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Herman Miller Aeron Review

The Herman Miller Company has a terrific recognition available in the marketplace thanks to its long tradition in the production of the best office furniture. Its records started in 1905 when Michigan Star Furniture Company was founded.

This home office furniture business changed in 1923 by one of its employees, a clerk named DePree. De Pree obtained monetary help from his father in law, named Herman Miller.

As a tribute to his help, De Pree gave Michigan Star Furniture the call we all comprehend it today: Herman Miller. The company’s success was because it hired reliable designers and centered on a huge range of products. From present-day to classic to commercial office furniture, Herman Miller could cater to every taste.

Herman miller persisted in its growth and brought various furniture businesses under its umbrella. Today, this enterprise is a large brand in international office furniture, with factories on 3 continents and income in over a hundred countries.

 One of the products out in the market by Herman Miller is the Aeron chairs. So much buzz about the product in the market, but is it worth it? Let’s find out.

 The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review
1. Dimensions18.5″ X 28.5″ X 43″ (L X W X H)
2. Chair Weight39 pounds
3. Weight Capacity350 Pounds (Size B and C)
4. Chair MaterialRecycled Material
5. Reclining AnglesUpright, Mid-recline, and Full Recline
6. ArmrestsAdjustable; Can slide backward and forward


  • Aeron chairs have nice recline facilities.
  • The arms are designed to provide a very comfortable experience.
  • Forward seat tilt facility is available
  • 12 years warranty
  • Rated for 24/7 use
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Can feel frame on seat and back
  • The seat may not be comfortable
  • No seat depth adjustment
  • No back-height adjustment
  • Limited color options

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1. Build Quality and Design

After a long process of testing and iteration through hundreds of samples, The Aeron company came up with 3 holistic material expressions. Graphite in the darkest, this is a modification to the original Aeron.

Carbon used in the chair gives a balanced neutral that works equally during a warm or cold environment. The use of minerals is ideal for today’s more open office environment as it is the lightest.

Created via a unique painting process, Aeron’s satin aluminium finish offers a luster redolent of high-end electronic equipment.

Colors had been advanced to harmonize with the chair’s different components. Each element contributes to a seamless whole. The amazing thing about the ergonomics with the Aeron is that the chair keeps you in the same comfortable zone irrespective of how long you recline.

The entire chair is designed to move with you, which offers the proper amount of support irrespective of how much you recline. The chair feels so natural to recline in that when observed rocking back and forth in the Aeron much more so than the other chairs I tested.

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2. Size

Build Quality and Design of Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

 Aeron chairs are available in three different sizes so you can easily choose one that fits your size. The upside of Aeron’s 3 different sizes is that you can get the best accommodation and support your body shape.

When most of the office chairs aim to accommodate 95% of people in their business model, Aeron can accommodate 99% of the people with 3 different sizes. So, it’s a guarantee that you will find one of your sizes.

The downside is that you cannot buy these chairs in a huge quantity of the same size unless and until all of them have approximately the same body shape.

Chair SizeSmall (A)Medium (B)Large (C)
Total Height38.5”41”43”
Seat Height14.75-19”16-20.5”16”-20.5
Chair Width25.75”27”28.25”
Chair Depth16”16.75”18.5”
Weight Capacity300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.
Seat Dimensions15.75” W x 16.75” D17” W x 16.75” D18.25” W x 18.5” D
Backrest Dimensions20.25” W x 21” H21.5” W x 22” H22.75” W x 23” H
Distance Between Armrests16” W17” W18” W
Arms Lowest Height from Floor21.75” H23” H24.75” H
Arms Highest Height from Floor30.25” H31.5” H26.25” H
Base Dimensions27” W27” W27” W
Chair Weight40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions41″ x 28″ x 27″41″ x 28″ x 27″41″ x 28″ x 27″
Shipping Box Weight45 lbs.46 lbs.48 lbs.

3. Notable Features

Aeron Chair Adjustable PostureFit

A. Ergonomic Lumbar Support: Sitting on a chair for a long time will always be associated with pain and stress. Hence the proper planned lumbar support system of Aeron is yet another reason for its high demand in the market.

The original model of Aeron already had the feature included, but the new one has left all others behind. Issues like shoulder pain, sitting in c shape for a long time bent nake, and many more are associated with sitting. And if you already have experienced these, then the Posture Fit SL mechanism of Aeron will be the best choice.

The lumbar mechanism provides you with a natural s shape and is positioned in the lower back of the chair. You may face that the two areas warm up very easily but given the health benefits, it’s worth your money.

Aeron Chair Adjustable Armrest

B. Armrests: With the fully adjustable arms available, you can move the armrest to the right or the left, and in fact, you can push them back and forward. The choice is completely on you. While some love the new feature of Aeron, the others still prefer the stationary one.

If you are the kind of person who pushes the arm before getting up, then you should go for the stationary one. But if you feel that the new feature is just for you then feel free to grab the deal. The leather material used may not have any health benefit, but it definitely will give you satisfaction once it gets under your arm.

The fully adjustable arms adjust from a height of 6.8 inches and end above 10.8 inches. Apart from that, the range for its movement inside and back direction is 2.5 inches and pivot 15 degrees outward and 17 degrees inward.

