Fallout 76 Gear Farming Guide

Fallout 76 Gear Farming Guide

Welcome to our Fallout 76 Gear Farming Guide! This guide will cover the different methods you can use to farm gear in Fallout 76.

We’ll provide an overview of the best methods for acquiring gear, as well as tips and tricks for maximizing your gear farming efficiency. Whether you’re looking to gear up for a raid or just want to get some high-end gear quickly, this guide will help you get what you need. So, let’s get started!

Fallout 76 Gears Farming Locations 

1. National Radio Astronomy Research Center

national radio astronomy research center gear farming fallout 76

The National Radio Astronomy Research Center (NRARC) is a location in Fallout 76 that can be used to farm gear. It is located in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia and is one of the most lucrative farming spots in the game.

The location is filled with Super Mutants and other enemies but provides a steady supply of high-level weaponry and armor. 

The NRARC is a large facility with three main buildings and a number of smaller outbuildings. The main building contains a treasure trove of loot, including powerful weapons and armor.

There is also a large supply of ammo, rare items, and a few Bobbleheads. The other two buildings each contain powerful robots, which can be harvested for rare components. 

In addition to the main buildings, two large satellite dishes can be used to access the facility’s radio-based communication systems. It is possible to use the dishes to send out distress signals, which will attract high-level enemies to the area. The enemies will drop rare items and powerful weapons and armor. 

2. Capitol Building DMV

capitol building DMV fallout 76 gears

The Capitol Building DMV in Fallout 76 is an excellent spot for gear farming. The building is full of high-level enemies, ranging from Super Mutants and Scorched to the powerful Mothman.

The building also contains many valuable loot items, such as Bobbleheads, Power Armor frames, and even Legendary items. 

The Capitol Building DMV is also a great place to farm for rare materials, such as Nuclear Material, Aluminum, and Lead. As you explore the building, you’ll also find plenty of legendary gear, such as the Black Powder Rifle, the Alien Blaster, and even the Nuka Cola Quantum

The Capitol Building DMV can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. You can farm a variety of gear here, ranging from rare to legendary. So, if you’re looking for some great gear, the Capitol Building DMV is definitely a great spot for gear farming in Fallout 76.

3. Whitesprings Bunker

Whitesprings bunker fallout 76 gears

White springs Bunker is one of the best locations for gear farming in Fallout 76. The bunker is located in the Savage Divide region and can be accessed by going through the White springs Resort.

Players will find various powerful loot inside the bunker, including legendary weapons, armor, and other rare items. The bunker is guarded by robots, so players will need to prepare for a fight before entering.

The Whitesprings Bunker is one of the best locations for farming gear in Fallout 76 due to the variety of high-quality loot that can be found. Players will find legendary weapons and armor, as well as a variety of other rare items. It is considered as a great location to settle your camp.

The bunker is guarded by robots, so players should come prepared for a fight. Additionally, the bunker is a great place to farm XP, as it provides a large number of enemies that can be killed quickly. Overall, Whitesprings Bunker is one of the best locations for gear farming in Fallout 76. The bunker

4. Blackwater Mines

blackwater mines fallout 76 how to get gears

Blackwater Mines is a location in Fallout 76 that is known as a great spot for gear farming. It is located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia, and it can be found just east of Grafton.

The area is full of rich resources, making it a great spot to farm for high-level gear, such as weapons, armor, mods, and other items. 

The main attraction in Blackwater Mines is the mine itself, which is full of valuable resources and loot. The mine itself is full of robots that can be killed for XP, and there are also two raider camps in the area.

The raider camps are a great source of gear, as they often have higher-level items that can be looted. The area also has several workshops, which can be used to craft gear and other items. The workshops are a great source of components and materials and can be used to craft powerful gear.

5. Sugar Grove

sugar grove gear farming fallout 76

Sugar Grove is a location in Fallout 76 where you can find usable farming resources for Gear Farming. It’s located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia and can be found just north of Grafton. 

At Sugar Grove, you’ll find a variety of farming resources like lead, plastic, copper that you can use for Gear Farming. There’s a raider camp located at the site where you can scavenge for resources, such as scrap metal, oil, and screws.

You can also find a workshop here and use it to craft things such as crop plots, fertilizer, and other farming tools.

Items To Look For Fallout 76 Gear Farming 

  • Legendary Enemies – Legendary enemies spawn randomly, so it’s best to keep an 
  • eye out for their unique orange health bar. 
  • Overseer’s Cache – These containers are scattered throughout the world, usually in higher-level areas. 
  • Treasure maps – Follow the map to the treasure, and you’ll find some useful loot. 
  • Purveyor – A special merchant who sells special items, including legendary gear. 
  • Events – Participate in special events for the chance to earn special rewards. 
  • World Challenges – Complete world challenges for rewards and special loot. 
  • Public Events – Participation in public events can reward you with

More Fallout 76 Gears farming Location

  • The Rusty Pick – Located at the edge of the Forest, at the northernmost point of the map. 
  • Abandoned Mine Shaft – Located in the Savage Divide region, east of the Top of the World ski resort. 
  • Mount Blair Trainyard – Located in the Ash Heap, south of the Garrahan Mining Headquarters. 
  • Morgantown Trainyard – Located in the Forest region, east of the Morgantown Airport. 
  • Watoga Station – Located in the Cranberry Bog region, south of Watoga. 
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters – Located in the Ash Heap, south of the Sinking Creek bridge. 
  • Aaronholt Homestead – Located in the Forest region, south of the Mire. 
  • Dyer Chemical – Located in the Toxic Valley region, north of the Vault 76 entrance. 
  • Grafton Steel Yard – Located in the Toxic Valley region, east of Grafton.

Use of Gears in Fallout 76 

Gears are a major component of Fallout 76 and are used for a variety of purposes. They can be found in the game world, salvaged from robots, or crafted at a Tinker’s Workbench. Gears are most commonly used for crafting items such as weapons, armor, and power armor.

They can also be used to power some types of turrets and to repair damaged items. Some gears can be used to create modifications for weapons, armor, and other items.


Fallout 76 gear farming is an enjoyable way to get the best gear in the game. With the right knowledge and dedication, you, too, can become an expert gear farmer.

By understanding the concept of gear farming and its various strategies, you can quickly and efficiently obtain high-end gear that will allow you to easily progress through the game. Whether you are looking for a challenge or simply to get the best gear, gear farming is a great way to go.


Gears in fallout 76 can be obtained by scrapping machinery and robots or purchasing them from vendors.

Yes, you can trade gears with other players in the fallout 76 game.

Gears are considered a valuable crafting component in Fallout 76, as gears are used in various crafting and upgrading recipes.

No, you don’t need to have a specific perk to craft gears in fallout 76. but having the science perk at higher ranks can increase the effectiveness of the crafted and repaired items using gears.

A few quests or events in fallout 76 give you gears as a reward, and you can also trade gears with vendors, but those are not primary sources of gears like scrapping machinery and robots.

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