10 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest – Buyer’s Guide – 2023

10 best gaming chairs with footrest

When the esports industry took off in the early 2000s, gamers started spending more and more time sitting around playing games for 8 hours straight in a day or sometimes the whole weekend.

But the normal furniture chair or even office chairs were not equipped enough to provide the necessary support for such extended periods of time, and soon gamers with lower back problems and neck pains became a common sight.

This gave birth to the concept of Gaming Chairs. These innovative products with thick padding and ergonomic design help support a good posture, and reduce the upper body strain. Now, a common misconception these days is that the addition of footrests to gaming chairs is only a simple bonus feature to help with marketing.

On the contrary, with the help of an adjustable footrest, it becomes possible to constantly change the position of legs, and improve blood circulation, which results in improved productivity. Combine that with the other functionalities and you’ve got yourself a great deal.

Considering the major contributing factors of durability, customer value, and health benefits, we have curated this article showing you some of the best gaming chairs with footrest dominating the market right now. Let us take a look.

Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

1st Place
best gaming chairs with footrest respawn 110 RESPAWN 110 Racing-Style Gaming Chair with Footrest By RESPAWN
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Best Value
best dowinx vintage gaming chairs with footrest Dowinx Vantage Style Gaming Chair with Footrest By Dowinx
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3 best gtracing gaming chairs with footrest GTRacing Gaming Chair with Footrest and Bluetooth Speakers By GTRacing
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4 best hbada gaming chairs with footrest Hbada High-Back Ergonomic Racing-style Gaming Chair By Hbada
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5 best homall gaming chairs with footrest Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair with Footrest By Homall
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1. RESPAWN 110 Racing-Style Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs with footrest respawn 110

This gaming chair packs all the good features, is well worth its price and range and therefore enjoys the spot of being one of the best gaming chairs in the market. When it comes down to comfort, the RESPAWN gaming chair is capable of creating a comforting and relaxing experience from head to toe.

At the top, you’ll see an adjustable headrest and segmented paddings around the backrest. It is the best option for people with back problems as it includes cushions for enhancing lumbar support, and padded armrests resulting in overall comfort and an immersive experience.

While the 4D adjustability feature is the final cherry on top, one potential downside on this purchase is the durability of foam and upholstery. Some early users were also unhappy with the armrests, as it doesn’t include 3D armrest adjustability, which most of its competitors come equipped with these days.

If you can make do with these small shortcomings, in all fairness the RESPAWN 110 is nothing but a beast of a gaming chair. If you are interested and looking for Respwan 110 and want to know in-depth information about this chair, you can review our article on Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair.


  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • 4D adjustability
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest.


  • Deflation issues in long run
  • Armrest isn’t adjustable.

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2. Dowinx Vantage Style Gaming Chair with footrest

best gaming chairs with footrest dowinx vantage

Offering a fantastic way to stretch out and relax for PC, Xbox or PS4 gaming enthusiasts, Dowinx gaming chair with high back design lets you kick back and relieve tension on your lower body.

The best part for us, was the implanted USB powered massager on the lumbar cushion, as it is the best reward for a well fought battle and victory.

Strong metal frame helps maintain the correct sitting position and improves the body posture. Some users have also reported that the footrest is much sturdier than the RESPAWN 110.

The Dowinx is a well-known brand and this gaming chair comes with a new design and all the popular functions. It includes 360-degree swivel, 90-180 degree for reclining, 20-degree controllable rocking, and a retractable footrest. Lastly, the chair has a great weight capacity, but the footrest struggles when it comes to tall people.



  • Massage feature for lumbar support
  • Easy to put together
  • Adjustable recline and rocking feature


  • Armrests joints are weak
  • Footrest struggles to accommodate tall people.

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3. GTRacing Gaming Chair with footrest and Bluetooth Speakers

best gaming chairs with footrest gtracing chair

If you have spent some time researching on gaming chairs before, then you have probably already heard of the GTRacing brand. You can lie back up to 170 degrees thanks to its recline adjustment and the retractable footrest.

Oh, and did we mention that this product also includes music functionalities? That’s right. This gaming chair comes with bluetooth speakers, you can experience a cinema-like environment from the comfort of your gaming chair.

