DND 5e Weapon Enchantments (Homebrew) – 2023

DND 5e Weapon Enhancements

Magic weapons have enhancement bonuses ranging from +1 to +5. They apply these bonuses to both attack and damage rolls when used in combat. All magic weapons are also masterwork weapons, but their masterwork bonus on attack rolls doesn’t pile with their enhancement bonus on attack rolls.

Weapons come in 2 basic categories: melee and ranged. A few of the weapons listed as melee weapons may also be used as ranged weapons. In this case, their enhancement bonus applies to either type.

As well as an enhancement bonus, weapons may have special abilities and abilities scores for those abilities. Special abilities count as further bonuses for determining this product’s market value but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted).

A single weapon cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents) higher than +10. A weapon with a special ability must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus.

A weapon or a kind of ammunition might be made from an unusual material. Roll d%: 01-95 suggests the item is of a standard type, and 96-100 suggests that it is made of a special substance.

Whether you play DnD on your pc or on the board, it is important to learn about enchantments. Therefore, we will now proceed with showing you some of the weapon enchantments possible in DnD 5e, similarly if you want information on armor enchantments, read our article DnD armor enchantments (Homebrew).

Weapon Enchantments 5E

Weapon Enchantments 5E

1. Banished

Price:  675 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon is tied to a pocket dimension hidden on a different plane and can be recalled as a Bonus Action to appear on your hand, or sent off as a free activity while it divides into darkness and disappears from your palms. When recalled, this weapon has +1 on attack and damage rolls.

To recall a banished weapon, a little portal of shadows, no larger than two feet in diameter opens inches away from the open-palmed hand for you to reach in and claim it. The portal site only allows for the bounded object to be set inside of it. (Can not possess a hollow hammer with this to store things inside it). A Banished weapon can’t be sent off and summoned over the same round.

2. Chill

Price:  725 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon is imbued with the ability to cool itself to temperatures so low they could cause frostbite. The weapon stores 4 charges of this ability and requires 1 hour to recover a charge.

After a charge is activated, the next successful assault performed on this weapon does an excess 1d8 cold damage, and an extra +2 cold damage every time they’re struck with this ability in 5 minutes.

If 3 charges strike an enemy, they need to succeed on a Constitution saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 Character Level) or be frozen (immobilized) before the beginning of its next turn. Alternatively, 3 charges could be expelled to create magical glaciers inhabiting a 15′ cube cast in the caster’s front that lasts for 2 turns, finishing on the casters turn.

Those who begin their turn in the glaciers take 1d8 cold damage and therefore are in difficult terrain. Entering the glaciers for the very first time also causes 1d8 cold damage. Getting struck from the glacier adds a single pile of Chill per time they take harm from the glacier. The glaciers magically evaporate away after the time. Activating any sum of charges would be a free activity.

3. Flood

Price:  999 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any melee weapon

Within this weapon is a raging heart of water constantly in motion and sending a torrent of water across the borders of it whenever it’s unsheathed. You can use your action to create an extension of plain water that can be used to whip creatures.

Using this result, your weapon can reach an additional five feet but deals your Weapon Damage dice + Proficiency Bonus bludgeoning damage. As a constantly moving torrent, the water retreats back into the weapon at the end of your turn.

For a bonus activity, you can boil or chill the water to alter the damage caused by the water whip to become a fire or cold damage for one hour. This can’t be changed again until after a chosen damage type has been in effect for the hour.

Once every day, as a standard action, you can burst a creature within 5 feet using a flood of water. They need to succeed on a DC 12+Proficiency bonus Power Saving throw or take 2d6 force damage and be pushed 1d4 squares off from the caster. On a save, the creature takes half damage and is not pushed away.

4. Forceful

Price:  675 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

Backed by the fury of your blows, the forces of the arcane combines the swing using this weapon when you choose. Using a single charge, the weapon deals 14d Force damage. Every consecutive blow performed with this weapon adds +1 pressure damage while triggered. At 3 successive hits, the target is knocked more likely if it can be by the 3rd hit.

This weapon retains 7 charges and all charges are restored on a very long break. Alternatively, 3 charges could be expelled as a normal action to establish 1 drive bolt as if using the Magic Missile spell in 1d10 induce damage. Activating any sum of charge would be a free action.

