5 Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review (2023)

5 Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs

You must have seen gamers streaming live or recorded videos and noticed their fancy gaming chairs. Those gaming chairs may or may not look very aesthetic but serve a greater service to the gamer. It takes care of the health of the gamer and provides a comfortable experience to the gamer.

For someone who doesn’t use a proper chair and spends lots of hours sitting in one position may experience frequent sharp backaches or migraines in the long run. During long sessions of working or gaming, you sit in the same position that causes a lot of stress on your back and spine.

These chairs not only serve the purpose of appeal but also improve blood circulation to your upper body that may not be equally good while sitting in a stiff chair for hours. A very popular name in this gaming chair history is GTRacing, and this has been a very beloved brand for many gamers.

If you are also looking for a great chair that is comfortable, affordable and doesn’t inflict negative effects on your health in the long term, then GTRacing is your solution, and we’ve come up with our GTRacing Chair Review to help you decide which one is best for your home.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Collections

1. Ace Series: As its name signifies, this chair suits best for people who like to ace whatever they want to do in life and spend a lot of time working. This gives them a comfortable setting that helps them concentrate on their work instead of worrying about keeping their back straight.

2. Pro Series: This pro series is meant for professionals who don’t like things getting in their way when they’re set out to achieve what they want. It gives them enough padding and back support to perform at their best level throughout the game.

3. Luxury Series: Best suited for people who like to spend their leisure time in their gaming chairs trying to relax and rejuvenate from their tiring life. It makes you feel like you’re sitting in the cloud without being too cosy or sinking at the edges.

4. Music Series: Built with two bluetooth speakers, it gives you a rich and cinema-like experience at your home. It gives surrounded sound with impeccable clarity that takes care of both your posture and your entertainment.

5. Footrest Series: The chairs that give you the premium comfort as well as support in an affordable range. This series has superior gaming chairs that help you relax every inch of your body. From your arms to legs, GTRacing Footrest series is meant for you if you want outstanding support without robbing a bank or cashing out your entire savings.

Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs

1st Place
GTRACING ACE S1 White Racing Style Gaming Chair review GTRACING ACE S1 White Racing Style Gaming Chair By GTRACING
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Best Value
GTRACING ACE M1 Black Racing Style Gaming Chair review GTRACING ACE M1 Black Racing Style Gaming Chair By GTRACING
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3 GTRACING Pro Series GTBEE - Black gtracing chair review GTRACING Pro Series GTBEE By GTRACING
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4 GTRACING Music Series GT890M - Blue gtracing chair review GTRACING Music Series GT890M By GTRACING
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5 GTRACING Footrest Series GT909 gtracing gaming chair review GTRACING Footrest Series GT909 By GTRACING
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1. GTRACING ACE S1 White Racing Style Gaming Chair

 GTRACING ACE S1 White Racing Style Gaming Chair

For a gamer, backache is very common after a long match, and it hurts even more if your difficult match ends up with you losing because your stiff chair kept you from focusing on your gameplay.

Still, you don’t have to worry about it if you buy this GT RACING ACE-S1-WHITE gaming chair. It is your heavenly abode for the best gaming experience.

This chair is a great choice for everyone irrespective of your body type. With an adjustable back that allows you to change your angle from 90 to 170 degrees easily, switch between sitting straight to lying down to stretch your body and muscles.

Supreme comfort and support is this chair’s best feature, and it aches it very well. The upholstery and overall design are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about a bent frame, peeling upholstery or uncomfortable sitting angles. This gaming chair reflects all the great features that GTRacing gaming chairs are famous for without being too expensive.


  • Durable
  • Great appeal
  • Superior comfort


  • No footrest

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2. GTRACING ACE M1 Black Racing Style Gaming Chair

GTRACING ACE M1 Black Racing Style Gaming Chair

The GTRACING ACE-M1-BLACK  Gaming Chair focuses greatly on providing you with the best comfort and support that you’ve ever known. We are very sure that once you go for this chair, you won’t be able to switch to any other brand or product in future.

Superior comfort with the perfect amount of padding and cushioning lets you sit in a correct posture without needing you to pay a great amount for it.

An inexpensive gaming chair of great quality is no more a fantasy for avid gamers, and the satisfied customers are proof of this thing.

Many twitch streamers and pro gamers swear by this chair, and it’s the ability to accommodate a wide range of users can be one of the reasons for this. With seat- height adjustment and armrests, this chair adds another level to the comfort, and its adjustable backrest helps you to go from sitting straight to lying position easily.

The thick padded seat relieves the pressure directly from your pressure points. This gaming chair is a reliable companion for your gaming journey.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect amount of padding and cushioning
  • Adjustable back


  • Bulky

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3. GTRACING Pro Series GTBEE – Black

GTRACING Pro Series GTBEE - Black review

Take up any typical racing chair, lace it with all premium features you might need, and you get GTRACING Pro Series GTBEE Black gaming chair. This gaming chair is dedicated to giving you the best comfortable experience.

Strong metal frame keeps the chair sturdy, and its premium upholstery looks brand-new for decades so you can game or work while looking good. It is the champion at offering you both support and comfort. Ergonomic design with the ability to recline at 170 degrees angle is not only ideal for gaming but also can be used while studying or working.

It has class 4 heavy-duty KGS gas lift which is best in its line providing consistency, stability, and safety. To add to that this chair even has a rocking function that allows you to shake back and forth completely enjoying the moment.

