Herman Miller Embody Review

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to sit on a throne?

I know what you may be thinking, and the answer is no. Not the one the Queen sits on, nor the prickly, jagged one you see in the Game of Thrones. I mean the ones that fuse current technology and innovation. I’m talking about Herman Miller.

Known for it’s unblemished and impeccable reputation in producing quality gaming chairs, Herman Miller has risen once again — introducing what they call the solution to the unresolved dissonance between people and their technology”, the Herman Miller Embody.

Today’s streamers and general workers spend between 4-10 hours a day in front of their monitors —and sitting on one of those adjustable height chairs with wheels you see in offices, makes no sense. If you’re going to spend that much time in front of a computer, you would want something top-of-the-line and at the very least comfortable, right?

So sit tight, and read ahead. I will be reviewing the Herman Miller Embody chair; giving you my thoughts, likes, dislikes and general overview. Read on to find out the main functionalities of the Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

1. Dimensions29.5″ x 42- 45″ (W X H)
2. Chair Weight51lbs
3. Weight Capacity300lbs
4. Lumbar SupportYes
5. Foot RestNo
6. Country of OriginUSA


  • Pixelated support
  • Back fit adjustment
  • Layers of intelligence
  • Versatile
  • Flexible seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pneumatic seat


  • High price point
  • Limited upholstery options

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1. Build Quality and Design

There is no doubt that Herman Miller puts a ton of thought into their designs and build quality of their chairs. And with their Embody line, they did no different, if not more. Their goal was to integrate harmony between people and their computers through revolutionised technology so that users would have a more immersive, ergonomic and comfortable experience. This was set out to be achieved through setting a new benchmark by upping the ante for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and pixelated support for healthy movement in ergonomic seating.

Since Harmen Miller is known for its high profile designers, specialists, consultants, and high-end quality parts, it was a no-brainer that the Embody would turn out to be one of the most excellent chairs on the market.

It blends a lot of custom-moulded aluminium, plastic and steel which gives out a premium feel, whilst still maintaining the sturdiness and durability of a long-lasting chair. It also incorporates an upscale mechanism with a one-of-a-kind pixelated support system throughout the seat and back, giving the users a much more immersive and depressurised experience. Its finish is simple, elegant and slick, making the functionalities noticeable and very smooth.

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2. Suitability

Can we minimise the adverse effects of sitting? Can we produce something that is positive-oriented? These are a few questions that Herman Miller had in mind before venturing to create the Embody. Since we do live in a technologically advanced society, the design, well, would be more technology-based than any other model. But there needed to be something more. Something that enabled versatility, adjustability and comfortability for users to have a positive experience.

To this, Herman Miller sought out to implement new features. They thought that adding a dynamic surface pressure on a chair and back would provide more comfort, liveliness, and health-positive benefits than a non-dynamic surface pressure. Having a back fit adjustment and pixelated support (although not for everyone) would help achieve postural equilibrium. And having a heavy-duty construction with its high-end parts would make it suitable for people that are a little larger since its weight capacity is 300lbs.

3. Notable Features

A. Pixelated support: Imagine floating on a cloud. That is the brilliance of the new pixelated support the Embody incorporates. With its dynamic matrix of pixels, the surfaces of the seat and back satisfy your body’s micro-movements, distributing your weight evenly as you sit. This makes the experience more comfortable and reduces pressure to maintain healthy, ergonomic seating.

B. Back fit adjustment: Much like a Human, the Embody’s back is designed to match our vertebral column, adding a central spine and flexible ribs. The adjustment feature that has been added to the backrest allows the user to position the back of the chair according to your spine’s natural curve.

C. Ergonomic design: The Embody was a solution devised by doctorates in the fields of biomechanics and physical therapy to enhance the adjustability and overall development of the chair. It has a pneumatic seat height and depth adjustment which ensures proper armrest positioning, natural alignment, healthy movement and improved pressure distribution.

D. Ergonomic Lumbar support: Ever had terrible back pain after a gaming session? Fear no more. The ergonomic lumbar support is perhaps the best feature of the Embody. With its adjustable backrest, it allows you to position the back according to your spine’s curve. It also features a recline and synchro-tilt function that enables you to comfortably rock back and forth, which is not going to be the case for all high-end ergonomic chairs.

For people worrying about whether long seating sessions will put a massive strain on their back, the Embody is the right choice for you. It’s adjustable, comfortable and ergonomic. It is also recommended for people who game, stream or have sedentary jobs.