The bluetooth speakers usually last up to 5-6 hours of music play, and the chair includes all the other popular features such as the 360-degree swivel, 90-165-degree reclining, rocking, removable headrests and foldable footrests. The GTRacing gaming chair also includes adjustable 3D armrests. With such attractive features, this one deserves all the praise coming its way and rightfully so.

If you love the idea of added bluetooth speakers without compromising even a bit on the quality, why not go for it? One more thing, you will need an additional bluetooth adaptor if you want to connect the speakers with your PS4. If you are interested and looking for gaming chairs from this particular brand and want to know in-depth information about this brand, you can review our article on GTRacing’s Best Gaming Chairs.


  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Easy to set up
  • Removable headrest and retractable footrest
  • Adjustable 3D armrests.


  • Bluetooth adaptor needed to connect with Xbox/PS4.

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4. Hbada High-Back Ergonomic Racing-style Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs with footrest hbada chair

The Hbada High-Back gaming chair is known for the large seat area it provides for gamers. It has removable headrest, adjustable lumbar support, and a high backrest which together ensure proper alignment and support for your back.

It also comes with an adjustable armrest and high-density thick cushions for a comfy gaming experience. The other functions are notable 90-155 degree recline, rocking, and 360-degree rotation.

The height of the chair is also adjustable making it easier to accommodate people of different heights for good sitting positions.

The Hbada gaming chair is easy to install, and comes with all necessary accessories saving a lot of time and energy, and those high-density cushions we mentioned before keep you comfortable while gaming for long hours. With a variety of colors to choose from, and roller coaster wheels it moves around effortlessly and definitely earns its spot in our top 10 racing style best gaming chairs with footrest.


  • Roller Coaster wheels
  • Adjustable armrests
  • High density cushions.


  • No additional features.

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5. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair with Footrest

homall best gaming chairs with footrest

Honestly, if you are looking for a perfect balance between price and quality, this is the one for you. The footrest is foldable, and the chair comes with PU cushioning which is considered to be one of the best in today’s commercial applications.

The backrest also includes air holes which allow for air circulation, so if you’re in a particularly hot region, you will prefer this one. With a well-established brand, the Homall boasts removable footrests, vertically adjustable armrests, and an impressive 90-180-degree adjustable backrest.

The frames are made of Steel and designed to sustain heavy usage for a long time. Overall, the Homall Ergonomic High-Back racing chair is quality ergonomic gaming chair with footrest and it is the perfect candidate for gamers looking to save a few bucks without having to give up a lot on the quality.

If you are interested and looking for gaming chairs from this particular brand and want to know in-depth information about this brand, you can review our article on Homall’s Best Gaming Chairs.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Foldable footrest
  • Impressive weight capacity


  • Cannot adjust armrest
  • Compromises in every aspect.

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6. FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Reclining Gaming Chair

fantasylab best gaming chair with footrest

Let us now take a look at this living room style footrest chair. The FANTASYLAB 8257s is a sub-brand of Killabee which is a well-established brand in the gaming chair industry.

This bad boy is the only living room style gaming chair with a weight capacity of 400 pounds boasting a wide, spacious model with heavy support.

The chair features memory foam padding on top of the seat cushions, combined with high back and padded armrests ready to deliver a worthwhile experience of using this big and tall gaming chair.

We have to admit that it is a bit costlier than the rest of the competing brands, but for that additional 10-20 bucks, they also include a USB powered massager for lumbar support. Those flat edges create extra leg room and the sturdy framework supports posture correction.

Coming to adjustable features the chair supports 90-175 degree recline, adjustable headrest and retractable footrests, and while it lacks in adjustable armrests, it makes up for it with its stellar weight handling capacity and swiveling capabilities, all these additional perks easily make this chair best gaming chair with footrest.


  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Decent legroom and padding
  • Perfect for living rooms
  • Massage unit.


  • Cannot adjust armrests
  • Difficult to assemble.

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7. KILLABEE Racing-Style Massage Gaming Chair

killabee best gaming chair with footrest

The KILLABEE massage gaming chair has managed to be among the top sellers for a few years now. It is a bit costlier than the RESPAWN 110 and that’s why it’s a bit lower on the list. But that didn’t stop it from impressing us with its awesome features.

