D&D 5E Best Bard Spells & Spells List

What Are The Best Bard Spells In 5e

If you are seasoned in DnD 5e, you already that sorcerers and wizards control the majority of the game. Both these characters are equally powerful when it comes to yielding high-power spells. But yet another character in DnD 5e is bards. With the right bard spells, you can portray yourself as a charismatic character who can wit and charm his way into beguiling and confuse those around.

In simple words, bards work as a great support to the team. From stunning and paralyzing your opponents to creating a magic prison box, there are some bard spells that can work wonders in the game. In this article, we will walk you through the best dnd 5e bard spells. 

DnD 5e Bard Spell List

While they may not be as powerful as the wizards and sorcerers, bards come with a spellcasting progression. Using bard spells, you can trick, beguile, and confuse anyone around you. However, the number of DnD 5e bard spells is relatively limited compared to sorcerers, druids, or wizards. Therefore, you will need to choose each bard spell carefully since you will have limited opportunities to learn new spells or alter your selection. 

But which bard spells to go for? To make it easier for you, we have created a DnD 52 bard spells list describing some of the best bard spells.

Dancing Lights (1A)1 Minute120 ftUtilityThe spell creates 4 torch sized flames that hover in the air.
Light (1A)1 HourTouchCreationTouching an object that is no longer than 10 feet makes it shine bright light. Hostile creatures need to make a DEX Save to avoid spell.
Mage Hand (1A)1 Minute30 ftUtilityA floating hand appears that can open unlocked doors and chests. The hand can not carry more than 10 pounds.
Mending (1M)InstantTouchUtilityRepairs a single break or tear in an object as long as it is smaller than 1 foot.
Message (1A)1 Round120 ftCommunicationWhisper a message to creature you point towards. Only the targeted creature can hear the whisper.
Minor Illusion (1A)1 Minute30 ftControlThe spell creates an illusion in the form of a sound or an image.
Prestidigitation (1A)1 Hour10 ftUtilityThe spell is used for practice by novice spell casters and and can be used for harmless sensory effects.
Thunderclap (1A)Instant5 ftThunderCreate thunderous sound 100 ft away. Every creature within range needs a CON Save or take 1d6 damage.
True Strike (1A)1 Round30 ftForeknowledgeYou point fingers at a target and get to know its defenses. In the next turn you get an advantage in the first attack roll.
Vicious Mockery (1A)Instant60 ftPsychicUnleash insults with enchantments at a creature. Targeted creature must make WIS save or receive 1d4 psychic damage.

Animal Friendship (1A)24 Hours30 ftCharmedBecome friends with a beasts. If the beasts intelligence is higher than 3, the spell fails.
Bane (1A)1 Minute30 ftDebuffCreatures targeted with this spell must make a CHA save or roll a d4 and subtract that number from their attack roll or saving throw.
Charm Person (1A)1 Hour30 ftCharmedCharm a humanoid within range. Target needs a WIS Save or get charmed.
Comprehend Languages (1A)1 HourSelfSocialUse this spell to understand any spoken or written language.
Cure Wounds (1A)Instant TouchHealingTouching a creature regains its hit points by 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier
Detect Magic (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense magic within 30 ft of you. See a faint aura around any visible creature that bears magic, and you learn its school of magic.
Disguise Self (1A)1 HourSelfShapechangingChange your armor, clothing & weapons to look different. You can’t change your body type, but can make yourself tall, short, thin, fat etc.
Earth Tremor (1A)Instant 10 ftBludgeoningCauses a tremor in range. Creatures in the range must make a DEX Save or take 1d6 bludgeoning damage and knocked prone.
Faerie Fire (1A)1 Minute60 ftDebuffCreatures within a 20 feet cube are outlined in colors if they fail to make a DEX Save.
Feather Fall (1R)1 Minute60 ftExplorationChoose five falling creatures within range and slow their rate of decent to 60 feet per round. A creature that lands before the spell ends receives no falling damage.
Healing Word (1BA)Instant 60 ftHealingA creature of your choosing within range regain hit point equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier. 
Heroism (1A)1 MinuteTouchBuffA willing creature you touch gains bravery and gains hit-points equal to the spell casting ability.
Hideous Laughter (1A)1 Minute30 ftProneA creature you see within range find everything funny and falls into a fit of laughter. Target must make WIS save or fall prone.
Identify (1M)InstantTouchDetectionTouch an object of your choosing and learn all about its properties and how to use it.
Illusory Script (1M)10 DaysTouchCommunicationWrite on a parchment or a paper and text can only be understood by you and the creature you designate. To everyone else, the text seems unintelligible.
Longstrider (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTarget Creatures speed increases by 10 feet when you touch it.
Silent Image (1A)10 Minutes60 ftControlThe spell creates and image of an object, creature or phenomenon. The image appears at a spot without any other sensory effect.
Sleep (1A)1 Minute90 ftUnconsciousThe spell send creatures in range to sleep. Roll 5d8 and that is number of hit points this spell can affect.
Speak with Animals (1A)10 MinutesSelfCommunicationTalk to beasts and ask for directions. You can even persuade the beasts to do a favor.
Thunderwave (1A)Instant SelfThunderEach creature in a 15 foot radius is hit and needs to make a CON Save or receive a 2d8 thunder damage and pushed 10 feet away.
Unseen Servant (1A)1 Hour60 ftControlCreate an invisible, mindless and shapeless form that can perform simple tasks.

