9 Best Agents For Haven

9 best agents for haven

Haven is a map in the tactical first-person shooter video game Valorant. It is a medium-sized, three-lane map set in a luxurious seaside resort.

The map features a unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, with wide open areas and a few cramped corridors. Haven features a wide variety of objectives and routes that emphasize strategic team play and communication.

The map consists of three distinct lanes, each containing a bomb site and two objectives. The middle lane, known as the connector, contains a spike defusal site that teams must protect.

The two outer lanes contain two separate spike sites and two separate plant sites. The plant sites are located in the central area, while the spike sites are located at the edges of the map. Teams must communicate and coordinate to ensure that both spike sites are secured in order to win the round. 

The environment of Haven is unique and diverse, featuring a mix of outdoor and indoor areas. The outdoor areas are generally wide open, allowing for long-range battles, while the indoor areas are tighter and require more close-quarters combat. The map also features several interactive elements, including destructible walls and jump pads.

 Overall, Haven is a great map for Valorant players. Many valorant pros like shroud , Aceu, shazam, dapr, etc. uses various agents to stand out in haven map. We, will look at few best agents for haven map that will help you achieve victory on the valorant battlefield.

Best Agents For Haven

1. Jett

jett best agents for haven

Jett is an aboslute best agent for Haven map. The map is one of the most popular maps in the game, and Jett is the perfect agent to take it on.

Her abilities make her well-suited to the terrain, allowing her to quickly and easily traverse the map. Her Updraft ability gives her the ability to reach higher ground and gain an advantage over her opponents.

In contrast, her Tailwind ability lets her quickly get around the map and surprise her opponents. Her Cloudburst ability can help her team to gain an advantage by providing a smokescreen and creating opportunities for aggressive pushes. Finally, her Blade Storm ultimate can quickly clear out an area, making it much easier for her team to capture objectives.

These abilities make Jett a great pick for not only Haven map, but for other map like bind. As she can use her mobility and offensive capabilities to take advantage of the map’s layout and surprise her opponents.

2. Skye 

skye best agents on haven

Skye is a great pick for Valorant’s map Haven. It has a unique, vibrant aesthetic that stands out from the other maps in the game.

The map also has a lot of verticalities, which gives players a lot of opportunities for strategic play. The map also has several choke points, which can be used to your advantage when attacking or defending.

In addition, the map encourages teamplay with its multiple objectives and a mix of long-range and close-range combat opportunities.

Lastly, the map features a variety of different play styles, from aggressive to passive, so that all players can find something to enjoy. With its unique visuals, strategic opportunities, and various play styles, Skye is a great pick for Valorant’s map Haven.

3. Astra 

astra best agents on haven

Astra is one of the best agent for Haven map. It is a fast-paced, close-quarters map that allows for quick engagements and intense firefights.

The map is also highly tactical, with multiple routes to every objective and various angle to take advantage of. Astra is also well-suited for a variety of playstyles, from aggressive pushing to defensive holding.

The map’s main feature is its three lanes, flanked by two large buildings. This allows for a variety of strategies, from pushing down one lane and holding the other two to rotating around the map to take advantage of different angles.

Astra is also a great choice for those who prefer a more defensive playstyle. Its smaller size and limited routes mean that teams can easily set up defensive positions, making it difficult for the enemy team to break through.

The map also has plenty of cover and obstacles to hide behind, allowing teams to set up ambushes and traps. Overall, Astra is an excellent pick for Valorant’s map Haven.

4. Killjoy 

killjoy best agents on haven

It has a variety of interesting aspects that make it stand out from the other maps available.

The map has a good mix of long and short-range engagements, allowing players to move around the map and look for advantageous positions. The map is open and spacious, making it a great choice for team-based strategies.

Players can use the open areas to flank and outmaneuver the enemy team, while the close-quarters areas offer plenty of opportunities for close-quarters combat. The map also features a variety of different lines of sight that can be used to gain an advantage over the enemy team.

The map’s verticality also allows players to use the high ground effectively to gain the upper hand in engagements. Overall, Killjoy can be considered as best agent for Haven map. It offers a wide range of options and strategies and a good mix of long and short-range engagements. Players can use the map’s varied terrain to their advantage and gain an edge over their opponents.

5. Fade 

fade best agents on haven

Fade is an excellent pick for Valorant’s map Haven and one the best agent for haven. It is a very versatile map, allowing players to play heavily defended and aggressive strategies.

The map features a variety of open and enclosed spaces, allowing players to find the perfect spot to set up their defenses or launch their attacks.

The map also features plenty of verticalities, allowing players to take advantage of high ground and rooftops to gain an advantage over their opponents. Fade also has plenty of sightlines, allowing players to control the map using well-placed abilities and weapons. With its wide variety of strategies, Fade is a great pick for Valorant’s map Haven.

