Fallout 76 Workshop Locations Guide

Fallout 76 Workshop Locations Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Fallout 76 Workshop Locations! Fallout 76 is known to be one of the most popular post-apocalypse survival games.

Players need to gather and farm resources like acid, copper, and deathclaw, to survive in this game. But, ultimately, they would need workshops. Workshops has been part of older fallout games like fallout 4 and fallout 3.

Workshops are a great way to gather resources, build structures, and even get rewards in Fallout 76. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information on where to find the various Fallout 76 Workshop Locations and what you can expect when you get there. We will also provide tips and tricks to make the most of your Workshop experience. 

What Are The Workshops In Fallout 76? 

Workshops in Fallout 76 are a type of settlement that players can build in specific locations throughout the Appalachia map. They allow players to construct, repair, and upgrade various items, including weapons, armor, and other pieces of equipment. Workshops also provide access to a source of income in the form of daily rewards for protecting the workshop from invading mobs.

13 Fallout 76 Workshop Locations

1. Beckley Mine Exhibit

beckley mine fallout 76 all workshop locations

The Beckley Mine Exhibit is a unique location in Fallout 76. It is located in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia and consists of a large mine with a museum and many other interesting things to explore. This would be a great place for a workshop in Fallout 76.

The exhibit contains a number of rare artifacts and resources, as well as a variety of creatures that can be harvested for materials.

Additionally, it is a great spot to set up a camp since the area is relatively safe from raiders and other threats. The museum also provides an interesting backdrop for a workshop, allowing players to immerse themselves in the history of Appalachia and Fallout 76.


ResourcesLead, Copper, Wood, Steel 
Budget 200caps
Power sourceGenerators 
Extractor Ore extractor 

2. Billings Homestead

The Billings Homestead is an excellent location for a workshop in Fallout 76. This pre-war homestead is located in the northern region of the map, just south of the Savage Divide. It offers an excellent view of the surrounding landscape and easy access to resources.

The area is already equipped with a large water tower, a barn, and some other pre-war buildings. These buildings can be used to set up a workshop and store supplies and craft items.

The open space also provides plenty of room to build additional structures, such as defensive walls and crop plots. With its great location and resources, the Billings Homestead is an excellent choice for a workshop in Fallout 76.

ResourcesWood, Steel, Concrete, Copper, Lead
Budget 50caps
Power sourceGenerators 
Extractor Water pump 


3. Abandoned Bog Town

abandoned bog town

The Abandoned Bog Town is a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76. Located in the Savage Divide region, this area is teeming with resources that can be gathered both from the environment and enemy settlements.

With a wide variety of materials that can be gathered, a workshop in the Abandoned Bog Town will give players the opportunity to craft a variety of weapons and armor to help them survive in the Wasteland.

The area also features a variety of enemies, from the scorched to the super mutants, which will provide an adequate challenge for those looking for some combat.

ResourcesWood, Steel, Lead, Copper
Budget 500caps
Power sourceAtomic power plant 
Extractor Water 

4. Berkeley Springs West

berkeley springs fallout 76 claim workshop

Berkeley Springs West, located in the Mire region of Appalachia, is a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76. It’s in a picturesque area with rolling hills and a peaceful nearby river.

The workshop is a large abandoned factory with plenty of room for crafting and building items. It’s also surrounded by a number of different resources, including wood and metal, that can be used for crafting.

Additionally, Berkeley Springs West is relatively close to several locations, such as Vault 76, the Whitespring Resort, and Charleston, making it easily accessible for players. All of these factors combine to make Berkeley Springs West a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76.

ResourcesCopper, Silver, Lead, Steel
Budget Low 
Power sourceGenerator 
Extractor Silver 

5. Converted Munitions Factory

converted munitions fallout 76 tinker workbench locations

A converted munitions factory could make for an excellent location to hold a workshop in Fallout 76.

The area would be perfect for constructing, repairing, and storing weapons, armor, and other items. With plenty of space to build, you could set up the workshop to fit your needs.

You could build crafting stations, workbenches, and storage units to help you create and store items. The factory also has plenty of room to build defensive structures, such as turrets and walls, to protect your workshop from hostile forces.

ResourcesOre, Lead, Acid, Wood
Budget 1000 caps
Power sourceGenerator 
Extractor Water 

6. Dolly Sods Campground

daily sods fallout 76 all workshop locations

Dolly Sods Campground would be a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76. It is located in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia and is a beautiful area surrounded by lush forests and rocky terrain.

The campground is situated near a few interesting locations, such as the Monongah Power Plant and the Monongah Mine, which can provide plenty of resources and items to scavenge.

There are also several small towns nearby that can be used as trading outposts. Furthermore, the campground is far enough away from large cities, making it a safe and secluded place to set up a workshop.

ResourcesSteel, Lead, Copper, Wood, Crystal 
Budget 500 caps
Power sourceFusion generator 
Extractor None 

7. Dabney Homestead

dabney homestead fallout 76 claim workshop

The Dabney Homestead is a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76. It is located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia and is a large, sprawling homestead with plenty of room to build and create.

