Aasimar Paladin D&D 5E – Complete Guide

Aasimar Paladin Complete Guide

DnD has always stunned its fanbase with its diverse array of classes, subclasses, and races. The one we will focus on today is the Aasimar Paladin. Aasimars are the go-to option for those who are hoping to play a character with clear celestial influence. The Aasimar character has undergone massive alterations over time, but the celestial theme and a few of their traits remain constant.

Let’s understand the nuances of the D&D Aasimar Paladin:

How to Make Aasimar Paladin? 

The Aasimar character is a semi-angelic humanoid touched by Mount Celestia. They have a strong celestial connection to greater angelic beings, emanating energies of different auras. They gain a +2 to Constitution while doing so. 

While building an Aasimar character, you must consider the following:

  • Characteristics and backgrounds
  • Abilities and variants- Protector, Scourge, or Fallen
  • Paladin Oath of Devotion, Oath of Ancients, or Oath of Vengeance

Common features to know of:

Aasimar paladins share these common features: white, gray, or gold pupil-less eyes, silver hair, and light feathers on the shoulder where their wings should eventually sprout.

Aasimar Paladin Characteristics 

Aasimar Paladin Characteristics 

An Aasimar character can be brought into a few tropes, including guardian angel, fallen angel, heroic demi-God, or a celestial stranger. Role-playing as an Aasimar Paladin brings about a sense of mystery to the party, akin to an alien presence. Regardless of whether they have fallen to the dark side or are truly benevolent, this character seems anything but normal.

Aasimar Paladins are beautiful, to say the least. Be it from an angelic background, or something resembling a Greek pantheon, they usually emulate a strong sense of divinity and superiority over mortals. Aasimar Paladins are dripping with Charisma.

Aasimars can be on a divine mission, more so as a cleric or a Paladin. The fallen angel variant, however, could be an outcast from the heavens. A few of the Aasimars could have left their angelic patron for a more evil replacement. Alternatively, they have left the shackles of servitude altogether, letting go of complete divinity to wander about the mortal world.

Aasimar Paladin Variations 

Aasimar Paladin Variations 

1. Scourge Aasimar Paladin 

The Scourge Aasimar falls into the category of the angel of wrath, adding +1 to your Constitution score as well as granting you Radiant Consumption. With the latter, you can create a fiery light from within your body, in turn damaging everything on your path.

For a minute, you will shed light for 20 feet and consequently deal damage to yourself and targets who begin their turn around you. The damage will be equal to half your level, and you can deal more radiant damage equal to your level to an opponent you hit with an attack or a spell. This surely makes a fierce Paladin build. 

2. Fallen Aasimar Paladin 

These archetypical fallen angels, the Fallen Aasimars are usually granted a +1 Strength increment along with a Necrotic Shroud ability. This pulses dark energy around your character as you see your eyes turn black, dealing ample necrotic damage and fear.

During the minute-long duration, enemies within a 10 feet distance have to make a Charisma saving throw or give into fear. You can also deal added necrotic damage to a target equal to your level every time you land an attack or a spell.

3. Protector Aasimar Paladin 

The Protector Aasimar variant can be deemed as the true angelic archetype who are the benevolent healers or warriors of justice. They gain a +1 Wisdom bonus to ability scores, providing them natural inclinations toward Clerics. Radiant Soul grants the Protector Aasimar a glowing aura as well as celestial wings.

When you trigger this ability, you gain flight for a minute and consequently deal added radiant damage to your foes every time you land attacks. The damage is the same as your level. Your flying speed remains 30 feet, which can make for an epic paladin swooping into the Divine Smite, a great villain.

Aasimar Paladin Abilities 

Aasimars gain a +2 Charisma bonus to ability scores, making for powerful Paladins. They come equipped with Darkvision and a handful of other angelic abilities and traits. Celestial Resistance gives you resistance to necrotic as well as radiant damage. Regardless of which side of good and evil you fall on, you will be resistant against your foes.

Healing Hands will grant you the ability to touch creatures and heal hit points equal to your level. This is quite like a Paladin’s Lay on Hands ability which can give innate goodness whether you ask for it or not. You must finish a long rest between uses. You can learn the light cantrip with Light Bearer.

Aasimar Paladin Oaths 

Aasimar Paladin Oaths 

Let’s take a look at the various Aasimar Paladin oaths and the corresponding levels:

1. Oath of Devotion 

Your Aasimar Paladin can decide to swear an oath to a deity if you want to take up their cause. It is the closest to a crusader, with the main focus on justice.

Tenets of Devotion:

Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Honor, Duty, Aura of devotion, Purity of Spirit, Holy Nimbus

2. Oath of Vengeance 

Something terrible happened in your life that made you swear an oath desiring revenge. Be it your village getting pillaged, someone killing your dog gifted by your deceased wife, an oppressive guild ruling people of your kind, or witnessing your parents getting mugged and slain outside a movie theater, these events can qualify you as avengers or dark knights.

Tenets of Devotion:

Fight the Greater Evil, No Mercy for the Wicked, By Any Means Necessary, Restitution, Relentless Avenger, Soul of Vengeance, Avenging Angel

3. Oath of the Ancients 

Your character loves the environment and the light so you decided to make an oath to protect it. Those who make this oath are also called fey, green, or horned knights, and disciples of Mothman.

Your character’s garb is likely to be adorned with images of growing things, from leaves, and antlers, to flowers, as a reflection of your commitment to life and the light, along with the assertion that you will not think twice before murdering an illegal logger or anyone littering.

Tenets of Devotion:

Kindle the Light, Shelter the Light, Preserve Your Light, Be the Light, Aura of Warding, Undying Sentinel, Elder Champion

How to Roleplay as Aasimar Paladin 

How to Roleplay as Aasimar Paladin 

When others are around, an Aasimar character tends to be good-natured and cautious. This characteristic is inherited from their Celestial heritage, but much like Tieflings aren’t purely evil, a few Aasimars are neutral. They can be corrupted and lead astray, although they do receive counsel and discipline from their Celestial guardians, ancestors, or other beings at their service. 

There isn’t much record of how they act around others, though their prejudice against fiendish blood and evil is quite apparent. They usually get along with other half-bloods so long as it’s not fiendish. One downside is that they tend to hold grudges for a long time, so it’s best to correct them early on. 

Aasimars are usually misunderstood but not hated. They are curious, strange, and even fearful but that’s because of their Celestial blood, regardless of them having good parents or guardians. With age, they become wise, insightful, alluring, and very perceptive of others. They can also read, write, as well as speak Common and Celestial. 


Being a Paladin is not always about going on missionary and crusading trips. You don’t have to truly love the deity you are in service to since becoming a Paladin can be for various reasons unless your oath is the path of Devotion. You may be in on it for simply liking the deities’ cause or goal, or you can want them to do or give you something within their power in exchange.

For Aasimars, they are next door or a call away from Celestial beings and creatures of a Pantheon, so chances are, they would likely choose to serve the ones their heritage caters to more.

We hope you know all about Aasimar Paladins now. Happy questing!

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