5 Best Gaming Chairs for PS4 – Review & Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Best gaming chairs for ps4

Did you ever have to stop an interesting game midway for the sharp pain in your back? Did your wrists ever cramp midway of an attack? Sounds too real and painful, right? Well, if you have faced any of these issues, you won’t be the only one. 

Most gamers, who spend hours on console games suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain. However, there is no need for you to suffer anymore, for there are some of the best gaming chairs for PS4 that can deal with your pain, while you deal with your game! 

Most Ps4 players stick to the couch or the sofa during their long gaming hours. Though it is common practice, it’s not a healthy one. A couch or sofa is not designed to provide the right form of lumbar and neck support that players need for rigorous playing. 

Ps4 gaming chairs, on the other hand, come with a lot of features and comfort elements that make gaming easy. First of all, it must be understood that the human body is not designed to sit for long hours.

Moving around, walking, jumping is what we are supposed to do. However, since games have to sit for long, proper support to their lower body to ensure smooth blood flow in the back and neck region is essential. 

Additionally, a PS4 game chair takes the experience of gaming to the next level with its built-in speakers, USB charging ports, control knobs, vibration motions, and audio outputs. Sounds like worth-buying, right? To that end here are a few handpicked gaming chairs compatible with PS4 that you can consider. 

Best PS4 Gaming Chairs for Long Hours

1st Place
X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 best gaming chair for PS4 X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Foldable Vibrating Gaming Chair By X Rocker
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Best Value
X-Rockers Pro series best gaming chair for ps4 X Rocker Pro Series H3 Floor Video Gaming Chair By X Rocker
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3 X Rocker 5127401 2.1 best Vibrating Gaming Chair for PS4 X Rocker 5127401 2.1 Vibrating Gaming Chair with Pedestal By X Rocker
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4 VIT Racing Style best Recliner Gaming Chair for PS4 VIT Racing Style Recliner Gaming Chair By Vitesse
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5 X Rocker Drift Rocking Floor Gaming Chair X Rocker Drift Rocking Floor Gaming Chair By X Rocker
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1. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Foldable Vibrating Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 gaming chair for PS4

This is the best gaming chair for Xbox as well as PS4! It is feature-loaded to provide the best gaming experience. Made out of leather, this lounging chair provides a complete media experience with two front-facing speakers.

Additionally, this chair comes with audio force modulation technology, and power sub woofers which are installed into the open space. All these additional states of the art features guarantee gamers an experience of a lifetime while playing on the same. 

If that is not enough, the Pro Series H3 comes with additional vibration technology that syncs into the audio’s bass tones to create a powerful full-body feeling that is both engaging and relaxing for the long gaming hours.

The built-in radio wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter that is installed in the chair function with any source of RCA stereo output. Coming to the compatibility of the chair, it can gel well with an Xbox, PlayStation, and all other well-known gaming units.

The best part about the chair is the interactive Bluetooth audio system it incorporates. Not only can gamers listen to music and watch movies while sitting on this chair, but they can actually “feel” the experience with the quality of the audio system installed. Finally, separate volume control panel and input and out jacks are also included with this best ps4 gaming chair.


  • Amazing vibration feature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with adjustable tilt tightness
  • Speaker offers a surround sound experience


  • Maybe a little tight for heavily built individuals
  • Does not offer a lot of tile facility. Keeps an upright position

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2. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Floor Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series H3 gaming chair for PS4

This is yet one of the high performing gaming chairs compatible with ps4. This leather lounging unit can be used for watching movies, listening to music, reading, relaxing and of course, gaming!

This chair takes gaming and movie experience to the next level with four front-facing speakers installed along with audio force modulation and powered sub woofers. These features provide a complete gaming experience that is worth trying.

The Pro H3 series has added extra vibration features which sync in perfectly with the audio’s bass to create a powerful full-body sensation while gaming.

The unit can make one a part of the game they are playing, making it all very real while comfortable at the same time.  For those who play with their headsets on, this chair has a headphone jack installed for you, to take your experience to the next level!

The PS4 gaming chair also offers fixed-position arm support that provides added stability, and the heavy-duty padded backrest and headrest are comfortable for the long gaming hours.

The X Rocker Pro H3 looks fancy, is comfortable, and allows easy storage as it can be folded away when not in use. The design and build of the chair make it worth buying. Overall, it is a quality product for the price range that it comes in. 

