107 D&D Gods Listed and Explained

D&D Gods List

The Gods and Deities in DnD are not that difficult to understand, and neither what their functions are. In D&D, gods are real beings who exist rather than mythical beings. What’s more, is that the inhabitants are aware of their existence and how they use their powers to interact with the world of which they are a part of. These include divine punishments or even the creation of various races. They even function indirectly by lending power to Paladins and Clerics or simply influencing the normal inhabitants.

They are super-beings with almost limitless power, influence, and knowledge, with different portfolios covering each aspect of reality. Therefore, it can be observed that many people worship the D&D Deities of their world under different situations and times, while some people assume their existence to be for a single true god and dedicate all their prayers for them.

Remember that it is your Dungeon Master that determines which gods are worshipped in their campaign. The Dungeon Master can even choose to pick no gods for the campaign. Once chosen, you can select the gods or god you want to worship from it. You can learn more about the details and various Gods from this D&D Gods list.

1. D&D Pantheons

D&D gods are often unique in each of the worlds. These range from the Pantheons of the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk that are big due to teeming with DnD deities to the comparatively more focused religion type Pantheons such as Eberron.

You’ll notice that even the non-human races seem to worship the same D&D gods but on different worlds, just like how the dwarves revere Moradin from the Forgotten Realms and many other worlds.

Here’s more about the DnD Pantheons.

I. Forgotten Realms Deities

Forgotten Realms Deities

D&D gods in the Forgotten Realms are bound to be unique from one another. This means that every DnD god has a portfolio of their own such as war, death, peace, etc. Since two gods cannot have the same portfolio, often there might be a conflict. This can be overcome by:

  • One of them changes their portfolio
  • Put an end to their existence completely
  • Both gods must merge into a single deity

All of the gods are bestowed with their portfolios by Ao, the overgod who holds never-ending power over all within the crystal sphere where the Forgotten Realms exists.

Note that you are well-versed with the Handbook and aware of the edition you are playing since the rules of the world change with every edition. If any doubt, make sure to get them clear from your Dungeon Master (DM) or look at one of the D&D books you are referring to. 

Now let’s take a look at the Gods of the Forgotten Realms.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Auril: Goddess Of WinterNETempest, NatureSix-pointed snowflake
Azuth: God Of WizardsLNKnowledgeLeft hand pointing upward, outlined in fire
Bane: Tyranny GodLEWarA black upright hand with the thumb and fingers together
Beshaba: Goddess Of MisfortuneCETrickeryBlack colored antlers
Bhaal: God Of MurderNEDeathDrops of blood forming a ring around a skull
Chauntea: Agriculture GoddessNGLifeA blooming rose over grain or a sheaf of grain
Cyric: God Of LiesCETrickeryWhite jawless skull on black or purple sunburst
Deneir: God Of WritingNGKnowledgeAn open eye with a  lit candle above it
Eldath: Goddess Of PeaceNGNature, LifeStill pool with a waterfall plunging into it
Gond: Craft GodNKnowledgeFour spokes on a toothed cog
Helm: God Of ProtectionLNLight, LifeAn upright left-handed gauntlet with a staring eye on it
Ilmater: God Of EnduranceLGLifeHands bound at the wrist with red cord
Kelemvor: God Who Overlooks The DeadLNDeathBalanced scales held by an upright arm of a skeleton
Lathander: God Of Renewal And BirthNGLight, LifeRoad going into the sunrise
Leira: Goddess Of IllusionsCNTrickeryPoint-down triangle containing a swirl of mist
Lliira: Goddess Of JoyCGLifeTriangle of three six-pointed stars
Loviatar: Goddess Of PainLEDeathNine-tailed barbed scourge
Malar: God Of The HuntCENatureClawed paw
Mask: God Of ThievesCNTrickeryBlack colored mask
Mielikki: Goddess Of ForestsNGNatureHead of a unicorn
Milil: God Of Song And PoetryNGLightFive-stringed harp made of leaves
Myrkul: God Of DeathNEDeathWhite colored human skull
Mystra: Goddess Of MagicNGKnowledgeSeven stars forming a circle, or a flowing red mist encircled by nine stars, or a single star
Oghma: God Of KnowledgeNKnowledgeEmpty/blank scroll
Savras is the god of fate and divinationLNKnowledgeAll sorts of eyes inside a crystal ball
Selune is the goddess of the moonCGLife, KnowledgeSeven stars surrounding a pair of eyes
Shar is the goddess of loss and darknessNETrickery, DeathBlack disk encircled with a border
Silvanus is the god of wild natureNNatureOak leaf
Sune is the goddess of beauty and loveCGLight, LifeFace of a woman with beautiful red hair
Talona is the goddess of poison and diseaseCEDeathThree teardrops on a triangle
Talos is the storm godCETempestThree lightning strikes coming out from a single point
Tempus is the god of warNWarUpright flaming sword
Torm is the god of self-sacrifice and courageLGWarWhite right gauntlet
Tymora is the goddess of good fortuneCGTrickeryCoin facing up
Tyr is the god of justiceLGWarBalanced scales resting on a warhammer
Umberlee is the goddess of the seaCETempestWave curling right and left
Waukeen is the trade goddessNTrickery, KnowledgeWaukeen’s profile facing left on an upright coin

