Complete List Of D&D 5e Books Published

List Of D&D 5e Books

D&D 5e has come a long way since starting out as a simple table-top game. From being a regular table-top game confining to the blue box of time, D&D is evolved far beyond the realms. If you are a D&D fan, you know the importance of keeping yourself updated about everything about the game. In addition, you also need to familiarise yourself with every new update the game rolls out.

A seasoned D&D gamer knows there is more to the game apart from casting some amazing spells from characters such as the wizard, sorcerer, bard, druid and some other dope characters that cast some of the most amazing spells.

However, not everyone is well-versed in the game as they should be. Seeing that as we are now months into the fifth edition, it is only fair that you get yourself up to speed about everything it needs to offer. Don’t worry, as this won’t have you scrolling through the internet for hours.

If you are looking to brush up on your D&D skills and basic knowledge, we have compiled a list of D&D 5e books. These books will walk you through everything you need to know about the rules, guidelines, and modules published for D&D 5e.

D&D 5e Books List 

As we mentioned above, it is only fair to brush up about everything there is to D&D 5e. Since we are now months into the fifth edition, you might want to get yourself gelled up about the DnD 5e books, including the d&d player’s handbook, monster manual dnd, and so on. These books will help you catch up on the rules and guidelines and help you understand all the modules introduced for the RPG. And without further ado, let’s dig into the D&D 5e books list.

1. The Core Rule Books

I believe the name pretty much sums up everything the book has to offer. Irrespective of whether you are just starting the game or are already a pro, everyone needs to refer to the Core Rules Books every once in a while. Since this book covers everything you need to play D&D 5e, here are the core rulebooks you need to get your hands on ASAP!

I. The Players Handbook

The Players Handbook is a must for every player who plays this table-top RPG. In The Players Handbook, you will find everything you need to know about character creation, advancements, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, special abilities, and so much more.

As the game is immersed in a whole full of imagination, you’ll need to arm your character to take on imaginary monsters. Irrespective of whether you are playing or the Dungeon Master, you will need to have The Players Handbook on your person at all times, for this book will teach you everything you need when playing D&D 5e.

II. The Dungeon Master’s Guide 

As we mentioned earlier, D&D 5e takes you on an adventure filled with imaginary characters such as wizards, druids, sorcerers, and so on. To add a little spice to your adventure, you can use the Dungeon Master’s Guide to determine the type of adventure you are embarking on, along with the consequences you need to bear.

The DM’s guide will help you create/invent monsters (can be created online) and accordingly tell you how to fight a fight, solve mysteries, find and explore fantasy worlds.

III. The Monster Manual

Monsters are the key essence of the game. And with the help of the Monster Manual, you can create and introduce some of the fiercest monsters into the game. From tiny goblins to mighty dragons, you can provide story hooks to each monster to inspire multiple adventures.

You can refer to the monster description given in the book to bring the monster to life. You can spawn these monsters anywhere in the game, from the deepest caverns or in the Outer Planes, to make things more intense.

2. Supplemental Books

To make it easier for you to understand, you can think of supplemental DnD 5e books as DLC’s that are introduced to give you an extended storyline by adding new subclasses, feats, and more monsters into the game. Here are some of the supplemental DnD 5e books you can go for

I. Volo’s Guide To Monsters

As the name suggests, this book takes you on a tour that explores some of the most iconic monsters in D&D history. The book altogether is a deep dive into the D&D lore that provides you with dozens of iconic monsters that you can introduce during the game.

You can involve these new monsters in your adventures. Meanwhile, there are also the new playable races that let you build characters fit for every story within the game.

II. Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Xanathar is Waterdeep’s most infamous crime lord for those who don’t know. Xanathar holds every piece of information about both friends and foes alike. He then uses this information to develop a plan to threaten them.

Xanathar has a twisted mind that is sharp enough to record anything and everything. Xanathar’s guide is one of the major expansions in the D&D 5e, offering new rules and options for you to explore within the game.

