What is Spiritual Weapon in DnD 5e?

What is Spiritual Weapon in DnD 5e?

The Spiritual Weapon DnD 5e is a spell owned by the Cleric class that has the strength of adding on to other spells simultaneously without causing any disadvantages. Using bonus action rather than actions, the spell acts as a secondary to gang up on targets and makes up for cover when in a dire and helpless situation. Help is this spell’s middle name, and when in need, this spell is probably the one that first comes to mind.

What is Spiritual Weapon 5e?

The Spiritual Weapon in DnD 5e refers to the 2nd level Cleric spell. When this spell is cast, it creates a floating spectral weapon and can deal a base damage of 1d8 with the addition of the player’s spellcasting ability modifier.

Based on the particular weapon that the clerics of deities are associated with, a melee attack can be dealt against a creature within range that is 5 feet, for the duration of 1 minute. If the character does not have a particular weapon associated with them, then they can choose the type of melee weapon attack from the available options.

Also, for the Bonus Action on the turn, the weapon can be moved as far as 20 feet, and the spell can be cast again against a creature within 5 feet of the weapon. It is also worth knowing that with two slot levels increasing after the 2nd level slot, the damage increases by 1d8.


Is Spiritual Weapon a Helpful Spell?

Is Spiritual Weapon a Helpful Spell?

The best parts about the spell are that it requires bonus action to cast and that it is not concentration-based. Due to these factors, you can use your actions on other important spells that have a longer duration at the same time when you cast this spell with a bonus action.

Even when you are required to cast healing spells in the late stages of the rounds, you can still deal damage on the side using your bonus action. The fact that the damage increases with increasing slot levels and at the same time 2nd level spell slot becomes a cheaper resource, the spell can be cast more frequently.

In addition to all these great benefits, the spell deals force damage. Force damage is the best possible damage type as very few creatures have resistance against it. All of these factors no doubt make it quite a helpful spell.

Who Can Use Spiritual Weapon?

The Spiritual Weapon spell is only a 2nd level spell for the Cleric class’s spell list. However, it can be acquired in a few different ways by those in the Bard subclass, Sorcerer subclass, and the Paladin subclass.

College of Lore: The best choice of acquiring the Spiritual Weapon spell for those in the Bard subclass would be the Lore Bard’s additional secret choices at the 6th level. It is more reasonable than waiting longer for the Magical Secrets.

Divine Soul: Being in the Sorcerer subclass can get you the Spiritual Weapon spell as fast as a Cleric at 3rd level. This is because those in this subclass have access to both the spell lists of the Sorcerer class and the Cleric class.

Oath of Conquest: Being in the Paladin subclass can easily get you the Spiritual Weapon spell. However, you need to be of the 5th level, which is 2 levels past that of a Cleric that acquires this spell.

Also, remember that the Spiritual Weapon spell is a Cleric’s Life and War Domain spell, which means that spell is prepared and ready to go for those in the Cleric class despite having limited prepared spells.

With this, you know who can use the DnD 5e Spiritual Weapon spell and how.


Hopefully, this article was able to get you out of your hard time in understanding what the spiritual weapon 5e is and how it works, and especially whether you can use it or not. Use this knowledge to your advantage and strategize well to turn this spell into a reliable partner when in need.

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