II. Greyhawk Deities

Unlike the D&D Gods of the Forgotten Realms, there is a lot of overlap observed in the portfolios of the Gods of Greyhawk. The reason is that the Gods were greatly influenced by the faith of the ethnic groups living within the continent of Oerik over the years. Thus, many gods with similar or the exact same portfolios can be found between the gods of Greyhawk, like Beory, the goddess of nature, and Obad-Hai, the god of nature.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Beory is the goddess of natureNNatureGreen disk
Boccob is the god of magicNKnowledgePentagram with an eye inside
Celestian is the god of wanderers and starsNKnowledgeArc of seven stars inside a circle
Ehlonna is the goddess of woodlandsNGNature, LifeHorn of a unicorn
Erythnul is the god of slaughter and envyCEWarDrop of blood
Fharlanghn is the god of travel and horizonsNGTrickery, KnowledgeCircle crossed by a curved horizon line
Heironeous is the god of valor and chivalryLGWarBolt of lightning
Hextor is the god of war and discordLEWarSix arrows facing downward in a fan
Kord is the god of sport and athleticsCGWar, TempestFour maces and spears striking out from a single point
Incabulos is the god of famine and plagueNEDeathReptilian eye with a horizontal diamond
Istus is the goddess of destiny and fateNKnowledgeWeaver’s spindle with three strands
Luz is the god of oppression and painCEDeathGrinning skull of a human
Nerull is the god of deathNEDeathSkull with either a sickle or a scythe
Obad-Hai is the god of natureNNatureAcorn and oak leaf
Olidammara is the god of revelryCNTrickeryLaughing mask
Pelor is the god of healing and the sunNGLight, LifeSun
Pholtus is the god of law and lightLGLightA smaller crescent moon partially eclipsing a full moon or a silver sun
Ralishaz is the god of insanity and ill-luckCNTrickeryThree bone fate-casting sticks
Rao is the god of reason and peaceLGKnowledgeWhite heart
St. Cuthbert is the god of zeal and common senseLNKnowledgeStarburst of lines with a circle at the center of it
Tharizdun is the eternal darkness godCETrickeryInverted ziggurat or dark spiral
Trithereon is the god of retribution and libertyCGWarTriskelion
Ulaa is the mountains and hills goddessLGWar, LifeA circle at the heart of a mountain
Vecna is the god of evil secretsNEKnowledgeA palm holding an eye
Wee Jas is the goddess of death and magicLNKnowledge, DeathFireball with a red skull in front of it

III. Eberron Deities

Eberron Deities

In the world of Eberron, there is not a definitive system of gods. Rather, the population seems to decide things for themselves. There is a story that is believed to be the planet’s origin. The three Dragons Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber together formed the planes. However, when Khyber turned against the two, Siberys and Eberron fought them, during which Siberys died, and their body turned into the dragonshard ring around the planet. Since Eberron was not strong enough to defeat Khyber, they turned into a living cage to trap Khyber, thus becoming the planet of Eberron. This is why the planet goes by the name of Eberron.

