How to Clean Mesh Chairs In 6 Steps | The Complete Guide

how to clean mesh chairs in 6 steps

No matter hard we try, we cannot give up sitting. Whether it is in front of the TV or at your desk for work, there simply is no alternative to sitting. Considering that we may have to sit for prolonged hours, it is vital that we have the right chair in place. As a result, mesh chairs have become one of the most popular types of office chairs. Mesh offers a unique sitting experience and a look that any other type of upholstery cannot replicate. Because of their popularity, there are literally thousands of different mesh office chairs.

A mesh chair encourages the flow of fresh air, unlike other chairs that block it. However, every fabric that exists tends to accumulate dust or get stained over time. This makes it vital that we keep fabric items cleaned, as an untidy desk can completely ruin the aesthetics of a room. Similarly, a mesh office chair needs to be cleaned every once in a while not to let the dust settle. However, cleaning a mesh office chair tends to have its challenges. 

Mesh office chairs aren’t cheap and need to be taken care of delicately. This is why attacking the chair head-on using a wet cloth is a BAD IDEA!!! In this article, we will be laying down a step-by-step guide on how to clean mesh chairs without damaging them whatsoever.

How To Clean A Mesh Chair Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to removing dirt from your mesh or fabric office chair. Note that these steps are arranged serially and should be implemented similarly as well.

1. Vacuum For Dirt And Debris

When cleaning a mesh office chair, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dirt and debris lying on your office chair. While the chair may appear tidy from afar, there are many dust particles that have set up camp on your office chair. Use a vacuum cleaner and cover every last inch of the chair. Once done, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth to wipe out the residue that remains.

2. Detach All The Detachable Parts Of The Chair

The majority of these office chairs come with detachable parts that make it easier to clean the remotest corners of the chair. To get all those hard-to-reach spots, detach all the detachable parts of the chair and lay them on the ground for the time being.

3. Spot Clean The Stains

Apart from dirt and dust, you also need to get rid of the stains that have accumulated on your office chair over time. Right from a spilled cup of coffee to a leaking pen, anything is enough to put stains on a perfectly decent office chair. To get rid of these stains:

  1. Use a dry microfiber cloth along with a good stain remover.
  2. Spray a small amount on the affected part of the chair.
  3. Leave it to dry, and then use a microfiber cloth to spot clean the stains.
  4. Do NOT apply too much pressure.
  5. Do NOT SCRUB.

Doing so can damage the chair.

4. Gently Wipe The Chair

Gently Wipe The Chair

Once you’ve vacuumed the chair and cleaned the stains using a stain remover, leave the chair out to dry. After a while, spray the chair using a quality disinfectant. Spray a small amount on the underside of the chair to check to see if there are any side effects. If safe, gently spray the disinfectant all over the chair. Finally, gently wipe the chair using a dry microfiber cloth.

NOTE:  If the disinfectant damages your chair, mix warm water with soap and apply over the damaged area to reverse the effects

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5. Clean And Reattach The Parts

Once the chair is taken care of, it is time to tend to the detached parts you’ve laid aside. First, leave the chair to dry. Using a disinfectant spray or warm water and soap combination, wipe down the plastic parts and metal framing. Next, clean the fabric-covered parts using a microfiber cloth and vacuum cleaner. Leave everything to dry. Once the chair and parts are dry, reattach the parts. First, spray

6. Clean The Framework

how to clean mesh chairs steps

Once you have cleaned the chair for dust, dirt, and spray particles, allow it to dry for a while. While the chair dries, you can use the time to clean the framework. The framework supporting the chair could use some cleaning every now and then since it can pick up a lot of dirt and dust over time. So, use a disinfectant or soap/water, gently wipe down the framework. 

Tips To Keep Your Office Chair From Collecting Dust

While it may not be possible to clean your chair now and then, you can try out a few things to keep your chair from accumulating dust. There are simple things you can to make your chair appear clean and spotless. The first thing to do is NOT eating at your desk. Eating at your desk leads to crumb build-up, which in turn makes your chair an unhygienic mess. Apart from dust, you also need to protect your chair from stains and spots. Therefore, it is best to have coffee in either the breakroom or near the coffee machine and not near the chair to protect it against spots. 

Another simple thing to do to keep your chair clean is taking at least 10-minutes out of your daily schedule and thoroughly wiping down your chair. For example, if you wipe down your chair before you leave on a Friday evening, you’ll return to a sparkling new chair on Monday. Apart from this, make it a point to thoroughly clean your chair using the steps mentioned above every once in a while. 

The Bottom Line

We hope our article was successfully able to walk you through regarding how to clean mesh chairs and you understood all the steps. Do NOT apply too much pressure. Do NOT SCRUB. Doing so can damage the chair. Even though your chair may appear clean and spotless from afar, it is crawling with dust particles and stains left behind by either a spilled cup of coffee or pen. Take 10 minutes out of your day to gently wipe down your chair. And make it a point to thoroughly clean your chair using the steps mentioned above every once in a while. 

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