Those revamped backrest wings provide improved shoulder support, and the company has also added a thicker layer of memory foam padding. Moving on to the functionality and upholstery, it comes with a retractable footrest, 90-175 degree recline, and a vibrating massage unit for lumbar support.

The padding is made of high-density cold foam and the backrest comes in three color options. The only part where it might disappoint you is that unlike its competitors, the KILLABEE Massage gaming chair does not include adjustable armrests and headrest pillows. Overall, it is an attractive model for kids and casual gamers and a sensible purchase if you have lower back problems.


  • Improved shoulder support
  • Memory foam padding
  • Massage unit
  • Retractable footrest


  • Can’t adjust armrests
  • No headrest pillows.

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8. VON RACER High-Back PC Gaming Chair

best gaming chair with footrest von racer

The VON RACER gaming chair is an affordable product and offers all the ergonomic features you would like to see in a competitive market. The most attractive point we like about this chair is that it offers so many features for such a low price.

It’s definitely a value for money if you’re an entry level gamer looking to save some money with a smart purchase. On the functionality level, it lags behind the premium models but still offers 2D armrests, and 90-135 degree recline which is not the best in the market but still worth consideration.

You will be surprised to know that the VON RACER includes a USB powered massage unit as well. Combine that with retractable footrest and neck supporting removable pillows, it sure is a catchy product. Full swivel functionality and an easy to assemble unit earned helped it earn its spot in the top 10. Be sure to consider this bad boy if you set out to buy a cheap yet full of value gaming chair for yourselves.


  • Massage unit
  • Low cost
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Retractable footrest and removable neck pillows
  • Adjustable armrests.


  • Armrests are adjustable but only 2D
  • Backrest only tilts up to 135 degrees
  • Some users don’t prefer the flat seat design.

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9. GTPLAYER Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

gtplayer best gaming chairs with footrest

GTPLAYER gaming chair with footrest is designed specially for dedicated gamers. If you’re looking for a best gaming chair with footrest and steel base and solid integrated metal frame, this product will not disappoint you. It comes equipped with all the features one might imagine a gaming chair should include.

We particularly liked the color options and the 5-point steel base with heavy duty and smooth rolling casters. The product also features wider shoulder support and neck pillows, with high density elastic foam padding making it safe and comfortable for long sitting hours.

The lumbar support pillow comes with a vibrating massager for your back and the armrests are equipped with adjustable linkages. With a 90-155 degree recline capability, and a weight handling capacity of 300 pounds, the GTPLAYER massage chair will surely pull you towards  the buy now button.

However, we noticed that while the chair would work perfectly fine with an average sized person, taller people might struggle a bit with the seat and footrest accommodation. So keep that tip in mind before you go ahead with the purchase decision.


  • Massage unit
  • Sturdy steel base
  • Good shoulder and neck support
  • Good weight capacity.


  • Doesn’t support 3D armrest adjustment
  • Not the best choice for tall people.

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10. BestOffice Store PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

bestoffice best gaming chair with footrest

Last but certainly not the least, the BestOffice Gaming Chair is a budget friendly option if you have some upper caps set on spending. The chair is BIFMA quality certified to hold up to 250 pounds, and has a metal base and nylon casters making it really easy to roll around.

Breathable PU leather, 360-degree swivel, 90-155 degree recline ability, flip up arms, and finally slight vibrating capability added to provide lumbar support are some of the impressive features this chair offers at a very low price.

The material is water resistant which means no more spillage worries for you. The relatively large seating cushion combined with an adjustable footrest will enhance your comfort level during those long gaming sessions.

All these sturdy additions bring its total weight to approximately 45 pounds which is slightly heavier compared to the other options, but if in the end the decision comes down to pricing, this chair will definitely stand out from all of them and can be easily considered as one of the best gaming chairs with footrest.


  • Best budget buy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vibration feature
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest.


  • A bit heavier product
  • The mesh feels uncomfortable during summer season.

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Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest Buying Guide

Notable Benefits of Gaming Chairs with Footrest

best gaming chairs with footress buying guide

People who don’t spend long hours working or gaming in sitting positions, need not worry about looking for such ergonomic gaming chairs with footrest but for people like us, it surely is an attractive option.

These innovative designs let us constantly keep the body in different positions and motion even while sitting. The retractable footrest adds more flexibility and allows active sitting. Let us take a look at some of the noteworthy benefits you can count on when investing in a gaming chair that comes with a footrest included.

