How to Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable? – Best Tips

How to Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Adopting a good sitting posture on your gaming chair is significantly more crucial than you think. In the last two decades, ergonomists have agreed to that. In a neutral posture, no chair on the planet can fit all body proportions and measurements. Many new users struggle to establish their comfort zone at first. 

So, what is the best method to sit for extended periods? The right use of a chair’s ergonomic characteristics is critical to success. The healthiest choice is to sit in dynamic neutral postures for lengthy periods. 

This article will teach you how to make gaming chairs more comfortable.

How Gaming Chairs Differ from Normal Chairs?

Gaming chairs differ from normal chairs in their design, comfort, and features. Gaming chair offers various features such as armrest, footrest, cup-holder. Due to increase in number of console gamers, some gaming chairs are designed to be used for xbox and PS4. Gaming chairs are also designed with a racing-style look, have ergonomic features for comfort during long gaming sessions, and may come equipped with built-in speakers, vibration motors, and adjustable armrests. 

They are also made with higher-quality materials, such as breathable fabrics and durable frames, to ensure they last longer and provide a better experience. In comparison, normal chairs may lack these features and be made with lower-quality materials, making them less ideal for gaming.

Tips to Make a Gaming Chair Comfortable

how to make a chair more comfortable

1. Tuck Your Hips Deep into the Seats

how to make your gaming chair more comfortable

The biggest difficulty with sitting without support is that the back flattens, and the hips collapse forward. Many users, even upgrading to a gaming chair, continue to sit in this manner owing to muscle memory. 

Replace this behavior with something else to get rid of it. Make it a habit to tuck your hips into the seat of your chair as deeply as possible every time you sit.

This can help you maintain healthy hip alignment when seated. Furthermore, it ensures proper contact between your spine and the backrest. This is where postural magic happens!

2. Keep Your Feet on the Footrest or Floor

gaming chair with footrest

If you spend all day sitting at a desk, you may get painful back muscles. A footrest will assist in relieving some of those aches. Ergonomic footrests on gaming chair models are an amazing method to increase your gaming experience. This is due to the fact that gaming chairs with footrests give enough lumbar support, which reduces strain on your lower back. This helps you sit for extended periods without slouching or hurting your body.

3. Adjust Seat Height

Your body measurements determine the optimal seat height. While seated with your feet level on the ground, adjust the seat height until your thighs and lower legs make a 90-degree angle with your knees. You should have your feet flat on the floor (not dangling). If the desk is very tall, consider adding a footrest.

4. Adjust the Head Pillow

The Head Pillow, designed to cradle your head and neck, provides the most effective natural, posture-perfect support. If you have posture issues and spend long periods sitting in your gaming chair, a head pillow that allows you to move up and down may assist you in keeping an upright position over time.

5. Make Use of Lumbar Support

lumbar support make gaming chair more comfortable

Your hips will be pulled forward if your chair’s lumbar support is too low. The upper body will be urged to slump if the lumbar support is too high. Raising the lumbar support several inches above the seat pan is recommended. 

Many gaming chairs come with very strong lumbar support cushions as standard. As a result, there may be a space between your spine and the backrest that does not compress when you lean against it.

Less expensive gaming chairs use lesser materials for the associated support cushions. A memory foam lumbar pillow is a simple and effective enhancement.

6. Recline Your Chair Backrest

After only a few days of practice, the majority of people adopt the habit of neutral sitting. Maintaining a limited range of recline during acclimatization will assist your body in adapting to the new chair. It is very advised that you recline your chair’s backrest to relieve strain on your lumbar spine.

Most ergonomics studies agree that a desk’s best typing angle range is between 100 and 115 degrees. According to this study, a 110-degree recline angle combined with a lumbar support depth of 1.5 inches (4 cm) results in an ideal sitting lumbar curve of 47 degrees while sitting.

7. Make Use of Armrests

how to make gaming chair more comfortable armrest

Gaming chairs’ armrests may be rotated in four dimensions. Ensure your armrests are appropriately positioned to reduce tension on your shoulders, neck, and upper back.

8. Make use of the Side Bolster

A metallic cushion or piece of padding connected to the seat or backrest is known as a side bolster. These gadgets are typically used to improve the comfort of a gaming chair. A bolster can increase overall comfort and assist you in achieving the optimum gaming position. Side bolsters are very useful for those who spend a lot of time gaming.

9. Add a Seat Cushion to the Gaming Chair

If a lumbar support cushion isn’t enough for you, or you require extra support, it’s time to upgrade your gaming chair setup with seat cushions. These pillows, depending on their shape, may assist in relieving back pain or sciatica symptoms. They also assist you in maintaining appropriate posture by evenly distributing your weight across your lower body.

10. Raise Display to Eye Level 

Glare can cause eye strain and cause you to fidget in your seat in order to find a comfortable viewing position. This might cause your posture to suffer and make you feel awkward at work.

The good news is that altering your office lighting may help you see your computer screen more clearly. Another important thing is to keep the top of your monitor screen leveled to your eye level.


Gaming furniture, like regular gaming chairs, must be utilized appropriately. Respecting the regulations includes even sitting in a gaming chair at a computer. 

It’s a good idea to memorize this posture and constantly sit at your computer. It is simple to adjust to the posture, but it will ensure you avoid discomfort and health concerns.

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