DxRacer Vs Secretlab: Who Makes the Best Gaming Chairs?

The gaming industry is rapidly evolving and is set to emerge as one of the largest markets in the commercial world, given its commendable pace of growth. Hence, it can be safely derived that it is more than just a leisure activity. Full-time careers built around streaming, highly paying prestigious championships and enormous international eSports competitions only help us gauge the mighty infatuation around this thing. It is hence natural for businesses to boom around the needs and requirements of this industry.

Among other accessories that augment the overall gaming experience of enthusiastic gamers, are customised yet steadfast gaming chairs. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that a gaming chair forms the absolute basis of good gaming set up. However, when looking for one, you must invariably opt for a brand that’s proven to deliver uncompromising quality time and time again. Today, we’ll be comparing two of such giants and show you how Dxracer vs Secretlab differ.

These brands are known and respected in the gaming community for their consistent quest for betterment in seating tech. DXRacer and Secretlab, despite several contrasting attributes, continue to masquerade as two of the most premium gaming chair brands across continents.

But that’s not good enough, is it? You’ll have to narrow down to one of them if you’re currently looking for a befitting gaming chair for yourself. So, DXRacer Vs Secretlab? Which out of the two should you settle for? If you’re here for a concise takeaway, we sure think DxRacer dwarfs some Secretlab chairs when compared against relevant factors.

But, that’s not it. The above statement is not completely unambiguous. Secretlab chairs do have their share of upsides, which if matter to you, could topple the verdict for your specific requirements. Let’s look at some of the key differences of each of these brands and find out what makes one better than the other.

Secretlab Vs. DXRacer: Here’s how they differ

1. Dxracer vs Secretlab Establishment

DXRacer has a longer history in the industry than almost all gaming chair manufacturers in the market. Established in 2001, the company has a rich experience across evolving demographics and corresponding requirements. The brand was initially involved in the manufacturing of high-end luxury car seats. This expertise, coupled with the growing trend of gaming setups served as an inspiration for them to digress into making a varied range of gaming chairs. This transition was precisely brought about in the year 2006. This translates to them having a relevant experience of over 15 years doing what they do best. Taking in to account their earlier venture, the company boasts an unmatched experience of nearly two decades in revolutionizing seating technology.

Secretlab, on the other hand, is a newer brand. The company was founded in the year 2014 by Alaric Choo and Ian Ang. These gentlemen first met as professional gamers at a tournament playing StarCraft II. Sharing similar interests, it wasn’t long before Ian pitched Alaric with the idea of creating a chair that could provide “incredible comfort for long hours, is aesthetically beautiful, uses industrial‑grade materials and has local warranty”. Within such a short span, the company has managed to size up to a level that it’s now seen as arch-rival of one of the absolute best in the business, the DXRacer. Emerging from a pure gaming background, Secretlab takes immense pride in being qualified to engineer products to meet the specific needs of top-tier gamers.

2. Secretlab vs Dxracer Prevalence

Having been in the gaming industry for a much longer time, DXRacer has had a better opportunity at expanding their horizons. Consequently, the brand appears to have the edge over Secretlab and might have more widespread recognition. DXRacer gaming chairs are enthusiastically used by a large syndicate of casual gamers, professional streamers as well as eSports teams. Chairs from the brand have been favourites of team Cloud9, popular streamers and YouTubers like DrDisrespect, and Jacksepticeye. The brand has been an active sponsor of major gaming tournaments since the year 2008. One of their biggest feats includes partnering with World Cyber Games as an exclusive seat for the tournament.

Although Secretlab was founded much recently, it has fairly quickly gained a ton of recognition in the gaming community. It is known for collaborating with large gaming companies like PlayStation, Riot Games, and Ubisoft. The company is also famous for sponsoring a wide variety of gaming organizations including Tempo Storm, Blazer 5, and Newbee Gaming.

3. Dxracer vs Secretlab Price Range

A well-established brand name also comes with a higher price tag. DXRacer gaming chairs fall at a slightly expensive end of the price range. Depending on the style and features, DXRacer gaming chairs can range from anywhere between 250 – 600 USD.

On the contrary, Secretlab gaming chairs are known for their affordable prices. They offer better value for money when it comes to features. You can get high-end features like 4-D adjustable armrests on chairs that are priced much lower in comparison to similar ones from the rival brand. While a major chunk of Secretlab chair models averages at around 450 USD, some custom models are priced as high as 800 USD.

4. Dxracer vs Secretlab Build Quality

Both, DXRacer and Secretlab maintain a strict manufacturing standard which is reflected in the overall quality of their seats.

DXRacer chairs feature sturdy stainless-steel frames which bring along the inherent capabilities of the alloy. The base of the chair is thereby, strong, resistant to corrosion and approved to withstand heavyweights. The company uses high-density foam for cushioning and polyurethane leather as upholstery/chair cover for most of their models.