It is one of the most popular products from GTRacing gaming chairs and best suited for slim people with average height. In our GTRacing Gaming Chair Review, we count this chair as no less than a five-star premium product.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic design
  • Supreme comfort
  • Great appeal
  • Affordable


  • Heavy to handle

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4. GTRACING Music Series GT890M – Blue

GTRACING Music Series GT890M - Blue gtracing chair review

Many chairs encourage slouching, but this GTRACING Music SERIES gaming chair is meant for you. It offers you the perfect combination of support and comfort within an affordable price range.

The chair makes you sit in perfect posture without needing someone to remind you to sit straight constantly. Its ergonomic design offers sufficient support, and premium cushioning allows you to feel at ease.

The PU leather is durable and doesn’t peel off easily.

The best thing about this chair is its Bluetooth speakers that surround you with music and a good three hour of charge can last you five to six hours within 5 metres of your PC range. The speakers are located on the back of your upper seat so sound coming from the back of your chair gives you both an immersive and enchanting experience.

On reviewing this, we realised that the gaming feels much more real with this music chair, and most of the long-time users are still blown away by the 360 degrees immersive experience. This chair is one of the best sellers from all the GTRacing gaming chairs, and we believe it’s a worthy investment.


  • 360 degrees immersive experience.
  • Durable.
  • Premium comfort and support.
  • Affordable.


  • Charging doesn’t last long.

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5. GTRACING Footrest Series GT909 – Red

GTRACING Footrest Series GT909 - Red gtracing gaming chair review

The GT RACING Footrest Series GT909-RED looks somewhat generic on the first look, but after further inspecting the quality of this chair you’ll find it to be better than most of the coming in this price range or higher.

The company doesn’t compromise on the quality of material used in manufacturing this chair, and it reflects well in the product. The premium quality PU leather, seat cushion, lumbar and headrest pillows are mere additions to the outstanding design of this chair.

It provides you with enough support to keep you in the correct posture while keeping the user comfortable.

The footrest adds on to that comfort as it allows you to lean back and rest your legs. This stretches your muscles and establishes your blood circulation, making sure long hours don’t leave negative impacts on your health.

If you think the outlook and overall features are good, then wait till you realise that the foundation of this chair is as good as the comfort it offers. The sturdy frame doesn’t bend or gets weaker by time, and retractable footrests make naps or breaks as comfortable as lying in bed or sitting in a massage gaming chair.

According to our GTRacing Chair Review, this gaming chair is an A1 product for people who spend a great amount of their day cooped up in their gaming chairs.


  • Sturdy.
  • Retractable footrests.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Superior comfort and support.


  • Needs more space than others on this list.

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More About GTRacing Gaming Chairs

More About GTRacing Gaming Chairs

If you are looking for good features at a low-end price, then GTRacing is a good brand to consider. It offers pillows which add on to comfort, and these gaming chairs are designed to focus on the experience of the user.

The company invests into solving the issues of the users as they say that the chairs must be designed by people who have experienced the pain points of the gamers. So the brand is very much from the gamers and made for the gamers.

GTRacing chairs are manufactured with premium quality products and offer chairs in a wide range from luxurious to plain but sturdy gaming chairs. Their smooth-rolling casters and five-point base make them a strong competitor in the market.

They mainly have Ace, Pro and Luxury series, but some of their other best sellers may include mesh ageing chairs that are very breathable and very comfortable to use. It is a bit expensive, but if the mesh is your sweet choice, then this chair may be the best one out there.

Pros and Cons of GTRacing Gaming Chairs


  • Looks aesthetic.
  • Gives you perfect posture.
  • Comfortable.
  • Lasts longer than you think.
  • Prevents health issues like back pain, neck pain etc.
  • Better support than any other chair type.


  • Comparatively more expensive than other types.
  • Requires more space.

Worthy Alternatives to GTRacing Gaming Chairs

Monopoly is a bad thing, and not checking out alternatives for the product you’re purchasing is even worse. There are few worthy alternatives of the GTRacing chairs, and they are; Vertagear, Noblechairs, Secretlab Omega and Arozzi Verona is your choice if the user will be a child.

All of these brands incorporate premium quality materials and provide you with great products at a reasonable price range. None of them offers very expensive chairs, but your priority is your health then one of them is meant for you. One thing that stands out on the list is noblechairs with dual cushions.

These dual cushions are a smooth way of getting supreme comfort and leads you into comfortable bliss. There are even more products that are worth looking out for like NZXT x Vertagear SL5000 or Corsair T3 Rush. Their lumbar support also hits a sweet spot with the users.

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You might believe that posture is not that big of a deal, or you can maintain a good posture with any chair, but it’s not possible. When you work, you tend to slump or bend, and this creates a bad posture as well as a bad mindset for working.

You won’t see any immediate effects of this, but in the long run, it tends to eat away your health by first affecting your cardiovascular health and later your spine. Some people have even seen altered spine shape due to slumping, and the list of bad effects is very long, so you should invest in a good chair if you’ve to spend long hours sitting or working.

And in this case, GTRacing gaming chairs have a lot to offer, and

 it has something for everyone so you can find a good product whether you want your chair to be appealing, durable, aesthetic, adding to your entertainment or letting you take a nap on it whenever you want. The investment will be worth it because it’s for your health and we recommend nothing but the best brand for you.

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