E. Adjustable armrests: The armrests were tailored to cater to everyone. They are adjustable, so it’s convenient for people that are both small & petite and wide & tall. They go narrow enough for short people and high enough for people around that 6’5” mark. The padding of the armrests are one of the top features.

They are large, soft and have rounded edges, making it very comfortable even after sitting for hours. However, the armrest is only height and width adjustable and does not include an arm pad adjustment feature, which can be seen in most ergonomic office chairs priced over $500.

F. Breathable upholstery: Most foam-based chairs have one issue: heat build-up. The Embody, on the other hand, has provided a reasonable solution considering it’s stacked features. The upholstery on the Embody, though comparative to a standard office chair, is loaded with 100% Grade 4  polyester that has been tested to endure 200,000 rubs.

The breathability factor in the Embody is known to exceed industry standards. However,  it is not as breathable as something like the Aeron—another Herman Miller product. (Check the Herman Miller Aeron Review)

What makes the Embody stand out from the rest, is that it comprises four distinct layers— all of which, designed to work together and to orient themselves to maintain optimal airflow, keeping it cool, comfortable and safe for users. This comes in handy when wanting to spend hours seated.

G. Durable design: Despite having a modernized look, the Embody doesn’t fail in the durability department. It comes loaded with custom-molded aluminium, plastic, and steel as its base, earning a very high score in sturdiness. The design of the chair has been made keeping in mind the best output for sedentary office working, and is engineered to encourage healthier posture. However, the armrest padding is seen to undergo tears after years of usage but isn’t much of a deal-breaker overall.

Moreover, you’ll get an impressive 12-year warrant which ought to put a smile on your face. It’ll give you the opportunities to experience the product risk-free, and will ensure the highest return to your investment.

H. Adequate weight capacity: Whether you’re small or large, the Embody is tailored for both. Due to its heavy-duty construction and sturdy build, it can withstand up to 300lbs. The Herman Miller Sayl, in comparison, can withstand upto 350lbs. It also has a set of a dynamic matrix of pixels which allows your weight to be distributed when seated, making it more comfortable and ergonomic along the way.

It can also resist heavy loads of aggression, so if you’re a gamer, you won’t have a problem if you just lost or died. It can most certainly withstand hours on end of seating, which is something that is greatly valued.

I. Adjustable seat height: The adjustable seat height is a feature that Herman Miller oh-so dearly glorifies. It’s incredible. If you’re looking to take a seat and relax, need not worry! With the joystick that comes readily equipped with the Embody, you can angle it and lower it to the lowest position or to the highest—whatever floats your boat. It has also been made very simple for users which is what makes it a remarkable feature.

J. Wheel options: The Embody has taken the user experience to a whole new level; coming packed with three caster options. The standard ones are dual wheels polished with a black finish each 2.5” in diameter, giving off a slick feel. These are generally designed for low to medium pile tiles.

The second set of casters, though a $40 upcharge, works with harder surfaces and gives more of a lighter, smoother feel. The last caster will cost an upcharge of $60 but comes equipped with translucent colour, and the versatility operates under hard surfaces.

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Negatives Associated with the Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

1. No Arm pad adjustment: Although the Embody comes readily equipped with the option to adjust the arm pad height and length, it doesn’t have the option of changing the arm pad—which, I feel, is a significant letdown. One problem that I faced during tasking was the positioning of my elbow. It was uncomfortable, and the armrest kept serving as an obstacle when typing away.

To combat this issue, I had to alter the height of either one side or both to make it a little easier.

2. Cost: The Embody is definitely on the higher end of the price point spectrum in the office chair department. Since it is stacked with a plethora of revolutionary features and is one of the higher quality chairs on the market, it has been listed just shy of $1400. For many, this is a major deal breaker, simply because it is too much to invest.

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Final words

The Embody is one of the more breathtaking and astonishing office chairs out there. They have a lot going on and were able to produce something groundbreaking out of it. I also have to give them props for their philosophy of harmonising people and technology through giving a high-end ergonomic chair. The unique features that they have supplemented certainly supports it very well.

And whilst I am a massive fan of the chair, I do see a few letdowns. Not everyone would be willing to pay +$1300 for an office chair no matter how enticing the additional features may be. If it’s not in their pockets, buyers consider it. It also has a non-adjustable arm pad which serves to be a significant nuisance when tasking. This may vary from user to user, but it has been a common trend amongst most customers.

Overall, I do feel it has been a great bang for my buck. It has the excellent quality, fantastic features and a very comfortable feel, which is all you ever want in a chair.

It may have a few minor setbacks here and there, but if all your boxes are checked, I recommend you choose the Herman Miller Embody ergonomic chair as your next purchase.

 Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

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