Therefore, there are different types of religions within the Eberron world, such as The Sovereign Host and The Dark Six, along with some other faiths.

The details of these religions and their gods and the faiths of Eberron are mentioned below.

The Sovereign HostAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Arawai is the goddess of fertilityNGNature, LifeGreen ribbon tied on a sheaf of wheat
Aureon is the god of knowledge and lawLNKnowledgeOpen book
Balinor is the god of hunting and beastsNNature, LifePair of antlers
Boldrei is the home and community goddessLGLifeStone hearth on fire
Dol Arrah is the goddess of honor and sunlightLGWar, LightSunrise
Dol Dorn is the god of strength at armsCGWarLong sword crossed over a shield
Kol Korran is the god of wealth and tradeNTrickeryGold coin with nine sides
Olladra is the goddess of good fortuneNGTrickery, LifeDomino
Onatar is the god of craftNGKnowledgeTongs and hammer crossing each other
The Dark SixAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
The Devourer is the god of the wrath of natureNETempestFive sharpened bones in a bundle
The Fury is the goddess of madness and wrathNEWarWinged wyrm with woman’s head and upper body
The Keeper is the god of death and greedNEDeathDragonshard stone in the shape of a fang
The Mockery is the god of treachery and violenceNEWarFive blood-spattered tools
The Shadow is the dark magic godCEKnowledgeTower of Obsidian
The Traveler is the deity of change and chaosCNTrickery, KnowledgeFour crossed, rune-inscribed bones
Various Faiths of EberronAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
The Silver Flame is the god of good and protectionLGWar, Life, LightSilver colored flame/fire
The Blood of Vol is the philosophy undead and immortalityLNLife, DeathRed teardrop gem with a stylized dragon skull on it
Cults of the Dragon Below that are the deities of madnessNETrickeryVaries
The Path of Light is the philosophy of light and self-improvementLNLight, LifeBrilliant crystal
The Undying Court of the  elves ancestorsNGLife, KnowledgeVaries
The Spirits of the Past that are the  elves ancestorsCGWarVaries

IV. Non Human Deities

Non Human Deities

The Non Human D&D Deities refer to specific Gods associated with all the non-human races across all the different worlds in unique ways. The non-human races of the Forgotten Realms and the Greyhawk are observed to share these deities.

The non-human races can be observed to be a mixture of monster-like races such as the Kuo-toa and player races similar to elves and Halfling included.

However, Kingdoms or individual clans of dwarves can be observed to revere either some, all, or none of these DnD deities. Some other DnD 5E gods that are maybe known by different names amongst outsiders or those that are unknown, maybe revered by dwarves.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Bahamut is the dragon god of goodLGWar, LifeDragon’s head in profile
Blibdoolpoolp is the kuo-toa goddessNEDeathBlack pearl or lobster head
Corellon Larethian is the elf deity of magic and artCGLightStarburst or quarter moon
Deep Sashelas is the elf god of the seaCGTempest, NatureDolphin
Eadro is the merfolk deity of the seaNTempest, NatureSpiral Design
Garl Glittergold is the gnome god of wiles and trickeryLGTrickeryGold nugget
Grolantor is the hill giant god of warCEWarWooden club
Gruumsh is the orc god of war and stormsCEWar, TempestUnblinking eye
Hruggek is the bugbear god of violenceCEWarMorningstar
Kurtulmak is the kobold god of mining and warLEWarSkull of a Gnome
Laogzed is the troglodyte god of hungerCEDeathLizard/Toad God’s image
Lolth is the drow goddess of spidersCETrickerySpider
Maglubiyet is the goblinoid god of warLEWarAxe covered  in blood
Moradin is the dwarf god of creationLGKnowledgeAnvil and hammer
Rillifane Rallathil is the wood elf god of natureCGNatureOak
Sehanine Moonbow is the elf goddess of the moonCGKnowledgeCrescent moon
Sekolah is the Sahuagin god of the huntLETempest, NatureShark
Semuanya is the lizardfolk deity of survivalNLifeEgg
Skerrit is the centaur and satyr god of natureNNatureAcorn with a growing oak
Skoraeus Stonebones is the god of art and stone giantsNKnowledgeStalactite
Surtur is the god of craft and fire giantsLEWar, KnowledgeFlaming sword
Thyrm is the god of strength and frost giantsCEWardouble-bladed axe that is white in color
Tiamat is the dragon goddess of evilLETrickeryFive claw marks on a dragon’s head
Yondalla is the halfling goddess of protection and fertilityLGLifeShield

