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Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Office Gaming Chair is designed for comfort and equipped with superior ergonomic features. The PL6000 is constructed from a steel frame that assures a solid structure. This chair is a great fit for users desiring more space.

The company’s patented ‘Slide-in’ hardware PERMITS for a quick and easy single-person assembly. It can be assembled in seconds by simply sliding the backrest into the seat, thereby removing any alignment and hardware complexities for a hassle-free process. The P-line vertagear PL6000 is designed for comfort and equipped with superior ergonomic features. Vertagear PL6000 has Industrial strength and an extra-large construction on padding, while the headrest provides extra support and durability.

Vertagear PL6000 Review

Vertagear PL6000 Review
1. Dimensions (L x W x H)19 x 21.7 x 54.6 inches
2. Weight Capacity440 lb.
3. Padded ArmrestYes
4. FootrestNo
5. MaterialFaux Leather
6. Warranty10 years


  • Lumbar Pillow
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Adjustable 4D armrest
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Can withstand up to 200kg / 440 lbs.


  • Quality can be improved
  • A Little Expensive (If you are looking for affordable gaming chair, I would suggest looking at our article on the best gaming chairs under $100).

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1. Vertagear PL6000 Supports a Wide Range of Users

This chair supports a range of users. No matter how tall or short you are, this chair is comfortable enough to keep you stable and steady. Its sturdy structure appeals to all people and can be of great advantage since its adjustable ergonomic features can further help you to adjust to it accurately. Overall it gives a nice fit. We would recommend a chair like this over small gaming chairs that shorter people use.

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2. Vertagear PL6000 Comes in Multiple Color Options

Vertagear PL6000 chair colors

This gaming chair comes in multiple color options to choose from. Vertagear PL6000 is available in Blue, red, white, green, grey, yellow, orange, camo colors. The steel frame of all these chairs is black in color but you choose the foam and the faux leather color as per your choice. Vertagear looks great appearance-wise and can be a resilient gaming chair that supports all your needs. This chair offers more color options than other brands. The color variants are not too bright, and not too pale. Even a camouflaged version is available, that is bold with a unique design style.

3. Vertagear PL6000 Have Heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy Frame

The integrated steel skeleton that gives the shape of this gaming chair is specially made to ensure long-term durability and updated performance while gaming. The heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame has a 10-year warranty, and thus assists you in keeping safe, secure, and stable throughout any intense gaming sessions. These chairs are constructed with steel frames for utmost durability so that you can use them for regular users too.

Vertagear PL6000 chair frame

The 5-star base is composed of heavy-duty aluminum alloy for providing stability. The base is lightweight yet sturdy. The steel frame forms the solid structure of this gaming chair and is certified as an industrial-Strength heavy-duty metal base frame specially manufactured to withstand weight up to 200kg / 440 lbs.

4. Vertagear PL6000 Have Durable Ultra-Premium Resilient Foam

Vertagear PL600 is composed of Ultra-Premium High Resiliency Foam which boasts a density well above the industry standards. This foam prolongs the lifespan of the chair by preventing deformities from long periods of use, and wear and tear after using it extensively. The characteristics of memory foam make it ideal for utmost comfortability, ease, and stability. Another feature that makes this chair unique is an open-cell structure that helps in keeping the chair cool and thereby prevents heat build-up after prolonged sessions of sitting on it. While the chair may not be as comfortable as a massage gaming chair, the material comfortable enough to provide you with strain free gaming sessions.

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5. Vertagear PL6000 Contains 4D Adjustable Armrests

Vertagear PL6000 Review adjustable gear

Vertagear PL6000 is equipped with a 4 directional adjustability for your flexibility and ultimate comfort. Its adjustability extends to the armrests too, since it has a 4 directional adjustment to keep your forearms comfortable regardless of your body shape and habit. The ergonomic contours are specially designed to keep your forearms steady to prevent sore shoulders and arms. It is also equipped with adjustable backrests wherein you can Either leaning forward during intensive showdowns or recline backward to relax. The adjustable armrests are a must-have if you are looking for a good gaming chair. Thus for an overall elevated experience, opt for this chair which has all comfortably supported armrests.

6. Vertagear PL6000 Have Adjustable Tilt&Lock Mechanism

a chair should do more than keeping you still. It should be equipped with impressive ergonomic features that support all types of movements. The adjustable tilt tension in Vertagear PL600 is easily adaptable to your body weight. It is made for the purpose of rocking back with ease and comfort. The tilt mechanism is specially manufactured and engineered to be lockable in 4 different tilt positions which can help you in being comfortable while using the chair. The tilt and lock mechanism is of good quality since it holds your back for a good period of time, it should be fixed and the lock mechanism should work appropriately.

7. Vertagear PL6000 Have Neck and Lumbar Cushions

Vertagear PL6000 Review neck and lumbar cushions

The Vertagear PL6000 comes with a standard memory foam neck and lumbar support. This is aimed to give you the extra padding you need for any position.

Both the cushions of this chair are easily removable for increased adjustability and correct posture. You can feel comfortable in any position if you sitting on this chair as it has a great neck and lumbar cushions.

8. Vertagear PL6000 Warranty

The Company gives you 10 years limited warranty on Vertagear PL600. The VERTAGEAR products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 2 Years from the date of purchase. If your Vertagear products need repair or replacement due to a defect in workmanship or materials, you can simply return your VERTAGEAR products to the company with proof of purchase within 2 Years of purchase. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of your product.

VERTAGEAR Racing Series Chair Parts Limited Warranty is as follows –

  • Metal Structure Frame – 10 Years Warranty
  • Reclining Mechanism – 2 Years
  • Seat Mechanism – 2 Years
  • Arm Rest – 2 Years
  • Wheels – 2 Years
  • Headrest/Lumbar Support Pillows – 2 Years
  • Five Star Base – 2 Years
  • Gas Lift – 2 Years

VERTAGEAR Gaming Series Chair Parts Limited Warranty is as follows –

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame – 10 Years
  • Dual Spring Hub Seat Mechanism – 5 Years
  • Rest – 5 Years, Casters – 5 Years
  • Five Star Base – 5 Years
  • Gas – 2 Years

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The Vertagear PL6000 is a highly versatile gaming chair that looks great for any purpose, be it gaming or for regular office use. It is comfortable, customizable, and best of all, sturdy enough to handle anything that weighs in the given specified range of weight. Even though it’s a little expensive, it can be a great choice for a person who is heavier or taller than most people, since it is really adaptive and adjustable due to all its features and ergonomic manufacturing.

Vertagear PL6000 chair offers several advanced features like seat angle adjustment, adjustable 4d armrests, adjustable tilt locking systems, a reclining backrest, etc. It is engineered from the most premium material and has an effortless Assembly for the installation process. In essence, The P-Line PL6000 is designed for your comfort and is equipped with superior ergonomic features. If you are looking for other gaming chairs from Vertagear, we would recommend you to also look at the SL 5000, which is another gaming chair that provides amazing support and comfortability.

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