The area is fairly heavily defended and can provide a secure location for a workshop. There are various structures, including a barn, a house, and a windmill, that can be used to set up your workshop and craft items.

The location also provides access to plenty of resources, such as wood and steel, that will be needed for crafting. 

ResourcesLead, Aluminum, Wood
Budget 3000
Power sourceGenerator 
Extractor Water 

8. Charleston Landfill

charleston landfill fallout 76 claim workshop

The Charleston Landfill could be an interesting location for a workshop in Fallout 76. It is located north of the city of Charleston and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the game.

It is a large area filled with trash and debris and is home to a variety of creatures such as Super Mutants, Radroaches, and even a few Scorched.

The area is also full of resources, including crafting materials, scrap metal, and the occasional piece of junk that can be used to build various weapons and armor.

ResourcesWood, Steel, Concrete, Copper 
Budget 500caps
Power sourceSolar panel 
Extractor Ore extractor 


9. Gorge Junkyard

Gorge Junkyard, located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia, is a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76.

It is a large junkyard filled with scrap metal, junk, and parts that can be used to build and repair weapons, armor, and other items. There are also a few vendor bots that can provide additional resources.

The area is relatively low in enemies, making it a great spot for a workshop. With its abundance of scrap, it is also a great spot to craft new items and make some caps.

ResourcesAluminum, Copper, Green Gel, Steel
Budget 3500
Power sourceSolar 
Extractor Weapon 

10. Federal Disposal Field HZ-21

federal disposal field fallout 76 workshops

Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 is not a suitable location for a workshop in Fallout 76. The only workshops available in the game are those found in various locations around the world map.

Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 is a location where the player can find various scavenging items, including weapons, armor, and other items. It is not a place where the player can build and maintain a workshop.

ResourcesAluminum, Copper, Lead, Wood
Budget 300
Power sourceFusion generator 
Extractor Water Extractor  


11. Grafton Steel Yard

grafton fallout 76 workshops

The Grafton Steel Yard is a great location for a workshop in Fallout 76. It is situated in the southern part of the map and offers plenty of resources for crafting, such as steel, wood, and concrete for walls and various scraps for crafting items.

It has many enemies, including Super Mutants, Scorched, and the occasional Deathclaw. With ample resources and enemies, it is an ideal spot for players to settle down and build up their settlement.

ResourcesAluminum, Copper, Lead, Steel, Wood 
Budget 500
Power sourceFusion generator 
Extractor Nuka-Cola Extractor

12. Lakeside Cabins

lakeside cabins workshops fallout 76

Lakeside Cabins is a unique Fallout 76 area located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is a great location for a workshop, as it has a lot of resources that can be harvested and plenty of space for building.

The cabins provide plenty of protection from the elements, while the lake provides a beautiful backdrop.

In addition, the area is away from major population centers, making it a perfect place to set up a workshop. The surrounding environment is also relatively safe, with no major threats nearby.

ResourcesWood, Steel, Copper 
Budget 500
Power sourceSolar power 
Extractor Water Extractor 


13. Hemlock Holes Maintenance

helmlock homes fallout 76 tinker workbench locations

Hemlock Holes Maintenance is not an ideal location to host a workshop in Fallout 76. The area is difficult to access and is surrounded by various high-level enemies who can make setting up your workshop difficult.

Additionally, there is not much in the way of resources or materials nearby to help build your workshop. Furthermore, the area is not very safe; even with the help of a workshop, the surrounding environment can be dangerous for players.

ResourcesWood, Steel, Copper, Lead, Fertilizer, Purified Water
Budget 1000
Power sourceGenerators 
Extractor Water pump 



Fallout 76 Workshop Locations are a great way to acquire resources, build useful objects and even create custom settlements. Whether you’re a nomad looking to find a place to rest your head or a budding builder, these locations offer something for everyone.

With the right tools, you can create the perfect place to call home in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland. Make sure to keep an eye out for new locations and updates to existing ones as the world of Fallout 76 continues to expand.


Workshops in fallout 76 can be accessed by interacting with the workshop object on the map. Once claimed, a workshop will appear as a fast-travel location.

Yes, other players in fallout 76 can claim a workshop that another player already claims. Defending the workshop from these attacks from other players will be necessary to keep control of it.

Yes, different types of workshops in fallout 76, and these different workshops have different resources and benefits, such as Power Armor, Water Pump, and even Nuclear Silo.

No specific perk is required to claim a workshop in fallout 76, but having the rank 1 of the “Wasteland Whisperer” perk allows players to pacify creatures, making them less likely to attack when near the workshop.

There are benefits of upgrading a workshop in fallout 76 that can provide access to more advanced structures and crafting recipes and increase the resource generation rate.

Claimed workshops in fallout 76 will have a marker on the map and will appear as a fast-travel location.

Yes, there are daily and weekly events in fallout 76 called “Event: Workshop,” where players can earn rewards like crafting materials, caps, and legendary weapon plans by defending a workshop from an attack of robots or other creatures.

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