Along with rules and options, this guide also offers new spells, over 25 new subclasses, and a whole new variety of tools needed to enhance your D&D campaign experience. 

III. Mordenkainen’s Tomb Of Foes

Mordenkainen is a renowned wizard from the world of Greyhawk. To honor his memory, this tomb is built on his writings following a prolonged lifetime of research and scholarship. Throughout his quest for existence, he has traveled to different realms making friends who have risked their lives to save him and amass the knowledge that resides within him.

To make it easier for you, Mordenkainen’s Tomb Of Foes contains the in-game statistics of numerous monsters in the game along with new devils, demons, elves, sugar, and a vast array of other creatures that exist within the game. 

IV. Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything

Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything is the latest addition to the game containing over 22 new subclasses. Tasha is a great wizard who has gathered an illustrious career as an adventurer.

Tasha has acquired priceless pieces of lore during all her adventurers and has scattered them through different realms. Meanwhile, her enemies are hell-bent on getting their hands on Tasha’s lore.

With Tasha’s Cauldron of everything, you get expanded subclasses, more character options, added rule options, and a whole new armory of puzzles.

V. Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons

The Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons is a must-have book if you are an avid dragon lover. If you didn’t know, Fizban is a divine war hero and an avatar of God himself who is equipped to guide you through the mysteries of the dragonkind. 

Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons introduces gem dragons into D&D 5e. In addition, it provides you with different tools to help craft your dragon adventures, followed by detailed information about 20 types of dragons. With the Book, you can add a new character player option followed by dragon-themed subclasses for both monks and rangers. 

3. Campaign Settings

If you are new to the game, know that the default realm in the D&D 5e is the Forgotten Realm. However, a seasoned DnD player knows that a single world isn’t enough to run an adventure. But what if we told you that the game allows you to run another set with a completely new adventure followed by new quests and monsters? If you are looking to run a new simulation and are up for a challenge, then you ought to look into these campaign settings D&D 5e books.

I. The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

The Sword Coast is the home to the cities of Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter. Here, you get every last piece of supply you need when embarking on an adventure in the Forgotten Realm.

 But more importantly, The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide will help you catch up on all the recent events that took place in the Forgotten Realms. The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide allows you to create a vibrant fantasy story along the coast.

To match that, you get a whole new range of subclass options for most of the classes in the game, followed by new subraces specific to the Forgotten Realms.

II. Guild Master’s Guide To Ravnica

The Guild Master’s Guide To Ravnica contains all the resources one needs to enhance his experience when running an adventure through the city of Ravnica. This completely separate sourcebook explores one of the most popular settings throughout the game.

With the Guild Master’s Guide To Ravnica, you get 7 double-sided color maps that will guide you through Ravnica’s tenth district, followed by 11 double-sided single color maps containing the location of every adventure site located across Ravnica.

III. Acquisitions Incorporated

Getting this D&D 5e book will add a whole new flavor to the game. Created in partnership with Penny Arcade Inc, this book offers dozens of heists and several other aspects you need to create the perfect adventure within the game.

Meanwhile, it offers the complete guidance required to run your own franchise. For example, if you are looking to embark on an urban office-friendly version, this book has everything you need to simulate on your own. In addition, this book also helps adventures improve their character level from 1 to 6.

IV. Eberron: Rising From The Last War

Just like there are plenty of places to explore in DND, Eberron is one such region you need to explore at least once. For those who don’t know, Eberron is a war-torn region fuelled by magic, airships, and lighting trains. 

Referring to this D&D 5e book lets you dive straight into an adventure anywhere within Eberron, for this is a place where mystery meets adventure, making it perfect for D&D enthusiasts.

In simple words, Eberron provides a simple-world setting followed by magical solutions to take care of your day-to-day problems. This book brings to you all the primary races within Eberron along with the information you need when setting out on an adventure here in Eberron. 

