What Gaming Chairs do Pros Use?

If you have ever been on Twitch, the live streaming website, then you must have seen all the streamers sitting in their high back, shiny, red blue or neon colored professional gaming chairs.

You may wonder if they use these pro gaming chairs for the sole purpose of appeal or if they serve any other purpose as well. TO answer that in brief, they sure serve a purpose beyond fancy looks. Even though these chairs add up to great overall aesthetics, they are beneficial for long hours of gaming, competing in a gaming competition, and daily long streaming sessions as they are designed ergonomically. They reduce the stress your back and arms take so when you game for long hours; your body does not take a toll.

Streamers and professional gamers often have to sit in the same chair for hours every day, and as we all have experienced, we go from a straight sitting position to a reclined one within the first hour. This can cause backache and shoulder pain in the short term; in the long term, it can cause permanent back problems, muscle damage etc. And when your main job is to sit in the same position every day for hours, like that of streamers, then it can start affecting your body pretty quickly.

So, if you ever wondered which are the best gaming chairs then there are no better recommendations to look at then the ones top gamers and streamers like Shroud, PewDiePie, Dr Disrespect etc. are using today. So, let’s take a look at what chairs do pro gamers use.

Professional Gaming Chairs Used by Top Streamers

1. SHROUD – Herman Miller Aeron

1. Dimensions18.5″ X 28.5″ X 43″
2. Chair Weight39 pounds
3. Weight Capacity350 Pounds (Size B and C)
4. Chair MaterialRecycled Material
5. Reclining AnglesUpright, Mid-recline, and Full Recline
6. ArmrestsAdjustable; Can slide backward and forward

First on our list is one of the most known CS: GO players ever in the history of the game, the legend Shroud himself. After playing CS: GO professionally, Shroud has now also taken Twitch by storm, and his channel already has over 8 million followers.

Aeron by Herman Miller is Shroud’s go-to chair for everyday streaming. The chair cost 1400 USD, but if you are familiar with the brand of Herman Miller, then you should be aware that they are known for their exceptional quality and high-end office products. The chair made its debut in 1994 as the world’s first ergonomic task chair, and since then it has been popular among people, still highly ranked in selling charts.

The chair has 20 years of innovation put behind it, making it one of the most comfortable. It has refined tilt mechanism, adjustable Posture Fit SL, and 8Z Pellicle suspension. You have 3D armrest support for your arms. Aeron is not a one size fit all, so it comes in three different sizes.

One thing you might notice is that it does not have lumbar support, that is because the ergonomics are so advanced that you don’t need one. It does not come with all flashy racing colors but with a mesh on the back which makes long hours of sitting comfortably on your back as well as skin. So, if you are someone who likes to keep their set up minimal and but does not like to give up on comfort, then Aeron is the chair for you. Check our detailed Herman Miller Aeron Review before deciding if it’s best for you.


  • Aeron chairs have nice recline facilities.
  • The arms are designed to provide a very comfortable experience.
  • Forward seat tilt facility is available
  • 12 years warranty
  • Rated for 24/7 use
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Can feel frame on seat and back
  • The seat may not be comfortable
  • No seat depth adjustment
  • No back-height adjustment
  • Limited color options

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2. PewDiePie – Clutch Chairz Throttle Series

1. Dimensions29.53″ x 33.46″ x 48-51″
2. Chair Weight59.4 lbs
3. Weight Capacity330lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Padded Armrest and HeadrestYes
6. Foot RestNo

The god of YouTube himself, PewDiePie with over a massive one hundred million subscribers, does some game commentary and stream games. Like every streamer, he also cares about his body posture and has opted to use a good gaming chair.

Clutch Chairz Throttle Series is his choice of chair. The chair is on the higher end of the price range, but it is still affordable at under 500 US dollars. Clutch Chairz has big wide back support which makes it very comfortable to sit for people of all sizes. The back support is adjustable, with 4D armrest making it accessible to everyone. Well, padded seat and back support give a comfortable experience even after long hours. Lumbar pad and neck support help to make it more ergonomic. The leather is a blend, but it is of high quality and comes with a 3-year warranty.

The chair comes in various racing colors so you can choose according to your set up. But if you are someone who is not really into the RGB game, then you also have the option of going all black. Check our detailed Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Review before deciding if it’s best for you.


  • Wide and adjustable to support people of all sizes
  • High-quality blend of leather
  • Lumbar and Neck support
  • Generous warranty


  • On expensive side of the spectrum of gaming chairs, around 500 USD

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3. Ninja – Maxnomic Pro

1. Dimensions (L x W x H)32 x 27 x 14 inches
2. Chair Weight67.1lbs
3. Weight Capacity220lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Padded Armrest and HeadrestYes
6. Foot RestNo

The Ninja does not need any introduction if you have ever been on any streaming service. He was the most followed streamer on Twitch with 15 million followers which makes him the undisputed champion of the streaming realm. Ninja shifted to Mixer for streaming, but since Mixer got shut down in June 2020, Ninja might be seen making a comeback soon to Twitch.

