Fallout 76 Best Weapons Guide

Fallout 76 best weapon guide

Fallout is one of the best action games series on the market, with its different games iterations such as fallout 4 and fallout 76. Fallout 76 is a cross platform game and it has got a unique plot, and it is a multiplayer game from a post-apocalyptic world. To survive in this world, you must be equipped with the best weaponry like secret service armor, riffles, guns, grenad, etc.

In this version, you don’t have to deal only with the in-game orders of Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Raiders but also from other Players. The game has multiple scenarios to beat and different fears to conquer to survive. All the weapons have different strengths and capabilities, and in this article, we will list the top 10 weapons to use in Fallout 76. 

12 Fallout 76 Best Weapons

1. Gatling Gun

best guns fallout 76  Gatling Gun

 It is always fun to have a heavy weapon, and the Gatling gun is one of the most powerful and best weapons in Fallout 76. It is an automatic heavy gun. Players need a minimum of level 20 to obtain this weapon. It has a damage range from 43-86. It has a 5mm ammo size with a fire rate of 20.

How to obtain it?

Obtaining this gun is quite simple, and it has multiple spawns. However, early players can consider going to the Lucky Hole Mine building that is often used as camping location. It is important to bring your priced weapon to reward your character with the Gatling Gun, as Cultists guard the building.

Once inside the building, follow the rail tracks present there until you find a blue door. This door will require the Picklock perk to open the door. Proceed further until you encounter a group of Cultists along with the Legendary Cultists Wrathwing. Wrathwing will drop the Gatling gun, which you claim for yourself.

2. Handmade Riffle 

best weapons fallout 76 handmade riffle

It is a mid-range rifle constructed by Appalachian survivors right after the events of the Great War. Players need a minimum of level 15 to obtain this weapon. It has damage ranging from 30-45.

With an accuracy of 71 and a fire rate of 40, this makes a very all-around weapon. It houses the 5.56 bullet rounds and can provide good and stable damage in all three ranges.

How to obtain it?

Handmade Rifle drops from Settlers or Cultists’ enemies. However, one guaranteed location for the handmade riffle is Berkley Springs salon. All you have to do is to go to Berkely Springs and find the Beauty and Spa Salon. Once you reach there, you will have access to the rooftop, and there you will find this rifle on one of the shelves.

3. The Dragon

The dragon fallout 76 best weapons

This is a non-automatic rifle with 50-caliber ball ammo. Only players over level 45 can obtain this weapon. It has damage ranging from 200-225 and an accuracy of 68. But it can fire only one bullet at a time. 

How to obtain it?

Here are a few ways to obtain this weapon; it is sold at multiple places like Grahm, the Free States Vendor, and vendor bots in Harpers Ferry and Watoga Station.

It may also be dropped from David Thorpe, fog crawlers, honey beasts, or the, Scorchbeast queen. It is also found at the Eastern Regional Penitentiary, Ash Heap, Thunder Mountain power plant, Uncanny Caverns, Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and Morgantown Airport.

4. Black Diamond 

Black diamond fallout 76 best weapons

This melee weapon can be very powerful if you want to smash enemies over their heads. It is a sword with metal pieces on it. Players must have a minimum level of 15 to access this weapon. It has damage ranging from 35-50.

How to obtain it?

The only way to obtain this weapon is by completing a quest. After completing the Flavors of Mayhem quest, it is given as a reward to the player. This Quest is done as a part of the Raiders Quest within the original quest line of Fallout 76. But this weapon is non-craftable; you have to keep it safe with you after completing the mission.

5. Gauss Riffle 

Gauss Riffle best guns fallout 76

This is a very high energy and high powered non-automatic rifle which has a fire rate of 67 and has 2 mm electronic cartridge ammo. It has a cup size with an accuracy of 60.

It has a range of 204. A minimum level of 35 to obtain this weapon. It is a high-level weapon that shoots materials at your enemy with a very high velocity. 

How to obtain it?

Deathclaws and Scorchbeasts can drop it. It is also sold in the Whitespring Bunker and Watoga Station. I can also be found in the Abandoned Mine Shaft 4 and Cranberry Bog. 

