Elecwish Gaming Chair Review – A Gamer’s Review.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Review

Elecwish is a manufacturer of furniture, based out of a factory in the west of Shanghai. Apart from gaming chairs, they build office chairs, patio furniture, bathroom vanities, makeup dressing table, bar stool and table, fitness equipment, smart lighting, and basic home decor. Products by Elecwish are made keeping in mind their target audience, and they provide low priced solutions to any home decor needs.

The gaming chairs by Elecwish cost less than $200 and are user friendly. Suppose you are a casual or professional gamer. In that case, Elecwish gaming chairs are the right gaming chairs for you as it has a desirable design that gives you a great experience when used for work or gaming and the ergonomic structure helps to keep you comfortable the whole day.

This article is an Elecwish gaming chair review that will be your guide to the right information before purchasing the perfect gaming chair for your needs. If you are looking out for a gaming chair with the right specifications under a decent price range, read on to learn about what Elecwish has to offer.

Review of Best Elecwish Gaming Chairs

1st Place
Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair elecwish gaming chair review Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair By Elecwish
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Best Value
Elecwish Premium Ergonomic elecwish Gaming Chair review Elecwish Premium Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair By Elecwish
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3 Elecwish Racing Style Video Gaming Chair with Massage vertebrae Cushion elecwish gaming chairs review Elecwish Racing Style Video Gaming Chair By Elecwish
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1. Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest

Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair elecwish gaming chair review

The Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair is structured and has an extractable headrest. Moreover, it consists of a vertebrae support pillow for neck and spinal cord safeguarding during lengthy periods and provides exceptional support for the back. It comes with an anti-scratch rich PU leather, which is glossy and luxurious.

It is incorporated with smooth-rolling caster wheels which are highly durable and can support the human body weight of up to 330 pounds. The wheels are noiseless, non-slip in nature, and doesn’t scratch the floor. The chair is made up of a high-density thick sponge that makes the chair more comfortable and relaxing to sit on.

It also comes with an SGS certified safe air-lift, with around 3.2-inch seat height adaptation. Its ergonomic features with retractable footrest and large seat make it ideal for both men and women of any size. You can relax your arms on the movable armrest as well.

The soft neck pillow is filled with doll cotton and can be adjusted according to your convenience. This chair spreads your bodyweight equally to enable long hours of relaxation. This racing style gaming chair is suitable for professional video gamers (compare it with other professional gaming chairs) and has a 1-year limited warranty. The racing chair is constructed for a perfect balance of security, durability, and comfort. The High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair by Elecwish has been certified by BIFMA ( Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) with 5 stars.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Movable headrest
  • Consist of a vertebrae structure pillow for neck and spinal cord
  • Anti-scratch thick PU Leather with a glossy finish
  • Durable and noiseless caster wheels that don’t scratch the floor.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Retractable footrest
  • Weight structure of 330 pounds
  • 5-star BIFMA certified


  • Lengthy footrest
  • The headrest pillow is placed too low

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2. Elecwish Premium Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Elecwish Premium Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair review

The Elecwish Premium Ergonomic computer gaming chair is comfortable and coherent due to its user-friendly construction. It has a removable headrest pillow and a sturdy footrest. It comprises a high backrest with a 22-inch wide seat and a 4.7-inch thick foam. Apart from this, it consists of a soft, movable 3.2-inch wide armrest.

The gaming chair also consists of noiseless rubber caster wheels that protect the floor from getting scratched. This ergonomic computer gaming chair boasts of a supportive lumbar pillow. This protects the spine during long sitting hours. It also comprises a fully movable and adjustable armrest and a 360-degree swivel.

This chair is specially constructed for multi-tasking. It can be used for video gaming and professional work too. This gaming chair is crafted with PU leather which adds great appeal and comfort to the chair. The PU leather is wear, and water-resistant in nature and hence contributes to increased durability.

This chair by Elecwish comes with a soft doll cotton removable neck pillow. Ten adjusting joints streamline the arch providing a better shape which complements the dynamic motion required during gaming. In terms of quality and safety, this ergonomic gaming chair is 5 star certified by BIFMA and structures up to 330lbs. It comes with a  2-Years Limited Warranty.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extractable headrest pillow
  • Thick footrest
  • Made out of PU anti-scratch leather and highly dense form
  • Anti-scratch caster wheels protect the floor from scratches
  • Comes with a vertebrae structure pillow
  • Movable footrest
  • Weight structure of 330 pounds
  • 5-star BIFMA certified


  • Wobbly armrest
  • Seating foam isn’t a memory foam

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3. Elecwish Racing Style Video Gaming Chair with Massage vertebrae Cushion

Elecwish Racing Style Video Gaming Chair with Massage vertebrae Cushion review

This Elecwish Racing Style Video Gaming Chair with a lumbar massage cushion comes with a vibratory massage performance that effectively relieves spinal cord discomfort. It also consists of a  thick cushion for a relaxed gaming session.

