Why Does My Gaming Chair Keep Going Down? | Reasons And Fixes

Why Does My Gaming Chair Keep Going Down

If your gaming chair ( RGB chair, Xbox chair ) keeps going down, it can be incredibly frustrating! This Issue can be caused by a variety of factors, such as weight distribution, incorrect assembly, weak or damaged parts, or even wear and tear over time. Fortunately, some easy fixes can help you get your gaming chair back up and running in no time. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential causes of your gaming chair going down and provide some tips for fixing the Issue.

Reasons Behind Gaming Chairs Keep Going Down 

There are several reasons why a gaming chair may keep going down. This could be due to a faulty pneumatic lift mechanism, a weak spring, or even a worn-out hydraulic cylinder. It may also be due to a lack of proper maintenance or poor-quality materials.

Finally, it may also be caused by an incorrect seating position, where the user is leaning too far forward or backward. It is also possible that the gaming chair is not designed to support the user’s weight.

It may sink if the chair is too lightweight or not designed to support the user properly. The chair may not sit on a level surface, causing it to sink or tilt. Finally, the chair may not be properly assembled or installed, causing it to sink.

Few Solutions to Why my Gaming Chair Keeps Going Down Issue 

Solution 1 – Oil Your Gaming Chair Parts

The best way to prevent a gaming chair from going down is to lubricate all the moving parts regularly. This includes the joints, casters, and other moving components.

You can use a lightweight oil or lubricant designed for gaming chairs to keep them optimally functioning. Additionally, check the chair periodically for any loose or broken parts that may be causing the chair to slip, and make sure to tighten or replace them as needed.

Solution 2 – Use PVC Pipe

This solution involves using PVC pipe to add stability to the chair legs, which will prevent the chair from going down. First, measure the diameter of the chair legs and cut four pieces of PVC pipe that are slightly longer than the circumference of each chair leg.

Then, place the pipes around the legs of the chair, ensuring that the pipes are evenly spaced. Secure the pipes in place with zip ties or duct tape. This will provide extra stability to the chair, preventing it from going down.

Solution 3 – Use a Hose Clamp and Duct Tape

Hose clamps and duct tape are a great way to prevent a chair from going down. The hose clamps can be used to secure the legs of the chair to the base of the chair, making it difficult to move.

Duct tape can be used to reinforce the connection between the legs and the base of the chair. This will provide an extra layer of security to ensure the chair stays in place.

Solution 4 – Replace the Pneumatic Cylinder of your Chair

You can replace the pneumatic cylinder of your chair with a locking cylinder. This cylinder locks when it reaches a certain height, preventing the chair from going down. The locking cylinder is available in different sizes and can be easily fitted to your chair.

Replacing the pneumatic cylinder with a locking cylinder is an effective and straightforward solution to prevent your chair from unexpectedly going down.

It is also affordable, as the locking cylinder is available in different sizes and can be easily installed. Additionally, the locking cylinder is durable and can be adjusted to fit the specific height requirements of your chair.

This ensures that the chair is stable and secure when in use. Lastly, the locking cylinder is a reliable solution as it will keep your chair from unexpectedly going down and ensure that you can work comfortably for longer periods.

Why is My Office Chair Sinking? 

Why is My Office Chair Sinking? 

There are a few reasons why your office chair may be sinking. The most common reasons include worn-out gas lift cylinders, incorrect weight distribution, or incorrect seat height.

If the gas lift cylinders are worn out, you need to replace them. If the weight distribution is incorrect, you may need to adjust the tilt tension or the seat height.

Lastly, if the seat height is incorrect, you may need to adjust the height adjustment lever. Other possible causes of your office chair sinking include inadequate support from the backrest or seat cushion or even a build-up of dirt or dust.

If the backrest isn’t providing adequate support, try adding a cushion or lumbar support. If the seat cushion is too soft, try adding a cushion or replacing it with a firmer one. If you suspect a build-up of dirt or dust is the culprit, you may need to take apart the chair and clean it thoroughly.

Why Does My PC Chair Keep Going Down?

There are a few potential reasons why your PC chair may keep going down. It may be due to a worn out or broken piston, which is a part of the chair that helps it to adjust in height. It could also be due to a broken or worn-out gas spring, which helps the chair stay upright.

A chair could cause a faulty tilt mechanism, which may cause the chair to go down when you lean back. Lastly, it may be due to loose screws or worn-out parts that do not allow the chair to stay upright. Whatever the cause, it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your chair or injury to the user.


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the possible causes of your gaming chair going down and take the necessary steps to ensure it is functioning properly.

Be sure to regularly check the screws, bolts, gas lift, and armrests for any signs of wear and tear. If all else fails, contact a professional to fix the Issue. With the right knowledge and care, you can make sure your gaming chair is always in top condition.


The upholstery and padding should not affect the gaming chair’s height adjustment and cause it to sink.

Using a chair that won’t stay in the raised position is unsafe, as it can cause you to fall or injure yourself.

There’s likely a manufacturing defect if the new gaming chair keeps sinking, and in such case, you should contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repair.

The cost of repair or replacement of the gas cylinder will depend on the brand and model of your gaming chair, as well as the extent of the damage.

It is not always necessary to replace the entire chair if the gas cylinder is broken, but it may be a good time to invest in a new gas cylinder if the chair is old or has other issues.

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