Clutch Chairz Review [2023]: Are Clutch Gaming Chairs Worth the Hype?

There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard about Clutch Chairz. Chances are you’ve probably surfed the internet and have found it there, or you’ve watched it in one of Pewdiepie’s videos. Let’s face it, who hasn’t?

The truth is, Clutch Chairz is among the top manufacturers for gaming chairs out there on the market today. Founded in 2016, it reached an astonishing amount of popularity after launching their Crank, Gear and Shift series. But its real success comes from the Throttle series; a chain of chairs most commonly used by professional gamers and streamers.

As opposed to rather expensive chairs used by other streamers like the Herman Miller Aeron used by Shroud, the Sidiz T80 used by DrDisrespect and the Herman Miller Embody used by TSM Myth; the Clutch Throttle falls in an affordable price range.

If we look at the high-quality chairs on the market today, we can see quite a few. Whether you’re in an office-seating or at home, having a premium chair isn’t only an attraction, but a necessity.

What makes the Throttle the crème de la crème of the chairs amongst the gaming community, is its sleek racing car design, comfortable 4D technology and breathable materials, all significantly supplemented by its excellent quality craftsmanship and features.

Essentially, the Throttle is a chair pioneered for aficionados of the larger persuasion. If you’re someone who makes a living out of gaming, streaming or even someone who spends a long time in front of the screen, a cheap, height-adjustable chair with wheels just won’t cut it. This is where Clutch Chairz has delivered.

But should you invest in this chair? Is it worth every penny? Is it worth the hype? Sit tight, and stay tuned. I shall be reviewing the Clutch Chairz Throttle series; giving you my thoughts, likes, dislikes and general overview.

Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Review

1. Dimensions (L x W x H)29.53″ x 33.46″ x 48-51″
2. Chair Weight59.4 lbs
3. Weight Capacity330lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Padded Armrest and HeadrestYes
6. Foot RestNo


  • Versatile sizing
  • Top-quality upholstery
  • High-end build
  • Size adjustability
  • Breathable materials
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable design
  • Generous warranty


  • High price point

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1. Build Quality & Design

Every chair that has passed out of the gates of Clutch Chairz has been top-of-the-line, and the Throttle is no different. Since clutch chairz throttle series are known for their high-end builds and premium quality materials, it was a no-brainer that this chair would reach breathtaking fame the moment it landed on the market.

Since the world has pivoted online due to the recent pandemic, the need for a comfortable, ergonomic and durable chair dring lockdown has become high in demand.

For people who spend extended periods in front of their screens have experienced that long durations take a toll on their backs, causing terrible backaches and postural pain. Whilst many alternatives cut the mustard for build quality; the clutch chairz throttle series goes unmatched on many spectrums.

To begin with, the overall build quality can be summed up to be one of the more refined finishes seen in a gaming chair. It has a sturdy feel, which can be credited to its precision welded internal frames made from heavy gauge steel.

It also has a one-of-a-kind cold cured foam seating base that provides the optimal balance of cushion and support. This, Pewdiepie’s Clutch Chair, says, is the underlying solution in experiencing ultimate comfort during either gaming marathons or long days at work, making it one of the foremost chairs for upholstery.

The Clutch Chairz Throttle series also brilliantly incorporates a low-profile base design forged from high-grade aluminium alloy wheels. Due to its polyurethane coating, it has a soft touch and is tested to be safe on even the most delicate surfaces. This is perfect for easy manoeuvrability.

Besides the build quality, it doesn’t go without mentioning the design of the chair itself; the first impression and possibly the deal-breaker for most. At first glance, I can safely say that the overall aesthetics pose a pretty straightforward design. It is fruitfully supplemented by five colours (Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White), which exude a visually pleasing, racing seat-style look.

Since the throttle series has a riveting design and a build that is likely to hold up under years of heavy use, it ranks on the higher end of gaming chairs.

2. Performance

The three basic stepping stones for performance: comfortable support, outstanding features and durable design—the Throttle incorporates all three. With due consideration to every necessary quality that makes a gaming chair exemplary, Clutch Chairz have prepared the Throttle such that you can spend hours on end without experiencing even a tint of discomfort.

The build of the chair is focused on providing the ultimate comfort standards. Despite its sturdy, clear-cut finish, the seating base compensates by providing an optimal balance of cushion and support with dura soft leather that wears well and is engineered for superior abrasion.

Besides comfort, the glaring details of the Throttle make it an exciting asset to gaming chairs. The armrest facilitates more than adequate ease as it integrates 4D technology; a tool that helps in adjusting the armrest in four variants: up/down, forward/rear, side to side and ±10 degrees.

Since it can also be positioned outwards, it can also allow girthier gamers to have additional space. It also comes loaded with a tilt lock mechanism that can move the backrest within a 12-degree angle and sensational lumbar support.

It also comes stocked with a hefty, durable design, meaning that it is likely to hold up under years of heavy use. When it comes to being a well-balanced chair, the Throttle bags a perfect score, giving the user the best and most comfortable option out there.

On the downside, it would have been better if it had a footrest. If you are looking for a gaming chair with footrest as a slightly inexpensive alternative to Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Gaming Chair, you can consider buying Killabee Gaming Chair.