V. Explorer’s Guide To The Wildemount

Now, this is one of the perfect D&D 5th edition books you need to opt for if you wish to be the hero who stops a whole continent from going to war.

The Wildemount is on the brink of war with the Dwendalian Empire, all set to go head to toes with the Kryn Dynasty over land. However, you could be the hero who stands in the way and prevent everything from happening.

This book lets you create a whole band of heroes and embark on a journey across the Wildemount. Meanwhile, you will come across many new subclasses, magic items, and monsters rooted deep into the terrains of Exandria. 

VI. Mythic Odysseys Of Theros

DnD only has a single default realm within the game, as we mentioned earlier. But thanks to the books, you can now run your way through different lands filled with magic or be the hero who stopped a continent from waging war upon itself.

Similarly, this book has everything you need to run an adventure in Theros, a world dominated by the wrath of God and the deeds of heroes. This realm gives you a chance to be the champion and go down as a legend in the history books.

Going beyond the traditional magic, the Mythic Odysseys Of Theros grants you supernatural abilities and powers that automatically set your path to becoming a legend. In your quest to be the legend, you also get to yield five signature weapons of the gods when battling some of the most mythic monsters within the game. 

VII. Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft

The majority of the D&D 5e books are inspired by mythic scholars that have spent an entire lifetime traveling through different realms and acquiring knowledge of the universe.

One such famed monster scholar and hunter is Rudolph Van Richten. Ravenloft is a city where toom looms large, and you’ll need Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft in order to comprehend the Ravenloft setting and the many Domains of the Dread.

In his guide to Ravenloft, Van Richten has laid down everything you need to create an army to take on the creatures of the night. Meanwhile, you can also create your D&D horror settings and increase the tension by carefully adjusting the rules. 

4. Adventures

As we have mentioned dozens of times in the article, the fifth edition of the game allows you to create your adventure wherein only the rules you lay down will apply. But not everyone is creative enough to make their unique adventure in D&D 5e.

In such cases, you can always count on a seasoned team of writers who publish at least 2 official adventures every year. If you want to go for a ready adventure, you can refer to any one of the DnD 5e books below. 

I. Lost Mine Of Phandelver

The Lost Mine Of Phandelver is an original starter set in 5e that takes you characters from level 1 to level 5. You get a DM screen, character sheets, and several other goodies if you opt to buy the book physically instead of downloading it online. 

In simple words, the Lost Mine Of Phandelver is your gateway to some of the coolest adventures within the game. The Lost Mine Of Phandelver contains all the essential rules of the game, followed by everything else needed to play heroic characters in the game of fantasy.

II. Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Hoard Of The Dragon Queen is one of the two adventures in the Tyranny Of the Dragon adventure series. In this book, you play a hero tasked with stopping the Cult Of The dragon and their allies from bringing Tiamat from her prison to the Nine Hells Of Faerun.

In their lust for power, the Cult Of The Dragon plans to lay waste to everything that stands in their way and bring the riches to their dreaded queen. Following a threat to their life, the Harpers and Zhentarim have joined hands to stop the Cult. 

III. Princes Of The Apocalypse

In this storyline, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths and have got their hands on some of the deadliest weapons in the game, and are now on their way to obtaining the powers of the elemental princes.

As bad and filthy omens take over the northern region of the Forgotten Realms, marauders and monsters have left nothing to the imagination when it comes to bringing chaos and utter destruction to the land.

Meanwhile, cults worshipping the Great Evil have gained a stronghold and have started to dominate their influence. Will you be the hero The Forgotten Realms relies on to restore peace and normalcy to the land?

IV. The Rise Of Tiamat

If you remember the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, you’ll know that you play a hero tasked with stopping the Cult Of The dragon and their allies from bringing Tiamat from her prison to the Nine Hells Of Faerun.