6. Brimstone 

brimestone best agents for haven

Brimstone is one of the best agent for Haven map on valorant. Its many strategic areas offer plenty of opportunities for teams to create unique strategies.

The large central area allows teams to set up ambushes and defensive positions, while the side areas provide ample cover and flanking routes. Additionally, the map has numerous jump spots and platforms, which can be used to gain a positional advantage.

Moreover, Brimstone features a variety of sightlines and angles, which makes it a great choice for players who like to play aggressively. This makes it particularly well-suited for fast-paced play.

The elevated platforms also offer excellent opportunities for players to take advantage of the map’s verticality. This can make it difficult for enemies to predict where players will be coming from. 

Finally, Brimstone also offers plenty of opportunities for teams to practice their smokes and flashes. The numerous angles and sightlines on the map make it easy to practice these skills, while the jump spots make it easy to practice mid-air flicks and other advanced techniques. As such, Brimstone is an excellent choice for those looking to sharpen their skills in Valorant.

7. Breach 

breach haven best agents

The Breach is a great pick for Valorant’s map Haven. It’s a fast and dynamic map with a variety of strategic possibilities, making it an ideal choice for competitive play. The map is divided into two halves with multiple paths and cover opportunities.

A breach is a great option for Valorant’s map Haven because it allows for a wide range of tactics and strategies and allows players to outwit their opponents.

The map is also relatively small, making it easy to move around without getting lost. Furthermore, Breach provides plenty of long-range opportunities, giving snipers a chance to shine.

Finally, Breach features a unique mix of close-quarters combat and long-range shooting, giving it a unique flavor that many players enjoy. In short, Breach is an excellent choice for Valorant’s map Haven.

8. Raze 

raze best agent for haven

Raze is a great pick for Valorant’s map Haven. With its close-quarters combat and fast-paced action, Raze is the perfect map for intense and challenging gunfights.

Its small size also encourages players to use strategies that involve tight teamwork and quick reflexes.

Raze’s unique layout divides the map into three distinct sections, making it easy to identify choke points and where to position yourself and your team. The map also features a variety of objectives, including capture points, armories, and spike sites, which keeps the action interesting and unpredictable.

Additionally, Raze has multiple elevation levels which can be used to gain a tactical advantage and surprise your opponents. Raze is an excellent choice for Valorant’s map Haven, as it offers a dynamic and exciting experience for both casual and competitive players alike.

9. Cypher

cypher best agents on haven

Cypher is an excellent pick for Valorant’s map Haven. This map is known for its tight corridors, making it difficult to navigate.

Cypher is the perfect agent to help navigate these tight spaces, as he can use his Spycam to keep an eye on enemies or use his Cyber Cage to help block off choke points.

Additionally, Cypher’s abilities allow him to quickly rotate between bomb sites and other areas of the map, providing great map control. His ultimate, the Neural Theft, is also very useful in Haven, as it can be used to gain intel on enemy positions and strategies.

Overall, Cypher is a great pick for Haven, as his abilities are perfectly suited for the map and can be used to gain a significant advantage in the match.


In conclusion, agents in the Haven of Valorant are an integral part of the game. They each have unique abilities and strategies that can be used to achieve victory. While each has its strengths and weaknesses, their presence in the game adds an extra dimension of gameplay and strategy that can be used to outwit opponents and gain the upper hand.

With their varied roles and abilities, agents are an important part of Valorant’s tactical shooter experience. We hope this article helps you pick the right agent. 


Agents in the Haven map on Valorant are player-controlled characters with unique abilities and roles in a match. There are 30 agents in the valorant game, each agent belonging to one of five different classes: Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, Controller, and Support.

No, it is impossible to switch between agents during a match in the haven map on valorant. It would help if you chose which agent you want to play during the entire match before the match begins.

When selecting an agent to play in the haven map on valorant, you must consider the following factors the role you want to play, the abilities you want to use, and your play style. And see if these factors match with the available agents. Also, it would be helpful during your match if you select the agent you’re most comfortable with.

It is possible to unlock and obtain new agents in the haven map on valorant by buying those agents with valorant points, which can be earned by playing matches or bought with real money.
Another way to unlock new agents is by buying battle passes that can give access to exclusive agents and plenty of other in-game rewards.

Yes, a few limitations exist on the agents a player can use in the haven map. In some game modes, there are restrictions on the number of agents that can be used during a match. In some cases, some agents might be restricted to a few specific tournaments.

Each particular agent in the haven map got a unique set of abilities that can be used during a match. To use an agent’s ability, you first have to buy the agent; after buying the agent, you can use the agent’s ability by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard. Note some agents have a cooldown period.

If your goal is to provide cover for your team, then Omen as an agent is a good choice in the haven map. Omen got an insane range, and you can cause distraction during the match and still be able to provide cover for your team.

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