Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review

You’re playing Among us with your friends, and you’re the imposter. The tension is slowly building, and suddenly you realise the game is heating up. How are you going to stay calm?

It all resides within the chair. Whether you’re grinding that Call of Duty game or tasking away during a work sprint, having a premium chair isn’t only an attraction, but a necessity. This is where the Respawn-200 gaming chair hasn’t failed in bringing about a quality chair. But what makes it so preferable?

Essentially, the Respawn 200 is a chair for gaming aficionados. If you’re someone who makes a living out of gaming, streaming or even someone who spends a long time in front of the screen, a cheap, height-adjustable chair with wheels just won’t cut the mustard. More importantly, it’s crucial to invest in a chair that encourages spending considerable amounts of time in it without having to feel the repercussions later on. And the Respawn-200 does just that!

But should you invest in this chair? Is it worth every penny? Sit tight, and stay tuned. We’re going to take this baby out for a spin; giving you my thoughts, likes, dislikes and general overview.

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review

1. Dimensions (L x W x H)23.62″ x 28″ x 51.25″ – 55″
2. Chair Weight51 Lbs
3. Weight Capacity275 Lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Adjustable HeadrestYes
6. FootrestNo


  • Good bang for the buck
  • Comfortable design
  • High-end build
  • Breathable materials
  • Ergonomic design


  • Reclined capped at 130°
  • Armrests too short of a length.

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1. Build Quality & Design

Since the world has pivoted online due to the recent pandemic, the need for a comfortable, breathable and durable chair during lockdown has become high in demand. For people who spend extended periods in front of their screens have experienced that long durations take a toll on their backs, causing terrible backaches and postural pain. Whilst many alternatives get the job done in terms of build quality; the Respawn only slightly pulls above average.

To begin with, the overall build of the chair is noticeably solid. It has a plastic frame and a strong mesh that is fruitfully anchored at the seams, making it a one-of-a-kind breathable chair. The varied materials that make up the build produce a comfortable, breathable and relaxed finish.

Besides the build quality, it doesn’t go without mentioning the design of the chair itself; the first impression and possibly the deal-breaker for most. At first glance, I must admit that the overall design of the chair poses a riveting design, safely receiving considerable attention amongst the gaming community. They also saw to it to provide users with a wide array of colours, including red, green, blue and black, making it an appealing purchase.

Since the Respawn-200 has ranked slightly above average for its build quality and has received considerable attention thanks to its design, it places well for its value.

2. Performance

With due consideration to each necessary qualities that make a gaming chair exemplary, Respawn has pioneered their Respawn-200 model such that you can spend hours on end without experiencing even a tint of discomfort.

This is why the objective of the build is focused on providing the ultimate comfort and breathability standards. It’s not flat like the other gaming chairs seen on the market, it is less firm and is shaped in a way that resolves slouching habits.

Besides comfort, the glaring details of the Respawn make it an exciting asset to gaming chairs. The armrest facilitates a phenomenal mesh backing that advocates fantastic airflow and handles that get the job done despite not having cushioning like other racer style chairs seen on the market. Since the chair projects itself as a comfortable and breathable product, one of the main elements of this chair is the back support, featuring a mechanism unlike any other seen in a chair. The Respawn 200 is also able to be reclined only slightly and has received an average benchmark for back comfort. To be frank, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d like to take a back seat and relax further than it allows.

Overall, the Respawn-200 bags an average score, with the reputable build quality and surprisingly appealing design. On the downside, it would have been better if it had a footrest. If you are looking for a gaming chair with footrest as a slightly inexpensive alternative to Respawn-200 gaming chair, you can consider buying Killabee Gaming Chair.

3. Notable Features

A. Breathable Mesh Back: The breathable mesh back of the Respawn-200 is perhaps the highlight of the chair. If you’re slogging your guts out when working on a hot sunny day, chances are the Respawn-200 will be a lifesaver!

Most chairs have the tendency to heat up after extended periods, but thanks to the material of the mesh back, the airflow is pleasant and consistent. The mesh also doesn’t sink in when leaning, but it is also noteworthy to keep in mind that it may stretch out and offer less support over time.