6. Hunting Rifle 

Hunting rifle best weapon in fallout 76

It is one of the most dependable weapons in Fallout. It is a non-automatic rifle, and even beginners and newbies can obtain this weapon.

The damage of this gun keeps increasing as you advance in the game, and it can go as high as 70. It uses 308-round ammo and has a fire rate of 3. It has a range of 132 and an accuracy of 65.

How to obtain it?

It can be found on top of the table located at the backside of the archival room in Sam Blackwell’s Bunker. It can also be found in a drop from Scorched since they often use the shorter variant of the weapon.

7. Combat Shotgun 

combat shotgun best weapons in fallout 76

Shotguns have always been the best and the most lethal weapon for short-range fights. A combat shotgun is the best weapon for any shot-range shootout. The minimum player level needed is 15, and it has a damage of up to 90. It has a fire rate of 20 and an accuracy of 16.

How to obtain it?

It can be found at multiple places like the southern side entrance to Watoga, the barn of Southhampton Estate, or can be found at a random drop in Mole Miner Diggers.

8. Deathclaw Gauntlet 

Deathclaw Gauntlet best guns fallout 76

This is another melee weapon that has allowed players to get through nerve-wracking fights with great ease, and this weapon is highly recommended to players who need to increase their potential with melee weapons. It is not recommended to use always; however, in case of very close combats, it’s always fun to slash open your enemy. 

How to obtain it?

It Can be easily bought from weapon merchants, and it can also be found near the Deathclaw nest during The Devil’s Due questline. Occasionally dropped by raiders, although this is quite rare.

9. Assault Rifle 

Assault Rifle  best weapons in fallout 76

This assault rifle is the most lethal weapon in the game. It fires 5.56mm bullets at a fire rate of 40. It has an accuracy of 71 and a range of 121. It has damage ranging from 26-33. A minimum level of 30 is required. 

How to obtain it?

It is readily available at Crimson Prospect, Harpers Ferry, and Sugar Grove. It is a common sight in Appalachia and can be carried by the following enemies: Raiders, Scorched, Settlers, and Super Mutants.

10. All Rise

all rise best guns fallout 76

If you love melee weapons, this is something that will blow your mind. It is a legendary sledgehammer, and it is different from a normal hammer because of the legendary effects it grants. It will help you to kill the enemy with lesser struggle. The player must be over level 30 to use this weapon. 

How to obtain it?

To get this weapon in your armory, you have to complete the quest’ mayor for a day. On completing this Quest, you will receive this weapon as an award. 

11. Perfect Storm 

Perfect storm best weapon in fallout 76

This automatic rifle uses 10mm round ammo. This is a very common weapon that adjusts itself according to the character’s level. A minimum of level 10 is required to use this weapon. It has a power of minigun and a fire rate of 91. It has a cap size of 30n and damage ranging from 17-34.

How to obtain it? 

To get this weapon in your armory, you have to complete the quest’ cold case‘ on successfully completing this Quest, you will receive this weapon as an award. 

12. Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifle fallout 76 best weapons

This rifle has a very slow fire rate, but it provides a very solid punch. It is one of the oldest introduced rifles in Fallout and has been a part of the game since Fallout 4. Lever Action Rifle does the killing damage of 65 for the base variant on the enemies.

With this much damage by using the commonly found .45 rounds, a lever action rifle is a perfect weapon to go for. A lever action rifle is easily available at level 25 and can be mudded to enhance the damage all the way to 75.

How to obtain it?

It can be easily found in the Deathclaw cave at the abandoned waste dump. The Lever Gun Plan could also be crafted from vendors in Grafton Station, Welch Station, and Lewisburg Station.


We hope this weapon guide helps you figure out the best weapons you should undoubtedly try. You can use this guide to find the exact location of these weapons. We hope this guide helps you to get the best weapons in your armory and excel in the game.

To conclude, Fallout 76 has introduced some amazing weapons, and some are all rounded while some lack skills in certain areas, but they cover it up in the other stat. It is a game where you have to fight powerful enemies to go further. You can use these powerful weapons to protect your character if you lack skills. 

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