The PS4 game chair has a weight capacity of 275lbs. Due to its bodyweight capacity, it is probably not a good choice for heavy gamers. If you consider yourself as a PC gamer, and weight is an issue, you can consider buying Killabee Gaming Chair or Elecwish Gaming Chairs that can sustain weights between 330 to 400lbs. 


  • Made out of thick leather
  • Sound of the speakers are very solid and full
  • The rumble seat is quite effective
  • Multiple options for connection


  • The chair sits low
  • The foam padding dents after continuous use

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3. X Rocker 5127401 2.1 Vibrating Gaming Chair with Pedestal

The brand X Rocker has always been very much into furniture, especially chairs and home entertainment units. This is a name known to gamers, and its SE 2.1 is surely turning some heads!!

This is yet another affordable chair from X rockers. The chair is sure to enhance your gaming experience to a great extent, with its comfort and features.

What separates this chair from all the other gaming chairs in the market is the ergonomic design this unit presents. Plus, it has got a lot of features that we will be addressing. 

In addition to being very comfortable, efficiently made, and stylish, this chair comes with top-notch dual speakers and a superior quality subwoofer that results in thrilling and engaging sounds.

Players who rely on headphones can also enjoy their experience on this chair as it allows adjustments of jacks with an additional volume control panel placed on the side for personal use. 

Maintaining this ace ps4 gaming chair does not require much effort either. It’s very easy to clean the chair with a damp cloth. It’s padded cushioning and headrest makes this chair the ideal unit for regular and continuous players. Though the chair is soft, it’s mounted on a sturdy pedestal. Finally, the integrated speakers and subwoofers take the gaming experience to the next level. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Ideal for well-built individuals
  • The chair can be set in a comfortable recline position
  • Speakers are quite loud


  • Might be a little low set for regular gaming unit set up
  • The head speakers only have a mid-high frequency

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4. VIT Racing Style Recliner Gaming Chair

VIT Racing Style Recliner Gaming Chair for PS4

This gaming chair has been made with super comfortable and sturdy material. High resilience sponge has been used for wrapping premium quality durable PU leather, which enhances the look of the chair. Thanks to the high-density sponge used in the unit sitting on the same are both comfortable and relaxing. 

To take the relaxation to the next level, the chair comes with an adjustable foot and backrest that can be tilted up to 90 to 180 degrees (Furmax Racing Chair is one of the few PC gaming chair that can be reclined upto 180 degrees). This makes the chair ideal for watching TV, gaming, napping, reading, or anything else. 

The ergonomic design of the unit complete with suitable back and foot support makes the chair a dream come true for gamers who can sit on this unit for hours together playing their way to joy. 

While the sponge and the PU leather takes care of the outer appearance of the unit, which is extremely fancy and aesthetically sound, the frame of the chair is made out of stainless steel and hardwood with a maximum capacity of 300 LBS. Additionally, four protective foot covers prevent the floor from scratching. So, no additional carpet installation required!

Finally, maintaining this ps4 game chair is not difficult either since the PU leather is waterproof and can be cleaned often with a damp cloth. 


  • Easy to move around even though they are large
  • Stable and solid even for hefty individuals
  • The material used is very plush and comfortable
  • Reclines almost flat without much effort


  • Lacks a cup holder
  • Some users have faced rickety sound issues

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5. X Rocker Drift Rocking Floor Gaming Chair

X Rocker Drift Rocking Floor Gaming Chair

Like the other X Rocker gaming chairs, this one too has been designed to look like a racing chair. The design reflects full well on the white and black checkered flag that goes all the way from the front to the back of the chair. 

Though most X Rocket chairs are modestly priced, this particular one is super affordable! However, just because it’s low-priced, it does not mean this chair does not live up to the expectations set!

This ps4 gaming chair has two loudspeakers installed along with a sub woofer that provides a memorable sound experience.

The sound created by both of these speakers is so amazing that it can keep gamers engaged for hours, providing a “life-like” gaming experience. Gamers don’t like getting up from their seat while they are in the middle of an interesting take-down. But too much volume might cause issues with the neighbour. So, reluctantly, they have to leave their seat to address the high volume. 

But not anymore! This gaming chair has a volume control, and bass control knobs installed right on it!  Not only is this the ideal gaming chairs for PS4, but it is compatible with Xbox as well. Additionally, the chair can make Netflix and chill night better by connecting easily to the television. The perfect addition to your living room or bedroom! 


