Fallout 76 Backpack Guide

Fallout 76 Backpack Guide

If you have ever played any of the Fallout games, be it New Vegas, Fallout 3, Fallout 4 or the latest Fallout 76, it’s safe to say you have fallen in love with hoarding and exploration. Every little metal scrap is worth adding to the inventory because what if you need that very thing during a fast-approaching challenging mission? It is hard to let go of scraps when you are walking on a barren nuclear wasteland, but there are a few backpack limitations we must adhere to. 

Without the backpack limitations, the player character will be practically omnipotent, which is never fun in video games (especially RPGs). You want a few restrictions holding you back so you can ensure creative workarounds. So, the fact that inventory space is limited and FO76 backpack mods can only do so much can be positive. There will be ample space in the wearable gear (be mindful of the extra weight, though) for you to cart around goods you find scattered across the wasteland. And here’s more- you can even customize the backpacks!

The Fallout 76 backpack is an armor item in the game, available in 2 distinct variants. Introduced in May of 2019, the Standard size offers +60 carry weight at the 50th level. You must complete The Order of the Tadpole to earn this one. Considering the quest’s time-consuming nature, Bethesda added a Small backpack in September of 2019, with a max +30 carry weight. These are much easier to procure. You are at liberty to add FO76 backpack mods and cosmetic flairs to both of these backpacks.

Small Backpack In FO76 

fo76 backpack small backpack

This one was added to the game with its Nuclear Winter update on 10th September 2019. As per Bethesda’s statements, the goal of the small backpack is “to help more players acquire a Backpack earlier on during their Appalachian adventures.” You can find the plan to craft a Small backpack in the Overseer’s Cache within the Morgantown Airport Terminal. It will be located on the 2nd floor.

A Morgantown Airport Security Keycard is a must to access the second floor. Once you have found the door going to the 2nd floor, turn around and head down the stairs to the basement. Right behind the door on the opposite side of the room, you will see a Responder’s corpse on a chair with the keycard tucked in his hands.

Once you enter the 2nd floor, you have to cross the waiting area. Right behind the crashed vertibird, you will find a Responder Command Post where you will meet Dontrelle Haines and find the Overseer’s Cache with the plan for your Small backpack simultaneously. You cannot trade, sell, or drop this plan.

Small Backpacks are the same as Standard Backpacks in appearance but have only 50% of the carry ceiling offered by a Standard backpack. Its base Carry Weight increases at higher levels to a ceiling of +30 Carry Weight at the 50th level.

You can craft Small backpacks at an Armor Workbench and equip them with the same Mods as your Standard backpack:

LevelRequiresCarry Weight
110 Cloth 5 Leather 2 Steel+5
1013 Cloth 7 Leather 5 Steel+10
2016 Cloth 10 Leather 8 Steel+15
3019 Cloth 12 Leather 11 Steel+20
4023 Cloth 15 Leather 15 Steel+25
5027 Cloth 18 Leather 19 Steel+30

Standard Backpack in FO76 

Bethesda added the Standard backpack to Fallout 76 with its “Ever Upwards!” Wild Appalachia update on 7 May 2019. Your character will get a Pioneer Scout: Tadpole Backpack after completing the side quest called The Order of the Tadpole. You can also craft Standard backpacks once you finish the quest.

The Order of the Tadpole

Talk to Scout Leader Jaggy at Toxic Valley’s Pioneer Scout Camp to kickstart the quest. Scout Leader Jaggy can be found near the Pioneer Scouts Knowledge Exams shack. During the quest, you have to demonstrate Pioneer Scout Values- Kindness, Helpfulness, Bravery, and Growth.

●  Kindness: Revive an Ally (another player) with a Stimpak (Receive an Ally)

●  Helpfulness: Complete the repeatable operation Tide quest assigned by Scout Leader Pompy at Kiddie Corner Cabins. Pick up 5 Toxic Mutagenic Waste and deposit it into a containment barrel at Kiddie Corner Cabins to pass it with flying colors (Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins).