This chair can support a maximum weight of 300lbs. If you follow the instructions given, you’ll find it easy to assemble the chair within 20 minutes. This ergonomic racing chair is engulfed by breathable premium PU leather with a  freely movable headrest pillow that offers neck protection. The chair also includes movable seat height adaptability function and a tilt and lock option up to 160 degrees.

Besides this, it also comes with a large, thick, and wide seat, that’s comfortable and ideal for women and men of all sizes. It also boasts of an SGS certified safe air-lift, of up to 4-inch seat height modification, and can bear 330lbs human body weight. It can automatically tilt back and can be locked on a certain recline position.

When you need to recline, do so at safe angles from 90-160 degrees. Elecwish ergonomic gaming chair has a heavy-duty metal base that contributes to the chair’s great stability and mobility. Moreover, it incorporates a 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters wheels. Elecwish Reclining Racing Style Gaming Chair provides you with the ultimate comfort and style, thanks to its unique racing style imitation leather padding. This comfortable gaming chair includes a built-in footrest so you can stretch your legs and a lumbar pillow that provides you with extra support. As every Elecwish gaming chair, this computer gaming chair is also certified by BIFMA for quality and safety.


  • Vibratory massage function
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Removable headrest pillow
  • Thick footrest
  • Made out of breathable PU leather
  • Anti-scratch caster wheels protect the floor from scratches
  • Comes with a vertebrae structure pillow
  • Movable footrest
  • Weight structure of 360 pounds
  • 5-star BIFMA certified
  • SGS certified Airlift of 4 inches


  • Sensitive wheels
  • Footrest tends to not align with the reclined position

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Elecwish Gaming Chairs: Buying Guide

More About Elecwish Gaming Chairs

Elecwish gaming chairs are known for their user-friendly design, 5-star certified BIFMA construction, lumbar support, firm footrest, movable headrest, luxurious PU leather covering, anti-scratch caster wheels, sufficiently high body weight support, and SGS certified safe airlift height adjustments. Their overall quality is very good and commendable.

Their gaming chairs are primarily for professional gamers who sit for long hours playing games. They can be used by professionals as well, who work for long hours and need ergonomically designed chairs to structure their back and neck. All gaming chairs by Elecwish are priced under $200 and are hence inexpensive as well. Killabee Gaming Chairs and Homall Gaming Chairs are worthy alternatives if you are looking for that particular price range.

 1. Backrest Cushion

backrest cushion elecwish gaming chair review

The backrest cushion provided by Elecwish gaming chairs have good neck and back structure with extra cushions. The backrest cushion also protects the lumbar and spinal cord from sprain and discomfort caused by long sitting hours. The backrest cushion is movable and is provided for additional comfort. You can choose to remove it when you don’t feel like using it.

The cushions are provided with all Elecwish gaming chairs so that the user is free to use them when necessary. The cushions help you relax and are specifically designed to prevent body discomfort caused by playing games for lengthy hours or working on a desk job throughout the day.

2. Retractable Footrest

retractable footrest elecwish gaming chair review

The La-Z-Boy style footrest provided by Elecwish gaming chairs helps keep your legs comfortable. You can use the footrest to keep your legs stretched throughout the gaming session. The footrest is movable and extends forward from underneath the seat.

When you need to use the footrest, recline and use the knob provided. The knob makes it easier for you to adjust the footrest according to your liking. You can also choose to not use the footrest by letting it stay underneath the seat. Elecwish gaming chairs are known for their sturdy and durable footrest, that aids in the perfect gaming experience.

3. Padded Armrest

Any gaming chair constructed must-have comfortable padded armrests as these are an important part of any gaming chair. The armrests provided in Elecwish Gaming Chairs are unique because, in most of the gaming chairs available in the market, the armrest is immovably attached to the seat and doesn’t adapt to the reclined position. Whereas, in Elecwish gaming chairs, the armrests are joined to the seat pan at a junction and can be moved as and when required during the gaming session. 

This is a useful feature because when you tend to tilt back the armrest also adapts accordingly. The armrests are lengthy enough to provide comfort to your arms in all different positions during gaming and working scenarios. Also, the armrests can be foldable for your ease. Elecwish gaming chair is among the best models, that provides thickly padded armrests for comfort.