5. Impulsing

Price:  700 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any ranged weapon

Ammunition expelled from this weapon may get charmed with arcane energy when channeled. If you expel a charge, another hit with this weapon will leave your target with 1 of 3 impacts of your choice:

  1. All creatures within 5 feet of the target must succeed on a DC 10+Proficiency bonus Power Saving Throw or be pushed 5 ft away from the target.
  2. All creatures within 5 feet of the goal, for example, the target must succeed on a DC 8 Proficiency bonus Dexterity Saving throw or be dragged towards the floor with a force impact, making them prone.
  3. The targeted monster has a singularity placed on it, creating a drawing effect that travels with them, damaging it for two Force damage for 1d6 turns. Even though the pulling effect exerts on the goal, ranged attacks against the monster gain a +1 to attack rolls per singularity placed on it.

The weapon stores 5 charges of this enhancement and takes 1 hour to recover 1 charge. Alternatively, all 5 charges can be expelled to make a giant singularity at some point within range for 1d6 turns. The singularity itself doesn’t occupy the space it’s in.

All creatures within 10 feet of this singularity should succeed on a DC 12+Proficiency bonus strength saving throw or have their speed decreased to 0 and be pulled to within 5 feet of their singularity if there is room to.

An affected creature can make another Strength Saving Throw after their turns to resist the singularity. All creatures that finish their turn within 5′ of the singularity take 1d4 to Force damage.

6. Intuitive

Price:  255 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

Any weapon, any implement

This weapon is regarded as sensitive to the energy of life and the intricacies of the way they work together. While Wearing this weapon, you get a +2 to Insight checks, but your visions are also improved by 20 feet. And once per day you gain 5 ft of blind sense for 12 minutes.

7. Loyalty

Price: 250 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

Any weapon enchanted with Loyalty could be returned to your hand by stating”Return” if it’s within 10′ of you as a bonus action.

The weapon will take the path of least resistance to return to its owner but can’t move if someone or something greater than 5 lbs is holding it in position. If it collides with a creature during its recurrence, it is only going to inflict 1 damage if it’s slashing or bludgeoning weapon.

If it is a piercing weapon and collides with a creature on its return, roll an attack roll against that monster with no proficiency or attack modifiers, on a hit on it inflicts a weapon die of damage and can be stuck in the creature at their location.

Any monster can utilize their Reaction to attempt to catch the returning weapon in a Dexterity Assess of DC 10+Proficiency Bonus. Although you can’t recall a held or restrained weapon, it will try to move towards you with the little power it offers. The weapon can apply as much force as much it weighs.

8. Lucky

Price: 999 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any melee weapon

A magical weapon imbued with all the blessings of Tymora.

When you make an attack roll against a creature and fail, there’s a chance with this armor to add an effect to that failed attack. As a free action, You Might roll 1d4 with These results correlating to the amount rolled:

  1. Nothing Happens
  2. The monster gets knocked prone from blocking the attack.
  3. The creature becomes disarmed in case it could from the assault. 
  4. The monster suffers a -1 penalty to attack rolls and its AC before the next turn stat.
  5. Any impact can only affect a singular creature, even if the attack hit multiple animals, but you choose our goal. This weapon has three rates of the ability and resets after a long break.

9. Lunar

Price:  999 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any martial weapon

This weapon gleams with all the light of the moon before it’s night. While outside at nighttime, this weapon is invisible unless detected by magic means. However, that was last hit with this weapon knows the location of the weapon if it is withing 30 feet of them.

Whilst using this weapon through a bonus round, your attack rolls with it gain a +3. At night, any creature damaged by this weapon may take two Radiant damage at the start of their turn for 1d8 turns. This effect can’t pile more than once on a creature within 1 hour.

Once per day as a standard action, you can expel moonlight from the weapon into a monster within 10′ that will see you. That creature must succeed on a Constitution Saving Throw of DC 11 + Proficiency Bonus or be blinded until the end of your next turn. This ability doesn’t need it to be nighttime or for you to be out to use it.

10. Molten

Price:  700 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any metal weapon

This weapon’s metal is always flowing as though it is directing the heart of a volcano inside its blade. The heat from it harms any animal sharing the same space as the wielder for 1d6 fire damage at the beginning of the turn.

When this weapon strikes foes that are wearing metal armor or so are primarily made from metal in some form or another, 1d4 value of their AC is reduced until the end of the turn.