1. Additional Comfort

After going through our top10 list, it must be evidently clear to you by now that gaming chairs with footrest, and improved neck, shoulder, and lumbar support make them much more comfortable than a normal work or furniture chair. Unlike regular chairs, such designs are built to improve comfort, productivity and the overall user experience from head to toe.

It takes no rocket science to understand that slightly reclined sitting while the feet are resting on a footrest changes the angle of your body and thus lowers the load on your lower back, consequently enabling you to sit for long hours within your comfort level.

2. Improved Circulation

Even the modern-day corporate work is becoming more and more computer based, and seldom do we see people talk about the negative effects of those long sitting hours on our blood circulation. This might not be blatantly apparent but it causes many problems like obesity, slow metabolism, constipation, and many more. Therefore, having a reclining gaming chair with a footrest at work or at your gaming station will certainly help improve your blood circulation and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Better Posture

Constantly holding a hunched position at work or during gaming sessions can affect your body posture in worse ways than you can imagine. Potential issues include neck stiffness, shoulder pain, pinched nerves, reduced circulation to muscles, and even permanent spinal damage.

Reclined seating with footrests and sturdy metal frames with reinforced memory foam padding and lumbar support pillows help in maintaining the correct posture for those extended long hours and protect your body from the occasional hazards of careless sitting.

Other Factors to look for in a Gaming Chair with Footrest

1. Material of Construction

If the manufacturer expects you to pay him well, the chair should be a high-quality build with significant durability so that it lasts longer with you. A few of the popular materials used in gaming seats are mesh, fabric, synthetic microfiber, elastic foam, faux leather, or PU (Polyurethane) leather being cheaper than real leather.

Choose one with a breathable design, and also keep an eye out for metal frames as plastic or wooden frames won’t last long. If you’re a little tight on the budget, you can consider nylon bases but they don’t perform as well as the aluminum ones.

2. Back Support Cushion

Best back support cushion gaming chair with footrest

We can’t stress enough how much the back-support cushions do for you. Not only do they help in reducing the load on your lumbar with additional support, but additional massage units make the overall experience highly enriching for the users.

However, these lumbar support pillows are either fixed or adjustable in different products, so make sure you understand your needs and make the wise choice accordingly. We would recommend going for the adjustable lumbar support versions if the chair is going to be used by more than one person.

3. Tilt Mechanism

As we saw in our detailed analysis, not all racing style gaming chairs with footrests are built the same, and the most common differing aspect is the reclining capacity of the backrest. The differences could stem from design and cost limitations but you can still look for some details.

While some of these offer reclining angles up to 180 degrees and some cap out between 135 to 175. Nevertheless, what you need to do is make sure the one you opt for has a locking and rocking mechanism in place and you are good to go.

4. Adjustable armrests

Best adjustable armrests gaming chair with footrest

This feature is a must for gamers as they require constant wrist and arm support enabling quick reflexes and improved overall gaming experience. Even for working usage, 3D or even 2D adjustable armrests prove to be an integral part of an ideal racing style gaming chair.

A lot of gaming chair brands in the market are getting criticised for not including this feature in their latest models, so we recommend you to keep an eye out for ones with adjustable armrests.

5. Threshold Weight Capacity

All manufactures have to include this maximum weight carrying capacity of their models in their product descriptions and while all of our inclusions in this list range at or above 250 pounds, we would strongly suggest you to keep this factor in mind as it will have an adverse effect on the wear and tear of the chair if left ignored. You will need to contemplate on the trade-off between a high weight handling capacity chair and the stage at which it in itself gets too heavy to move around.


Arriving at the end of this article, now you have all the information required to make a sensible investment in the best gaming chairs with footrest. In the end, there’s no one clear winner in this department as the perfect gaming chair depends a lot on the needs of the buyer.

We just hope that we succeeded in providing you the right tools and factors to consider during your decision-making process. Don’t forget to let us know which candidate caught your eye eventually or if you want to ask any other questions, shoot your queries in the comment section down below.

If you’re a dedicated gamer or spend a lot of time glued to the computer screen for work, you owe it to yourself to invest in these designs, go ahead. We trust you now to make a wise and informed decision.

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