B. Integrated Lumbar support: The integrated lumbar support of the Respawn is noticeably a well-rounded feature on this list. It is one of the smartest inputs seen in a gaming chair and integrates ergonomic principles seen mostly on the high-end domain. It comes readily equipped with the option to be both adjusted slightly upwards and downwards, keeping the mesh from stretching and preventing the back from hurting. Subsequently, it is without a doubt that Respawn has been able to produce a mesh chair with proper support, without having the need to include an extra lumbar pillow, making it one of the most comfortable chairs we have reviewed thus far.

C. Headrest: I don’t know about you, but I sure liked to be hugged by the headrest when working or gaming. The headrests on the Respawn are standard, much like other market competitors. They are adjustable and go hand in hand with pivoting lumbar support to deliver maximum comfort that lasts.

Knowing that support is perhaps the most crucial characteristic of a chair, the idea that it is adjustable, convenient, and an overall steal for its price point makes it an attractive estate.

This encourages dynamic body movement and more efficiency when working. Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that the model should most likely be able to fit average-sized adults with slim hips, but also comes ready in having the height adjusted between18.75″ and 22.25″ for convenience.

D. Lock-Tilt Mechanism: The excitement is building by the second! If the previous features weren’t enough to grab your attention, this one just might. Have you ever wondered what zero gravity would feel like? Well, the Respawn brings the most accurate feel of space without being in space. The tilt and lift controls are located beneath the seat base featuring a tilt tension element to help stop it from rocking and from controlling the speeds of the recline.

The wow factor is not only seen in the realms it opens for comfortability but also the health benefactors it offers, specifically breathability and improved back health.

E. 130° Recline and 360° swivel rotation: I don’t know what can up the level of excitement more than the 2D armrest adjustability feature of the Respawn, but you’re just about to find out. The chair comes loaded with incredible adjustment options that both offer raising and lowering the chair, height and depth adjustments of armrests, and a reclining feature that stands at a solid 90°-130° with infinitive angle lock, making it an overall diversified chair.

And even if that weren’t enough for you, I’d guarantee you that this will be. The Respawn also comes locked and stacked with a 360-degree swivel rotation feature that allows the seat and back to rotate in a full circle around the stem and base of the chair.

On the downside, this chair reclines only upto 130 degree. If the reclining angle matters to you, consider Furmax Gaming Chair, which reclines upto 180 degree.

F. Casters: This baby is engineered to sustain weights up to 275lbs and is seen to incorporate a sturdy 5-point base with smooth-gliding, heavy-duty rubber casters, making it a comfortable and safe option for all floors.

Overall, the Respawn-200 bags an average score, as it is only capable of sustaining weights up to 275lbs. On the other side, if weight is an issue, you can consider buying Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Gaming Chair that can sustain weights between 330 to 350lbs. 

G. Colours: For all you candy-eyed people out there, the Respawn comes in clutch when it comes to colour options. Currently, the Respawn-200 model encompasses only red, blue, black and green and whilst it doesn’t come close to the amount of variety the Respawn 110 has, it still offers options to cover most gaming rigs and overall preferences.

The colours of the chairs also nicely compliment the general design of the chair, whilst also blending in well with the leather of the chair. There is no doubt that this makes the Respawn-200 one of the best looking chairs on the market. 

Final Words

If you’re someone who spends a considerable amount of time in front of the screen and has the tendency to heat up too much, the Respawn-200 is the perfect solution for you. The excellent features of this modern chair make it a strong chair candidate. With its unique features, riveting design, satisfactory comfort and reasonable price point, there is no doubt that this chair has reached astronomical fame over the past years.

There are so many possibilities that you can draw from this gaming chair. Right now, the eSports industry is running at the top of other businesses. If you plan to make a career in the same, get yourself the finest accessories that provide more comfort and fewer disturbances. Be it PC or console gaming that you like most; there’s a selection for everyone out there. If you are more into console gaming then you may refer to our following articles:

A user who is willing to go miles for a comfortable, breathable and overall sleek looking chair that falls under the budget category, this is certainly the chair to vouch for. It has an average build quality and ergonomic layout, but seals the deal in terms of comfort, look and unique characteristics. Need I say more?

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