Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Review: What Should You Expect?

secretlab titan 2020 series review

Ever since things started going digital and work shifted to the computer, people started spending a big amount of their day sitting in the chair. With so much sitting people started experiencing acute back pain that gave rise to the need of the type of chair that can take care of your health as well as keeps you comfortable and that’s when gaming chairs came into existence.

Modern gaming chairs handle both the tasks easily while looking aesthetic and pretty sure you’ve seen lots of them. From your friend’s house to popular YouTubers, you can notice a lot of people relying on these chairs, and we believe it’s time for you to prioritize your health as well.

While looking for a good gaming chair, you will come across the brand named secretlab titan that is as beloved as the titans in Greek history. Their crazy popularity has made them one of the leading brands in the chair market, and in this secretlab titan 2020 series review, we will go over what factors make these chairs so popular.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Review

secretlab titan 2020 series
1. Dimensions (L x W x H)33.5 x 28 x 14.5 Inches
2. Chair Weight77 Lbs
3. Weight Capacity290 Lbs
4. Neck and Lumbar SupportYes
5. Adjustable BackrestYes
6. FootrestNo


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Great comfort
  • Health benefits
  • Multi-tilt mechanism


  • Heavy to handle
  • Takes more storage space

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1. Secretlab Titan 2020 Build Quality and Design

In our secretlab titan 2020 chair review, we will like to point out that you must invest in a good gaming chair as it is an investment made for your health as well as life quality. Inexpensive chairs give you bad posture which in the long run causes problems like spinal dysfunction, back pain, joint degeneration, potbelly etc.

These problems are way more serious than you look, but secretlab titan 2020 series has got your back in this aspect as it helps you sit in the correct posture, making you more alert and more productive.

Secretlab Titan 2020 series has a sturdy aluminium frame with superior quality cold cure foam, and this foam has strategically placed pockets throughout the cushion to provide outstanding comfort. Secretlab titan 2020 ergonomic design makes sure there is no stress on your back or neck while keeping your shoulders parallel to the ground.

The armrests of secretlab titan 2020 help you relax your hands after long hours of gaming or working sessions, and the integrated lumbar support supports your back, hips, muscles and ligaments while maintaining good circulation throughout your body.

The multi-tilt feature helps you change your angle of sitting and relax or stretch or recline to relieve pressure from your back. The best part about this gaming is that it gives you support without making you feel compressed or cramped.

Their premium upholstery of secretlab titan 2020 provides a sleek and glossy appearance. Overall this chair is made to suit various needs of a gamer, and its thoughtful design ensures that your chair won’t be the reason holding you back from your best performance.

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2. Secretlab Titan 2020 Performance

The whole purpose of a gaming chair is to keep you in the correct posture while being comfortable, and this secretlab titan gaming chair handles that very efficiently. With this chair, you can look good while doing your monotonous office work or during regular gaming sessions.

Way more adjustable than any other chair available on the market that adds onto your productivity level as it supports your head and shoulders keeping you alert throughout your work session. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any gaming chair which is as comfortable or durable as a secretlab titan 2020 gaming chair.

From excellent lumbar and back support to plushy armrests this chair makes you cosy without slumping. Not to mention its sturdy body lasts you for decades and a less exaggerated bucket seat cradles your body perfectly. The premium quality PU Leather doesn’t peel off, or armrests don’t crack up even after decades of use. This secretlab titan 2020 series is truly made for your wellness and productivity.

3. Secretlab Titan 2020 Notable Features

A. Supports a wide range of users: Unlike other companies that produce a chair that only suits a narrow range of customers, the secretlab titan 2020 series is made to suit a great variety of users. Maybe it is someone thin, tall, bulky or short. This product is built to last and make its user comfortable.

The bucket seat provides tailored support to your body while keeping it relaxed. It takes away any pressure on your neck, back or joints and keeps your body in the same line as gravity. Inexpensive chairs misalign your chair, making pain flare up from time to time, but the secretlab titan 2020 gaming chair give you the proper posture or alignment in an affordable price range.

secretlab titan 2020 series notable features

B. Flat Seat: Flat seats accommodate big gamers easily and effectively, unlike snug fit seats. It reduces any unwanted curving of your spine and makes you comfortable getting rid of any chances of possible backache after all. What’s the point of investing in a gaming chair if it doesn’t feel like your throne?

Accommodating to a wide range of body types and durable body is what makes secretlab titan 2020 chair stand out from its alternatives.

C. Adjustable Integrated Lumbar Support: You must have heard people explaining how they got severe cervical pain from their desk job and the effects it had on their overall life quality. With secretlab titan 2020 gaming chair, you are taking one step closer to a better life without leaving your job, heading to mountains and coming across enlightenment.

Keeping movie elements aside secretlab titan 2020 chair gives you perfect spine elements which you don’t find easily in any other gaming chair. Many gaming chairs or office chairs cause you to sit at such a bad angle that it gives you backache within hours, but titan holds your back and its adjustable integrated lumbar support lines in accordance with your lumbar curve.

secret lab titan 2020 notable features

D. Multi-tilt Mechanism: Many cheap office chairs have inconsistent back support that stays fixed, making it difficult to sit for a longer duration. These chairs often lead to severe body pain as you try to be comfortable and lean forward the pain flares up, giving you a bad migraine.

Bad circulation, body aches, worsening health and life quality, are some of the consequences of investing in a bad or inexpensive chair. And when the trade-off is between your quality of life and conventional chairs, then you should choose you within a heartbeat.

E.  Apt Ergonomics: Ergonomic is the study of interactions between the human body and its surrounding. It helps understand the effects posture or chairs will cause to your body.

Typically, a chair is called ergonomic when it is adjustable according to your needs, and this gaming chair has a superior ergonomic design that provides you with ample support and cushioning. This chair has adjustable seat height, angle and integrated lumbar support that helps you spend your time in the chair without feeling any back pain.

secretlab titan 2020 color options

G. Color Options: A lot of people are specific in buying things in colors that maintain the aesthetic of your home, and secretlab titan 2020 series has different color options to make sure those people look good while doing their work. The sleek black finish with golden brand logo adds that posh look to your home and the best part is that the leather will stay intact even after years of use.

A good appeal, durable and premium quality makes this chair as one of the most popular gaming chairs on the market.

H. Longer Warranty: There is nothing more dreadful than paying a good amount of money for a product without any guarantee about whether you will get in good shape or not but it’s not a problem with Secretlab Titan gaming chairs as they come with a long warranty.

This warranty not only helps strengthen your trust in the company but also assures you that you won’t get anything less than the best. The chair comes with a five-year warranty, and the reliable brand reputation makes this gaming chair a good companion for you.

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When you buy a chair you’ll be spending more than several hours per day, then you are not just buying a piece of furniture, but you’re placing a great amount of trust in the company’s product, and we highly recommend that you always check whether that product is capable of handling that well.

Since it concerns your health, we believe less than best is not worth your investment and this secretlab titan 2020 series lands a solid position on the list of the top products available in the market. It keeps you comfortable while maintaining correct posture and its multiple tilt lock system helps you to relax after long sessions of work or gaming. Great appeal, sturdy and ergonomic design makes it a snatch in this price range, and we deem this gaming chair as a must-have for your home.

However, we do know that a lot of you can have doubts about your gaming chair. If so, you can read our review on other brands such as Herman Miller, DxRacer, Respawn and Killabee before you decide to buy a chair from Secretlab. If you have doubts about the this chair or other products we have listed, feel free to let us know in the comments section below and we will get back to you with a solution.

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