  • Easy to set up
  • Includes a spot for headphones
  • Easy to store
  • Offers amazing bass sound
  • Chair texture is rich


  • Battery operated wireless transmitter drains the battery quickly

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Buying the Best Gaming Chair for PS4 – Guide:

Do Console Gamers Need a Gaming Chair?

Do PS4 Gamers need a gaming chairs

Sitting in a bad posture can have a negative implication on one’s body. However, an ergonomically designed gaming chair allows the user to rest on it comfortably. In other words, this chair makes way for better blood flow to the lower part of one’s body and in the neck area.

This is of crucial importance for gamers since they sit and play on their console for hours together. In addition to these, a good gaming chair with its plush and comfortable backrest provides double support to the gamer.  

A gaming chair is nothing like a regular office chair. Gaming chairs are feature-loaded and enhance the gaming experience to a great extent. For instance, an adjustable backrest of a gaming chair can tilt up to 180 degrees, and this feature is not available on an office chair. All in all, a gaming chair enhances the joys of gaming and thus is important for players. 

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Factors to look for in Best PS4 Gaming Chair

Factors to look for in a Gaming Chair Compatible with PS4

1. Comfort

This is the most important aspect that must be looked for in a gaming chair. A human body is ideally not designed to sit in one position for hours. However, since gamers have to do that, some form of additional support to their back and neck area which boosts blood flow is required. A well-made supportive and padded gaming chair comes in very handy for gamers who play for hours together. 

Using a gaming chair results in immediate improvement of the pain and stiffness in the body that is very common amongst players. Thus, a comfortable gaming chair is essential for dedicated gamers. 

2. Ergonomic Build

Most traditional pieces of furniture are unmovable, which means they can’t be shifted from one place to another. Thus, while looking for a gaming chair, factors like ergonomics and versatility are crucial. 

Additionally, the design of a gaming chair improves comfort and the pleasure of playing. Since the head, neck, shoulders, wrists, and back are rested, gamers don’t feel the pain to a great extent.

A well designed and solid structured chair keeps players energetic for hours, and the difference of using a chair dedicated for gaming over a common chair can be felt within days. Proper lumbar support and comfortable positioning is a crucial need for any PS4 gamer. 

3. Vibration Motors

Some gaming chairs come with added vibration features. This enhances the gaming experience as players can “feel” the same. However, this feature is often included in high-end models.

The vibrating motion takes the gaming experience to the next level and introduces some form of drama in the entire gaming experience. As much as vibrating motion would be welcome by players, it does not gel well with all types of games. 

Thus, depending on the genre of games, one is comfortable with, whether or not the vibrating motion is required will be decided. It must be borne in mind that this feature is just an add-on and not an essential feature.  

4. Built-in speakers

A gaming chair is all about enhancing the comfort of the player and providing them just the right amount of stimulus to play the game. This can be heightened to a great extent with built-in- speakers in a gaming chair. Gaming chairs with speakers and vibration motors are the new golden investments for professional and casual gamers. 

Many gaming chairs come installed with two to four speakers near the headrest, providing a surround sound effect, which makes the gaming experience all the more real for gamers. 

Additionally, there are volume controls and woofers which furthers the element of action. Though built-in speakers are an add on and a lot many gaming chairs do not have it, players appreciate this feature. However, the quality of the speakers must be tested before the purchase. 

5. Portability

For those living in a big house, having an entire gaming unit or a dedicated gaming room is not a big deal. However, for those living in a small apartment having the gaming console along with its accessories spread out can be difficult. 

However, with a gaming chair around, this issue can be handled well. Most gaming chairs are foldable and portable. When not in use, they can be stored away. This is a very important feature of a gaming chair which makes one a better choice than a sofa or a normal office chair. Since they are non-conventional, their design and ease of movement are much more. 

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Body strain and backaches must be avoided at any cost. But that should not stop you from gaming! Thus, get hold of one of the best ps4 game chairs and don’t worry about aching back, arms and neck. Additionally, forget about storage concerns as well!!!

A gaming chair is any day improvement over a traditional sofa and office chair if you want to have a thrilling experience with your game. All the products listed above can improve your gaming experience to a great extent with their state-of-the-art design and pattern. So, get hold of one, and let the game begin.

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