Animal Messenger (1A)24 Hours30 ftCommunicationUse an animal to send a message to a specific location you should have visited before. Also include the person’s description.
Blindness/Deafness (1A)1 Minute30 ftBlindedWhen you use this spell, a creature needs to make a CON save or get blinded or deafened.
Calm Emotions (1A)1 Minute60 ftCharmedThe spell is used to suppress strong emotions. Creatures who are unwilling, need to make a CHA save or become charmed/frightened.
Detect Thoughts (1A)1 MinuteSelfDetectionYou can use this spell to check the thought of a creature. If you dig deeper for detailed thought, the creature needs to make a WIS save.
Enhance Ability (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a creature enhances its magical ability. For spell effects, check the manual.
Enthrall (1A)1 Minute60 ftControlYou use distracting words on a creature within range. Creature needs to make a WIS save or is prone to wisdom checks.
Heat Metal (1A)1 Minute60 ftFireHeat metal weapons or armor. Creatures in contact with metal must take 2d8 fire damage.
Hold Person (1A)1 Minute60 ftParalyzedTarget must make WIS Save or be paralyzed for the duration of the spell.
Invisibility (1A)1 HourTouchInvisibleTouch a creature to make it invisible. Anything the target is carrying or wearing becomes invisible as well.
Knock (1A)Instant60 ftUtilityChoose any door, chests, box, padlocks etc. that is locked by a mundane locked and make it unlocked. If an object has multiple locks, you can remove only 1 lock.
Lesser Restoration (1A)InstantTouchHealingTouching a creature ends its disease or conditioning affecting the disease.
Locate Animals or Plants (1A)InstantSelfDetectionConcentrate on a voice and learn the direction and distance of the closest creature/plant.
Locate Object (1A)10 MinutesSelfDetectionSense the direction and distance of the closest object within 1000 feet of you.
Magic Mouth (1M)Until Dispelled30 ftCommunicationImplant a message within an object. The message is revealed when trigger conditions are met. The message can not be longer than 25 words.
Pyrotechnics (1A)Instant60 ftBlindedChoose an area of non-magical flame and extinguish it or use it for fireworks.
See Invisibility (1A)1 HourSelfDetectionYou this spell to see invisible creatures and objects. You can also see into the Ethereal Plane.
Shatter (1A)Instant60 ftThunderA sudden loud noise erupts from a point in range of your choosing. Creatures in range must make CON save or receive  3d8 thunder damage.
Silence (1A)10 Minutes120 ftControlThe spell creates a sphere where no sound can be created. Creatures in the sphere are immune to thunder damage and can’t cast spoken spells.
Skywrite (1A)1 HourSightCommunicationCause 10 words in the form of a cloud to be a part of the sky. Words disappear when spell ends.
Suggestion (1A)8 Hours30 ftControlYou suggest a course of activity to a creature and make it see reason. The spell ends if you suggest something harmful or a WIS save is made.
Warding Wind (1A)10 MinutesSelfDeafenedA deafening video is created in the area. Wind extinguishes flames and gas and the makes the terrain difficult to pass through.
Zone of Truth (1A)10 Minutes60 ftControlThis spell creates a magical zone that guards against deception. A creature must make a CHA save or it cannot lie in the magical zone.