Similarly, Secretlab chairs are assembled with an aluminium base that combines strength and stability in perfect proportions. As a significant upside, Secretlab uses a peculiar synthetic foam that brings together a better combination of softness and firmness, ideal for long seating sessions. Next, their chairs can be customised in terms of upholstery options. These choices essentially include a PU leather finish, soft weave fabric or genuine NAPA leather. 

5. Dxracer vs Secretlab Manufacturing Range

DXRacer clearly realizes that gamers come in all shapes and sizes. This is reflected in their wide range of chairs. Compared to Secretlab, DXRacer is known for providing a broader range of chairs. Precisely, they have 10 discrete series to choose from. These chairs can be fundamentally differentiated on the basis of size (ranging from S to XXXL).

Below is a comprehensive list of all DXRacer chair series that they’ve made till date –

  • Formula Series
  • Racing Series
  • King Series
  • Valkyrie Series
  • Sentinel Series
  • Tank Series,
  • Drifting Series
  • Iron Series
  • Boss Series
  • Classic Series.

In addition, they also have a wide variety of colour finishes in each of these options that you can choose from.

Contrasting to the rich variety of DXRacer gaming chairs, Secretlab is rather modest in this regard. Over the course of 6 years, the brand has only introduced 3 series. These include –

As a downside, Secretlab chairs only come in dark shades. Compared to DXRacer, the brand offers far fewer finish options.

6. Best Suited To

DXRacer gaming chairs cater to a wide range of audience. It is a better option for bigger and taller gamers. Its sturdiest chair- Tank, offers a weight capacity of 450lbs and a maximum height of 6’7”. All DXRacer chairs differ in size and build as they are made for varying body types. Whether you’re skinny, tall, hefty, short, etc., they have a chair for every body type.

With Secretlab, your choice is bound to be limited to 3 series of chairs. The THRONE series is designed for small gamers – up to 5’3” and 220 pounds, OMEGA series is designed for average-sized gamers – up to 5’1” and 240 pounds. The biggest chair series is TITAN which can hold a person up to 290lbs and is a good choice for tall gamers – up to 6’4”. Quite recently, they introduced the TITAN XL which supports gamers of up to 6’10” with an upper weight-bearing capacity of 390 lbs. (Check: Secretlab Omega Vs. Titan: Which Gaming Chair Should you go for?)This has more or less bridged the initial gap to cater to tall and heavy gamers between DxRacer and Secretlab chairs.

7. Dxracer vs Secretlab Ergonomics

When it comes to picking the right gaming chair, ergonomics is one of the most important aspects to look into. It refers to the way in which something is designed based on a set of psychological and physiological principles to best fit the needs of the user.

DXRacer and Secretlab both score high in terms of their ergonomic build. They both offer in-built adjustable lumbar support, fully adjustable tilt and seat height, high backrests, and are built following an ergonomic design that complies with your body shape. Both these chairs will help you maintain a good posture during those long gaming hours.

8. Dxracer vs Secretlab Adjustability

A gaming chair, despite it being the perfect fit for your body type, needs to have certain adjustable features. These might include the chair height, armrests, lumbar cushion and tilt mechanism, etc. Adjustable chair height is a very basic feature and hence can be found in all gaming chairs including the ones we’re comparing here.

However, when it comes to armrests, brands tend to pull back their generosity. 4-D armrests, a feature that aids in eliminating wrist, elbow and shoulder pain for people that tend to spend hours on their chairs at the end, is only found in higher-end models from DXRacer. However, all Secretlab chairs, cheaper to high-end, have 4-D adjustable armrests which is a huge upside.

As for an ergonomic build, both brands have fairly contouring designs and integrated lumbar cushions that can be adjusted to comfort. Now, although DXRacer chairs do come with neck pillows, not all models feature adjustable ones. Also, these are made from standard PU foam that imparts decent comfort to the user. On the other hand, all Secretlab chairs boast adjustable neck pillows. Also, the company uses gel-infused memory foam in the neck pillows making for cool neck support.

Secretlab Brand Pros and Cons


  • Secretlab’s chairs are durable and have a strong build as a result can last for years. 
  • Secretlab allows you to pick what type of upholstery you want for your chair You can pick among the options like software fabric, NAPA leather, and Prime PU Leather. 
  • Secretlab chairs come with adjustable parts, with various options according to your comfort. 


  • Secretlab chairs got very few color options. 
  • The premium and highest quality Secretlab chairs are expensive. 

DXRacer Brand Pros and Cons


  • Dxracer is a well-established brand compared to Secretlab and has been in the market longer than Secretlab. 
  • Dxracer chairs are considered one of the most comfortable chairs to sit on whether it is for gaming or any other purpose. 
  • Dxracer got a vast catalog of chairs with their 6 gaming chair lines. 


  • Dxracer chairs are not compact and can cover up a bit of space especially if your room is small. 
  • Their chairs with premium features are quite expensive. 


DXRacer or Secretlab? Is there a definitive answer to this question? Well, I think this is a subjective one. The answer might vary for you, depending on what factors matter to you the most. Upon analysis, we clearly notice that one is better than the other for certain aspects. So, you may certainly deem one of these superior for your specific needs and requirements.  

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