Fantasy-Historical Pantheons

These D&D 5E Gods and Deities are the fantasy and mythical gods in the DnD game. The Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic Pantheons are inspired by our real worlds and interpreted with the game as DnD Gods and Deities. So who are these DnD Gods, you ask? Well, see for yourself.

I. The Celtic Pantheon

The Celtic Pantheon

The Tuatha De Danann, currently known as the Celtic Pantheon, was one with the most flexible, adaptable, and influential gods compared to others in the Outer Plane. The members mostly resembled the human species. However, they had a dark and brooding reputation despite being carefree, loving beauty, knowledge, and life, even more so than any other gods.

Overall, the members were decently tolerant of others. So much so that they would not even demand complete loyalty from their followers and worshippers while willing to welcome almost any deity into their patheon as long as they shared similar beliefs.

Here are some of the Celtic gods.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
The Daghdha is the god of crops and weatherCGTrickery, NatureShield or bubbling cauldron
Arawn is the god of death and lifeNELife, DeathGray background with a black star
Belenus is the god of warmth, sun and lightNGLightStanding stones and solar disk
Briganlia is the goddess of livestock and riversNGLifeFootbridge
Diancecht is the god of healing and medicineLGLifeMistletoe branches and crossed oak
Dunatis is the god of peaks and mountainsNNatureRed sun-capped peak of a mountain
Goibhniu is the god of healing and smithsNGLife, KnowledgeGiant mallet over sword
Lugh is the god of commerce, arts and travelCNLife, KnowledgeTwo long hands
Manannan mac Lir is the god of sea creatures and oceanLNTempest, NatureWave of white water on green
Math Mathonwy is the god of magicNEKnowledgeStaff
Morrigan is the goddess of battleCEWarTwo crossed spears
Nuada is the god of warriors and warNWarBlack background with silver hand
Oghma is the god of writing and speechNGKnowledgeA scroll that is unfurled
Silvanus is the god of forests and natureNNatureSummer oak tree

II. The Greek Pantheon

The Greek Pantheon

These Gods belong to the Greek Pantheon of Earth and have immigrated themselves into the Forgotten Realms. These Gods are the very representation of every aspect of nature. From the skies, to the oceans and winds, they are omnipresent in every one of those possible gifts of nature that the earth holds.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Zeus is the god of the sky and ruler of the godsNTempestLightning fist
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and loveCGLightSea shell
Apollo is the god of healing, light and musicCGLight, Knowledge, LifeLyre
Ares is the god of strife and warCEWarSpear
Artemis is the childbirth and hunting goddessNGNature, LifeLunar disk with Bow and Arrow
Athena is the civilization and wisdom goddessLGWar, KnowledgeOwl
Demeter is the goddess of agricultureNGLifeMare’s head
Dionysus is the god of wine and mirthCNLifeThyrsus (staff with pine cone on the tip)
Hades is the god of the underworldLEDeathBlack ram
Hecate is the goddess of the moon and magicCETrickery, KnowledgeSetting moon
Hephaestus is the god of craft and smithingNGKnowledgeAnvil and hammer
Hera is the goddess of intrigue and marriageCNTrickeryPeacock feathers forming a fan
Hercules is the god of adventure and strengthCGWar, TempestHead of a lion
Hermes is the god of commerce and travelCGTrickeryCaduceus (serpents and winged staff)
Hestia is the goddess of family and homeNGLifeHearth
Nike is the goddess of victoryLNWarWoman with wings
Pan is the god of natureCNNatureSyrinx (pan pipes)
Poseidon is the earthquakes and sea godCNTempestTrident
Tyche is the goddess of good fortuneNTrickeryRed pentagram

III. Egyptian Pantheon

Egyptian Pantheon

The Egyptian Pantheon includes Gods from a young dynasty that comes from an ancient divine family. These gods hold the fundamental orders of justice, law and truth that bind all Gods, mortal pharaohs, and even ordinary men and women in their rightful and logical place in the cosmos.