● Bravery: Finish the repeatable quest ‘Stings and Things’ assigned by Scout Leader Treadly at the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Your task will be to collect a Bloatfly Gland, Radroach Meat, a Bloodbug Proboscis, a Stingwing Barb, and a Tick Blood Sac. Treadly marks possible locations to find these items on your map, but things found at other locations also count (Control Pests at Dolly Sods).

● Growth: Collect 3 Tadpole Badges. (Earn 3 Scout World Challenge Badges)

Tadpole Badges

To finish ‘The Order of the Tadpole,’ you have to get 3 Tadpole Badges or Scout World Challenge Badges, as termed by the quest text. Here your player will come across a list of all Tadpole Badges and the corresponding challenges you need to complete to get those. You can see them in Challenges > World.

The Standard backpack looks the same as the Small backpack, and the cost to craft them is also the same. However, the Standard backpack offers 50% more Carry Weight in comparison to the Small one with a max of +60 Carry Weight.

LevelRequiresCarry Weight
110 Cloth 5 Leather 2 Steel+10
1013 Cloth 7 Leather 5 Steel+20
2016 Cloth 10 Leather 8 Steel+30
3019 Cloth 12 Leather 11 Steel+40
4023 Cloth 15 Leather 15 Steel+50
5027 Cloth 18 Leather 19 Steel+60

Fallout 76 Backpack Mods 

6 out of the 8 plans for FO76 backpack mods can be bought from the Possum Vending Machines meant for Possum Badges. These Vending Machines can be located at Camp Adams or the Pioneer Scout Camp. The other 2 are occasionally sold by Minerva. Alternatively, they can also be bought from Mortimer at Crater Core.

FO76 ModsEffect It HasLevel 1Level 10Level 20Level 30Level 40Level 50How to Acquire
Armor PlatedLowered Carry Capacity/ Increased Damage Resistance+15/ -5+30/-10+45/-15+60/-20+75/-25+90/-30Possum Vending Machines (5 Possum Badges)
ChemistReduces all Chems weight by 90%. Does not stack with perks.90%90%90%90%90%90%– Mortimer (350 Gold Bullion, Raiders Reputation at least Friendly). – Occassionally sold by Minerva.
GrocerReduces the weight of all Food and Drink by 90%. Does not stack with perks.90%90%90%90%90%90%– Samuel (350 Gold Bullion, Settlers Reputation at least Friendly). – Occassionally sold by Minerva.
High CapacityIncreases Carry Capacity/ Reduces Energy and Rad Resistance+10/ -10+20/ -20+30/ -30+40/ -40+50/ -50+60/ -60Possum Vending Machines (8 Possum Badges)
InsulatedIncreased Energy Resistance/ Lowered Carry Capacity+15/ -5+30/ -10+45/ -15+60/ -20+75/ -25+90/ -30Possum Vending Machines (5 Possum Badges)
Lead LinedIncreased Radiation Resistance/ Lowered Carry Capacity+15/ -5+30/ -10+45/ -15+60/ -20+75/ -25+90/ -30Possum Vending Machines (5 Possum Badges)
RefrigeratedDecreased Food spoilage rate/ Lowered Carry Capacity-10%/ -5-20%/ -10-30%/ -15-40%/ -20-50%/ -25-60%/ -30Possum Vending Machines (8 Possum Badges)

Currently, there is no Backpack Jetpack Mod in Fallout 76. If you see players running around with jetpacks on their backpacks, those are the Secret Service Armors. A Secret Service armor is obtained only by clearing certain secret quests. You can find a jetpack mod for Secret Service Chests. The backpack can also be worn, so the jetpack and the backpack overlap, which looks like a backpack jetpack.

Fallout 76 Skins 

Backpack Skins are essentially cosmetical mods that can change the appearance of your backpack. Different skins can be purchased at the Atomic Shop for about 500 Atoms each. Moreover, many Backpack skins are made available through quests, community events, SCOREBoards, and other occasions.

