Fallout 76 Best Camp Locations Guide

fallout 76 best camp locations

It is universally acknowledged that Fallout 76 is a game ripe with exploration and survival strategies. From finding food and water to weapons like guns which can be found at minerva location, and shelter which are situated at various camp locations. You will have to go to extreme lengths to survive in the post-apocalyptic RPG.

One of the best ways to go about it is to build base camps, but the real challenge is deciding the location for the same.

In this article, we have compiled a list of Fallout 76 best camp locations to make your journey as smooth as possible. This guide will comprehensively analyze all the prime real-estates in Fallout 76 locations. Without further ado, let’s dig right in!

10 Best Camp Locations Fallout 76 

There is no shortage of good Fallout 76 camp locations. Especially with the action RPG being so expansive, you will be struggling to choose one camp location over the other.

After all, there are only so many camps your lone player can build in the Fallout world. The list below will help you pick the best camp locations in Fallout 76 without learning by trial and error. 

1. Raider Shack 

fallout 76 best place for camp raider shack

This remote raider cabin happens to be one of the best when it comes to the best camp spots in Fallout 76.

It offers a perfect view while you approach the mountains of Hemlock Hole to the south of Wavy Willards in the Toxic Valley. You will find some terrific properties in these mountains. 

This camp location comes half-built as an ancient raider stronghold, letting imaginative gamers appreciate the playground experience while building a barren tundra pad. Moreover, the hillside location promises adequate protection.

Note that the position is near the top of the display, so navigating to different places could be challenging. But as a fast travel site, it is fantastic. If you want to get a head start in building your camp manufacturing facility, this could be the place. 

Raider’s shack got benefits like, Protective placement, Prime location for fast travel, Remote setting, Free raider loot, Tinker’s bench bed for cooking pots along with few disadvantages such as No immediate water supply, The rural setting makes foot movement complex, Rough terrain.  

2. Lakeside Grill 

best camp spots fallout 76 lakeside grill

Inside the ’60s-themed restaurant gates, this junk-filled handy site in Toxic Valley offers a temporary refuge.

One of the best camp locations in Fallout 76, Lakeside Grill provides sources of water and loot, but it is also the area that Snallygasters and Ghouls will try to reclaim. After all, you are in the Toxic Valley.

Lakeside grill location got perks like Built-in cover , Food, resources, and free lootable Access to water and drawbacks like No border fortifications, Snallygasters and Ghouls attack the region

3. Morgantown Trainyard 

fallout 76 best places for camp morgantown trainyard

A great camping spot, this site along the stream is located just west of the railway station in Appalachia’s Forest area. This is undoubtedly one of the best camp spots in Fallout 76, offering a supply of ware, merchants, and an extra cache box for trading and sifting trash.

You can even find a treasure near Mama Dolce’s Processing Facility or George Junkyard.

The airfield is handily located close to gamers interested in public activities. Still, it is close to terminal 76, so if fast travel is in your game plan, you might want to do a rain check on this location and move elsewhere that makes better use of fast travel.

Morgantown trainyard have great benefits like Water accessibility, Access to vendors Stockpile available, Loot available, Local public gatherings. It also have few drawbacks like No natural defenses offering unrestricted access, Not a good fast travel key location.

4. Gilman Lumber Mill 

fallout 76 best camp locations for resources
gilman lumber mill

Situated in Appalachia’s Forest area, the Gilman Lumber Mill offers instant protection within the mill walls as you begin to develop your foundation.

The rusted wire mesh fence encircling the yard offers scant security. The same is true for fortifications. So, as far as safety is concerned, you are covered.

One of the earliest and best Fallout 76 camp locations, Gilman Lumber Mill offers numerous benefits and nearly nothing to be afraid of. It has a flat landscape and is generally a low-threat zone. Moreover, the wood harvester is free of cost wood source site.

5. Seneca Rock Bridge 

fallout 76 camp locations seneca rock bridge

This rusted overpass connecting the Pleasant Valley Cabins and Atlas Observatory within the Savage Divide is quite risky for a house. That is mostly because most people never consider building their camps here. It is possible!

Constructing amid such rough ground might seem risky, but the unusual placement lets you enjoy restricted availability and offers excellent security. Moreover, it is located beyond a stream, which is ideal for water filters.