As the situation grows dangerous with each passing minute, the people have started making full use of every opportunity to make new friends and gather as many allies as possible.

Right from Waterdeep to the Sea Of Moving Ice to Thay, the battle for evil looms large. If you are a DM, then the Rise of Tiamat is the book you need to create an intense gameplay situation.

V. Out Of The Abyss

As the name suggests, in this book, you as an adventurer will be caught, imprisoned, and enslaved in the subterranean Underdark. And if the past has taught us anything, then it is to stay away from the Underdark, for this is the place where fear reigns and houses some of the horrific monsters known to humankind.

These monsters are yet to see the light of day and are under an evil spell cast by the dark elf Gromph Baenre. Somehow, the dark elf has managed to open a portal to the demonic abyss wherein the insanity present aims to shake the very foundation of the Forgotten Realm.

VI. Curse Of Strahd

This is one of the topmost D&D 5e books you should look for in case you are looking for an extended gaming experience. Strahd, as in the vampire Count Strahd Von Zarovich, stands silhouetted against the walls of Ravenloft.

As the wind gushes in every possible direction, the vampire has caught hold of a few adventurers in his eyesight. His evil smile indicated that he knew what was coming. As the howling fills the midnight air, Strahd has decided to have guests for dinner.

VII. Storm King’s Thunder

If you think dragons and monsters are the only things you’ll be dealing with in D&D, you couldn’t be more wrong. To make things worse, you now have to take on a full hoard of giants who have emerged from hiding and plan to lay the civilization in ruins.

While the hill giants have laid waste to the foodgrains and livestock, rock giants have been scouring settlements since forever. With the giant King Hekaton nowhere to be soon, the town folk has started gathering every last resource in their fight against the giants.

VIII. Tales From The Yawning Portal

This book is a collection of seven different books that cover a variety of levels to match every D&D player’s needs. In the tales from the yawning portal, you will come across over 40 plus dungeons from D&D history.

These dungeons have sheltered countless adventurers over time who have printed some of their memorable adventures within this very dungeon. With the seeds of their stories in your hand, you can sow them in order to reap adventures of your own.

IX. Tomb Of Annihilation

This book will have you defying death in each and every step of the game. This book has you battling a deadly death curse that has crippled cities and wasted everyone who has ever risen from the dead.

The curse has terrified every last citizen of the Forgotten Realm as the curse works in mysterious ways. When affected by the curse, victims of the curse grow thinner each passing day, slowly giving in to death they once denied.

X. Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

The majority of the D&D 5e books are based on the travels of famed explorers and adventurers of the game. The Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is based upon famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm. For this, Geddarm needs you to complete a quest on his behalf.

This quest will take you through the seedy underbelly of the crime, wherein you will uncover villainous plots involving some of the city’s most influential figures. To succeed, you’ll need to take on some of the deadliest villains in the game and prove your mettle if you wish to succeed.

XI. Waterdeep: Dungeon Of The Mag Mage

If you have heard of the Yawning Portal, then you’ll practically be aware of everything that goes on in town. But beneath the Yawning Portal is a crumbling shaft that holds a dungeon that was once home to some of the gutsiest adventurers of all time.

However, this dungeon is held by the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak who has built a mad mage within these depths. But to get out this mad mage, you’ll first need to battle a flurry of traps, mysteries, and monsters to uncover and end the constant source of speculation.

XII. Stranger Things: The Hunt For Thessalhydra

If you loved the show, you will probably love this one as well. Loosely based on the Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things: The Hunt For Thessalhydra has everything in the store that helps you fulfill your wildest imagination.

As the name suggests, this book will have you embarking on an adventure in the hunt for thessalhydra. The book contains all the essential rules you need to follow. Battle your way through the D&D universe & The upside down as one of the characters played by the stranger things gang.

XIII. Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

With the Ghosts Of Saltmarsh, you get all the adventures under one bracket. This book holds some of the most classic adventures that have taken place throughout D&D, right from the first edition to the 5th.