The Egyptian Pantheon is also known for its odd way of having three Gods that fall within the domain of Death. Going from good to bad, we have Nephthys, the good god of mourning; then Anubis, the lawful god who judges the souls of the dead in the afterlife; and finally Set, the evil god of murder.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Re-Horakhty is the god of the sun and ruler of the godsLGLight, LifeSerpent encircling a solar disk
Anubis is the god of death and judgementLNDeathBlack jackal
Apep is the god of serpents, evil and fireNETrickerySnake on fire
Bast is the goddess of vengeance and catsCGWarCat
Bes is the god of music and luckCNTrickeryMisshapen deity’s image
Hathor is the goddess of motherhood, love and musicNGLight, LifeHorned cow’s head with lunar disk
Imhotep is the god of medicine and craftsNGKnowledgeStep pyramid
Isis is the goddess of magic and fertilityNGLife, KnowledgeStar and Ankh
Nephthys is the goddess of grief and deathCGDeathLunar disk with horns around it
Osiris is the god of the underworld and natureLGNature, LifeFlail and crook
Ptah is the god of secrets, crafts and knowledgeLNKnowledgeBull
Set is the god of desert storms and darknessCETrickery, Death, TempestCoiled cobra
Sobek is the god of crocodiles and waterLETempest, NatureHead of a crocodile with horns and plumes
Thoth is the god of wisdom and knowledgeNKnowledgeIbis

IV. Norse Pantheon

Norse Pantheon

The home of the Norse Pantheon is within the land of the Vikings. Warriors who have adapted to the harsh environment and conditions to survive found their Gods in every way for their lives. When raiding for food and wealth to survive, they saw their gods in the dark smoke from the fires, the thunder in the sky during the deadly wars, and the rivers they traveled to and escaped to.

The Norse Pantheon comes from two families that were initially enemies; however, now in alliance against their common foe, the god of giants, Surtur and Thrym. These families are the Aesir, deities of destiny and war, and the Vanir, gods of prosperity and fertility. Together, they overlook all that is required for the welfare of the population, both in terms of conflict and basic survival needs.

Like the Greyhawk Gods, they too often have overlapping portfolios.

DeityAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Odin: God Of War And KnowledgeNGWar, KnowledgeA blue eye watching
Aegir: God Of Storms And The SeaNETempestFerocious ocean waves
Balder: God Of Poetry And BeautyNGLight, LifeGem-encrusted silver chalice
Forseti: God Of Law And JusticeNLightHead of a man with a beard
Frey: God Of Sun And FertilityNGLight, LifeGreat sword that is ice-blue
Freya: God Of Love And FertilityNGLifeFalcon
Frigga: Goddess Of Fertility And BirthNLight, LifeCat
Heimdall: God Of Loyalty And WatchfulnessLGWar, LightMusical curling horn
Hel: Goddess Of The UnderworldNEDeathWoman’s face with one side rotting
Hermod: God Of LuckCNTrickeryScroll with wings
Loki: God Of Trickery And ThievesCETrickeryFlames
Njord: God Of Wind And SeaNGTempest, NatureGold coin
Odur: God Of Light And SunCGLightA solar disk
Sif: Goddess Of WarCGWarSword that is upraised
Skadi: God Of Mountain And EarthNNaturePeak of a mountain
Surtur: God Of War And Fire GiantsLEWarSword on fire
Thor: God Of Thunder And StormsCGWar, TempestHammer
Thrym: God Of Cold And Fire GiantsCEWarDouble-bladed axe that is white In color
Tyr: God Of Strategy And CourageLNWar, KnowledgeSword
Uller: God Of Winter And HuntingCNNatureLongbow

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