Maxnomic Pro is his go-to chair for his streaming session. It is one of the premium gaming chairs with a racing look. The chair focuses heavily on comfort and does not compromise on it at any place. Whether it be neck support or armrest, each of the elements are so fine-tuned that it is used by not only Ninja but many other gaming teams across the world. There is also an office edition of the chair. The Casual gaming version of the chair comes without lumbar support. There is also an XL size of the chair which makes it more inclusive.


  • One of the most used pro chairs
  • High-quality material
  • Wide variety gives something for everyone.


  • Less Warranty than other competitors
  • On expensive side of the gaming chair spectrum

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4. DrDisrespect – Sidiz T80 Task Chair

1. Dimensions35 x 29 x 24 inches
2. Chair Weight48.4 lbs
3. Weight Capacity250lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Adjustable Armrest and HeadrestYes
6. Foot RestNo

The pro COD player has signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Twitch and became one of the biggest streamers. Doc is known for his crazy style, his confidence and being cool in tense situations which can be seen in competitions and even after his abrupt Twitch ban. After which he continued streaming on YouTube and got back on his feet quite quickly. Doc’s Channel is right now at over 3 million subs.

Dr Disrespect does not like to mess around when it comes to his gaming equipment that is why he opts for Sidiz T80. Like every other gaming chair, it provides comfort and support, alongside adjustable seating. But what makes it stand out is the mesh back which makes it the perfect pic for intense and long gaming sessions. While keeping your back cool and ventilated it provides perfect ergonomics for your comfort.

One of the key features of the chair is ultimate sync tilt which adjusts your seat according to how far your chair is bent which gives a very smooth reclining experience.


  • One of the advance mechanics for ergonomics
  • Premium quality build
  • Ultimate Sync Tilt for smoother recliner like experience


  • Less warranty than other competitors.

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5. TSM Myth – Herman Miller Embody

1. Dimensions29.5″ x 42- 45″
2. Chair Weight51lbs
3. Weight Capacity300lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Foot RestNo
6. Country of OriginUSA

All the Fortnite gamers and stream viewers are most familiar with the name TSM. TSM is a pro-Fortnite team and has made a big name among the Fortnite community. The captain of TSM, Myth is one of the most skilled players ever to pick up the game. Alongside being a pro gamer, he is also a streamer with more than 6 million followers on Twitch putting him along with the most elite streamers.

His go-to choice is Embody by Herman Miller. Yes, the same brand whose chair Shroud uses. Herman Miller is a known and respected name which is clear when 2 of the biggest streamers are using their chair. TSM Myth started using Embody after TSM’s recent partnership with Herman Miller. The chair is one of the highest-priced chairs standing at around 1500 USD.

Embody also does not lack lumbar support due to its advanced ergonomics which makes it comfortable without even need for lumbar support. The quality of Herman Miller is incomparable to any other chair out there, which is why you get a 12-year warranty on the chair. Check our detailed Herman Miller Embody Review before deciding if it’s best for you.


  • Advance mechanics making a comfortable minimal look
  • Premium build quality of Herman Miller
  • 12-year warranty


  • No neck support
  • Very expensive, around 1500 USD

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Factors Common in all Elite Gaming Chairs

1. Great Adjustability

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes; they adapt to their environment quickly, get used to new mechanics of a game within minutes. Their pro gaming chairs should be no different. That’s why a gaming chair needs to be adjustable. From the height of the seat to how far it stretches. All professional gaming chairs have seats that can go far back, depending on your seating angle. 3D & 4D adjustable armrest are there so that your chair adjusts according to your hand position and not the other way around. Neck supports are also very flexible in professional gaming chairs. They are so adjustable that you can fine-tune them to every inch of your comfort.

2. Ergonomic Backrest

When you sit in the same place for long hours, you are more likely to slump, and if you don’t have the right back support, then this can cause long term problems with a backache. Even in the short term, it can affect your in-game performance by distracting your focus.

All the major and good gaming chairs manufacturers make sure that your back doesn’t take any stress during the long gaming hours. That is why they have a very ergonomic backrest. This backrest can come with lumbar support to even smoothen your experience. While some chairs come without a lumbar, but their advanced mechanics don’t need a lumbar and can provide the same comfort without it.

3. Breathable Upholstery

Long and intense gaming sessions get heated up. They also make you heat up and sweat, which can get messy pretty quickly. Most cheap, foam-based office and gaming chairs have one recurring issue: heat build-up. That is why all the pro gaming chair manufacturers seem to be correcting this issue in their high-end models. All high-end gaming and task chairs are rather breathable and come with a meshed back support. Even with good ventilation in the room, a foam based chair can get dirty and quickly in a condition not fit to sit if it is not ventilated properly. Pro gaming chairs and Elite office chairs take care of your health with not just posture but also by being hygienic.

These are some chairs with meshed back supports –


Gaming is a passionate hobby and even an intense job. Streaming is no less, which takes long hours of sitting in one position. Pro gaming chairs make sure that even after long hours of gaming, your performance doesn’t slack off because of shoulder or backache.

That is the reason all professional gamers take their chair so seriously and invest as much as a medium budget graphic card. They are customized to give you the comfort and adjustability so that your performance never again takes a toll. The first step towards being a professional gamer might as well be sitting in a gaming chair.

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