Bestow Curse (1A)1 MinuteTouchDebuffTouching a creature makes it cursed if it cannot make a WIS save. Check manual for the effects of getting cursed.
Clairvoyance (10M)10 Minutes1 mileDetectionCreate an invisible sensor in range and choose whether you want to see or hear through the sensor.
Dispel Magic (1A)Instant120 ftControlChoose any creature or magical effect and remove the spell if it is level 3 or lower. Spells higher than level 3 need an ability check.
Fear (1A)1 MinuteSelfFrightenedThe spell projects an image of the targeted creatures worst nightmare. Creature must make WIS save or be frightened.
Glyph of Warding (1H)Until Dispelled or TriggeredTouchAcidInscribe spell glyph or explosive runes when the glyph is triggered by a creature.
Hypnotic Pattern (1A)1 Minute120 ftCharmedCreating a twisting pattern of colors in the air. Creatures in range must make WIS save or be charmed.
Major Image (1A)10 Minutes120 ftControlYou create an image bigger than that created in ‘minor image’. Image cast by major image seems authentic has sounds, smell and temperatures.
Nondetection (1A)8 HoursTouchDeceptionTouch a willing creature to make it hide from magical sensors.
Plant Growth (S)Instant150 ftControlUse this spell to overgrown plants and make movement for creatures difficult or use the spell get a better harvest.
Sending (1A)1 RoundUnlimitedCommunicationThe spell sends a short message with a creature. If the target is in a different plane, there is a 5% chance that the message does not arrive.
Speak with Dead (1A)10 Minutes10 ftCommunicationUse this spell to ask 5 questions to a corpse with a mouth. Answers can be brief, cryptic and repetitive.
Speak with Plants (1A)10 MinutesSelfCommunicationImbue plants and communicate with them about events that happened in the past 24 hours. You can also give them simple commands.
Stinking Cloud (1A)1 Minute90 ftControlThe spell creates a nauseous gas within range. Creatures within range must make a CON save against poison.
Tiny Hut (1M)8 HoursSelfUtilityThe spell creates a dome of force springs. Creatures within the dome get comfortable and dry space regardless of the weather.
Tongues (1A)1 HourTouchCommunicationTouch a creature to enable it to speak a language that it hears.

Compulsion (1A)1 Minute30 ftControlA creature within range and of your choosing must make a WIS save or move in a direction that is horizontal to you.
Confusion (1A)1 Minute90 ftControlTarget must make a WIS Save or lose control over their minds.
Dimension Door (1A)Instantaneous500 ftTeleportationYou can use this spell to teleport from one spot to the other within range. If you travel to a space already occupied, you are your companion receive 4d6 force damage.
Freedom of Movement (1A)1 HourTouchBuffTouching a willing creature enables it to walk through rough terrains or spells as if they weren’t there.
Greater Invisibility (1A)1 MinuteTouchInvisibleYou and a creature you touch become invisible until the spell ends.
Hallucinatory Terrain (10M)24 Hours300 ftControlMake a natural terrain look, sound and smell like some other natural terrain.
Locate Creature (1A)1 HourSelfDetectionSense the direction of a creature if it is 1000 ft or lower away from you.
Polymorph (1A)1 Hour60 ftControlTransform a creature into a new form as long as the challenge rating is the same or lower than target creature. Unwilling creature must make a WIS Save.

Animate Objects (1A)1 Minute120 ftCreationUse this spell to choose up to 10 magical objects you want to animate. The creatures remain animated until the spell ends or they reach 0 hit points.
Awaken (8H) Instant TouchCharmedUse the spell on a creature with intelligence lower than 3 and and give it an intelligence of 10. The creature then gets awakened stats.
Dominate Person (1A)1 Minute60 ftCharmedYou try to charm a person withing range. The target must make a WIS save or become charmed.
Dream (1M)8 HoursSelfCommunicationThe spell is used to shape the dream of a creature known to you. You and a willing creature you touch enter a trance state and act as messengers.
Geas (1M)30 Days60 ftCharmedPlace a magical command on a creature that can understand you. The creature must make a WIS save or be charmed. The creature receives a 5d10 psychic damage every time it disobeys you.
Greater Restoration (1A) Instant TouchHealingTouching a creature gives it positive energy and removes charmed, curse and exhaustion from the target.
Hold Monster (1A)1 Minute90 ftParalyzedTarget must make WIS Save or be paralyzed for the duration of the spell.
Legend Lore (10M) Instant SelfUtilityName a place, person or object and receive a lore tales, stories and secrets.
Mass Cure Wounds (1A)Instant60 ftHealingCreates a wave of healing energy. Creature in the spell range recover hit points equal to  3d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Mislead (1A)1 HourSelfDeceptionYou become invisible and create a illusion of yourself. You can use the illusion to speak, and behave in a manner of your choosing.
Modify Memory (1A)1 Minute30 ftCharmedYou can reshape the memory of a creature. The creature must make a WIS save or be charmed.
Planar Binding (1H)24 Hours60 ftControlThe spell is used to bind fey, celestial or fiend to your services.
Raise Dead (1H) Instant TouchHealingRevive a dead creature if it has not been dead for more than 10 days. The willing creature return with 1 hit point.
Scrying (10M)10 MinutesSelfDetectionThe spell enables you to see and hear about creatures in the same plane as you. Creature must make WIS save to avoid detection.
Seeming (1A)8 Hours30 ftControlThe spell changes the appearance of all the creatures within range. If a creature is unwilling, it needs to make a CHA save.
Teleportation Circle (1M)1 Round10 ftTeleportationUsing this spell, you can teleport to a place with a permanent Sigil. Temples, guilds and other important places have Sigils placed in their location.