3. Notable Features

A. Supports a wide range of users: Think of the Throttle as more like traditional gaming chairs—only embiggened. From afar, it may seem as though the throttle is a chair designed for medium-sized people. But don’t be mistaken! It bags too much chair (at least in my opinion) for the average-sized person.

It has extensive lumbar support, seemingly wide-spread base, a sporty design, and adjustable armrests which make it ideal for a girthy person. If you categorize as a small gamer, you might want to refrain from investing in this chair just yet. We’ve compiled some worthy gaming chairs for short people in another one of our roundups.

However, that doesn’t spoil it for those who consider themselves medium-sized since it is a versatile model and should fit people in that range. But for the people who are extremely short, wide or tall, you would be better off finding a model that fits your needs.

B. Ergonomic backrest: Ever tired from a work sprint or a gaming marathon and want to take a quick nap? Fear no more. The Throttle comes readily equipped with an ergonomic backrest that can be adjusted to a whopping 85-135 degrees of adjustment so you can comfortably lie down with no added dissonance. This is an absolute life-saver!

The Ergonomic backrest is by far one of the best features of the Throttle, quite simply because it adheres to the core principle of ergonomics: which is to change positions frequently to prevent injuries and to improve productivity. With the added adjustment option, it makes Throttle one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market.

On the downside, this chair reclines only upto 135 degree. If the reclining angle matters to you, consider Furmax Gaming Chair, which reclines upto 180 degree.

C. Lumbar support: The extensive lumbar support of the Throttle is noticeably an excellent feature on this list. It is one of the largest I’ve seen in gaming chairs and integrates the comfier variants seen mostly on the high-end domain. The pillow uses elastic straps that wrap around the back of the char, which is a common asset seen in most gaming chairs today.

The large ergonomic lumbar cushion puts your spine in proper posture,  perfect alignment, and ergonomic position, which is what makes the Throttle an appealing estate.

D. Headrest: I don’t know about you, but I sure liked to be hugged by the headrest when sogging my guts out when working. The headrests on the Throttle are standard. It clips through holes in the back of the chair with elastic straps, and are manufactured with memory foam that is good, but poor supportiveness.

Knowing that support is perhaps the most crucial characteristic of a chair, the idea that the lumbar pillow is flattened as soon as you scoot back and reach for support, is one the significant downsides to this model.

E. 4D Armrest adjustability and 360° swivel rotation: I don’t know what can up the level of excitement more than the 4D armrest adjustability feature the Throttle glorifies. This is a deal-sealer itself! The four options: up/down, forward/rear, side to side and ±10 degrees, make it incredibly versatile for users, allowing them to adjust the proportions to suit their individual preferences.

The armrests also have a vast surface area that helps in evenly distributing pressure to maintain blood flow to the hands. This makes the Throttle a safe, reliable and ergonomic chair. If that weren’t enough for you, I’d guarantee you that this will be.

The Throttle also comes locked and loaded with a 360-degree swivel rotation feature that allows the seat and back to rotate in a full circle around the stem and base of the chair. This encourages greater body movement and more efficiency when working.

F. Lock-Tilt Mechanism: The excitement is building by the second! If the previous features weren’t enough to grab your attention, this one just might. Have you ever wondered what zero gravity would feel like? Well, the Throttle brings the most accurate feel of space without being in space.

It comes loaded with two lever mechanisms with tension adjustment and a solid lock. This allows you to stop it from rocking and will enable you to lock it in arbitrary positions or positions that serve to be the most comfortable.

The wow factor is not only seen in the realms it opens for comfortability but also the health benefactors it offers, specifically improved back health.

G. Colours: For all you candy-eyed people out there, the Throttle packs a punch when it comes to aesthetics. It comes loaded with four variants: Green, White, Blue and Orange. Whilst it doesn’t have the sheer number of colours the  Secretlab Omega has, it still offers enough variety to cover most gaming rigs and overall preferences.

The colours of the chairs also nicely compliment the general design of the chair, whilst blends in well with the leather of the chair. There is no doubt that this makes the Throttle one of the best looking chairs on the market. 

H. Generous warranty: This baby is engineered to sustain weights up to 330lbs whilst going on with you during the long run. But let’s say your cousin is over and he accidentally damages the mainframe and the upholstery. What do you do? The thing you don’t do is worry!

 Alongside the fantastic chair, Clutch Chairz have generously given the users a lifetime warranty on the internal steel and a three-year warranty on parts & upholstery. This allows users to maintain the quality of their chairs.

Final Words

If you’re a Pewdiepie fan, you won’t be disappointed. The excellent features of this modern chair make it a strong chair candidate. With its remarkable build quality, riveting design, ergonomic layout and breathtaking features, there is no doubt that this chair has reached astronomical fame over the past years.

A user who is willing to go for a slightly premium product in exchange for a well balanced, highly durable and spectacular chair can certainly vouch for it. But if you’re someone who can’t pay the bucks, it’s a no-go.

So, should you invest in this chair? Sure, if you have the money for it. If not, don’t feel let down just yet, check these racing style gaming chairs that can be bought under $100! In addition, you could browse through numerous budget-friendly brands that make durable gaming chairs for entry-level gamers.

Is it worth the hype? It sure is.

Is Pewdiepie awesome? No doubt.

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