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Killabee gaming chair review

A few years back, it was a tough job to find the perfect gaming chair. Especially for the big and tall gamers, it was a hectic experience; However, with the Killabee Gaming Chair’s introduction, the scenario changed for good. The Killabee gaming chair promises durability and astonishingly comfortable experience. The killabee gaming chair is suitable for any irrespective of the gamer’s body size and shape. However, this excludes shorter adults and kids. If you lie in this category you might want to check out our separate compilations of Best Small Gaming Chairs for Short People.

Have a look at the Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair! Killabee gaming chair is the most suitable gaming chair for you and, most importantly, for your back, accompanied by several key factors. However, everything falls short in front of the Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair. It’s more like a throne for the gamers.

The killabee gaming chair is designed in such a way that it can deliver an excellent level of comfort to anyone. There are ample facilities that make Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chairs well-known in the gaming world. If you are stressed out during gaming, Killabee has the solution for that as well. This chair has an in-built USB electric massager that will help you to get a back massage. The adjustable lumbar cushion is effective in providing massage and comfort to the ones sitting on it.

Now, sit down, relax a bit, and get to know about all the features and advantages that killabee gaming chair chair represents.

Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair Review

Killabee Gaming Chair Review
1.Dimensions27.6” W X 49.6” H
2. Weight Capacity300lbs- 400lbs
3. Lumbar SupportYes
4. Foot RestYes
5. Tilt MechanismYes
6. Extra FeaturesElectric Massager, Lock-Tilt Mechanism


  • High comfort
  • Superb level of adjustments
  • 3D armrest structure
  • Excellent weight-bearing capacity
  • Back support feature
  • Pocket- friendly


  • A bit uncomfortable for the smaller individuals
  • The special cooling fan(s) in the seat compromises the overall comfort
  • Many customers find a certain part of the chair to be a little woody

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1. Build Quality and Design

Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair

It is due to the strong and massive design Killabee gaming chair is the perfect recommendation for tall gamers. An average person can also opt for this giant killabee gaming chair, but a small gamer will likely feel something else in this big cushion. The killabee gaming chair delivers more comfort than the cushions, as the “memory foam” contains in it.

Killabee design has three variations: Black is the base color of every chair, with some variation of blue and grey accents. The latest version is for those who are black lovers. The killabee gaming chair is all in black providing a minimalistic look and a proper gaming setup.

For the price, Killabee gaming chairs sure do justice with regard to overall quality. However, these are just not the same as with higher end gaming chairs from Secretlab, Dxracer and Respawn to name a few. We’ve put together a separate review for the Respawn 110 & Respwan 200 Racing style gaming chair for your reference. You may want to compare their overall quality and price difference before making a decision.

The Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chairs are specially designed for all types of users. The killabe gaming chair is designed mainly aiming at ergonomics to provide ultimate relaxation to the users. Whereas the quality of the killabee gaming chair cannot be denied either. The adjustability and features are the best examples that describe the richness in the quality of Killabee gaming chairs. Easily cleaned and fade resistant PU leather provides excellent stability and comfort to the customers.

The heavy-duty frame made of heavy Stella that enhances the durability of the killabee gaming chair. The high-quality armrest is water-resistant and improves grip that positions the arm properly. You will just be amazed to know that there are so many qualities that these chairs provide!

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2. Performance

This killabee gaming chair model includes certain unique features that help it to stand out from the crowd from gaming chairs. What can be better than a chair providing adjustable height and perfectly adjusted with your body shape? Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair is not just an ordinary chair. It is a creation providing all-day relaxation and stability to the users. 

The armrest is designed using modern technologies so that one can position it in 4D direction. PU leather is incorporated in the chair to enhance the grip quality. Experts say that this killabee gaming chair is continuously evolving to its best. The recline locking system is introduced to lock the back at any angle as preferred by the users up to 155”.

The lumbar cushion of killabe gaming chair is adjustable and is perfect for providing support and relaxation. The cushion is distributed evenly all over the chair. Integrated metal frames hold the chair’s structure, and the metal base with rolling castors together gives an appealing structure to it. 

The central tilt mechanism accompanied by tilt lock and adjustable tilt tension provides absolute comfort for gamers, especially during prolonged gaming sessions. This feature allows the user to sit in an upright position during gaming hours. For all these aspects, Killabee is the ideal example of “Gaming Chair.” 

3. Notable Features

Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair

a. Ergonomic Backrest: Backrest in the chair helps to correct the posture at the time of gaming. To provide extra support in an upright posture, the ergonomic backrest of Killabee designs the chair with modern technologies. Killabee’s big and tall gaming chair is of 23” wide backrest particularly supports the neck and spinal position.