Quest and Events

NameBackpack SkinsHow to get
Tadpole BackpackFallout 76 Tadpole BackpackReward for completing The Order of the Tadpole.
Possum BackpackFallout 76 Possum BackpackPioneer Scout Possum Backpack can be bought from Possum Vending Machines in exchange of 3 Possum Badges.
Arktos Pharma BackpackFallout 76 Arktos Pharma BackpackReceived in Event: Project Paradise if the objective to use ARIC-4’s shutdown code (optional) is completed.
Blue Ridge Caravan BackpackFallout 76 Blue Ridge Caravan BackpackBlue Ridge Caravan Backpack has about 5% chance to become a reward at ‘Event: Riding Shotgun’.
Chally the Moo-Moo BackpackFallout 76 Chally The Moo-Moo BackpackThis has a chance to become a reward at ‘Event: Grahm’s Meat-Cook’ (6.25% chance with best performance, 4.19% chance with good performance, and 2.13% chance with bad performance).
Safari Crocolossus BackpackFallout 76 Safari Crocolossus BackpackThis has a small chance to be received from opening any kind of Mole Miner Pail during the seasonal ‘The Hunt for the Treasure Hunter’ community events.
Safari Gorilla BackpackFallout 76 Safari Gorilla BackpackThis has a small chance to be received from opening any kind of ‘Mole Miner Pail’ during the seasonal ‘The Hunt for the Treasure Hunter’ community events.
Camo BackpackFallout 76 Camo BackpackThis has a slight chance to be received from opening any kind of Mole Miner Pail during the seasonal ‘The Hunt for the Treasure Hunter’ community events.
Cultist BackpackFallout 76 Cultist BackpackThis is a reward in the seasonal ‘The Mothman Equinox’ event.

Fallout 76 Backpack Flairs 

With Backpack Flairs, your player can add more personality to the character. The Steel Dawn Update released in November 2020 witnessed Bethesda adding 2 Backpack Flair slots that can be filled with such cosmetic items. Your player can pick whether you want to hang flairs on your right, left, or both sides of the backpack.

Backpack Flairs function like other FO76 mods. To apply a Backpack Flair, use an Armor Workbench. Launch the Modify/Repair option, tap on your Backpack, and select which flair you wish to add to the right and the left side. Feel free to hang the same flair twice. Most of the already available backpack flairs are S.C.O.R.E Board rewards, while some were available in the Atomic Shop or exclusively for Fallout 1st members. 

NameFlairsHow to Get It
.50 RoundFallout 76 50 Round Backpack Flair250 Atoms
Brotherhood of SteelFallout 76 BoS Backpack FlairJuly 7-20, 2021 (Free for all players)
Mr. FuzzyFallout 76 Mr. Fuzzy Backpack FlairJuly 7-August 8, 2021 (Fallout 1st)
Red RocketFallout 76 Red Rocket Backpack FlairSeason 3 (Rank 32)
Armor Ace HelmetFallout 76 Armor Ace Helmet Backpack FlairSeason 3 (Rank 86)
PlatinumFallout 76 Platinum Backpack FlairSeason 4 (Rank 6)
BrickhouseFallout 76 Brickhouse Backpack FlairSeason 4 (Rank 22)
Armor AceFallout 76 Armor Ace Backpack FlairSeason 4 (Rank 72)
K.D. InkwellFallout 76 K.D. Inkwell Backpack FlairSeason 5 (Rank 6)
AlistairFallout 76 Alistair Backpack FlairSeason 5 (Rank 22)
M.I.N.D. OverlordFallout 76 MIND Overlord Backpack FlairSeason 5 (Rank 54)
T51 HelmetFallout 76 T51 Helmet Backpack FlairSeason 6 (Rank 15, Fallout 1st)
Silver ShroudFallout 76 Silver Shroud Backpack FlairSeason 6 (Rank 16)
GrognakFallout 76 Grognak Backpack FlairSeason 6 (Rank 92)
Zetan ShipFallout 76 Zetan Ship Backpack FlairSeason 7 (Rank 16)
ZetanFallout 76 Zetan Backpack FlairSeason 7 (Rank 62)
Vault SurvivorFallout 76 Vault Survivor Backpack FlairSeason 8 (Rank Unknown)


The Small and Standard backpacks in Fallout 76 provide a way to amp up your carry weight, though the Standard Backpack is the preferred one for most players. Regarding utility, both backpacks can be considered your player’s must-have items. Good luck!

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