Because this weapon’s blade is always changing, it is a bit poorer and imposes a -2 to attack rolls but adds 1d8 fire harm to each attack. This weapon acts as a flashlight for the aims of light and being able to burn items that are not worn or carried.

11. Polaris

Price: 575 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

The weapon is mundane before the enchantment is activated. You can as a free activity cause the weapon to turn into astral. While astral the weapon damages the soul of the target. The damage isn’t applied immediately; you can use a bonus action to speak the command word”Polaris” to cause all current unmanifested harm you’ve inflicted on souls to manifest itself on their physical bodies.

Each monster instantly takes their respective amount of harm as force damage which bypasses temporary hit points. The unmanifested damage only lasts 10 minutes.

12. Quadruplex

Price:  999 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any melee weapon
  • Any focus

Throughout the confusion of battle includes an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. When you make a successful melee attack, you can expend 1 charge of the enchantment to make 3 illusionary duplicates of your self that interact with your target in an offensive or defensive manner.

Offensive: The illusionary duplicates every make an attack roll against your target. This attack roll uses your character’s skill modifier and proficiency bonuses. These attacks manage your competence bonus +1 value of magical weapon damage.

Defensive: Your illusionary duplicates divert your target, causing them to have a -2 on attack rolls. Should you succeed on an attack of opportunity against the target monster while you’ve got illusionary duplicates active, the target creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw of 11 + your competence bonus.

The target creature’s speed is reduced to 0 before starting their next turn on a failed rescue. On a successful save, one of the illusionary copies disappears. All of your illusionary duplicates dissipate if you’re the target of a successful assault by the target monster.

The enchanted weapon shops 4 charges of this capability and needs 2 hours to recover a charge.

13. Scorching

Price:  575 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon is imbued with the capacity to ignite itself with a magic fire which does no damage to the wielder nor itself.

When triggered, the upcoming successful attack performed with this weapon does an extra 1d8 fire damage and on failing a DC 9+Proficiency Bonus Dexterity save, the dire captures the target and deals 1d8 at the beginning of their turn.

The weapon stores 5 charges of this capability at a time and takes 1 hour to recover 1 charge. Instead, 3 charges could be relegated to throw a focused firebolt for 2d10 fire damage up to 15′. Activating any amount of charge is a free action.

14. Shadow

Price: 575 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon emanates a black smoke while unsheathed daily, but appears normal at nighttime. You can stop a shadow once per day for a bonus activity with this weapon by stabbing it with this weapon so long as they aren’t touching the another shadow. Once stabbed, the shadow’s owner must make a Wisdom saving throw versus your spell save DC or be restrained.

Your weapon does not have to stay stabbed into the shadow for this the effect to last, but it should have pierced through the shadow to the material behind it initially. If a different monster’s shadow meets the controlled one, that creature must also succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be controlled as well. Only two creatures shadows can be controlled at one time.

Affected animals may create yet another Wisdom Saving throw at the end of the turns. Being attuned for this weapon makes you resistant to this effect.

While in low-light states, this weapon deals an extra 2 Psychic damage, also while in complete darkness, it deals an extra 1D4+1 psychic damage. Once per long break as you are in full darkness, you can teleport around 10 feet to another space of total darkness as a bonus action.

15. Changing 

Price:  200 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This enchantment allows a weapons primary material to shift into the possessions of another. For a bonus action, you can change your weapon’s main material to Steel, Iron, Silver, Stone, Wood, or Copper until your next long break.

The substance density will change, so the weight will stay the same no matter which one is chosen. You must complete a short rest before you can alter the substance again.

16. Shock

Price:  650 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon is imbued with the energy of lightning and grants you swift movement and action.

When triggered, you’re granted +1 to attack rolls before the end of the turn and include 1d4 lightning damage to attacks with the enchanted weapon. You’re also granted the ability to use your bonus action to make an extra attack with the enchanted weapon.

The weapon stores 5 charges of the capability at a time, and needs a brief rest to recover 1 charge.

3 charges could be expelled to throw a small chain lightning spell that hits 2d4 aims for 2d4+1 lightning damage. Targets must be within 5 feet of each other to be chained, and the lightning cannot double back. Insert 2d4 damage if they’re wearing armor made of metal or are mainly made of metal.

Activating any amount of charge is a free action.

17. Smiting

Cost: 500 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

Adds 1d8 damage against any fiend, undead or were-creature, monstrosities. If you’ve got the Class Feature Channel Divinity, increase this damage to 1d10.