There are a variety of seafaring adventures that can help you level up from level 1 to level 12. This adventure book also introduces the port town of Saltmarsh if you wish to undertake your first campaign at sea.

Meanwhile, the Dungeon Master will lay down the rules for sea travel, deck plans for the vessels onboard, and lay down a whole new appendix for new rules to come.

5. Essentials Kit

If you haven’t already figured out what the kit contains, then we are here for you. The Essentials kit packs all the essentials you need when embarking on a D&D adventure campaign. The essentials kit provides you with character sheets, a basic rule book, a DM screen, rules for SOLO players, and 4 adventure stories. 

I. Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus

Like the Underdark, Baldur’s Gate is a city riddled with corruption and ambition. Although the essentials kit is designed explicitly for beginners, you have already found yourself in a web of deceit and corruption.

The whole you manage to make your way out of all this, you find yourself on the front-lines of a full-blown war that aims to put the city in ruins.

Here, you will need to prove your mettle by taking on the archdevil Zariel and her diabolical hordes and making your way home after you’ve dealt with the infinite evils from Nine Hells.

II. Dungeons And Dragons Vs Rick And Morty

Just like we came across the Stranger Things Edition, this book is loosely based on the hit animated series Rick and Morty. As the name suggests, this book integrates this table-top RPG with the world of Rick And Morty.

This is one of the D&D 5e books that offer you a completely new experience and provide you with the tools needed to enjoy the same. In Dungeons And Dragons Vs Rick And Morty, you get 64 pages D&D rulebook annotated by none other than Rick himself, followed by a 32-page adventure level and a 4-panel folding DM screen along with 5 character sheets. 

III. Icewind Dale: Rime Of The Frostmaiden

The extremely cold ice-covered tundra region to the North of the Forgotten Realms seems to have just got even colder. As an adventurer, you will need to brave the North of Faerun, which will offer dozens of opportunities to get your character level from 1 to 12. 

It comes with maps that will guide you through this journey of ice-cold isolation filled with paranoia and snow monsters that will kill you on sight. Meanwhile, this D&D 5e book offers a whole new set of monsters and characters to make your adventure enjoyable. 

IV. Candlekeep Mysteries

One of the critical things every mystery RPG offers is lore. Like Game Of Thrones had The Citadel, D&D has the candle keep that has housed thousands of books and scrolls through the generations.

Over the years, the Candlekeep has been home to some of the famed scholars, historians, sages, and others who have dedicated their lives in the search for lore and knowledge. But just like the rest of the game, the Candlekeep has a few mysteries of its own.

Inhabitants of the Candelkeep are known to provide passers-by with short-adventure stories. And if you are up for the tasks, you might as well add this to the list of d&D 5e books.

V. The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

The Witchlight carnival is back with a bang, and this is something you ought to get on board with. Set in the Feywild, this D&D adventure set has you exploring the Plane Of Faerie.

Here, you can drop into the carnival for a night full of fun and games followed by some wild entertainment. In the wild beyond the witchlight, you can play either as a fairy or as a harengon.

In addition, you get to choose a suitable background to go along with your character. Unlike the rest of the game, you will need cunning and creativity to resort to every encounter that comes instead of resorting to combat.

6. Extra Life Charity Content

Every year, Wizards of the Coast hold a small fundraiser to donate money for the Children’s Miracle Network. For this fundraiser, these wizards release a product each and donate the amount received towards providing critical care to children within the US and Canada. In addition to supporting a great cause, you get new races, spell items, and more adventures to embark on.

I. The Lost Kenku

In this adventure, you will be tasked with finding and rescuing a kenku thief who has been lost in the dense snow-covered jungles of Chult. However, you’ll need to battle a strange town and a dangerous jungle on your way to Kenku.