Eyebite (1A)1 MinuteSelfUnconsciousA creature within 60ft of you must make a WIS save or be receive one of the following effects: Asleep, Panicked & Sickened.
Find the Path (1M)1 DaySelfDetectionThe spell provides you with the shortest route to a specific location.
Guards and Wards (10M)24 HoursTouchControlThis spell creates a ward that protects you. You can create a password that when spoken allows creature to be immune to the effects of this spell.
Mass Suggestion (1A)24 Hours60 ftControlYou suggest a course of activity to 12 creatures and make it see reason. The spell ends if you suggest something harmful or a WIS save is made.
Otto’s Irresistible Dance (1A)1 Minute30 ftControlA target creature within range starts doing a comic dance using up all of its movements. Target must make a WIS save or gives others an advantage on attack rolls.
Programmed Illusion (1A)Until Dispelled120 ftControlThe spell creates an illusion that occurs when specific conditions are met. The illusion can last for up to 5 minutes.
True Seeing (1A)1 HourTouchDetectionThis spell gives a willing creature truesight.

Etherealness (1A)8 HoursSelfBuffThis spell enables you to enter the ethereal plane. Once you enter the ethereal plane, only creatures present in the ethereal plane can affect you.
Forcecage (1A)1 Hour100 ftControlThis spell creates an invisible prison that can trap creatures in it. Creatures must use a magical spell and make a CHA save to exit the cage.
Magnificent Mansion (1M)24 Hours300 ftExplorationConjure a mansion with a single door. The mansion has a clean, warn and fresh feeling. The mansion also has enough food to serve 100 people.
Mirage Arcane (10M)10 DaysSightControlMake a 1 mile square terrain look like some other terrain.
Mordenkainen’s Sword (1A)1 Minute60 ftForceThe spell creates a sword-shaped plane of force. You can use this sword to make a melee attack. On a hit, it causes 3d10 force damage.
Project Image (1A)1 Day500 milesControlYou create a illusion of yourself. You can use the senses of the illusion but you either get blinded or deafened to the surroundings.
Regenerate (1M)1 HourTouchHealingTouching a creature stimulates its healing abilities and regains  4d8 + 15 hit points.
Resurrection (1H) Instant TouchHealingTouching a creature that has been dead for no longer than 200 years gets revived if it did not die of old age. The soul of the creature must be free and willing.
Symbol (1M)Until Dispelled or TriggeredTouchNecroticThis spell inscribes a harmful glyph on an object. When triggered, it can cause a wide range of effects. Look at the manual for effects.
Teleport (1A)Instant10 ftTeleportationYou can use this spell to teleport from one place to another.

Dominate Monster (1A)1 Hour60 ftCharmedUsing this spell, you attempt to charm a creature. Target creature must make a WIS Save or be charmed.
Feeblemind (1A)Instant150 ftPsychicYou blast the mind of the creature. Creature must make INT Save or receive 4d6 psychic damage.
Glibness (1A)1 HourSelfSocialWhile using this spell, you can replace a charisma check with 15. Anything you say is shown as truthful by magic detectors.
Mind Blank (1A)24 HoursTouchBuffTouch a willing creature to make it immune to physic damage, divination spells and charmed effect.
Power Word Stun (1A)Instant60 ftStunnedSpeak a word of power that overwhelms the mind of a creature. If the target creature has more than 150 hit points, it is stunned.

Foresight (1M)8 HoursTouchBuff Touching a willing creature gives it foresight.
Power Word Kill (1A)Instant60 ftControlYou speak a power word that kills a creature within range and below 100 hit points to die instantly.
True Polymorph (1A)1 Hour30 ftBuffTransform a creature or object into a new form of creature as long as the challenge rating is the same or lower than target creature. Unwilling creature must make a WIS Save.

Best Bard spells 5e

Now that you have got the chance to look at all of the spells that a Bard can use in D&D. Here is the best D&D 5E Bard spells list to help you progress in your campaign.