18. Sprout

Price:  999 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon, any implement

In harmony with all the forces of nature, you control expansion and corrosion. Three times per day as a standard action, you can point to a single area with this particular weapon to cause 1 of 3 effects to take effect in just a 20-foot range.

Vines grow in the floor at the point it’s possible to see and trap any creatures within a 15 feet block. Creatures within the region must make a DC 11+Proficiency Bonus Dexterity Saving Throw or be controlled.

Creatures can try another Dexterity Saving Throw at the end of their turns. This effect requires the earth to become dirt or a coating of rock no thicker than 5 feet.

Thorns start from the ground attack all monsters in a 15-foot block, forcing them to make a Dexterity Saving Throw with a DC of 12+ Proficiency Bonus or else they take 2d4+1 piercing damage. On a successful save they take half the damage. This effect requires the earth to become dirt or a coating of stone no thicker than 5 feet.

You target a plant no bigger than a 5 feet diameter and 20 feet in height to wilt and become fragile for 1 hour or till finished as another bonus action. While wilted, creatures who move onto the plant or are already on it must be determined by a Dexterity Saving Throw with a DC equal to their weight/5 or collapse the plant and drop likely.

If the plant is less than 5 ft diameter and 5 ft tall, then a creature already about the plant or moving onto the plant will automatically snore. If the plant isn’t destroyed during the wilting effect, it contributes to its former state with no ill effects. This effect does not operate on sentient plants.

19. Suspended

Price: 300 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any corporeal Product 

A product on this enchantment will stay frozen in space when nothing is touching it. It’s considered weightless and offers no surface for bodily deflection or support in its frozen state. It is not likely to be utilized at a thrown or dropped capacity, as though it were to be utilized in either action.


  1. If it’s set atop a table, and the dining table drops out from under it, it would remain.
  2. If disarmed by a monster in combat it would not drop to the floor, but remain on your immediate location midair.
  3. If held out and published, it would float. But if you should press it like trying to scale, you would instantly push it down without any resistance.

20. Thunderous

Price:  600 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any weapon

This weapon is imbued with the energy of thunder and grants you the ability to push foes along with your blows. When triggered, this weapon adds 1d4 lightning damage to attacks with it until the end of your turn.

Each monster hit with this weapon must make a DC 10 + Proficiency Saving Throw or be pushed back 5 feet for every 5 hit points of damage done.

If a target is slammed into a wall or obstacle that will stop their motion, they take the following 1d4 bludgeoning damage. If that obstacle is another animal, that creature must make a DC 10 + Proficiency Strength Saving Throw or take the 1d4 bludgeoning damage.

The weapon has the capacity of storing 5 charges of this ability at a time and requires 1 hour to recover 1 charge.

2 charges could be expelled to give your next strike a 15-foot cone-shaped version of Thunderwave, cast from your position. Within the range, creatures have to succeed on a DC 12 + Proficiency Bonus Strength saving throw or suffer 1d8 lightning damage and are pushed back 10 feet and knocked pronely. On a successful save the opponent takes half damage and aren’t pushed or knocked prone.

Activating any sum of charges is a free activity.

21. Transforming

Price:: 375 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any metal weapon

For a bonus action, this weapon could be transformed into armored gauntlets, another weapon of the same damage type and substance, or a defense.

The wearer gains +1 AC when the weapon is transformed into gauntlets, and their unarmed attacks become 1d4. If the wearer is a Monk, it raises to anything they use to their unarmed attacks +1 to get d4’s, +2 for d6’s, +3 for d8’s, and +4 to get d8’s. The weapon only lasts as gauntlets for 3 rounds of battle, after which, they will spend the next 2 rounds as a weapon before they can be transformed back into gauntlets. 

As gauntlets, they do not rely upon any consequences.

22. Whispering

Price:  175 gold

Applicable weapon type(s):

  • Any corporeal Product 

If you point this weapon at a creature within 20 feet, you can think about a short sentence and ship it telepathically for your mind as if using the Message spell. However, unlike the message charm, you and the target do not need to share a language to deliver a message, but they might not understand it. Can only be used twice per hour.  


Hope this Weapon enhancements homebrew guide helped you to understand the various enhancement abilities and the damage they can cause to an enemy depending upon the weapon you are using during your adventure. Whatever magic weapons you use, make sure you make it like they’re part of your world.

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