We opted for the adjustable arms, which offers you the top-class adjustment, arm pad depth adjustment, and pivoting arm pads. The 3-D arms aren’t as adjustable as some of the other chairs we have tested; however, they’re adjustable enough to provide good customization with numerous extraordinary arm positions.

C. Breathable Pellicle Mesh: Aeron chair is full of new inventions to provide you with the best possible experience. And here comes another of its classic designs, the breathable membrane- woven pellicle.

The maker of the Aeron chair dived deeper into the problems of pressure and heat issues to reach an excellent solution. The breathable membrane doesn’t allow heat up and provides the best sitting experience even if you sit for a long while.

The mesh of the Herman Miller Aeron gives out a unique experience. Whilst it is soft, it just isn’t for everyone. If you’re not a mesh person, I suggest you take a look into an alternative to the Aeron, the Herman Miller Embody Task Chair.

D. Durable design: Have you ever heard of a chair with a 12-year warranty? Let’s be very honest there might be a few or none except Aeron, and this shows how much Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick believe in their effective and durable chair.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair Durable Design

Their effort in the chair paid off very well. The chair was used as a statue symbol of the Bentley of the office chair. In 2010 their chair was placed in the New York museum of modern art and was titled as America’s best-selling chair.

After Bill Stumpf passed away in 2006, the position was handed to Don Chadwick, and this was when the chair was again upgraded. The new Aeron chair is manufactured in 3 different sizes, i.e. S, M, and L.

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E. Weight and Height Recommended: As the Aeron chair comes in three different sizes, it is recommended that the best height for these chairs is from 5 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 6 inches. People belonging to this height range will find it very comfortable.

Likewise, the recommended weight for this chair is from 180 pounds to 350 pounds. It will be a bit difficult to adjust if you are more than the maximum limit mentioned.

F. Tilt mechanism: Sitting in one position is hectic. Thus, Aeron is designed in such a way that you can easily shift from an upright position to a full recline position effortlessly. The limiter available will set the recline angle of the three posture that is upright, mid recline, and full recline.

While the original design of Aeron supports numerous postures smoothly and, the frame angle of the chair has been adjusted to 1.8 degrees forward to better support the posture.

You may tilt forward for typing or even fully recline for conversation, Aeron will provide you with the best comfort ever. The seat angle adjustment of the chair will help you change the seat angle from neutral to engaged, and the tension control facility will make it effortless like never before.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Wheels

G. Wheel Options: The amazing things about this chair do not end here. There’s still more you must not miss. The thing is this chair provides you with a lot of options, and so is in the case of wheels. You can grab a chair which is suitable for soft carpet or skip it and shift it to the hard floor.

The 2.5-inch diameter wheels are designed for low, medium-pile carpet such as the commercial Berber. The nylon used to design the wheel makes it more durable and adequate for hard surfaces.

The first alternative is the standard carpet casters. These casters are designed for low to medium pile carpets. This may be the most common casters bought with the Aeron chair.

The second alternative is a hard ground or carpet roll-away resistant casters with quiet roll technology. These casters are crafted from nylon; however, they feature a tender tread that facilitates to lessen noise even while providing better traction on hard surfaces.

These casters are designed for use on surfaces including wood, tile, or concrete. They also are a pleasing alternative for people that are using the Aeron on a carpeted floor however want a braking system. These casters function a subtle braking machine that facilitates preserving the chairs from rolling around while they are not being sat in.

H. Environmental-friendly Design: The impact of a product on the environment cannot be ignored. Herman miller [puts a lot of effort into how their products will affect the environment and precautions that can be taken. 91 per cent of the chair is recyclable, which contains 39% recycled content and 38 % post-consumer content.

Aeron is praiseworthy as most of its products either have the material used that has a low impact on the environment or have indoor air quality. Several certificates received by Aeron include BIFMA level 3, silver GreenGuard Certificate, Cradle to Cradle Certificate, GreenGuard Gold Certificate, etc.

Apart from that, the electric energy used for the manufacturing of the product is 100% renewable. The company is ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 certified. The corrugated cardboard used for the packaging of the chair is 99% recycled material hence making the packaging eco-friendly.

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Negatives Associated with the Herman Miller

  • Missing Ergonomic Adjustment Options Due to 3 Sizes That Aeron Has
  • The Aeron comes in 3 sizes so, in case you select the incorrect one for your body type, some ergonomic changes may not suit your needs properly
  • This can be hard in case you need to shop for all of the personnel to your workplace Aeron chairs for their desks, or in case you share the Aeron with someone else.
  • Unlike other top-rated workplace chairs, the Aeron workplace chair doesn’t have seat depth and back height adjustment, even though I would have expected those functions at this fee range.


Overall Aeron chairs have a good score in terms of durability and unique features. The chair will help you maintain your health while working for a long time in front of the PC. It is best for gaming practice. But the chair also has some downsides.

You need to be utmost careful while choosing your size. Getting the wrong size for yourself isn’t going to provide many benefits. Apart from that, buying Aeron chairs in mass is not a good idea. But apart from these, this is one of the best office chairs you can find and definitely worth the money.

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