II. One Grung Above

If you are looking to have a little fun while you play, then the One Grung Above precisely does that. Although it ain’t supported in the Adventurer’s League, this book allows you to play grunge as a PC race.

III. The Tortle Package

Briefly described during the Tomb Of Annihilation, the Snout Of Omgar is a location that remains unexplored until this day. However, if you are looking a further insight into the region and its inhabitants, the Tortle Package provides you with everything you need to get started. Apart from a new location, the Tortle Package introduces a new character playable race called The Tortle. 

IV. Volo’s Waterdeep Enchiridion

If you haven’t already googled what Enchiridion means, we have you covered. This book simply means Volo’s guide to Waterdeep. This book has everything in-store and contains every last bit of information about the city of Waterdeep.

V. Lost Laboratory Of Kwalish

This book explores an alternate expedition into the Barrier Peaks. Kwalish, a legendary inventor, disappeared into these peaks aeons ago. However, before he disappeared, he stashed his research somewhere, which is now desperately needed.

VI. Adventure With Muk

D&D is full of amazing characters that have plenty to offer. This book provides you Muk, the bravest Goblin in the Forgotten Realms, who is on an adventure making his way through the Dankwood, searching for a treasure that is believed to have been buried somewhere deep.

VII. Infernal Machine Rebuild

If you have come across the Mad Max Hell Cars in the game, then the Infernal Machine Rebuild gives you all the tools to build the famed Infernal Machine Of Lum The Mad. To do so, you’ll need to launch expeditions in search of components that are known to be scattered across different places and times.

VIII. Mordenkainen’s Fiendish Folio

There comes a time where you have practically exhausted every last piece of equipment you can throw at your opponents. But with this book, you bring all the creatures in the fifth edition D&D.

IX. Locathah Rising

Throughout D&D, you’ll face countless villains during your adventures. But just when you’ve thought you had taken all of them out, terror rises back up to terrorize the landscape. However, instead of landscape, terror has set his eyes on the sea. Tasked with the job to save everyone from the newly emerged node of Elemental Evil, you are all that stands between peace and utter destruction.

X. Domains Of Delight

This book is your guide to Feywild and every intricacy that exists within. This guidance PDF has everything you need to know about domains and how to create one yourself, along with the Archefy who rules them.

XI. Minsc and Boo’s Journal Of Villainy

Baldur’s Gate is a city ridiculed by evil and corruption. However, there lies a soldier who, along with his giant space hamster, is determined to end all this. With the Journal OF villainy, you get a whole new class of monsters, subclasses, and information about all the 4 cities surrounding Baldur’s Gate.

7. Latest Books

When you think you are done exploring, you get more books to add to the list of d&D 5e books list. Every year, Wizards OF The Coast releases several new books laced with fresh adventures for you to enjoy.

I. Strixhaven: A Curriculaum Of Chaos

This book marks the next entry into the Magic: The Gathering crossover in D&D. As the name suggests, this book primarily focuses on the school of mages. This book also offers a whole new range of subclasses, along with a gripping storyline.

II. Critical Role: Call Of The Netherdeep

For those who don’t know, Call of The Netherdeep is the 1st full-fledged adventure to take place in D&D. Here, you can up your character levels from 3 to 13 while traveling through the Wastes Of Xorhas and the entire continent of Marquet.

In addition to all this, this book will also introduce new magic items, monsters, and a lot of new lore for you to enjoy.

III. Monsters Of The Multiverse

This book is the key that explains every monster that was introduced during Volo’s Guide To Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tomb Of Foes. Also, this book aims at adding a whole range of monsters into the fifth edition. This means that the Monsters Of The Multiverse will give you over 30 updated player races and over 250 refurbished monster blocks.


We have covered and listed various D&D books that will help you understand characters, guidelines, rules, and modules published for D&D. We have listed core rule books, supplementary books, campaign settings books, essential books, etc., that would help any player to succeed who want to walk the path of an adventurer in D&D.

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