4. Movable Tilt and Lock

movable tilt and lock elecwish gaming chair review

The Elecwish video gaming chair boasts of a generous backrest reclining feature. The back tilt mechanism adjusts from  90 to 170 degrees, allowing you to take a nap almost horizontally. It is useful during breaks from long office days or while chilling and watching a movie.

When one needs to lock into any position when you recline, there is a safe angle of 90-160 degrees. The Elecwish gaming chair includes a tilt and lock function with up to 180 degrees reclining position (Furmax Racing Chair is one of the few PC gaming chair that can be reclined upto 180 degrees). Apart from reclining to about 180 degrees angle, this computer gaming chair can automatically tilt back and can lock the backrest at a particular position.

5. High weight capacity

Elecwish computer gaming chairs boast of high weight capacity. The gaming chairs can take up to 360 pounds of human body weight. The construction material and design make the gaming chair durable and strong. The overall features of the chair, along with its method of construction, provides the high weight capacity property of the chair. Since the chair is certified by both, SGS, and BIFMA, the high weight capacity of Elecwish gaming chairs is reliable.

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Pros and Cons of Elecwish Gaming Chairs


  • The main reason to buy the Elecwish gaming chair is for the ergonomic benefits. If you spend long hours sitting, this gaming chair is a good investment as it provides the right structure for your back.
  • Elecwish gaming chairs cheap. Although the features closely resemble each other, the pricing is budget-friendly.
  • They are SGS and BIFMA certified for safety and quality.
  • Elecwish computer gaming chairs are a luxury and are highly durable.
  • The chair comes with many movable comforts like the retractable footrest and movable armrest.
  • Elecwish gaming chairs also come with a 2-year warranty.


  • The armrest tends to loosen up after lengthy use.
  • The foam used isn’t memory foam.

Factors that make it Multi-Functional

Since Elecwish gaming chairs provide excellent lumbar, spinal cord, and neck support, they can be used for reasons other than gaming as well. People working a desk job for long hours can effectively use Elecwish gaming chairs to prevent discomfort caused by working for long hours.

The movable armrest and footrest help you to relax when you need a break from the constant gaming or working. And the reclinable backrest gives you a break from sitting up straight for a long time. The height adjustment property helps the chair to be universal, and hence people of all different heights can use it. The seat provided is also wide and comfortable. Since the gaming chair comes with cushions for ergonomic functionality, people with physiological problems can also comfortably use the chair.

For the price, Elecwish Gaming Chairs sure do justice with regard to overall quality. However, these are just not the same as with higher end gaming chairs from Secretlab, Dxracer and Respawn to name a few. We’ve put together a separate review for the Respawn 110 & Respwan 200 Racing style gaming chair for your reference.

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Worthy alternatives to Elecwish Gaming Chairs

Some of the alternatives to Elecwish ergonomic gaming chairs are Devoko and Ficmax. These are the two gaming chair companies that manufacture gaming chairs similar to Elecwish. These are gaming chairs that would cost you under 200 dollars and comprises of many useful features.

Devoko gaming chairs are covered by premium breathable leather, freely movable lumbar support and a headrest pillow. These protect your spinal cord & neck. It also consists of a 360-degree swivel rotation with top quality noiseless rolling wheels. Also comes with easy lock-tilt adaptability when you recline the seat during lengthy gaming or working periods.

Ficmax gaming chairs come with a tilt, rock, or swivel that can be adjusted at your pleasure. It consists of a PU leather that is dirt and fades resistant. The chair incorporates 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam. The chair is built with a complete metal framework. For comfort, retractable footrest, movable armrest, and large seat cushion are provided.  A heavy-duty wheelbase supports the chair for better mobility. Complimentary neck pillow & USB powered lumbar massage pillow is also provided.

These particular model are suitable for the people who are lot into PC gaming. If you are more into console gaming then you may refer to our following articles


If you are a gamer looking to improve your gaming experience, then look no further. Elecwish computer gaming chairs are packed with remarkable features that can provide a full 360-degree swivel motion and can handle a bodyweight of 300+ pounds. It also has multiple functionalities that improve your gaming experience.

These gaming chairs are foldable and can rotate, recline and adapt. Talking about the price range, they all are inexpensive and available in attractive color options. Elecwish manufactures gaming chairs that make gamers and professionals feel relaxed and comfortable when sitting on them. Your search for the ideal gaming chair ends today. Purchase the right Elecwish model for your needs without thinking twice.

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