One of the best camp locations Fallout 76 has to offer, this area has but only a few insignificant downsides of staying here. As for benefits, these are some significant ones like High-quality freshwater, Local supply of blackberries, Easier to defend Great spot for adventuring mid-game

6. Mole Miner Tunnel 

best camp locations fallout 76 mole miner tunnel

Right near the Mole Miner Tunnel between the Palace of The Winding Path and the Sunnytop Station, there lies a hilltop in the Savage Divide, perfect for camping.

The conveniently located trainyard along with the high-ground advantage are but two of its benefits. It also features a lead deposit for you to set up your extractor. 

As for the disadvantages of this place, it is not a prime central location, and it offers no immediate water access, so be mindful of that.

7. Noose Tree 

fallout 76 best place for camp noose tree

This Fallout 76 camp location looks straight out of a horror movie and may not be the most fitting for everyone. But if the noose does not bother you, this can be a great and unique location for your camp.

First, it is almost at the center of quests and other points of interest. Second, if the creative building is your shtick, you will be able to design a camp with a haunted theme to it. 

Moreover, the terrain is flat, so you can start expanding your base easily in any direction. With ample water, resources, and loot availability, this is a great spot for camping.

8. Whitespring Golf Course 

best camp spots fallout 76 whitespring golf course

This Forest region golf course offers unique safety measures for your camp in that AI will patrol the ground to ward off hostels. That, coupled with the fact that the nearby Whitespring Resort is a highly profitable area for farming late-game supplies, makes this one of the best camp spots in Fallout 76.

The area offers vast building potential sprawling across the meticulously maintained grounds. Note that Whitespring is a central location with numerous alluring features for passers-by, so you might have to compromise on seclusion.

So, for pros, you have its central location, built-in security, flat terrain, and tons of nearby loot and supplies, including exclusive and rare finds, and for cons, you have its lack of seclusion and the high traffic.

9. EL-B1-02 Relay Tower 

fallout 76 best places for camp relay tower

You can find a protected cliffside in the Savage Divide, right across Watoga, east of an El-B1-02 Relay Terminal.

Great property with a close harvester ground, this area offers an organic source of food in the form of firecracker Berries, along with on-site access to water.

Being a cliffside site, you will have to protect half of the camp boundary, but you will not get extra fortifications. But suppose you can utilize the on-site water supply by erecting a hanging camp surrounding it to avert attacker. In that case, this cliffside valley can be amongst the best camp locations in Fallout 76 because of its abundant supplies, reasonably quiet area, and sufficiently level landscape. 

10. Lake on the Mountain 

fallout 76 camp locations lake on the mountain

Located to the East of the Relay Tower, the lake atop Thunder Mountain is a surprisingly peaceful location. The lake is shallow enough for you to build structures on and utilize a lot of space. With little to no enemy spawn, you will be at peace when staying here.

The best part is that this maintains a traversable distance to most end-game content, such as the Watoga or Berkley. Moreover, it is a good source of dirt and water to grow crops and get free food for however long you like. The cherry on top is that the lake on the mountain is quite scenic and appears to be a spot out of a fairy tale.


These are by far the best camp locations Fallout 76 has to offer. They offer great free loot, ample sources of water and water, useful equipment and natural resources to farm and sustain yourself, and ease of access across every point on the Fallout map. Know what you are looking for, prioritize the benefits, and choose a camp location accordingly.

We hope this article helps you decide on the best camp spots in Fallout 76 that speak to you on a spiritual level, from aesthetics to resourcefulness. Good luck building your next camp!


If your camp gets destroyed, you can simply move your camp a little, and it will rebuild the whole thing and fully repair it with no material cost.

Yes, it does. It is always best to build your camp in an advantageous position to shield it from falling prey to the local mobs. One of the perks you get with camp building is fast travel, and it is always best to keep the area away from other fast travel points to set up an effective, fast travel network. Lastly, resources are crucial, and finding camp locations with abundant resources is a must. 

Yes, your camp can get destroyed by attackers, from being invaded by raiders and other enemies to even players. But, if you are offline, there will be no damage to your base.

You will never lose your camp. At worst, it can get destroyed by attackers. But when you are offline, your camp will be removed from the server to make the experience seamless for online gamers.

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