1. Cure Wounds (1st Level)

Cure Wounds

This entry-level spell works as a staple for the Cleric class and can be the difference between life and death. If you are a bard and cast a cure wounds spell, then you can fill in for a cleric. This will allow the cleric to become more active in combat. Touching a creature automatically regains your hit points to 1d8+. Unfortunately, this dnd bard spell has zero effect on constructs or the undead.

2. Dominate Person/Dominate Monster

Dominate Person

As the name suggests, casting this DnD 5e bard spell allows you to beguile any creature within range. Once the monster is charmed, he is directly linked to you on telepathic terms. During the duration of the spell, you can telepathically command the creature when conscious. You can either ask the animal for a general course of action or command it to attack another creature. The spell ends if the creature performs a successful wisdom saving throw. 

3. Dimension Door (4th Level)

Dimension Door

This level 4 d&d bard spell can be used by 4 different spell classes. Using the dimension door will allow you to teleport instantly to any place within a 500m distance from you. In addition, you can teleport another willing creature with you. This can be an excellent bard spell to have if you have no chance of defeating the monster you face. Ensure that you inform the Dungeon master regarding the location to where you are teleporting to. The spell fails if you teleport to an occupied space. 

4. Forcecage


Casting this level 7 spell will cause an invisible cube-shaped prison laced with a magical force to appear in the area within a range around you. You can either use this prison as a cage or a solid box that won’t allow any matter to pass through it. Simultaneously, these boxes will block any spell. To make the box work, cast the spell with the creature inside to trap it completely. The trapped creatures need to make a Charisma saving throw to either teleport or interplanar travel to escape. 

5. Faerie Fire (1st Level)

Faerie Fire

This is a great entry-level spell to have if any one of your team members cannot see in the dark. The Faerie Fire allows you to navigate through dark areas and can essentially assist you in combat as well. Casting this dnd 5e bard spell lights up every object within range, with each object emitting light up to 20ft ahead of them. Similarly, it will also light up any creature in the area within the area. To save itself, the creature will need to make a dexterity save. 

6. Mage Hand (Cantrip)

Mage Hand

During the game, you’ll come across multiple objects that will tempt you to touch them. Unfortunately, the majority of these objects will have deadly consequences if you touch them. In these cases, casting the mage hand cantrip will have a special hand do it for you while you stay 30 ft back and watch. It lasts for a minute, and you can use it to perform any command. However, the mage hand won’t attack and can only lift 10 pounds at once. 

7. Hold Person (2nd Level)

Hold Person

If you are a seasoned DOTA player, you know that support matters a great deal. Similar is the case with DnD 5e. Here, bards are known primarily to support their team. Casting this 2nd level dnd 5e bard spell will cause your character to stun your enemy. Once the enemy is stunned, the barbarian or the fighter of your team can take it down easily. However, the spell fails if the target makes a successful Wisdom throw. If the throw is successful, the creature will try to overturn the effects and run. 

8. Hypnotic Pattern (3rd Level)

Hypnotic Pattern

Now, this is where the game gets interesting. The Hypnotic Pattern is a 3rd level d&d bard spell that is both beautiful and terrifying. Casting this spell allows you to cast an illusion that makes a spinning pattern of colors if a 30 feet radius is the size of a cube. Any creature caught in this illusion cube will need to make a successful Wisdom saving throw. If the throw fails, the creature is charmed and incapacitated. The wizards and sorcerers primarily use this spell, but a bard can use it and provide additional support to this team.

9. Polymorph 


The Polymorph is 4th level d&d bard spell that will grant any creature within range a new form. Casting the polymorph will turn every willing creature in the area within range into a new form. The Polymorph will not affect a shapeshifter or a creature with 0 hit points. Similarly, an unwilling creature will need to make a successful Wisdom saving throw to evade the spell. Casting this spell grants any creature a new form that can be a beast, and the creature’s overall statistics are replaced by the beasts’. The creature is limited in its actions by the nature of its new form, and it can’t speak, cast spells, or take any other action that requires hands or speech.

 10. Thunderwave (1st Level)


As we mentioned earlier in the article, bards have limited spells in their arsenal compared to sorcerers and wizards. However, some dnd 5e bard spells can give you an edge. The Thunderwave is a level 1 spell that creates a 15ft cube of lightningTo save themselves, any creature in the area will need to perform a constitution saving throw. Upon a successful throw, these creatures will still take some damage. Similarly, the spell’s effect pushes unsecured objects in the area 10 feet away from you.

The Bottom Line

Bards are primarily known for their support in the game. While they don’t have access to many spells, they have a few great spells in their arsenal with which you can support your team. Mentioned above are some of the best dnd 5e bard spells. If you think we might have missed out on a potential spell, make sure you let us know in the comment box below. 

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