise Self 

Disguise Self

This 1st level Illusion spell makes the best Artificer spells list solely because adventurers tend to forget that they stick out like a sore thumb in numerous cities and towns. If you are an adventurer who would benefit from moving in and through a place undetected, this Disguise Self spell is just the pick for you! Made especially for the cautious Artificer, this could also be used to adopt a race to investigate a Goblin or an Orc tribe’s den since these happen to be common encounters in most DnD campaigns.

6. Identify 


This 1st level Divination spell is the next step to understanding a magical item. Once an Artificer knows a thing is magical, they will surely want to find out the magical properties involved. Since identifying magical items is the first step to curating them, this is an appealing spell. Using a long rest solely to identify an item will cost you too much time, especially if you need something right away. So, in such cases, Identify is always a great option!

7. Cure Wounds

Cure Wounds

Belonging to the 1st level school of Evocation, this one has a casting time of 1 action and a tough range. Its components are Verbal and Somatic with an instantaneous time frame. Each character you touch will regain 1d8 + the spellcasting ability modifier worth of HP. If this spell is cast at a spell slot above the 1st, whichever character you touch will heal 1d8 additional HP. Note that Cure Wounds have no effect on Undead or Constructed characters. The Artificer has a specific way of bringing characters out of unconsciousness (albeit in an action-heavy way).

8. Vortex Warp

Vortex Warp

Vortex Warp is a rather interesting conjuration that teleports characters. It is an action that moves others, so if the target is unwilling, he can try and employ a Constitution saving throw to shrug it off. However, a target can also be willing and teleport automatically. Upon its success, the creature teleports up to 90 feet away to an area that the caster can see. Here’s the fun part: the destination can be any surface or even liquid, which means casters can send enemies straight into lava or similar dangerous terrains if the setting permits. This offers the spell great combat opportunities along with its out-of-combat uses.

9. Creation


An Artificer is all about creating things, so their spells should reflect that. Creation happens to be the perfect spell for an artificer to pack, letting them create a plant or mineral-based item, such as rope, swords, clothing, etc. It lasts for different periods, depending on the item’s composition- plant-based items, for example, last longer than items created from rare metals. This spell can also produce items of adamantine or mithril, 2 rare and powerful materials (for up to a minute). This spell’s only limits are time and size since the fabrications can take up a 5-foot cube unless cast at higher levels.

10. False Life

False Life

This 1st level Necromancy spell is pretty straightforward. Here the caster gains a few temporary hit points for about an hour without concentration. The temporary HP may be dismissible; up-casting might not be worth the risk. 

This spell may not be flashy, and it could be challenging if someone in the party is against employing Necromancy, but it gets the job done if survivability is the need of the hour.


That’s all about the best Artificer spells in DnD 5E at the moment. Being magical tinkerers, this class can harness the weave to create or empower numerous mundane items. Artificers are but the epitome of magical creation, so despite falling short on spell casting, they offer much utility to the party. Make sure you check them all out. Happy questing!

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