The backrest dimension is about: 22.4 x 32.7” (Width x Height). The chair’s backrest automatically corrects the sitting positions for those engaged in games for a longer time. Awesome foam padding thus provides a comfortable feel and is durable for use. All the features that Killabee gaming chair offers are worth considering against every buck spent to purchase it.

b. Lumbar Support: The main aim of the lumbar support is to promote correct posture by filling the gap between the seat and spine. Lumbar pillows are extra soft cotton materials to provide ultimate comfort and support to the users. With the special USB massagers, the pillow reduces stress and enhances gaming life. If you are likely to have fatigue, then it is recommended to get this chair sooner. 

You can also adjust the height of the cushion according to your suitability. The padded, adjustable, and high-quality cushion facility make this chair favorite among gamers. Improve your flexibility with the Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair.

c. Head and Footrest: The Footrest facility is specially designed to provide support to the foot during long gaming sessions. Retractable padded footrest supports the full body that improves the overall well-being. Many customers face back pain and leg pain at the time of long sessions. 

Keeping this in mind, Killabee has designed its enormous gaming chair to resolve the problems related to leg pains and back pain. The chair also has a padded headrest attached to it. Padded Head and Footrest is an integral feature of Homall Gaming Chairs as well. This helps to provide solace to the gamer and protect the back from any injury. Correct your posture of sitting by opting for the Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair.

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d. Electric Massager: Researches show that electric massagers help to reduce stress. The messenger attached to the Killabee Gaming Chair is effective for fatigue to sit in the chair. Made of ultra-soft cotton material, the USB electrical massager helps to provide immediate relaxation, alleviating stress. Massage chairs are good, and therapists suggest to use them daily. 

Having a fresh mood is important during the gaming session. This is why the special massager is introduced for gamers to “feel good.” Further, it also helps maintain the immunity system and won’t let the individual feel weak and exhausted. These leads, the giant gaming chair witnessing tremendous growth and success for the future.

e. Lock-Tilt Mechanism: The 90-155 angle-adjusting locking mechanism allows the user to sit in the upright position for several hours. (For reference, Furmax Racing Chair reclines upto 180 degree). Lock your chair to the position suitable for you. The forward tilt mechanism of the Killabee Gaming Chair is used to adjust the perfect angle of the seat. The front portion of the seat can be tilted upward and downward. 

If you are having pain in the lower back, then this chair is perfect at the time of the gaming session. Ensuring the proper position of the feet is very crucial. Famous therapists say that this maintains the blood circulation through legs and feet. Get at the advantages of enjoying a comfortable gaming session with Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair.

f. Wheels: The main feature of these gaming chairs is the wheels. It is to get the grip of the base. Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair wheels protect the flooring and increase the ergonomics of the workspace. The wheels are fit for the flooring like hardwood, carpet, tile, linoleum, and concrete. 

These wheels are designed in such a way that they can move in any direction. The horizontal and vertical axis helps to spin the chair into desired directions. Made up of high quality, the wheels are water-resistant and highly durable. Killabee chair wheels provide proper locking in the chair to not get activated when you are not around. This also works as a safeguard for the whole chair.

g. Colors Finishes: The main color finishes that are available are of three kinds. Blue, Black, and Grey. To be mentioned here, black is the base color of all three choices. One can now opt for a grey body or a blue to add some variations in the chair design. They look awesome. Adding a blue or grey color with black base color gives the chair an appealing design. They are coming to the last but not the least color design “Black.” 

If you are a black lover, then this model will make you amaze. Killabee Big and Tall Gaming Chair with simplicity yet appealing are best available in the black series. Please have a look at all of them and choose the one that matches your desire. Whilst it doesn’t have the sheer number of colours the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Gaming Chair has, it still offers enough variety to cover most gaming rigs and overall preferences.

This particular model is suitable for the people who are lot into PC gaming. If you are more into console gaming then you may refer to our following articles

Final Words

Killabee Gaming Chair is the perfect choice for the gameaholics who love to spend hours after hours in the gaming world. In this digital age, innovations are developing gradually. Considering all the obstacles, Killabee has designed the chair that brings the ultimate comfort to the gamers. 

There are several additional features like cooling fans, massagers, height-adjustable armrests, and back angle adjustments. Taking all these features into consideration, this particular model’s main motto is to deliver comfort to the “tall and big” gamers. Small gamers can also enjoy the chair, but there may be a problem of adjusting.

All the advantages and features had already been discussed above. It is enough to prove the importance and value of this chair to its customers. The pocket-friendly costing is another added feature that makes Killabee’s big and tall gaming chair stand out from the crowd.

Do not hesitate, depending on your shape of size. This gaming chair is undoubtedly suitable for anyone and everyone with lots of advantages. Go for it!

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